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I purchased 2 Magnavox TVs at Sam's Club as Christmas gifts in 2012 . The one I bought for my mother-in-law lasted a year... My mom-in-law bought an extended warranty. GREAT... so I thought! Then came our dealings with LIFETIME service center. They're a joke!!! WE shipped it to them and over 3 mos later sent it back ..minus the stand. WE called and they said they would send it, except they sent the wrong stand. Called them again and I got an argument over which model I had... even though I had the TV with the model # on it.... They finally sent the right one 5 weeks later! THEN the TV stopped working again! Sent a second time.. They had it the whole summer... sent it to us... It was working fine for about 6 mos... It started the same problem... Now instead of fixing it they want to offer us a buy-out. They want to give us what THEY feel is the remainder of the extended warranty... $120....EVEN though it says three tries and you get a new TV. DON'T BUY MAGNAVOX AND NEVER DEAL WITH LIFETIME SERVICE CENTER... THEY STINK...

I purchased a Samsung Tablet from a large retailer. Luckily I also purchase the insurance protection. November of 2013 my power button stopped working but everything else on the tablet was fine. The device was pampered so no scratches, dings cosmetically. My apps and Wi-Fi were working fine and I could even power the device up but I had to plug it in to do so. I called the insurance providers who had me send it to Lifetime service center in Ontario, CA. I sent the device in early December 2013 expecting to have it back by the holidays.

Not hearing anything I started calling around December 18th. I was told I would get a call back the next day and they would explain everything. I got a pre-recorded message and email telling me my device could not be repaired and they were sending me an e-card for the purchase price. I immediately asked for the device to be returned so I could take it elsewhere. The service providers were great but stymied by misinformation or no information from Lifetime.

Over the next few weeks I was given a few different stories as to what happened, the power button was the wrong type, the power button was not available and finally, the motherboard was not available. I talked to Samsung myself and was told the parts were available. I was also told my tablet, my personal property, had been DISPOSED of. The case is over and the insurance folks paid for my tablet and then some to make up for what happened but that still does not make up for me doing without my tablet for well over a month. I feel that I was not given the truth as to what happened to my device. I should have been contacted before they made such a decision. Extremely poor service on the part of Lifetime Service Center in Ontario, CA.

Negative Value! Stay away! By the time this company services your gear, you will likely have purchased a replacement. They are either truly inept, or there is a serious scam going on here. Then, when you get it back, the gear will be either still broken, miscalibrated, or shoddily repaired, so that you will find that it breaks or malfunctions again in short order. I mean really: Loose screws inside a camera? They report "sending my lens back to Sony as they are unequipped/incapable of performing the repair/calibration required" - for cleaning foreign matter off the inside glass? An older policy/repair sent to them 3 times - finally got it right, only to literally fall apart internally after a small amount of use? Purchased Sagemax policies from B&H, but have yet to be covered. Don't bother with insurance - save the money to use a real repair facility or get your own private insurance so you are truly covered.

I bought a projector from B&H Dec 2011 with 5-yr extended warranty. I sent the projector in to them since I purchased the extended warranty. I was told that it would take up to a month to repair, but 3 weeks later, they told me that they are sending it to ViewSonic since it's still under the manufacturer warranty. After about 2 months of BS, I found out that B&H has their extended warranty with SageMax but Lifetime Service Center is the 3rd party company that sends the products back to the vendor. So after calling for a month of complaining that no one is calling me with a status, they said that they were not able to repair the projector and they sent me a check refunding me the full amount of the product.

That's great, but I paid $250 for the 5-year warranty, so they should be reimbursing me part of what I paid for for extended service because they made money off me and wasted almost 3 months only to refund me. Before buying an extended service, always ask the details of replacement and refunds if they can't fix the item.

