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Reviewed May 21, 2017

Samsung hasn't provided the necessary update to keep some of its players. This is not a hardware issue. Samsung should either update the players or purchase them back from the consumers. Over the line with customer service I have verified that my Blu-ray player is up to date. Model # BD-H5100/ZA.

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Reviewed April 22, 2017

I bought my Samsung BD-J5700/ZA from Sears to replace a Sony I had. Within 10 days I soon learned that this device would freeze during playing either a movie or show on Netflix, screen either goes black or it freezes with the picture still up. Only way to get it back to being responsive is to unplug the Blu-ray player and then plug it back in. I contacted Samsung on it and they said they knew about the problem and the tech I chatted with said well if it has the problem with Netflix not to watch Netflix on it. That's lame. They need to mark it not to use with Netflix if they won't release a new firmware to fix the issues.

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Reviewed Jan. 29, 2017

I purchased this Bluray player because it did not need an additional amplifier to play the sound through the speakers. Speakers were hooked directly to the device. This unit had all the bells & whistles connectivity to the internet. AM/FM radio and ability to play music. Shortly after I started using it, the video portion of the movie would quit, but the audio would continue. The TV displayed "No Time Display" on the black screen. This was a pain in the butt, as I missed the part of the movie when it came back. Sometimes it never came back and the player had to be turned off and restarted.

Samsung had no idea of the cause but had me ship it back and they did something to it. It played OK for the first couple of movies, then failed again. They had me download an upgrade to a thumb drive, which when plugged in would fix it. But never did work properly, and is getting worse. The weird thing is that it will play regular DVDs, but not Bluray type without crapping out.

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Reviewed Jan. 7, 2017

I purchased a Samsung DVD Player BD-J5700/ZA during the 2015 Christmas time frame. From the start when I used the DVD Player the screen would black out off and on. I would cut the power off and back on and the problem would fix itself. A few months later I started seeing an update message. I would always check the don't update box. One time I checked it and that's when the big problems started. I was unable to use my YouTube / Hulu. Only the Netflix would work. I called the customer service and they instructed me to do the same test that I already did. After their many failed attempts to fix the problem they told me to unplug the device for 30 minutes and plug it back in and the problem would be solved. The problem was not fixed.

From the very start, I have had nothing but problems with this item. In addition when turning the Samsung DVD Player BD-J5700/ZA on and off there isn't any indicator letting me know if its on or off. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone because the product isn't good and the customer service reps are kind but unknowledgeable. It seems to me that Samsung products are setting a new trend of producing products that don't work or blow up. Shop for other brands. Samsung time has passed.

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Reviewed Sept. 20, 2016

I bought a Samsung Blu-Ray DVD player as a Christmas present for my mom last year. I have no idea what she did with the receipt, but now there are issues with this DVD player. There was an update that came up one day when I was watching YouTube on it. The problem is that when I try to update it from the Samsung website, there isn't one available for this particular DVD player (of course). I don't understand why you would even sell something like this knowing that you have to update it, but provide no update for it on the website. I would try and get service, but I can't get it for free because I don't have the receipt! I just hope Wal-Mart will allow me to take it back and exchange it or get a gift card or something. I will never buy anything Samsung again unless there are a huge amount of good reviews or unless it's a phone.

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Reviewed Sept. 14, 2016

I do NOT get the friggin' point why such gadgets got to be made with SO much complicated ways! Is it THAT serious to just play a dang movie!? The dumb-modeled blu-ray player will NOT play a simply blu-ray... and to have to look up a certain regional code is RIDICULOUS because of these dang movie- makers!!! This is the WORST movie player that I have EVER owned! I would NEVER buy this dumb-model again!!!

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Reviewed Aug. 24, 2016

I recently encountered the system time update issue that hundreds here berate Samsung for. I read a # of these reviews looking for a solution and was ready to give up. In fact, I went an purchased another unit to replace the one I had. It resulted in the same error message. THIS IS AN EASY FIX, just update the time zone settings on your ROUTER (and range extender if you use one) to match that on your Samsung unit. Problem solved. All of you have it wrong. It's NOT Samsung's fault! This is a case of the Internet being abused and used unwisely. The foolish consumer gets what he deserves.

