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About ADT

ADT provides home security and alarm systems with features like entry sensors, motion detection, smoke alarms and leak detectors to help ensure your home, family and belongings are protected from intruders and environmental disasters. The company offers professionally installed systems available with top-of-the-line equipment for intrusion detection, video monitoring and smart-home automation.

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  • Variety of products
  • Reliable service
  • Smart-home connectivity
  • Six-month money-back guarantee


  • Limited video capabilities
  • Installation cost

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ADT offers customized alarm and security systems with smart-home automation features and 24/7 monitoring. With ADT Pulse, the system can be connected to Amazon Alexa and your smart-home devices.

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Original review: Feb. 15, 2008

A year ago I moved into a rental home of which I had a 1 year contract.The owner had told me that ADT had supplied them with security response (activation) to their property, and asked if I was interested in continuing using them. I said I was. A consultant(I do not recall his name) came to see me. I told him my lease was only for 1 year, to which he said it was not a problem, I would be billed on a month to month basis. I agreed to this. Now 1 year has passed, and I have kept up my payments as agreed only to be informed that I cannot cancel my contract. I feel that they misled me into this contract. They say that I can BUY the contract back from them.... Please assist me in resolving this.

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Original review: Feb. 13, 2008

I purchased a house in September 2006. It needed some work done before I could move in. I also wanted a security system installed and decided to go with ADT. They came and started the installation in April 2006, finished it a couple weeks later in May. There were some problems - a technician came to address them and wasn't able to fix, but told me to try it out a couple of days and call back for service. I had to call for service (three days later)- left several messages with the customer service/sales person I had originally dealt with, and she failed to contact me. I decided after a couple of weeks of not hearing from ADT, that I would contact the Better Business Bureau, which I did.

Well a couple of months went by, and it was the end of August when I received a phone call (she left a message) from Marie Small in the Syracuse, NY office of ADT (original contact/sales person). This was the Friday before Labor Day, and she now knew that I had contacted the BBB. I was not home and did not get the message until Labor Day when I returned home. Again I called Ms. Small - had to leave a message, did not hear from her. It was now October - nothing from ADT. In November I decided to take advantage of their 6- month money back guarantee if not satisfied with their service as the six month mark was October 26th, 2007.

ADT is saying that I haven't given them an opportunity to correct the situation, and therefore the 6 month money back guarantee doesn't apply. The BBB wasn't able to help me. I went to the NYS Dept of State - Division of Licensing Services as suggested by the BBB; they haven't been able to help me. I have been told that because ADT has a contract signed by me, and that I didn't give them the opportunity to correct the problem - they are refusing to refund my money - over $2,000. I ask you - how many months should a consumer have to wait before a security company returns a call for service? I can't afford to hire an attorney for this; who else do I go to for help? I don't want to depend upon ADT in an emergency given their response time in this situation.

Ms Small also told me she would send me a capital improvement form to fill out to recoup the sales tax. After several calls to her, I finally got that form after two months. THEN - I did not get the credit back to my American Express card until I contacted AMEX myself - explained the situation to them, and THEY recouped the sales tax for me! I told them to not allow any more charges to my account from ADT Security. To this date, I have not paid any monitoring fees as I want my money back. There is so much more I could tell you - I have a file that is approximately two inches thick! I am so frustrated and upset with this company - I do NOT WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH A COMPANY LIKE THIS!

I tried to cancel the contract - I even told the corporate contact - Bonnie Gurney, that they could send me a bill for 75% of the monitoring time (fees) left as stated in the contract. She refused to do that. The contract also states that they can come in and remove their equipment and that is fine with me - but I told them they would have to pay for a contractor to repair any damage, etc. inside my home and that I don't want any live wiring left.

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Original review: Feb. 13, 2008

ADT installed an alarm system at my place of business (restaurant) and never completed the installation. I have called numerous times and spoken to numerous people from various branches, and no one has taken action to correct the problem. I currently have an alarm system that does not have any front zone protection or door triggers. The alarm does not trigger if anyone enters the restaurant while armed. I have a lot of expensive equipment that can easily be stolen. I have been paying $35/month for almost 3 months for an alarm system that does not work. I have called the local branch in Anaheim and spoken to Jason and have not heard back from him. I have spoken to Josh with customer relations and have not seen a technician. I have complained, complained and complained, but no action has been taken.