I have always purchased gear from Guitar Center and have always added Pro Coverage. I only had to use it once about 5 years ago and it worked out great. Fast free shipping gear back in a week BUT that was then with a different insurance company - I am guessing. These guys at Lifetime have had my gear for what seems like a "lifetime" - one month to be exact without so much as an email to tell me what was going on. So I emailed them and got a response that the tech is checking into it. One week after that nothing... I have to say this will be the last time I purchase Pro Coverage from Guitar Center if this is the company they are going to use.

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It took me more than a month to get my Google Nexus 7 back from Lifetime Service Center. The first time it came back, I received a paper that said it was tested to the manufacturer's warranty. My Nexus powered on, but the welcome screen (the first screen) is all that would do. It would not respond to my touch. My husband called Lifetime Service Center and they said, after not even 5 to 10 minutes, to send it back again. I was irate! I packed it up and shipped it off only after I had to 2 business days for the shipping label. Finally, I got it back the second time and it worked. It should not have to take me more than a month to receive my product back. Therefore that is why I'm leaving Lifetime Service Center such an awful review.

I was put in contact with Lifetime Service Center after my new LG microwave fan would not turn off. I called LG and they set up an appointment with them. A few hours later Lifetime called me and told me they would need to order a part before they could make an appointment. So after waiting a week they called and set up another appointment for a weekday between 4-8. The day of that appointment they called and said they hadn't heard from us to reschedule and they would not be coming out. They said they called the previous week and left a message for us to call them back. This was a blatant lie as I checked our phone logs and received no calls from them. Then after making a third appointment they called me again to let me know that again they couldn’t meet. As a result, I canceled all my appointments with them and filed a complaint with LG.

I bought a 3 yrs extended warranty thru B&H when I purchased my Canon camcorder. In July I called Lifetime Service to find out the turn around time for repair service. I was told the most would be 10-14 days. They sent me a mailing label and I sent in my camcorder to repair for broken lenses. On July 12, got a e-mail from they that they received my camcorder and it will take 24 hrs to evaluate problem. Didn't get another e-mail until 18th of July that parts were ordered and the standard time would be 3-5 business days. No detail finding of the problem, nothing.

Then another e-mail on the 26th of July that parts were being ordered. What? Again? Still no explanation. I called Lifetime Service, they don't have any information to give me because there was no repair ticket from the technician. I had called SageMax(warranty company) and B&H, and it likes I am going to wait a long time before I see my camcorder, because neither companies can give me a time when repair will be completed nor can they tell me what happened to my camcorder. Worst company I ever have to deal with.

I purchased a Sony Reader with a repair/replacement warranty from Target. I've had the same issue twice now with the unit's USB port not working properly. I am going on vacation in two weeks and they can't guarantee they'll have it back to me. They won't let me expedite at my own expense the return to them and subsequent return to me to get it back in time.

When I asked about the replacement portion of the program, they were very edgy and said they try to fix the problem first. When I sent it the first time, they said the problem was because I tried to download two different types of files onto the unit. First, what does that have to do with a USB port? And second, their claim is incorrect as I only downloaded PDF files. What a waste of my time!

I purchased an extended warranty through Walmart. They don't tell you that they don't actually perform the service if you have a claim. They instead have you deal with Lifetime Service Center. We purchased a Philips 19-inch LCD TV. It quit working and just showed a screen with what looked like pages of white paper stacked.

When I called Walmart, they had me call LIfetime. LIfetime sent a shipping box and bubble wrap to send the TV to them. When the TV came back, the invoice said, "Your product has been repaired, serviced and is ready to go!” We thoroughly inspected your product by functionally testing it. Your unit has passed all of our diagnostic checkpoints and is now working correctly. It also states under “Service Performed”: “physical damage. Smashed screen ZPH.” There was no smashed screen when it left our house. Since it came back we can see the smashed screen. It looks completely different than when we sent it.

