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I received this a few years ago and I have had many problems with it. The so called "Antenna" broke off and I am unable to get many stations. I also am not able to see the face so I don't know what preset station it is on. Now it seems to have replaced one of my presets with another station. I will NEVER get a Memorex Product again.

Boom box works well but the power cord went bad and player would die if cord was moved. No consequences. I just bought a used cord at the thrift store for 3.99 and it works like a new player. It is a model MP3851BLK.

I purchased a Memorex Mini Move docker and it quit working. I contacted Memorex before the 90 day warranty. They sent a new cord. It worked at first, then it quit. The next call to Memorex, they informed me that my iPod was not compatible, and there was nothing they could do. I purchased the Memorex at Wal-Mart on 2/9/12. They did not advise me that it was compatible with only certain iPods. I would like to return the Memorex and get a docker compatible with my iPod. I tried to call several times, but was never connected. Please help! Thanks.

My mother purchased a Memorex Portable DVD Player for my daughter for Christmas last year. It stopped working after about 2 1/2 months so we were able to get a replacement because we were still under the 90 day warranty. I said "OK, fine maybe ours was just defective. " So, we got our new one in April. We had a busy summer so we only used it a handful of times when the same exact thing started happening again. It would just stop working and not read the DVDs.

I called Memorex again and asked for troubleshooting help. I did everything they suggested. I also bought a DVD disc cleaner for the lens thinking maybe it was just dirty. All to no avail. I called them back again and by this time the 90 day warranty was void. I asked them if I could send it to their Service Center to have it fixed, I said I would pay the overhead costs providing it didn't cost more than the unit itself. They said they did not service their products or parts after the warranty period had passed. What a huge ripoff! I will never recommend their products to anyone ever!

It seems these days, all stores, i.e Walmart, Target, etc. sell Memorex (DVD Blank Media), but very few other brands. I try to avoid purchasing Memorex DVD's because it seems to fail. There is always one (1) and sometimes more bad DVD-RW/CD-RW blank media. This is why I would never recommend Memorex DVD blank media to anyone.

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I explained I got two Memorex DVD players from family for gifts and both of them failed operating only months after using them. Neither of them is covered by warranty because the warranty period is only 90 days. Wow! I asked what the short warranty and was told "that just what it is, ma’am." I was surprised to hear that a company as big as Memorex did not stand behind their products more than 90 days made me wonder why. I spoke to one customer service person, then asked to speak to their supervisor and after telling the entire story again and getting the same "we only have a 90 day warranty, ma’am."

I asked for their supervisor’s number and then I left a message for them to call me in regards to this matter. I have also spoke to a few other people in regards to this matter more on a personal level and they all feel it is strange that not only one but two DVD players from the came large well known company broke and that the warranty was only 90 days. If a product such as a DVD player is only covered for 90 days and the average person watches two movies per day, this would be four hours a day max usage.

This would be 360 hours total the unit is covered but yet a VCR is covered for a year as well as a MP3 player, IPod, even a home computer, a toaster, a coffee pot, and too many more things to mention are all covered for a year with regular use that is. I am waiting for a call from Dale H. with Memorex to see if maybe something can be done in this matter.

I will be sure to keep you posted on what happens so that nobody else will have to go through the trouble I am having just to get a replacement for a faulty piece of equipment. I now have a very skeptical outlook when it comes to any product made by Memorex for either myself or someone else because of the problems I have had. I don't recommend Memorex products to my friends and family any more.

I bought two Mi1006 iListen speaker systems from Linen's and Things at the same time. One stopped working shortly after I bought it; the other is fine. I have diagnosed it to be the switching power adapter, but I can't find another that works with it or for sale. No support seems to be there from Memorex's site. Not happy!

My Memorex iPod player, model # Mi1006, quit playing midway through a song this morning. I turned it on and the dial lit up as always. I started shaving and heard silence. iPod was still lit up but not the player. I checked the cord and the on/off switch. The dial flickered and turned off. I've had this thing less than 10 months and don't use it but maybe twice a week. Anyone have any clues to my problem? The box which has the cord run through its light is lit up showing it has power but the dial won't light up and so I can't play any music. Who can I turn to? Help!

We bought an under the counter TV Memorex MVUC821 at Target. We brought it home and installed it in the kitchen, but we were unable to get the cable to work. We tried several things, including a different TV. This TV would not work. We called Memorex and found out that this under the counter TV will not work with cable unless it has a cable box! It does not state this on the box or in the manual. Target will not accept a return on the TV because the box has been opened. Now we have a $250 TV we can't use! When we spoke to Memorex, it seemed to be a common problem, and they will not help us.

I rec'd a Memorex camcorder model # mcc228rsblk for chirstmas. nevered opened and purchased from radior shack. There wasn't and owner manuel in the packaging. I tried to download from the website it wouldn't download. I called the 800 # and was told that they would send me one but that I had to purchase it, to begin with I was on hold for exactly 10 minutes...when I asked to speak to a supervisior they put me on hold for 13 minutes, then I hung up and proceeded to contact CA. All I want is a manuel that should have been with the camera/camcorder anyway, and I don't see why I need to pay for something that has already been paid for.

Bought alarm clock for daughters 11th birthday. Has I pod docking staition built in. Paid $80.00 for it. Starts out shocking daughter ( not static electricity) then alarm 1 button will not function, then alarm 2 button will not function. After that all that will work is time display, cant even adjust time, because buttons no longer work. Called Memorex, they sent me a mail tag, replace clock.

The replacement has done the same thing. I know it is not the outlet, because we plugged it into different outlet. Called Memorex, going to send me shipping label @ my expense, and have repaired @ my expense. Rep. says not the only one that this has happened to. WHY WILL THEY NOT RECALL. his advice was to take it back to Wal-Mart!

Paid $80.00 for clock radio, that shocks my child, stops working went through 2 in less than 1 year, and they want me to pay for repair!!!! SHOULD BE RECALLED!!!!

I bought a 256MB USB Memory Thumb Drive w/$20 mail-in-rebate offer. I sent them the original receipt and UPC Code, but waited for 6 weeks and a declined letter said they want my original receipt. But I have sent the original receipt.

I mailed in a rebate for a Memorex dvd burner that I purchased. That status of the rebate was approved and in the last stages on there website. I went to their website yesterday and there was no record of my rebate so I called them and they responded that they did not have a record of my rebate and there was nothing they could do for me since I don't have the upc only copies of the receipt and reabate form.

I purchased their product because of the final price after mail in rebate. I was expecting to get a $50 check.

Greetings: I sent out for a rebate to memorex on 12/10/00 and still haven't recieved my money to this date. I have all documentation if so required. Thank you for your time and it is so nice to have a site like this working for you.

I bought a memorex dvd player at Target on Dec. 2. Only four months later, it quit working suddenly and completely. The store wouldn't give me a refund (I have the original receipt and packaging) because it was over 90 days; the company said the same thing. So, because it quit one month too late, I can't do anything - but a new dvd player should work more than four months. Is there anything I can do?

My son saved for two months to get the $140.00. He now has dvds he can't watch and is very upset. I have no confidence in this company at all anymore.

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