Potential consequences: break-in and loss of $100K worth of equipment. $35/month for nearly 3 months for an alarm system that does not work.

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Original review: Feb. 1, 2008

The door to door salesmen came hard-selling their security system. I was told that I could cancel at anytime. After we got our system, we found out that we could not use it for medical reasons. My middle child (who was 5 at the time) is autistic and absolutely facsinated by numbers. We had to disassemble the system because he was always playing with it. I called ADT and explained the problem. They told me that the medical excuse only applies to the person who signed the contract. I explained to them that he is a young minor living with me. They don't care, I can't use the system, and can't get out of the contract even though we have a medical condition which keeps us from using the system.

I have to pay the remainder of the contract.

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Original review: Jan. 31, 2008

While a resident of Pennsylvania an ADT system was placed in my home. Sales personnel and installers all insured me that if for any reason I had to move or was transferred the contract could be terminated or I could take the monitoring equipment with me. I aaccepted the verbal terms of their agreement and unfortunately paid little attention to the contract when the system was installed.

In July 2007, I lost my job and was forced to sell my home. When I attempted to terminate service I was told that I would have to fulfill the balance of my contract and was rudely provided another copy of the contract demanding payment. The second option, taking the monitoring equipment was not an option as it had been installed and wires run through the walls of the house which were irretrievable. ADT's response was too bad, sorry about that. Like many ADT customers I'm now hounded for payment of the remainder of the contract despite the fact that I could not take it with me as promised or that my contract could be terminated upon relocation.

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Original review: Jan. 29, 2008

Yesterday I phoned this person for ADT service to cancel. Then I called again this morning to cancel, they said they already have taken the money out of my Credit Card, and the accounting office had NO phones for me to use to cancel. I had to pay even though I had canceled the order in less than 24 hours. They tried to charge my Credit Card $149.99. Luckily the Credit card had not processed the order, so was able to stop a payment.

I was able to stop payment to ADT because it had not been processed, but the person said that if it has been processed I could call again. I ordered the credit insurance at $11.95 per month from Visa.

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Original review: Jan. 26, 2008

ADT equipment is faulty and has alarmed without a call from ADT or police showing up. I requested 2 separate appointments after 5 with no call back to confirm. After calling again, I find out there are no appointments after 5 or on weekends--when I'm available. I call to cancel the contract, citing just cause for non performance. They say it's not nonperformance since I've not given them the opportunity to fix it. They will charge me $200 to get out of the contract.

I don't feel safe, my system is not working, I can't be home for a 5-hour block for them to fix it between 8-5. Their contract actually says I can't sue them. Don't they understand this strategy will cost them many thousands of dollars in sales as I will now tell everyone I know not to use them? I will also actively campaign online against them. I'm changing to a local company that is cheaper, reliable, can fix my system after 5 or on weekends, and will let me out of their contract whenever I want. If any attorney thinks I have a chance at suing ADT, please email me.

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Original review: Jan. 16, 2008

In June of last year, I had an ADT security system installed in the home I just bought. Everything seemed great and then my home was burglarized in August.

What's the big deal? The big deal is that when my home was burglarized, neither the ADT monitoring center nor the police were notified. The robbery, which happened at about noon on Thursday, August 23rd, went undetected while I was out of town. My dog's vet called to tell me that my dog was in their custody. This is how I found out my home had been burglarized!

A technician found that the system had no power. Due to the negligent installation the backup battery (which is only used if the power goes out) was completely drained that resulted in all communication with the monitoring center being severed. So, I did not receive the installation I paid for and was not receiving the service I was paying for. The security I thought ADT was providing was all in my head.

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Original review: Dec. 31, 2007

ADT called me in November telling me that the routine test showed up that my system wasn't working. I asked them to do another test, and they said they would, but did not. I received a call on December 30 that the system was not working. Asked them to test it and after much hemming and hawing, they did and realized that it still wasn't working. (Note that they did not want to run the 2nd test.) I asked for an appt. on the 31st as I was leaving town on Jan 2. They set one up which they then canceled. They set up an appt. on Jan 1 and then canceled it. They claimed that their contract did not require them to provide service but did not let me cancel service.

