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Since 2009, 365 Home Warranty has provided customers with everyday coverage nationwide. We offer home warranty coverage for basic systems and appliances. We also provide coverage on Flat Screen TVs, lockout & re-key assistance, roadside help and more. We have three plan options to meet your unique needs: Basic, Standard, and Premium with additional coverage available.

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I had to put in a service request for my air conditioning because it was not cooling. It turned out that it just needed freon. I had two home warranty companies before this and neither of them covered freon. One of them covered a fraction of the cost and the other excluded coverage for freon entirely. 365 covered it fully and they got the servicer out the same day within hours of making my first call to open the claim.

I would not recommend 365 Home Warranty. They advertise 24-48 hrs for normal issues, and faster for "emergencies" such as air conditioning/heating problems. My air conditioner went out and I called them on Saturday morning. They said "Since it is the weekend we will probably not be able to find anyone for 24-48 hrs." I'm in Georgia and it was 110 degrees yesterday. I would consider that an emergency call. I ended up spending $350 for a portable A/C. I will not renew my contract with them once it's up. I will go back to American Home Shield, always had prompt service with them.

I came across many warranty providers but 365 Home Warranty provided me the best price and coverage options. When I called to submit a claim to repair my mom's oven, I got a quick response. The technician was professional, very thorough and provided wonderful tips to avoid such issues in future. I was impressed.

I was trying out a few different home warranty services before but they turned out to be a bitter experience for me. I was frustrated with their delayed response and bad service. But after purchasing a home warranty from 365 Home Warranty, I am extremely happy and satisfied with their service. I got immediate response for my claim and repairs are done within two days. They offered the best service I have ever witnessed.

The moment when I called them for the initial claim, they started treating me with the utmost respect. Booking the claim was very simple and their service was prompt and efficient. They provided a great service at a great price. I can't stop thanking them for the timely service. I have already recommended you guys to my friends and neighbors. Keep on doing your good work.

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I had some issues with my central air conditioning system a few weeks before. I called them to sort out the issues via phone. The guy who picked up the call was very polite and was ready to answer my request at no time. They responded to my claim quickly and sent a service person the next day itself. They had a thorough understanding on the working of my system and fixed the problem within half an hour. I was very pleased with the service and would recommend them for all.

I will give five stars for 365 Home Warranty! My level of satisfaction is high and would like to recommend them for all. They offer a fantastic service with attractive coverage options. They are readily available to answer all my claims and fixed my issues super-fast. I cant even imagine how expensive it would be, if I have not used their service.

I was looking for a home warranty company for a long time and I finally ended up choosing 365 Home Warranty. They are simply wonderful to work with and provide a reliable service that I am impressed with. Whenever I call them to place my claim, they are polite and solve my queries quickly. I would strongly recommend them to others and would also continue to deal with them.

I chose to go with 365 Home Warranty because when something broke in my house I was seriously annoyed at the fact that I had to go research a repairman, make calls and waste a lot of time. 365 does all of that for me and saves me money. Can’t get better than that! I would recommend them for all my friends and relatives.

It has been a pleasure and great experience working with them. Their knowledgeable team is always available to process my claims as quick as possible. They are never late and provide a great service. Their coverage options are awesome also. I will definitely continue working with them in future too.

Without getting my home covered by a home warranty, I had to spend more dollars to fix even though they were minor issue. But after purchasing a home warranty from 365 Home Warranty, I am kicking myself for not using them sooner. They are super cool and respond to the claims promptly. I am very much pleased with their service and have recommended to my friends and family. Thanks.

With 365 Home Warranty, I don't have to look into my phone book to find the right contractor and get multiple quotes. They have saved me time and provide a valuable service that is second to none. When I called them to place a claim, they are readily available. They responded to my claim in a short time and fixed the issue quickly.

I would absolutely recommend 365 Home Warranty. Previously, I have worked with a few other companies and I am not satisfied with them at all. Every time when I call them, they are unavailable or it takes weeks for a repairman to show up. But with 365 I am very happy with their service. They are friendly, knowledgeable and provide a prompt response. Moreover, there is no delay on works. Thank you guys!

My 365 Home Warranty covered all my home appliances and I am happy that I made the smart decision to choose them. I have placed 2 claims so far and they got my problems fixed quicker than expected. The service is prompt and I have never faced any issues later on with the repaired product. I will give them five stars.

I purchased a home warranty for my first home from 365 Home Warranty. They got all my systems covered and provided extra-ordinary service. However, I neglected to use them for my second home purchase which had high-end appliances. Within a few months my water heater died and I ended up spending more than $2000 to fix it. Lesson learned. I have purchased a home warranty for my new home and will continue coverage.

