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Best AC Repair Companies in Miami

Miami’s tropical climate is responsible for incredibly high temperatures in the summer and humid conditions year-round, which is why Miami residents and businesses need to work with an AC company they can count on.

Maintaining an AC unit is important to ensure proper airflow and to keep energy costs low. Because Miami residents and businesses use their AC units most of the year, it’s important to find an AC repair company that performs routine maintenance checks and emergency repairs.​

Compare Reviews for Top AC Repair Companies in Miami

All Year Cooling Read 629 Reviews

All Year Cooling is a residential air conditioning repair company located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It offers air conditioning installation and repair, duct cleaning and restoration and attic insulation.

Kendale Air Conditioning Read 9 Reviews

Kendale Air Conditioning has been serving the Miami-Dade area since 1988. They specialize in installing, repairing, and replacing home and commercial air conditioning units, and offer a rebate program to their customers.

Miami Cooling Read 7 Reviews

Miami Cooling is an HVAC company based in the heart of Miami that services all of South Florida. The company offers a range of heating and cooling services, and they also offer eco-friendly air conditioning and heating advice.

All Air of South Dade Read Expert Review

All Air of South Dade provides air conditioning solutions and service in Miami-Dade. They are the authorized dealers of over 22 brands and offer industry-leading written warranties, free advice over the phone and free estimates.

Always Winter Read Expert Review

Always Winter Miami has been providing air conditioning and refrigeration services since 2003. Their fully licensed and certified technicians are available to serve Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, Fontainebleau and all of Dade County.

Direct AC Read Expert Review

Direct AC is an independent air conditioning contractor that serves all of Miami and Dade County. They offer air conditioning services to residential and commercial customers with same-day service and 100% financing options.

Henson Mechanical Read Expert Review

Henson Mechanical specializes in cooling and heating services, and they have three business locations, in Atlanta, Tampa and Fort Lauderdale. The company works with both residential and small business customers.

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      What features matter most in Miami AC repair companies?

      Service hours

      AC repair companies differ from one another based on the time they will provide repair services to customers in need.

      • 24-hour companies: 24-hour AC repair companies in Miami work 24 hours a day, and they are available for repairs no matter when they are needed.
      • Traditional business day companies: Some AC repair companies in Miami only function and service customers during traditional business hours (e.g. 9am-5pm).
      • Traditional hours with bonus emergency service: Some AC repair companies in the Miami area offer a complete, full range of services during the business day, but they also offer 24 hour emergency services where a technician can visit a space that needs repair any time of day or night - often for a higher price and with a limited range of services.

      Licenses and certifications

      AC repair companies require licenses to function, and many differ from one another based on the licenses and certifications their technicians and repair people have.

      • NATE certified: NATE certified companies are certified with North American Technician Excellence, which means they officially meet a certain level of education and experience.
      • Air conditioning contractors License A: Florida requires any air conditioning contractors doing business in the state to receive an official license, and those who receive License A are unlimited in the type of contract they can execute.
      • Air conditioning contractors License B: Those that hold state license B are limited in the type of contract they can execute (e.g. they cannot exceed 25 tons of cooling or 500,000 BTUs of heating).


      AC Repair companies differ from one another based on the level of insurance their company has.

      • Property damage liability insurance: AC Repair companies that have property damage insurance can cover the cost of any property they accidentally damage while working on an AC.
      • Bodily injury liability insurance: AC Repair companies with bodily injury insurance are insured in the case they cause damage to a person during or due to their repair work on a person's property.
      • Uninsured companies: Uninsured AC repair companies do not have insurance, which leaves someone liable for damage done to a person or property if an accident occurs on their property.

      Payment types

      AC repair companies differ from one another based on how they charge customers and accept payments.

      • Upfront fees: Companies that charge upfront fees charge customers a flat fee for their work.
      • Payment plans: AC repair companies that offer payment plans allow customers to pay the repair companies for work done in small installments over time.
      • Varied payment options: Some AC repair companies charge both upfront fees and offer payment plans, as well as regular payments for clients that need regular maintenance and AC checkups.
      • Eco-friendliness: Air conditioning uses a lot of energy, and many repair companies have different attitudes and philosophies towards the eco-friendliness of ACs.
      • Traditional AC repair companies: Traditional AC repair companies in Miami utilize and repair traditional AC equipment, which uses a lot of energy.

      Eco-focused companies

      Some air conditioning companies in Miami are completely eco-focused, offering solutions for companies to save energy when they use AC and sell only environmentally-conscious AC units and products.

      • Variety of options: Many AC companies offer eco-friendly products and air conditionings, and they also have extensive knowledge of traditional air conditioning systems.

      Company size

      AC Repair companies in Miami vary from one another based on company size.

      • Large, national company: Large, national AC repair companies have branches throughout the U.S. and offer service in many cities in the country.
      • Medium-sized, regional company: Some AC repair companies in Miami are medium-sized companies that serve the general south Florida region.
      • Small, local companies: Small, local AC companies in Miami only serve the city itself.

