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Have had many issues with their digital converter boxes for a long time. While not our main television we keep an older flat screen for use in the children's spare playing room. Seeing as it's a spare we just use a converter to allow some over the air channels to be on. Seeing as Magnavox was and generally is the only company offering these converters we've been forced into using two separate boxes that have broken for dif reasons. Each time the customer service rep will require contact info such as email and address just to inform you they can't do anything. They would rather sell my information than make any attempt at resolving an issue with their products. Avoid calling at all costs.

I purchased two TV converter boxes from Micro-Center in Denver Colorado and two TV converter boxes from Target Store in Denver Colorado. All four boxes stop working and has destroyed my TVs, both of them. My RCA Big screen, the volume control and power switch stop working and my 32 inch TV the volume control stopped working on that one. I am a senior and cannot afford to buy new TVs. Altogether I have bought four converter boxes in a period of two years and all of them stopped working. Two of them is a TIVAX digital TV converter boxes ST8-T8 and the other two are RCA TV converter boxes. This is heartbreaking. I am living off of social security and cannot afford to keep buying TVs at this age. I am saddened to know that the government is doing this to us.

So far I have 4 different digital converter boxes stop working. They were from 4 different makers. None of them lasted more than 2 years. Two were given to me. The brands were Apex, Digital Stream, Magnavox and Zenith. I am now left with two TVs that don't work.

Apex digital TV converter box analog pass-through DT250A - 1st unit was purchased with government coupon on 9-04-09 + $10.86. It ran very, very hot to touch, would frequently make audio slow and very baritone. I had to unplug and reprogram each occurrence. Unit failed and warranty exchange at Best Buy on 7-09-10, + $5.00. 2nd unit failed and was returned on 4-22-12. All the same symptoms until again, total failure. Best Buy refused to warranty as unit had expired warranty by 8.5 months. This is not a very long life for a modern device that never worked properly or safely in the first place. I'm on SS disability and cannot afford to buy another converter box or a new TV. I, therefore, am a citizen denied my right to the public airways.

I live in the city and half the channels seem like all the megapixels are so messed up. Also, WLUK, a fox channel, may come in a sunny day. Half the channels don’t come in at all, unless it’s nice out. Boy, this was a sure scam.

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When television signals were digitized, they wanted us to buy converter boxes. So, we went out and bought one. After that we, bought HDTVs. The new TV's were supposed to have receivers inside that display digital signals. After about a year, we couldn't even receive regular channels we used to watch, like Fox, CBS, and PBS educational channels. Who's making the big bucks from controlling and cutting off these services we used to get for free? The big cable companies. Isn't it enough that they make money from commercials they bombard us three or four times between 15-18 minute shows?

I never have been able to watch TV with the converter box. I live in the woods.

Like a ton of other folks I have a DT250 Digital TV Converter Box that has stopped functioning after some 12 months. The remote control will not allow the box to switch from the red light to the green light. In brief, it's a piece of garbage now that will soon be rusting away in some land-fill.

Ever since the switch to digital TV, I lost my job. I can't afford the raised prices of the Dish company's cable does not come out my way. I couldn't afford it anyway if it did so now all I can do is stare at the walls because the new great digital signal does not reach my home. I think if the government made the switch and now I don't get it. They should pay for me a satellite dish.

The conversion from analog to digital has been a very poor experience (and I mean this in both senses of the word). The change has meant a big problem to the low-income in this country. We are forced to either purchase an expensive new equipment, lease such equipment, or do without. To top it all off, the digital equipment is far more susceptible to poor quality, with the consumer completely at the mercy of big business. Broadcast may have been at the mercy of the weather at times, but at least it was free, or we had a choice. Now we have to pay for cable or satellite. What a scam. This was a really bad idea, and very expensive for the people of this country. To top it all off, the promised benefits have never materialized. Pixelation, black screens, slow or interrupted picture; considering the cost, this is a huge rip-off. Not only that, digital is much more dependent on complex computer equipment which is much more likely to break down or malfunction than the old equipment.

Yes, just another scam brought to you by the big corporations that run our government. We have 2 different converters but between them we can only receive half the channels that we used to. When I researched why, I discovered that DTV is only broadcasted in UHF! Funny how they didn't advertise that before the change. UHF is blocked by hills, buildings and trees and the signal drops off much more quickly than VHF. In a place like SF, that means you won't be watching much broadcast TV. I guess the TV networks agreed to this because they got to sell off their old VHF bandwidth for big cash. Your government is sending you a simple message, buy cable or die!

I’m sorry to have spent $40 on the converter box at WalMart to save money. It stopped working and never gave me more than a few channels anyway. What a rip-off for the American people-shame of whoever is responsible!

The change from analog to digital is a rip off. My TV viewing went from 7 channels to maybe one on a good day. Another fine mess our government has got us in. I pray for the old system back or maybe have these UHF TV towers boost up the power so everyone can get a half way good signal. Remember, our politicians can afford satellite, maybe on tax payer's money.