Excellent company to work with! I purchased a home warranty from them for my home and was very satisfied. I have extended my warranty and purchased a new warranty for my another primary residence of mine. 365 is courteous and responded to my questions politely. I am happy with their service.

I placed a claim and the appointment was made for the very next day. I was wondering, what a quick service? The service person is knowledgeable and fixed the problem right away.

I have been using a home warranty company previously and I'm not satisfied with their service. Finally, a friend of mine referred 365 Home Warranty last year and was very much pleased with their service. I filed 3 claims and all were resolved in a timely manner. They were always available. I definitely appreciate the promptness of their customer service. Thank you for providing me a wonderful service.

I was looking for a better home coverage option for my newly purchased home and finally ended up with 365 Home Warranty. I used the chat feature on their site, answer a few questions I had about their coverage options and I am quite satisfied with their response. I am using their service for over 3 months so far and cant find any issues with it. I will definitely recommend this service to my friends.

I recently put in a claim for my washing machine and everything was handled on time. I got a call from them within an hour stating that they will send a service person and would be in touch. The service person was knowledgeable and got everything working again very quickly. I am really impressed and would recommend their warranty coverage for others too.

My experience with 365 Home Warranty was better than I expected. I scheduled a service via phone and they responded promptly. They are easy to contact and I would highly recommend them. I am sure to renew my membership with them.

Recently I had an issue with my water heater and I submitted my claim over the phone. The person who spoke to me on the other end was sweet and responded to my questions patiently. They came out very quickly and fixed all the issues in a short time. I am happy I chose them and would recommend them for all.

I got my first home covered by 365 Home Warranty last year and the service they provided was excellent. A refrigerator in our home failed due to an unexpected power fluctuation and I needed to fix it as fast as possible. I called them and placed my claim. They processed my claim promptly and sent a service person by the next day. He sorted out the problem and fixed the issue quickly. I'll recommend them to all my friends.

I had a great experience with 365 Home Warranty! I was thrilled by their service, and quick and prompt response. I just called their toll free number and they responded me within 10 minutes. The service person they sent was reliable and fixed the issue within one hour. Amazed by their unique service I have decided to renew my subscription for another year. Thank you guys!

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Michele Lerner, author of “HOMEBUYING: Tough Times, First Time, Any Time”, has been writing about personal finance and real estate for more than two decades. Michele writes for regional, national and international publications in print and online for a variety of audiences including consumers, real estate investors, business owners and real estate professionals.    More about Michele→

365 Home Warranty has three plans homeowners can choose from depending on what they need covered. Their basic plan covers most home appliances, while the standard plan covers appliances and additional systems such as duct work, heating, cooling, electrical, hot water heater, plumbing and whirlpool bathtubs. The premium plan includes everything in the standard plan with the addition of roadside assistance. Additional coverages including, but not limited to, in-ground pool and/or spa, lawn sprinkler system, wine refrigerator or TV protection can be added on to any plan during checkout.

  • Free quotes: Customers can simply call or go online to get a free quote.
  • Discounts and rewards: Customers who go 12 months without needing service are eligible for exclusive discounts, and the referral program rewards customers when someone they refer activates a plan.
  • Transferable warranty: There is no extra cost to transfer your 365 warranty from the house you are selling to the new homebuyers.
  • No restrictions on the age of appliances: Appliances of any age are eligible to be covered under a 365 warranty as long as they are in good working condition on your plan’s effective date.
  • Open to everyone, not just new homebuyers: You don’t need to be in the middle of a real estate transaction to enjoy the protection of a 365 warranty. Homeowners can purchase coverage at any time.
  • Best for First-time homebuyers, home sellers and homeowners with older homes.

Question and Answers - 365 Home Warranty

Harry J. Bailey

What problem is 365 Home Warranty trying to solve?

There is a void in the marketplace for a home warranty company that is both honorable and reasonably priced. That is where 365 Home Warranty comes in. 365 is a home warranty company you can trust.

What sets 365 Home Warranty apart from the competition?

All of 365’s plans are backed by a publicly traded insurer and 365 has unique coverage options including TV and PC protection, as well as alarm system coverage, and even roadside assistance. We are not the lowest priced company in the industry. This is by design because we offer the most quality service. However, we are not the highest priced company in the industry either. Our plans offer the best value with coverage that is both reliable and affordable.

What needs do your products or services fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?

If you have the right home warranty plan, you could save over $1,700 a year on expensive and sudden surprise breakdowns of items like your air conditioning unit, heating system, dishwasher, dryer, oven, stove and more. Everyone knows the cliché, “you get what you pay for”, but this has never been truer than in the home warranty industry. 365 protects our customers from one thing our competitors don’t: paying too much for too little. With a 365 Home Warranty plan, you can rest assured you will get the coverage you paid for and experience world class service that is unparalleled in the industry.