Paying for service that doesn't work; no ability to cancel service.

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Original review: Dec. 16, 2007

I have had a lot of problems with ADT. I use their services because there is no other option in Costa Rica. Whenever they have given me estimate on a system, they always say it is going to cost about 90% less than the actual price that I have to pay when they come to install it--claiming that they did not account for areas that require sensors without wires and other things. Also, they have left a complete mess in the house following every installation with pieces of cut wires and dust from where they drilled into walls and ceilings. No attempt is made to clean up even the smallest bit.

I recently got a quote for a house that already has a system in it. The system worked completely fine, and when they came out to check it they said they changed the way they treated Zones, and that every window in the house would have to have a separate Zone and could not be treated as a group of windows in the same Zone, even though they were all in the same area of the house. For the kitchen, for example, they wanted $650 to treat each window separately. Prior to that they had treated the whole kitchen as a single Zone. They are not real smart people because they are not thinking about winning the service contract, only the quick buck for the installation.

First house took over a year for the system to get completely installed since they way underestimated the job and only installed part of the system. No discount for the service was offered during the time the system was incomplete; we still had to pay for all the months we only had a partial system. The second time when they told me I had to pay $600 more to revise a system that was completely working, I refused their service. Economic damage in this case is to ADT because they lost a customer.

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Original review: Dec. 10, 2007

I have a contract with ADT. A couple of weeks ago my 6-year-old accidentally set off the alarm. I kept entering my code, but the alarm would not shut off. I made several calls to ADT to shut off the alarm and to let them know that it was not a real emergency. I called several times and each time was put on hold. The alarm was blaring, and it was freezing outside. My two young children and I were stuck outside in the freezing cold. When I finally did get someone on the phone from ADT, they informed me that the reason I was put on hold was because they simply had too many calls.

This was a good wake up call for me. I learned that if this had been a real emergency then this service would not have helped me. I informed them that I wanted to cancel my service because of this. ADT said that I cannot cancel my service because I have a contract. If they don't hold up to their side and supply a service, then I should not have to hold up to my side. I want this canceled and my contract canceled.

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Original review: Dec. 6, 2007

ADT is not compatible with Comcast. After over 45 hours of Comcast working to get my phone working and numerous checks, it all came back to ADT. ADT refused to have the vendor meets, and lied about when they were coming. They made appointments and never showed up and at one point they told us they would come out BUT even though we had an addtional service contract (extra $5.00 per month) they would charge $238 for the 1st hour and $58 for every 15 minutes. Interesting enough, if you want service from ADT after 5PM or on a weekend, there is NO ONE available! So I guess if you are burglar, and see the ADT sign, just knock the alarm out druing either period and you will know they property is not protected!

As a result of trying to coordinate meetings with the vendors, I have taken numerous hours off from work. The stress that they have caused has been unbearable and their attitude of indifference has been un acceptable. They truly did not care when I called to cancel my contract and once again took it with indifference. They are too big and do not realize their responsiblities to the consumers who use them. The result of all this is that I am now faced with either having to give up my telephone or my alarm with ADT. Unfortunately, I was planning a vacation and am now faced with the stress of possibly have to cancel it until I can get an alarm company that can be compatible with Comcast and is responsive to their customers. One last thing, I have come to hate the song We Wish You a Merry Christmas after listening it for approximately 2hrs while I switched from dept to dept at ADT and the song looped while I was on hold with each one.

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Original review: Dec. 4, 2007

We contracted for an ADT alarm system at our veterinary hospital. It is installed and is constantly going off during the day while clients are here, and at night it always trips on. We have had numerous service calls, and it still is not repaired.

Our patients are scared by the noise of the alarm system. You can imagine what that sound does to dogs and cats. If frustrates their owners, and it causes the staff to run crazily about to turn the alarm system off. We have had numerous false alarms which is not making us very popular with the local police.

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Original review: Dec. 2, 2007

Miss Sandoval came to my office and told me all about the benefits of purchasing or leasing one of their surveillance cameras. She said how by installing one of her systems we would be protected against theft. She said that the advantage of the system she was offering is on how ADT monitors the system from their main office. I decided to lease a system.