The conversion from analog to DTV is another government ** idea. It in no way serves us, the people. It is useless! It constantly pixels out and stalls, making my TV totally useless, no matter what sort of antenna I use, with or without a converter box. I bought a brand new TV and it made no difference whatsoever! Why is this DTV conversion garbage continuing? Why does nobody care that this is not working? To what government agency do we need to complain and demand a remedy? I cannot afford fios, cable, or any other expensive services.

We need to be able to watch the debates, most of which have not even been aired on regular TV. The one last night on CBS my brand new TV still could not receive. I suspect that the services such as fios, cable, etc. Were lobbying for this and the government got a kick back so that these services could cash in? This conversion has certainly not been good for taxpayers.

The change from analog to digital is a rip off and is another way for cable companies to boost their revenue. Again, our brilliant politicians pass a law, and try and save us from ourselves.

Whose brainy idea was it to convert everyone from analog to digital? We've invested a fair amount of money in converters that only got Spanish speaking stations to two new TV's that just a few more stations. So we've invested money we didn't need to spend, to have fewer viewing choices. At this very moment, our TV has been stuck on one picture for the last 15 minutes, the other TV says, "this channel doesn't exist". Looks like they just cut another channel from our viewing choices, just because we don't want to pay for cable! What kind of scam is this on the American people?

I am complaining about the pathetic DTV reception in Warrnambool, VIC. The ABC is coming through with a good clear reception. As for all other channels, they are wasting everyone's time and money. I get a pixelated picture from 7:00 PM on every channel. This is happening more often than not. Who was the bright spark to suggest turning off the Analoge Network? It has taken away our viewing choice. I wasted my money getting the latest Digital LED TV and Digital Antenna to find this huge glitch in the digital network system. I am not happy.

They are absolutely the worst DTV converter ever. I hate it. What a rip-off digital stream. When you press the EPG button, sometimes (a lot of times) nothing comes up except "EPG not found". Don't buy this product, and to think, I bought 2 of these P.O.S! I didn't know that they did that until about 3 months after I bought them. I want to take a hammer to them both!

According to the pre-HDTV hype, HDTV was going to give me a wonderful, perfect picture (bright and clear with great color and resolution). The picture is good, when it comes in! When it's not breaking up (pixelating). I'm forever having to move my antenna around. If an airplane or helicopter fly over, the picture goes crazy. During a thunder storm, the picture is horrible, etc. It's quite frustrating. Can anything be done? (I have an older TV with an HD converter box and antenna).

They are blocking channel access unless you buy their digital converter boxes. They say that it is a network upgrade. In actuality it is a way for them to charge $1.99 for every TV you have in your house. Oh, you do get 2 free adapters. Most homes have 4-5 televisions in them now. The government was offering free digital converters. Why did Comcast wait until a year after the free offer to upgrade their network and start charging for the boxes? More **.

I purchased 4 of the Digital Stream digital T.V. converter boxes model # dtx-9900, two years ago. Two of the converter boxes went dead. The problem was found to be capacitor #209 on the power supply circuit board in both units having the wrong maximum voltage rating. The capacitor will go bad on every one of these converter boxes sold across the U.S. due to this design error.

The repair is the replacement of this 16 volt 330 microfarad capacitor with a 25 volt 330 microfarad capacitor. The digital stream company should be responsible for recalling every one of these model units and other possible models made by Digital Stream. When the capacitor goes bad, the units LED indicator will either blink or go out. The capacitor can be visually monitored for going bad because it will start to form a bulge in the top of the usually flat cylinder. All Digital Stream DTX-9900 converter boxes will go bad over time due to this flaw which will cost each consumer between $40 to $60 to replace.

I purchased the Apex DTV converter with a government coupon from Best Buy. It was always dropping the signal and now a year later, it won't turn on. Just the red light that won't turn to a green light. It will flash when I attempt to turn it on, but won't. There is also a high pitched buzzing sound coming from it while plugged in but turned off.

Re: Digital converter boxes. I had two boxes stop working suddenly. I purchased both boxes at Walmart on the same day, now they have conveniently stopped working since it is outside the warranty date. I called the customer service # at Funai (the manufacturer.) and was told that there was nothing else they could do.

This has to do with the DT conversion, not the box as much as the entire system. I feel like I'm living in a third-world country. Since mid-June when this fiasco started, we haven't watched a single show on a single channel that hasn't had numerous dropouts and pixellation.

We don't have cable or dish, but we spent $200 on an antenna that's been arrayed and re-arrayed without any resolution to the problem. Just what was the point of this futile exercise? This change wasn't good. It would be nice to know if anyone was following up on these complaints, and maybe someone with a few advanced degrees could come up with a solution.

