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I've had my Philips 3000k DVD player since 2005, back when I was still in high school, and I would be watching season after season of my favourite tv series through it, then discovering other series to marathon watch with it. The only issue I've ever had, and still have sometimes, is that the disc tray would have a mind of its own--opening and closing when I'd insert or eject a disc. But other than that, I'm amazed at how it's still working very well at 11 years of use and counting. One other thing I'd like to mention and I've been impressed with is that I've long before noticed how it's able to play all kinds of discs. There have been many discs that I've tried to play on other DVD players, and they won't work, but with my Philips 3000k, it always works.

I highly advise against buying products from Philips Electronics. I bought a portable dvd player from Walmart. The product did not operate well and charger didn't work on the device. They do not refund money for that, so you have to go through Philips. I provided all I was asked to provide. They said they would mail me a new one, and shipping label to mail back the defective device. Some time goes by, so I called to check on it. They still had not sent it, and said they would. Nothing ever came. More time goes on so I call again. This time an extremely rude customer service rep tells me I have waited too long and wants me to provide everything again, including a receipt I no longer have. So in the end they sold me a bad product, told me they would replace it, lied, and gave me a giant attitude about it. I have had a few poor experiences through them but this was the last straw for me.

Would give it no stars if I could....... Philips Blu-ray BDP2205 with built-in WiFi bought it at Walmart. Never used it for a couple of months. Didn't need it at the time. Just bought it when it seemed on sale then I set it up to watch DVDs. Now I have WiFi, the player seemed alright at first. Was using Netflix, fine. Then like 2 weeks later when I went to go on Netflix and watch movies, the piece of ** won't let me. Netflix servers are all X's. I've tried everything to fix the problem but it won't work. It's even ** when I try and load on to Netflix, Youtube, or any other features. It's just sooooo sloooowwwwww!!!!! I thought I was buying something good but guess not. I bought a Blu-ray player that sucks **!!!!! So ** pissed off. It should be getting internet. I pay for awesome WiFi signal but I guess it's not good enough for this piece of crap machine. It has built-in WiFi but the only thing it does have is giving me a hard time :(((((

We bought a dvd player for our car back in December of 2013. After a couple months it started not working then not at all. We called the number on the box and talked to someone about it, which they sent a box and return label for us to return it and they would send us new a one. Well the new one never came or was even sent out. After several calls and a bunch of lies we have gotten nowhere. I paid around 100 bucks for this. I will either get my money back or a replacement. I am taking this to the next level and let someone else deal with it. I will also contact the manager of walmart and tell them about Philips products and customer NO Service.

I purchased a Phillips Portable DVD player in October 2010. In July 2011, it stopped working. It was a normal malfunction. The disk wouldn't spin. I purchased a replacement plan at Wal-Mart the same time we got the DVD player, so I entered information online for that program, but it seemed to do nothing. I finally found how to get in contact with Phillips through chat and requested a replacement product. They agreed. I was promised a replacement for it three times. I sent my information on 10/05/11, 10/27/11, and 11/25/11 and was promised a replacement each time. They should have records of these.

We travel long distances often and my my four-year old daughter is the one suffering for this atrocity. I shouldn't have to wait this long for a replacement DVD player! It was a malfunction with the product, not me! The broken portable DVD player has been sitting in my office for almost an entire year now, stalking me. I recently moved it because of it was a constant reminder of how Phillips promised and promised me for a new one and lied.

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I bought a very expensive Sound Bar two years ago, HTS8100/37. DVDs never played on the machine; not even once or straight from the box. I have always thought it was a region code issue. But the display says Region 0 so it should play all DVDs. Then, I thought it was a firmware issue so I upgraded from V26 to V29. Still, it does not play DVDs. CDs and VCDs play perfectly. If you're looking for an expensive CD play, look no further. Choose Philips. If you want something that works, go with another brand. I can believe Amazon sells junk as I bought it from Amazon LLC directly.

I got this DVD player for Christmas and the piece of junk didn't even last a year. Have you no pride or self-respect? How can you sell junk like this? Phillips was a quality name. Now, it is a name to avoid, and that's what I'm going to do.

Purchased the Philips DVP5992 refurbished, seems that the unit I received was not checked out adequately and I am stuck with a bad unit. I did not even get to use the player a half a dozen times which is why I am writing my review which I have never done before. Called the merchant who I purchased the unit, was told to contact Philips. Emailed Philips, they sent me out a quick start guide email which is the same copy sent to me in the box with the unit. Followed the instructions once again and it seemed to work. Next time around, forget it, same issues and the DVD player was not recognizing the disk. Of course, at that point, I was out of the 90 day warranty period. Called Philips this time around, got a nice guy on the phone telling me to unplug the unit and re-plug it for resetting purposes, trying a CD rather than a DVD and also trying a new power outlet. Nothing worked and experienced the same issues as before.

Requested to speak to a supervisor, dude was not as nice as the previous guy and quite frankly did not care other than to explain the warranty to me once again as the previous representative did--like I did not hear it the first time around! He asked me for some sort of code from the previous contact, which of course I did not have. Let him know that I did not even get some sort of code this time around--but who writes those numbers down anyways. Bottom line, someone at Philips did not check off all of their little boxes and I have a player that I will be throwing in the trash--not going to buy another Philips DVD player this time around! Guaranteed!