Gee, hundreds of people couldn't be wrong could they? But after my replacement unit began returning the same message, it occurred to me that there had been a firmware update so what could lead to a time update issue? Turns out, when the system reboots or is updated, it apparently returns to the 0 GMT timezone (and the default setting for the new unit is that same good ol' English time zone). So I updated my time zone and still the same error. But then it occurred to me that there are other units also relying on time zone settings. In this case, both my Linksys extender and my brand new D-Link Wi-Fi Router. Sure enough, a quick check found that they were set to other defaults. Once I switched everything to the same Eastern Time zone, everything worked fine again.

I agree with some of the other people who expressed frustration in dealing with Samsung service. I tried to get a response online originally but could not. That's a problem. And the company should make its tech support aware of this very easy solution to what appears to be a common problem. But don't berate the product. It's a good product.

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Reviewed July 29, 2016

I have Samsung Model BD-JM57C (purchased from Costco) that will not allow any connection to my internet. When I try to connect to Netflix, Pandora or any other app a message comes on that "System time is updating. Please try again." I have Internet connection and have checked and double checked the connection. I have rebooted the player and still the same outcome. The player has updated the software and restarted... still the same. Samsung customer service is terrible and no help. I have given up on Samsung Blueray Players and will never purchase one again. I see other have similar problems.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed July 27, 2016

Samsung BD-J5700 Curved Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi 2015 Model Fro - Purchased under Amazon Prime. Arrived in two days. Would not respond to remote. Would not work or play. Remote verified to work by infrared camera. Unit did not appear to actually have a remote sensor hole on the front panel as implied by the included instruction book. Packed up and shipping back to Amazon tomorrow.

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Reviewed May 30, 2016

In 12/2015, I purchased a Samsung J5700 "smart" Blu-ray/DVD player. From day one, I had issues with the player not playing Blu-ray disks or muting content. Must be that I purchased counterfeit disks... my fault. Then the player started dropping the Wi-Fi connection. I went through the online trouble shooting process – restart/reprogram. I then contacted customer service. I guess I do not speak English... my fault. After going through several more restart/reprogram cycles... I was told that the problem was my ISP. Everything else works. Must be my fault. Like I already stated, I made the mistake of purchasing a Samsung J5700 "smart" Blu-ray/DVD player. My fault, but I will not make the mistake of purchasing any other Samsung products.

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Reviewed Dec. 29, 2015

After installing software upgrade to Samsung Blu-Ray DVD BD-J5100, all Internet apps not connecting. When selecting an Internet app such as YouTube, NetFlix or Opera, the following message will appear: "System Time is Updating, Please Try Again Later." Okay, when I completed the install about a month ago this is exactly did, I "waited til later." Here we are about six weeks later and all Internet apps are behaving this way. I contacted Samsung support via phone and went through resetting the device, resetting my home network, connecting the device directly to my modem eliminating the router. All tests and variations of setups show Network Connection status connected to both Local Network and Internet, yet this issue persists.

I contacted Best Buy and they were hands off and suggested I work directly with Samsung. Rather than deal with phone support hold times, I worked with Samsung Support via chat, gave them the summary of the issue and troubleshooting steps. They provided an online form to fill out to submit a service request which implies that I may need to ship the device to either be reprogrammed or replaced. Is there anyone else out there with a similar experience, any luck fixing this?

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Reviewed Nov. 28, 2015

Like other unfortunate Samsung customers I purchased a Blu-Ray player that worked fine until there was a firmware update. Then I started getting a "please wait while system updates" error message. I contacted the useless help desk that had me reset the player, which I already had done and then they gave me a repair number and no one called me after weeks.

Since I received no help from Samsung I went into the setup section of the player and checked the network to see if it was getting the required information. Everything in the network looked fine, and then I moved my player from my switch directly into my router. It grabbed an I.P. from the router and my internet apps worked again. The issue seems to be the player locking up on an I.P. address and not being able to connect properly. It worked for a while from my router, but I started getting the same error again, so I moved the player directly into my internet service providers router and the apps started working again. I now have to switch between routers to grab a new I.P. address to get things working. Pretty sad way to use a new Bluray player.