The technicians that are dispatched to service our customers go through perhaps the most expansive and thorough screening process out there. Technicians must submit an application, consent to background checks, and send copies of their licenses, proof of insurance, and any additional, relevant certifications. All technicians are also reviewed for online complaints and are personally interviewed by specialists in the contractor relations department. We are committed to ensuring our customers' needs are serviced by the most premium technicians available.

For most claims, we send manufacturer-certified technicians. That means if you have a Kenmore refrigerator, we will send a technician that is certified by Kenmore to work on your refrigerator. Or, if you have a General Electric air conditioning unit, we will send a technician that is certified by GE to work on your AC unit. At 365, we understand people purchase a home warranty because they want peace of mind, and that’s what we deliver.

What are the most common misconceptions consumers have about 365 Home Warranty?

The biggest misconceptions are that home warranties are overpriced or too expensive. We have a variety of plans to meet any budget, and the peace of mind that comes with each plan is nearly priceless.

How does your company measure success?

Our company measures success by looking at the high level of satisfaction from our customer base. The biggest compliment we can get as a company is a referral from a customer. Referrals are a really large and important part of our business, which tells us we are doing a good job of satisfying our customers and engaging them.

What are 365 Home Warranty values?

Our philosophy values customer satisfaction above all else. Our commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction is our only path to profitability. 365 will never lose sight of its most core underlying principle: integrity.

What is something you wish every consumer knew about your company?

If there is one message we want to convey to home warranty consumers, it’s quite simple: 365 Home Warranty offers the best value, plainly said. We wish every consumer would be weary of the home warranty companies offering really low priced plans. Beware of the bargain basement companies out there! You really do get what you pay for.

What are the most common misconceptions consumers have about your industry?

There are many misconceptions about our industry. First, many people don’t realize home warranties are actually considered to be “home service contracts”. I would also say that a very common misconception is people feel they don’t need a home warranty because they have homeowners insurance. Well, homeowner’s insurance and home warranties are not the same and you are exponentially more likely to use the home warranty than your homeowner's insurance. Think about it: you have insurance just in case something goes wrong, and hopefully you will never have to use it. But, your AC, heat, refrigerator, dishwasher and plumbing, just to give a few examples, are at some point destined to give you problems. It will happen. It isn’t a matter of if you need the service, but when you will need it. That’s why it pays to have a home warranty and to choose a company you can trust as being reliable.

How has your industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years?

The industry has changed over the last 5 years through consolidation of major players and the influx of pop-up home warranty companies wanting to take advantage of this lucrative industry. Some of the little pop-up, fly-by-night companies make it exponentially more difficult, because they don’t play by the rules. On the flip side, we have seen an increased demand for home warranties and that has made it an exciting time to be in the home warranty business.

How do you think the industry will change in the next 5 to 10 years?

I think over the next 5 to 10 years the industry will continue to grow. I also like to think that the fly-by-night companies and pop-up companies will simply cease to exist as the consumers become more cautious and aware of the pitfalls of signing up with the really low-cost providers.

How has 365 Home Warranty grown or evolved?

Our company has grown by leaps and bounds since inception. We partnered with an excellent underwriter and claims administrator with extensive knowledge of the home warranty industry, and implemented a very thorough screening process to ensure the most qualified technicians are dispatched to service the customer’s issue. We have also added coverages for items such as TV, PC and alarm systems to meet our customers’ demands and needs.

How do you see the company growing or evolving in the future?

365 is committed to building the best customer experience in the industry, and we will continue to improve our service and add relevant coverage options that are important to our customers.

Where do great ideas come from in your organization?

Our organization is one that promotes innovation. Every member of the 365 Home Warranty team is highly valued and all are given a voice within our organizational structure to critique the company and offer insight. We listen to our specialists on the front lines speaking with potential customers to learn how to improve what we are offering to best match the needs of our home warranty consumers, and we listen to our claims representatives to learn how to improve the claims and service procedures and processes that we have in place.

Do you have any advice or comments for your current and/or potential customers?

My advice to potential customers is: do your research. You will find that 365 Home Warranty has the fewest amount of complaints out of all of the major home warranty companies, and the reason for that can be traced back to our corporate values and the vision of the co-founders of the company: “Our philosophy values customer satisfaction above all else. Our commitment to excellence in customer satisfaction is our only path to profitability. 365 will never lose sight of its most core underlying principle: integrity.”

Also, if you are already a 365 customer, first of all, thank you for your business! Let us know how we are doing! If you are not happy about something, if we are not meeting or exceeding your expectations, we want to know about it so we can correct the problem. We are always accessible to our customers, wanting to hear from you, and we hold ourselves accountable at all levels of our organization.

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