I received a Philips hts6500/37 as a gift and had it for about 11 or 12 months and it started acting up; the DVD not playing the movies and the DVD not ejecting a movie is still stuck in the player. And my son hooked up his mp3 player to the unit and got a shock from it. I emailed Philips and the only thing they told me was to look on another site for diagnostics and nothing is helping. They didn't offer to fix it or offer any solutions.

I had purchased two players Philips about three years ago, one for my bedroom and one for my living room. Both were purchased at the same time and the same brand. They both went on the fritz with the same problem and I contacted Philips and they did not help me with the problem or offer to fix them and they were within the warranty time frame so I do not buy Philips products nor recommend them to anyone else this particular one I have now was a gift or I would not have it.

I will buy an off brand electronic before I will a Philips. The customer service is not good. They try their best to blow you off instead of helping you. I have an Apex DVD that I have had for five years. It is still working and the Philips DVD theater systems I bought were a lot of money and in my opinion not worth it. Philips doesn't even stand behind their warranty agreements. My family member who bought it for me is very disappointed. She paid a lot for the system and now not working and not to mention it gives a little shock out when hooking up the mp3 player.

Well, put it very clearly, I will never buy a Philips Magnavox product again in my life. I bought a $180 DVD/Surround Sound system in December of 2008, and right after the warranty is up, more or less, the problem started a couple weeks ago. The system quit working. It will load, start 8 seconds of the DVD and then freeze every time. I have paid for the $25 DVD players at Walmart and the one I have now is 5 years old and going strong, a $25 DVD player lasts over 5 years now, and a $180 DVD player with speakers lasts just over a year, long enough that it’s out of warranty.

Reading more complaints on this site about this company’s products makes me really wish there was something more that could be done to force this company to provide quality for what you pay for. My Vizio LCD which was cheaper than a Philips of the same version I have never had a single ounce of problems with it 3 years later. Where the ** is the customer service and the liability for this company to take responsibility for the products they release? Then I should know better than to buy something like this at Walmart, all they sell is cheap ** 90% of the time.

I purchased a DVD/VCR combo unit player brand new through a company called on 12/22/08. I've been having intermittent problems with it and actually sent an email to Philips because I was told by Amazon that since it was over 90 days since I purchased it from them I would have to deal with the manufacturer directly. So I contacted them via their online support link on there website about 6 months ago.

The problem is that the unit intermittently powers off and I was not able to rewind VCR tapes because it would unravel inside unit most of the time. So what I did was use an external rewind device instead till I was able to get some time to contact them again for service. Philips electronic products all come with a 1 year manufactures warranty. I was told by a customer service rep from Phillips that even though I purchased this unit new they cannot honor the 1 year manufactures warranty for this product because it was purchased through I spoke with Amazon and they do not know why Philips will not honor their 1 year manufactures warranty because the unit was purchased new from them. So as it stands with Philips is that they will not service or replace this unit which is still covered till 12/22/09 under the manufactures warranty.

I purchased a new DVD player and all cables needed to install. After installation the DVD shorted out and would not turn on. I returned to the

store and they exchanged the DVD player ($98.96). The second DVD player also shorted out. I returned to the store again and they would not exchange the second player and suggested I call the Manufacturer (RCA). I then purchased a third DVD player, it also shorted out. However I installed one cable at a time, as soon as I installed the Philips HDMI cable the unit smoked and shorted out.

I then returned to the store and purchased a new cable and a fourth DVD player (the third I had to pay for) and now everything is working fine. I e-mailed Philips Customer service and the reply (addressed Sir or Madam) said they would ship me a new cable. I don't need or want another cable since I allready purchased a replacement cable.

They claim no liablity for the three brand new RCA DVD players and suggested I contact RCA. This is not RCA's defect and they should not have to replace or repair these players. I paid $313.50 for a $104.50 DVD player and $54.92 for a $27.46 HDMI cable.

My comment is quite simply that their line of DVD recorder/players have got to be one of the most difficult products to use/program. I even spoke to a repairman on the telephone about and he agreed that the controls and even the manual for the product is not user friendly, to old or young. how about giving us an update program that will indeed make these things more user friendly. Thanks, again

My DVD player Model No.3256 made by Phillips is not working properly & i want to change my product Immediately. but company cannot replacing it after many complaints.

cant play the Video files

On May-17-2008,I buyd from Wal*Mart,Phoenix Az,an portable DVD player. In term of 15/17 days I intentent to return to stor the product, but the Costumer service of the store refused to accept the return. in less than twoo/2 Monts the dvd gat defects and I sandet back to manufacturing company on July-11-2008. I contact them after a fiw weeks to find aut what hoppen? They resivd the DVD or not. They refuze to answer. Yesturday,)*/11/2008 I went at the Post office to find aut about.They told Me the package wos sandet aut on Aug.14-2008.

The price of DVD $97.34 Postage for return DVD $12.40. The value of luse, or damages Insurance value of $200.00 The total amount is: $309.74 and Company neglijante or to cooperate with the maner. I never herd from them after several contact.

I have purchased Philips DVD Home Theatre HTS3105. This product is faulty and despite my continous talks with their customer care, no action has been taken to replace the system. The faults keep on coming and resurfaces again and again. The major problem is it is unable to load the disc, sometimes even the lens cleanser is not detected.

I would not recommend anybody to buy Philips product considering my bad experiences with the Philips DVD Home Theatre. I have now even lft the hope that this problem has some permanent solution.


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