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Reviewed Oct. 12, 2015

I have had my Samsung blu-ray player for only 3 months now (BD-H5100). It started acting up 2 weeks ago by not playing my Star Trek discs. I did the update as the online chat suggested. Now only Fox, and New Line Cinema discs work. Disney sometimes works, but all of my movies from Universal, Warner Bros. and Paramount do not load. I tried them in a friends blu-ray player (an LG) and they loaded immediately as well as played. Getting additional help from Samsung has been unsuccessful. I will not buy another Samsung product again. That means when my TV gets old or my new microwave has issues, I'm getting something else.

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Reviewed Sept. 9, 2015

The blu ray/smart dvd after last update stopped connecting to internet. I thought it was the internet... very time consuming. The dvd player is past warranty and after trouble shooting with customer service for days, they will not pay to have it serviced. This seemed to be a common problem from what I saw on internet. The model was BDD5700. I can tell you I will never ever buy from them again. My time is valuable as well.

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Reviewed Sept. 7, 2015

So it worked OK until it had a update. Now it is locked up. Is this some game they are playing?

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Reviewed Aug. 8, 2015

Thank you for this website and the many comments about poor customer service and products provided by Samsung. Let me add my own frustrating story: I have a Samsung Blu-ray a/v receiver, model HW-D7000. It is hooked into our TV and cable box. For two years, it has worked fine. Recently, while watching TV, the screen switched to the main menu for the Blu-ray and the receiver display showed update. None of the controls on the receiver or the remote were responsive. Though this had never happened before, I thought perhaps the receiver was obtaining a software update from the internet (cable connection). However, after several minutes, the receiver just shut itself off. Repeated attempts to restart the system had the same result: At first the system would boot up normally and the TV begin to play, but after about one minute the TV stopped, the display showed update and all controls were unresponsive.

Contacting Samsung by phone was hopeless. Long menus, no real person. I therefore tried using the chat function on the Samsung site. At first, this proved promising. Quick response and a technician who seemed helpful. I was told to unplug the receiver and wait one full minute before reconnecting it to a power supply, and then come back to the chat to let the technician know whether that solved the problem. I fished through the cables in the back of my system setup, unplugged, waited and reconnect. It did not change the behavior of the system.

I returned to the chat about two minutes after receiving the instructions to inform the technician of the outcome, but found the chat session had been shut down for inactivity. Apparently, the technician couldn't wait for me to complete the task I was sent to do. Repeated attempts to restart the chat were fruitless. Even after closing my browser and reconnecting to the Samsung site, when I attempted to re-start a chat discussion using my real name, I received a message that coldly stated the session was over and could not be re-established.

Ultimately, I used a fictitious name to start up a new session and then was connected. This time, a technician gave me other instructions to reboot the system. However, these instructions would only work if the touch screen buttons on the receiver were responsive, and they were not. The technician said there was nothing more he could do for me and had no clues what could be wrong. Apparently he also did not know what update on the receiver display was referring to. Instead, he directed me to a page on the Samsung website that would assist me in finding a repair facility to examine the receiver

When I went to the page and entered my location and the type of device I needed assistance with, it provided only one facility in the whole of the United States for me to contact for assistance. That facility is in New Jersey. I live in California (really?!). Just for a lark, I used that support page to enter in other types of devices and ask for locations that could assist in repairing them. Each time, the site provided me with just one or two options, each of which was over a thousand miles from where I live. Using the contact us function on their web site, I told Samsung my story, politely let them know I was disappointed with their customer service and requested that they contact me to discuss the situation further. That was a week ago, and I have received no response of any kind.

Coincidentally, I told a friend of mine about my situation and she said she was having a similar problem. Though her Samsung device is different from mine, she has it hooked into a multi-device system as well. Just about the same time that I started experiencing problems, her Samsung unit began showing updating, try again later, and the controls went non-responsive, preventing her from connecting to any cable channel except one. Now that I've read the other hopeless stories on this site, I have decided it is not worth my time to bother trying to work further with Samsung. I will just go buy a new receiver from another maker and never purchase any Samsung product again.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Aug. 1, 2015

8/1/15. I bought a Samsung BluRay player within the last year and, after many hours on the phone with them and playing with the device, could not get it to connect to a wireless router for Netflix downloads. The company said the software needed updating - I could not do this at home (again no link to the Internet), so they said they'd ship a memory stick. No stick arrived, so called them again - will try again. No stick, so called again - their records showed drive had been shipped a month earlier (?).