The day of installation came. The installer learned at that time that our office telephone system was surviced through Vonage. He did express some concern but said that he could make it work somehow or another. He assured me that the monitoring would work. In his attempt he cut some wires and re-wired some and said there it's all done.

When he left I discovered that my Hi-speed connection and my vonage telephone system was not working. I immediately called Miss Salazar but recieved a message, I further called the office and told them what had happened. they finally gave the phone number of the installer and I was able to contact him. He said he would not be able to come back to my office untill the following day. I asked what he had done with the cutting and splicing and also told him what had happened. He said, I guess what I did, did not work.

He instructed me over the cell-phone on what to do to reverse it. After I finally restored my phone and Hi-speed internet I called miss Salazar to explain to her that I needed the system to be un-installed because it was not working in its intended way, etc. She returned my call and said, we can un-install it but that I would still be liable under the contract and all money and service would be forfeited ($1076.00), yet I would still be charged for all monthly service fees.

Naturally I disagreed. She said she would contact her supervisor and have him contact me. He never did.

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Original review: Nov. 12, 2007

We are in dispute with ADT Security Services. We had terminated their services in May, 2006. They insist we owe for early cancellation of a contract prior to its expiration date and want $664.03. We were never contacted about this matter prior to its being turned over to a collection agency. Our company began service with ADT in October 2000.

After almost seven years I am unable to locate a copy of the original agreement in our files, but I highly doubt it was that long term. I have repeatedly requested back up documentation. My requests have been ignored.

I have written directly to the president of ADT Security Services, Inc. in Pleasanton, CA and even brought this matter to the attention of David E. Robinson, President of Tyco Fire & Security, Tyco International (US) Inc. which is the parent company of ADT. No response. I have been dealing with their collection agency for almost a year. Today I received a letter from a new collection agency after having no response to my last letter on April 5, 2007. This prompted me to do a little ADT research on the web.

My research took me to

I was appalled by the litany of consumer complains about ADT. Apparently our experience is not uncommon. In retrospect with the amount of time I have put into trying to resolve this issue it probably would have been cheaper just to pay them. It would appear that this is their modus operandi. Harass and harass and harass until youll just give up and pay.

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Original review: Oct. 29, 2007

I have not have services with ADT for approximately 2 years. They are accessing my checking account and as late as September 25, 2007 withdrew $385.07 from my checking account.

This is not the first time they have taken money from my account. I do not know what to do. I removed their equipment from my home. I do not have their services, yet I continue to be billed. I have another alarm system. I have asked them to stop accessing my account and they threatened me, over the phone. Please help.

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Original review: Oct. 29, 2007

I have had ADT service for over 2 years, and it has only worked for about half of that time. According to FCC rules they had to come and change from analog to digital at my cost. this began last week, 10/22/07. They were to come between 8-noon that day. I called at 11:30 to find out the whereabouts of the technician only to be met with sarcasm and resistance. I hung up and called back at noon, when no one showed up and demanded to speak with a supervisor. It took at least 5 minutes of insisting to get one on the phone at which time I refused to pay the $199 for this upgrade that the government had required. After 10 minutes of explaining my complete dissatisfaction with their lack of service, they agreed to waive the charges. I then had to re-schedule, having wasted a complete morning of my time.

We had other calls, appointments scheduled, only to have more no-shows and extended waits on the phone--one for over 45 minutes, being forwarded to 5 different departments and having to explain my situation 5 times. I demanded reimbursement for the past 3 months in which I was NOT able to activate my system due to the issues with the window alarms in my daughter's room.

Because I was so insistent, I do not have financial losses, but their customer service and their poor quality of service is being reported.

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Original review: Oct. 26, 2007

About 6 months into our 2-year ADT contract, we realized it was nearly worthless. We left the house one day and forgot our dog was running around indoors. We set the system to "away", and the motion sensors activated because of the dog. About 3 hours after the activated alarm, a police officer rang the doorbell. He asked if everything was okay. I said yes; he left. How much more worthless can our security system be?

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Original review: Oct. 11, 2007

I purchased a small business in May 2005, taking over a lease from the previous owner (a family member). The business had a security system with ADT so as the new owner I contacted ADT to have the service transferred to my business name. Unfortunately, I failed to read the very very very fine print involving a five year contract.

