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After two failed attempts at trying to sign up to use their service, I gave up as it kept kicking me back to PayPal. They did, however, manage (thanks to PayPal) to get two payments of $29.00 out of my account. I emailed them and "Daisy" emailed me back acknowledging the error and my cancellation of the two payments. PayPal also acknowledged my cancellation.

Nevertheless, PayPal still let them have my $58.00 and were no real help at all. I sent four to five emails and made several calls to My emails were ignored and my calls were unanswered. I was unable to leave a voice mail as all the mailboxes were full. As of today, still no refund. Do not use this company and forget feeling safe with PayPal!

Horrible company! I submitted an application (of course I had to shell out $29 first). After 3 emails just to get them to acknowledge my submission, I was told that they would have to build it as a 'custom app' for $880! I politely declined, and asked for my $29 back. I waited but they didn't reply.

Sent another email with the same request, nothing. I sent a third email (my 6th in total), now in a stern tone, threatening to contact my credit card company, PayPal and the FTC, not to mention that I would post the story on forums to warn others. For those of you thinking about using My App Builder, do what I did, find one of the many sites online where you can hire freelance developers who compete with others to win your proposal.

Your money is held in escrow until both parties agree on the contract. I got someone to build my app for slightly less than $300 this way! Again, stay away from My App Builder! I am still waiting for a refund, and afraid they will continue to steal money from my bank account. Company Profile

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