Finally got a DVD from them which didn't work, so I loaded those files onto my own flash drive - still didn't work. Called them and asked how to ship unit back for a refund. Got nowhere so asked to speak to someone with the authority to make a decision; transferred me to "Executive Customer Relations," but line went dead. Called back and went through their seemingly endless options - rep told me no refund - I needed to ship the unit to an authorized repair shop for them to load software. She implied they would pay for shipping, but emailed information had no shipping label.

Bottom line: We have purchased quite a few Samsung TVs over the years and I guess were lucky they didn't need service. We will be buying a new fridge soon and Samsung will be the last company we look at. Reps were polite but the "service" results lousy. They just don't seem to have respect for the customer's time and satisfaction. In reading this website about Samsung, I am certainly not alone; too bad.

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Reviewed July 20, 2015

I bought the BDJ-5100 to replace the old 5700, and am extremely disappointed. Everything freezes, discs, streaming, everything!! The worst part is that there is no indicator light to even let you know it's on. I only chose a Samsung because of the TV but now I will have to seek out another brand!!!

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Reviewed June 26, 2015

After owning Samsung Blu-Ray player BD JM57 for 2 days, it required update. After the update none of the apps work. I get error message, "system time updating, please try later", 5 days later and several calls to the listed number I still have no workable apps. I have gotten promises of return calls from their "Advanced Service Techs" and have not received a call. I am very angry for having to go thru the same exact troubleshooting steps each time I call hoping to get a voice I can understand.

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Reviewed June 25, 2015

My Samsung Blu Ray player will not play Secondhand Lions so I bought another copy thinking it was the disk. Same thing. Now I find Samsung just doesn't care if we can't play our movies on our old samsung players. Even if they are just 1 year old. They want us to just buy a new one. I will replace my samsung Blu Ray player but with another brand. That goes for the 70" TV I have been looking at and the refrigerator that I was going to get this weekend. Darn, I really liked the one with the drawer in the middle too.

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Reviewed June 21, 2015

Insert DVD orange bar pops up loads. Takes several seconds to load Sony pictures. Counter goes back to 00:00. Then nothing. Push title menu changes counter to play. Then nothing. Redo. Push any button after Sony pictures. Gray box with words "not available". Very aggravating. Will not buy Samsung products again. I promise you that!!! Getting iPhones next not taking more chances with Samsung!!! FYI tried with several DVDs. Sincerely dissatisfied customer.

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Reviewed June 18, 2015

Many people have the problem of power on and off on its own. Samsung Nigeria seems wants me to pay 150$ for repair. Will never buy Samsung again.

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Reviewed June 15, 2015

After 1 month of purchase, my unit (Samsung blu ray) wouldn't play any discs or stream at least once a week. The screen was black. Held power button for several minutes before it would show home screen. Should have refunded, but was too late. Now it has been 2 months, with more problems. Cannot stream at all. Cannot connect to wifi. Support says"it's the modem/router." Everything else in the house is working perfectly fine. 2 lappies, 2 phones and a printer. Totally irritated and frustrated with support. It's a merry go round. "Repeat troubleshooting. Plug/unplug. Let me transfer you," so you can repeat another 20 times and then transfer you to another so you can repeat another 20 times before "we transfer you" again for repeat.

Samsung is a scam. Get your money and blow you off. Got a Samsung S5 Active... worthless. Had it replaced twice in 2 months. This brand should be banned. America needs to take it off the shelf and send it back. Americans are getting robbed. I am disgusted with Samsung. I want what I paid for or my money back. I did not buy it "as is" at a garage sale or want ad. Warranty? It's a joke. And they are laughing at us.