I made it clear I wanted to maintain the existing contract due to the fact the remaining time on the lease was about 15 months. The rep. from ADT advised me this was NO PROBLEM but stated I needed to sign the contract to reflect the new business.

A new owner purchased the building and decided he wanted to change the building from residential/commercial to 100% residential (condos). Per the ADT contract if you are able to get the new tenant to continue with ADT you can end your contract without having to buy out the remaining contract, however this building was being gutted.

I am stuck with a $ 1387.18 payoff bill from this company. I realize I should have read the fine print before signing this document, but I felt the rep was steering me in the right direction. I have paid more to ADT since I closed my business than when my business was open.

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Original review: Oct. 9, 2007

We just found out that for the last three years that we have been paying for our home security system, ADT was not receiving any signals from our home. Therefore our home has been unprotected for three years. Back in July of 2004 we changed our phone system to an online service. I gave ADT the new number (since they have it on record) and didn't think anything else about it. This past February our alarm went off and we called 911. With the cops surrounding our home, I called ADT and was told that all was normal and that they would send out a technician. The tech came and replaced a couple of batteries and charged us $152 for 30 minutes. We recently had work done on our home and needed sensors replaced. The tech came today and told us that we have not been connected to ADT for the past 3 years. ADT claims that we should have told them about our phone change (which I did) and that they ran a test on the system. However, how could they run a test on a system that is not hooked up? They told us that everything has been normal for the last three years. Yet we are not even connected. They had no answer for that. Every time I have called them with problems not once have they told us that we are not connected. Yet they have continued to bill us and cash the check. I think everyone that has ADT and has recently changed their phone plan or are thinking of changing, should know that they run the risk of having absolutely no protection for their homes or families with ADT. ADT will not tell you that your connection has failed, but will continue to collect your money.

ADT is only willing to refund us one years service fees. This is completely unacceptable.

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Original review: Oct. 8, 2007

Suddenly got a notification that my payment schedule was being changed from 1 month in advance to 2 months in advance. Returned bill with instructions to cancel monitoring service. Was contacted by telephone thanking me for my custom but advising me of a 30 day cancellation requirement. Agreed as reasonable to 30 days from my date of cancellation. Got a demand for payment of the 3 months billing. Then got a corrected bill impossible to figure for more.

Got another corrected bill for 3 months minus credits for 1.5 months. plus $100 contract termination. Got notice from collection company demanding payment. notified collection agency, account was in dispute and that the credit should have bee 2 months and the $100 was invalid as the contract had been negated by ADT by changing payment requirements unilaterally.

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Original review: Sept. 28, 2007

Received letter that we needed to upgrade our cellular signal or lose communication - got stood up twice, 3rd guy showed up and wanted to put a huge unit in our living room. Said he would have to get with his local service manager to figure out what to do. That was August 25. Today is Sept 28 and we still can not get anyone to call us back.

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Original review: Sept. 25, 2007

Glass break alarm at 6:48 a.m. 9/24/07. ADT alleged they called Pontiac Police Dept. but could not get answer. ADT tells me they are given a secret phone number by which to contact the police when burglar alarms go off. I verified w/Pontiac Police this is not true, all dept. numbers are public and ADT should have tried 911 and they would have responded. ADT also called my next door neighbor who did investigate the problem.

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Original review: Sept. 11, 2007

On 6/7/07, a deposit of $800 was paid to ADT for the installation of two more security cameras. ADT quickly accepted the money, but two weeks later informed us that they would not actually do the job, that it was impossible. We requested a full deposit refund and were told that it would not be a problem. In the meantime, we found a company to do the installation (which was obviously quite possible).

In August, we were finally connected to a manager who assured us that there had been a problem getting the check to us, but it was taken care of and should be coming soon. For over 3 months, ADT has held our $800.

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Original review: July 25, 2007

Bought my house a year ago with ADT already installed. Contacted other dealers but initial cost was more than I wanted to pay. Contacted ADT and asked specifically about length of contract. Was told this was month to month. Didn't see anything on the front of the contract about any length of time.

After a year of not really using the system, I decided to cancel and was told for the first time that this was a three year contract and was in the print on the back.

Since I am in the second year, I was told I would have to pay $100. These people are very deceptive and I would never sign up with them again.