All I know is that I was forced to buy one of this stupid converter boxes due to the big changes with the FCC and digital. I have a RCA bow I bought from Wally World and after about 5-6 months, it fails completely! I called only to find out they only gave a 90 day warranty and they stopped selling them about the same time, which leads me to believe they were aware of the problems with the said unit! I can't seem to find anyone who can repair it and been told it would cost more to repair such - rather than out right buy another!

Also, with this box, I had a tough time even getting a decent signal on it and when I talked with Wally World during the failed box, I was then told that it was suppose to have a "Smart antenna" connected to this, which no one said. Boo too me about when I purchased this! I also was led to believe that one box off the antenna was enough to feed both TVs. This also isn't true and would have to run upstairs to change the channel or buy yet another box to feed the one down stairs!

This FCC was quick to push all this crap on us and looked the other way when cheap crap filled our electronic stores (conveniently available) and has done nothing to even stop the sales to other innocent people out there who are also going to be victims to this. They pushed this "Digital" thing but never told us that the signal was going to be much lower. Thus, almost impossible to pick up without yet another sale of an outdoor antenna, which I can't now get due to the laws that our apartment management has told us that no amenities are allowed outside the buildings.

Since day one of getting the RCA Digital Converter box, the reception was lousy and I could barely get any of the channels. I went out and bought a new antenna which helped a little bit, but I still cannot get some of the channels. Then the remote control stopped working, so I took the one out of the extra converter box I bought for a spare TV and that one didn't even work straight out of the box. I got the remote from my sister who has cable TV but bought a converter box for a spare TV she had, but she wasn't using and that remote also didn't work straight out of the box.

I cannot get the "info" without the remote and also cannot get to all of the same channels that I can with the remote. When I looked online at RCA to see if I could buy one, I found they cost $15 plus shipping. Who is to say that one will even work! This whole thing is such a rip off, I am sure to benefit the cable and satellite companies as well as some congressman's pocket (and China).

The DTV converter boxes do not work very well. They constantly lose reception on most channels or have weak signals and the picture becomes distorted. You have to re-scan the channels several times a day causing you to miss the picture you want to see due to reception problems. Also, many of the major channels don't all come in at the same time. I have 2 HDTV televisions, 2 converter boxes and 2 HDTV antennas and can barely watch it. I wished they would left the television signal alone because I used to be able to watch a show and enjoy it. What a waste of $120.00. Some people can't afford cable and invest in the converter boxes and expect to watch TV in peace. I feel like I wasted my money because I can't enjoy the use of the boxes and antennas. I have to now borrow and purchase to have something to watch. I hope DTV would fix their signals so that us, customers, can watch TV.

We now get only 3, 5, 8, and 61. PBS 25, and ThisTV 43 don't come in at all. The picture on the existing channels is often affected by plane traffic. This was a neat lobbying success by the cable industry to pull up sales, and the biggest victims are lower income families. Hopefully, people, like us, will just find something better to do. I lost free access to television. Th e cable costs around $75 per month.

Apparently they did something to the basic system for televisions. Our master box changes channels much more slowly than it did about 10 days ago. Whatever they did is no acceptable. Much longer time required to change channels using the remotes you forced us to have.

I got a coupon to purchase these boxes. I went to said Best Buy Store. I went with my coupon on the last day (due day). I am a busy person, work, so I had in my daily log the date marked in red ink so that I would not go over the due date. On that day, I went to buy the box, left home at 8 pm. Store was to close at 9 pm. I arrived to the store, looked amongst the different types and decided on one, walked to the register and waited in line. Coupon said, expires on XX day. It was 8:55 when I reached the register. The cashier begun doing some calculations and then proceeded to process my coupon. Suddenly she said, "This is strange. Your coupon says it is due today but the computer says it is expired." "No way," I said, "it is 9 pm as we speak, on due date." So we called the 800 number on the coupon and I was told that I was out of luck because although living in California, the time used on coupons is the eastern standard time!

I was livid. We live on Pacific Standard Time here in CA, but the government, I can see, rips off as many people as it can with that scam about eastern standard time, two thirds of the nation could easily get ripped off. I was told I could not get a new coupon. Once you are issued on, that is it. Then, the dorky box broke down. It would not turn on, stays on off ( red light as opposed to green). It does not respond to manual or remote commands. Best Buy says it does not sell boxes anymore and will not take it back or exchange it.

What a rip off. I can see the government is trying to steer us all into purchasing cable or satellite TV service, which is not regulated and hence, those sharks charge a lot of money, not even allowing the customer to choose his/her own channels. It would take 2 or 3 "packages" to be able to get the few channels you really want to see. These boxes last only a few months, break down and there is no warranty on said boxes. Stores refused to take them back. Coupons are recanted based on eastern standard time requirements imposed on central and west coast citizens, and the digital signal is worse than analog, with channel reception falling off the air constantly.

Who cares? The government makes money out from taxes and fees on cable and satellite TV, so this scam was geared to rid the coffers from us, people that watched TV without feeding the cable/satellite industry. Thanks to the greed and collusion that the government and private business have created!

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