I wish we would have taken pictures before we shipped it, but we trusted the service company. There are now fine "cracks" in addition to the white stacked pages on the screen. The agent at Lifetime said it they could not fix it because the box was intact. We disagree. The box has a crush mark about four inches down from the top. We can't tell if there was a point of impact, but the box is not intact. Lifetime told me that I would have to file a claim through customer care at Walmart. I then looked up Lifetime Service Center o-line and there are previous complaints against Lifetime refusing to fix products and even an exact example of them claiming the screen was smashed and that the customer states it was not when it left their house.

At this point, it is hard to tell. I did call Walmart's customer care and they are going to investigate it. They have the pictures from Lifetime that, of course, show a smashed screen. Something isn't right here. How can they sell extended warranties and then trump up damages so they don't have to honor them.

I purchased a Samsung camcorder back on 6/13/08 with a 2-year warranty. The memory card would not come out of the camera and I also had an issue with the disc not finalizing. I called this company and they sent me out a box to mail the camera back to them for repair. When I packaged up the camera, I included a note indicating both problems. Lifetime Service Center sent the camera back with a note stating that the SD card holder was broken off the main circuit board and it was returned "not repaired".

Well, there was absolutely no explanation as to the other issue as noted about the disc not finalizing. I called this company and spoke to 3 different supervisors (I can only recall 2, Billy and Tabitha) who informed me that because the 1st issue was not covered they would not even address the 2nd issue. They stated that if "I" pay to have the 1st issued fixed, then they would look at the 2nd issue. This is bogus! The issues do not relate to each other in any way. Now I have a $300 camera that I foolishly purchased the extended warranty from this "so called" company and they won't even fix the issue. At least, if they had fixed the disc issue, I'd still be able to use my video camera. I strongly feel that this company will try to find any loophole or excuse not to fix the problems. They just collect people's money and ignore the problems that arise.

We purchased a new home DVD theater system in '08. The DVD player has stopped working. I called to have an order done up to have it repaired. The unit had sat on my entertainment center from day one. I sent it in and about one week later. I called them to check the status of my repair. They indicated to me that they are unable to repair it because it was infested with bugs. After a short argument, we hung up. The unit was returned to me and when I received it, the unit is scratched and missing the play button and the front panel doesn't even fit the DVD player. I called again and they said it was returned to me in the condition they received it. Watch out people and take photos of your stuff before sending it in to this place for repair.

I purchased a Polaroid flat screen TV in 2007. It started smelling like smoke and the picture went out in 2009. We called lifetime service unit (the warrantor) and they shipped us a box with foam to ship it to them. We shipped it to them with the stand on it. They fixed the TV and sent it back within two weeks. It has been over a month now and five phone conversations and we still have not gotten the stand which they say was shipped next day last week. Once again, I called this morning and now the "shipping supervisor" has to be contacted. They wouldn't give me a name of the shipping supervisor when I told their "no name customer service operator" that I was filing a complaint with consumer affairs. I have not been able to use my television for over a month!

I sent an LCD TV in for repairs under warranty. The TV started to have a "fuzzy" picture for a minute when first turned on. This progressed to +5 minutes. I called in on the warranty and a pre-paid foam padded box was sent to me. I shipped it. Two months go by with no communication so I called. They said the LCD panel was cracked. They called it customer damage and would not repair it. I explained that nothing was wrong with the screen when I shipped it and asked them to file an insurance claim with the shipper. They said no and gave me the option of having them ship it back. When I got the TV back, the screen was severely cracked. No image could be seen at all.

I bought a Polaroid 32" LCD TV (FXM-3211C) for $470 with an extended warranty for $166. The TV started to have a "fuzzy" picture for a minute when first turned on. This progressed to +5 minutes. I called in on the warranty and a pre-paid foam padded box was sent to me. I shipped it. Two months go by with no communication so I called. They said the LCD panel was cracked. They called it customer damage and would not repair it. I explained that nothing was wrong with screen when I shipped it and asked them to file an insurance claim with the shipper. They said no and gave me the option of having them ship it back. When I got the TV back, the screen was severely cracked. No image could be seen at all.

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