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Original review: July 19, 2007

I used the ADT security system on my house for 3 years. I rented the house the last year and when the tenants left the house in June I called to suspend the service. They canceled it and I was told that I had a credit for that month because they charged me already (automatic withdrawal).

On July 5, ADT company charged me again. I called many times and they said I had a credit and that the account is canceled. What I don't understand is if they suspended the service on June, why do I owe them part of July?

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Original review: July 19, 2007

My daughter had a contract with ADT in 2004. On 1/22/07 she sent a letter of cancellation, with a check for $145.36 (the final 4 month's payments at $36.34 per month) to terminate a 3 year contract. The final check was cashed by ADT in February 2007.

They sent her account to a collection agency, Collect Tech System, stating that my daughter owed $77 for a contract that was never cancelled. She is now being harassed by several calls from this credit agency. They refuse to listen to any of the documented facts that she has, nor can she receive any satisfaction from ADT after trying to contact them several times.

ADT has tried repeatedly to withdraw additional funds from a closed bank account, well after the cancellation date.

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Original review: June 27, 2007

On May 21st 2007, we contacted ADT Security Services regarding an installation of Surveillance System and Burglar Alarm System. During last month we have been lied to regarding the capabilities of the surveillance system, we were also lied to that the first 4 months we will not be charged for the monthly Burglar Alarm Services. The surveillance system does not work!

We had two technicians in our house and both lied to us further more, first tech told us that the reason it does not work it is because this unit was USED. The second tech came to the house, promised us to correct the situation by installing a DVR - They lied to us initially regarding the capabilities of the surveillance system to be able record the movements of objects also that we will not need a DVR and all the info will be available on the Internet?

They charged our credit account for $800.00 without authorization and completion of work.

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Original review: June 21, 2007

Two men came to our house and were selling home security. I was not home and my husband said they would have to talk to me. After I came home from work, they showed up at my front door. I kept telling them I was not interested and then they asked if they could just tell us about it as they would be paid for it. I let them in. After quite some time of telling us we would get $1500 worth of free equipment and the service that was $39.95 would be around $25 to $28 a month because our insurance would give us a discount we finally agreed to take their monitor service of Burglary, Police, Fire, and Medical. They were to install it the following Thursday.

On Tuesday my husband called our Insurance and they said they don't give that discount. When I got home, I called Ridley and told him we didn't want it he said to let him call his boss. The owner called me and said he would give it to me for $29.95, which is the employee discount and rather keep arguing I said Ok. On Thurs when the guy came out to install the service my husband called me at work and said they wanted him to sign for $39.95 and I said no so when he got things installed and was telling my husband about everything my husband called me at work to say we don't get a smoke detector.

I called Ridley back and asked him how would they know if my house was on fire, he said I would have to push the button on the main panel. I again asked him, how would you know if I wasn't home my house was on fire and he said he would have to call his boss. I told him I was never given what I was told I would get and this was to much hassle to not even have started the service yet and I didn't want it. He told me I had a contract to keep. He started yelling and I hung up on him. He called right back and told my husband he would give him the $300 smoke detector for $50 and my husband said ok just to get this over with.

That was on Thurs 6/7/07. We had not heard from anyone by Sat. 6/9/07 so I called Ridley and he said he would get with his boss. That's the last we've heard from anyone Except for the bill be got the following week for $165.22.

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Original review: June 12, 2007

We encountered a lightning strike that caused the system to sound off. While placing my 4th call to ADT and them not be able to locate our account by phone number, we finally reached someone at ADT that could walk us through the system shut down. For days after this I tried to speak with someone regarding repair and found that, 1) even though we had been customers for 10 years and never even 1 day late with fee payment they could not bill us 30 days net for service and b) every time we called they could not locate our account .

Finally, got a supervisor who stated that yes, we could have the repair billed, but service person may refuse work - so my understanding was that this must be an independent contractor - right? ADT stated no - but he may refuse to do work. 10 years - loyal customer - never asked for any upgrade or anything - finally have an alarm go off - of which they should have seen and called us - BUT NO - guess they do not want to retain business - we are switching. Oh, by the way - they offer new system special at $ 399.00, with discount and contract - cost is $ 99.00, my service call was $ 461.00.

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