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Reviewed June 11, 2015

I have 2 Samsung Blu Ray Smart Players. I have 2 Samsung Flat Screen TVs (not smart). I have a 12 Terabyte storage device with movies, music, etc. I have all the Blu Ray Discs, DVD, CD, etc. I like to put on a number of videos, music, etc., when I go to sleep. All of a sudden, without any upgrades, approximately every 40 minutes I will get a "Network Disconnected" and everything stops. Both players worked using wireless connections. Then one stopped. I got it to work again by not letting it talk to Samsung. The other one, I hardwired the connection to the router.

One day I left the hardwire connection up and the player on when I connected to the internet. Now the wireless one continues to play without interruption (I don't have it turned on when the internet is connected), but the hardwire one loses its network connection to my storage device every 40 minutes when it is playing (it does in the wireless state as well, which is why I hardwired it).

Conclusion: Samsung has changed the code on my device. I cannot wipe the changes. What once worked no longer works as the product I originally purchase. Samsung seems to believe they have the right to alter your device at their discretion, with or without your permission. They are trying to control your content according to their determination of whether it is "legal" or not. I will never buy another (nor recommend) Samsung product. They are in total violation of privacy laws, product warranties, and product guarantees.

Search on the problems with the network disconnects. They seem to believe they can do whatever they please with their products and the you never own them, just rent them...and they will change them with or without your permission. It is not a bug. It is intentional on their part. 30 years in the computer business tells me I am right, no matter what they say. They need to change their policies and get some mature individuals in charge of their product policies.

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Reviewed May 31, 2015

Samsung Bluray DVD Player BDP-F7500 - Bought this thing exactly six months ago and have been in communication with Samsung support several times complaining that it reboots randomly in the middle of using the apps. Seems to only be using the apps. They say it is caused by the power cord. Wouldn't you think they'd want to replace it then? Have never offered to replace anything, just keep telling me to "unplug it, plug it back in and see if the problem is resolved." That sound familiar, that is their response to everything.

So far it is still rebooting and so far I spend more time restarting the amazon app than I do watching the unlimited streaming, limited only the by the Samsung player keeping me from watching it. I have a Samsung S3 phone that does the exact same thing (reboots all by itself randomly during the day), couldn't be related could it?

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Reviewed May 21, 2015

My Samsung Blu-ray player won't play Blu-Rays, only DVD. Comes up with a message about "update DVD to latest version" but there is no update available.

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Reviewed May 17, 2015

I just want to let others know my Samsung BLU-RAY DISC PLAYER... Model# BD-D5700... MANF. Date 2011/01 which I have owned for 3 years brand new from Best Buy. It has completely stopped playing any/all BLU-RAY discs. A pop-up screen reads, "Unable to read disk. Clean with a soft cloth bla, bla,bla". No update is required and it also will not connect to the internet, suddenly, by wireless. This is completely unacceptable. Samsung's quality is non-existing. I will never waste my money on a Samsung product again.

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Reviewed May 7, 2015

Blu-ray BDE6500/ZA and C6500 - Horrible product, unable to stream apps for Netflix/Pandora, Samsung was unable to successfully install firmware upgrades in the past weeks, now I have two Blu-rays that are virtually worthless! Word to the wise, do not buy blu-rays made by SAMSUNG!!! Waste of money, time and brings you only frustration.

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Reviewed March 8, 2015

As others have experienced, a perfectly good blu-ray player has become unusable after a software update. Now it will not connect to the internet, either via wireless or wired connection. "Tech support" blames my ISP, and my modem/router. Funny how every other wireless device works flawlessly. Samsung is not the company that it used to be. Never again.

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Reviewed Feb. 24, 2015

I purchased a BD-F5900 Blu-ray Player on 4/15/13. It's less than two years old and won't play Blu-rays at all anymore. It still works for DVDs. I called customer service in India three times over three days, and each time they got more incompetent and more difficult to work with. They made me do the same tests over and over, sent me to invalid website addresses, then finally told me after all that, that my player isn't under warranty. They want $110 to repair a player that I could replace at Crutchfield for $99.00 right now. Unbelievably poor customer service, no desire to keep a customer, and a condescending attitude by their rep. I will not purchase Samsung again.

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