      What are different types of AC repair companies in Miami?

      Residential AC repair

      Residential AC companies focus their business on the air conditioning systems that operate in homes. These companies are typically smaller and not equipped to handle large scale air conditioning systems.

      Business or industrial AC repair

      Companies that handle air conditioning for big businesses are equipped to handle large-scale air conditioning systems. These systems tend to be much more complex and larger scale than those found in residences.

      Full-service AC repair

      Full-service AC repair companies offer a wide range of services to a wide range of customers. They can repair AC systems in many places - from small homes to giant warehouses.

      Emergency AC repair

      Emergency AC repair companies do not offer a huge range of services. However, they are equipped to make necessary repairs 24 hours a day in necessary situations.

      Who are Miami AC repair companies for?


      Homeowners need AC repair companies for the air conditionings in their homes. Homeowners in Miami often depend on AC repair companies to ensure their homes stay cool year-round.

      Business owners

      Business owners must keep their places of work cool and safe for their employees. They depend on AC repair companies to make repairs on their air conditioning systems if they break or malfunction.

      Residential landlords

      Landlords rent out residential units to tenants. They depend on AC repair companies to come in and fix AC units to keep conditions safe and livable for the people that rent from them.

      Commercial real estate developers

      Commercial real estate developers in Miami pay for AC repair companies to install air conditioning in their commercial properties. They also pay AC repair companies to come in and fix air conditionings in the stores, offices, or places of business they develop when needed.

      Miami AC repair company expert reviews

      Always Winter

      Always Winter is an AC repair company that serves Dade County.

      • Online coupons: Always Winter offers online coupons for service discounts, in order to give customers some financial assistance.
      • Bilingual: Employees of Always Winter speak both English and Spanish, so they can serve multiple communities within the county.
      • 24-hour emergency service: Always Winter has staff on call to answer service calls 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
      • Custom-made anti-allergy filters: Always Winter uses their own custom-made anti-allergy filters to help people breathe more healthily with air conditioning.
      • Commercial and residential services: Always Winter works on both residential and commercial-sized air conditioners.
      • Best for: Homeowners, business owners, residential landlords and commercial real estate developers.
      All Air of South Dade

      All Air of South Dade was founded 22 years ago. They are a fully licensed, insured and bonded company that serves the entire county area.

      • NATE certified: All-Air has the highest level of certification possible in the AC Repair industry, from NATE and the Air Conditioner Contractors of America.
      • Free estimates: All-Air will assess an air conditioning problem without any fee and provide an estimate for their service.
      • Energy-efficiency focused: All Air has an environmentally-friendly focus and helps its customers find ways to use as little energy as possible when running AC, as well as save in energy costs.
      • 24-hour service: All Air will work on air conditionings in the area 24 hours per day.
      • Monthly specials: All Air of South Dade offers monthly specials on their website, so customers can take advantage of financial deals.
      • Best for: Homeowners, business owners, residential landlords and commercial real estate developers.
      Henson Mechanical

      Henson Mechanical provides HVAC and plumbing services. The company is based in Monroe, Georgia.

      • Online service requests: Henson Mechanical offers customers the ability to book appointments - even emergency ones - on their website, offering a high level of convenience.
      • Fees by job: Henson charges by the job, not by the hour, so customers know what they will owe for the services upfront.
      • Online discounts: Henson Mechanical offers customers regular discounts via their websites, in order to provide some financial assistance.
      • Community-focused: The company is also generous and community-minded, giving money and services to charities like St. Jude, M.Y. Playhouse Project, and Toys for Tots.
      • Environmentally friendly options: Henson Mechanical offers solar-powered AC services, promoting more environmentally friendly energy uses.
      • Best for: Homeowners, business owners, residential landlords and commercial real estate developers.
      Miami Cooling

      Miami Cooling is an AC Repair Company based in the El Portal neighborhood of Miami. The company also provides heating services.

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      Kendale Air Conditioning

      Kendale Air Conditioning has been providing air conditioning repair since 1988. They are locally-owned and operated in Miami-Dade county.

      Read More
      Direct AC

      Direct AC is an AC repair company that serves all of Miami and Dade County. The company was founded in 1980.

      • 24-hour service: Direct AC will come and repair or work on an AC at any time of the day, any day of the week.
      • 100% financing options: The company offers customers the ability to come up with a financing plan for 100% of the cost of the project.
      • Referral program: Any customer of Direct AC that is mentioned as a reference by a new customer who purchases an AC gets $75. (The new customer also gets $75 from Direct AC).
      • Coupon selection online: The company offers a large selection of coupons for their services via the company website.
      • Utility company rebates: Direct AC can help customers get a utility company rebate by installing a more energy-efficient AC in their home.
      • Best for: Homeowners, business owners, residential landlords and commercial real estate developers.
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