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When you plug in the charger, the charging light does not come on nor does it actually boot. Where can we get the $25 part and the charging port when the estimate is over $200 to repair? Thanks!

Satisfaction Rating

I bought two Dell Streak 7" which are both plain junk. I sent them back for the third time. It has been over a month and I have no idea when they are going to be returned to me. When you call Dell Mobile Support, you get people who do not speak very good English and they promise to call you back with answers. They never call and then you must call again and spend another two hours on the line. I have called 9 to 11 times trying to find out if my Streaks are being fixed. This is the 3rd time they have been at the repair and they are not even a year old. I am getting no help from Dell Mobile Support. They are incompetent. I cannot believe this company can stay in business. I have filed complaints with the BBB in Texas and Florida. I want answers and I want the Streaks fixed or my money back.

Satisfaction Rating

On 6/13/11, I purchased a new Dell Streak 7 with Service Tag #**. The total purchase amount was $265.45. Price includes Dell Streak 7 accessories made by Dell and sold by T-Mobile USA. On 9/01/11, the device would not charge. It took 1 month to get it repaired. On 2/7/12, the device would not charge. It took 1 week and a refurbished device with different service tags sent. On 2/26/12, the device would not charge again. Dell Mobility Support sent a box to the address. On 3/5/12, I called to confirm the correct address. They had the wrong address again. On 3/12/12, I submitted a formal complaint to refund money from Dell Mobility Support. No response.

Dell refuses to refund me despite confirming over the phone with a customer service representative and his supervisor that the device was defective. Dell Mobility Support also acknowledged that I was sent back a refurbished device in lieu of the new one I had purchased and sent in for repair. They promised to send me a new device even though Dell and T-Mobile USA stopped selling the device in December 2011. The only option I have been given is to repair the device under warranty. I would be responsible for making repairs after the warranty expired. At no point was I ever asked if a refurbished device was acceptable nor was I ever informed that a refurbished device would be sent to me.

Satisfaction Rating

I am extremely unhappy with the way Dell service treated my issue and with supposed "warranty" (I use this term very loosely) they offer on the products. I purchase a Dell streak 7 for my son for Christmas, as I have been a long time owner of dell products I felt secure in purchasing a tablet from a company I thought would stand behind there products. I obviously was wrong. Within one day of use the charging port was damaged. I used the cable the came with the device and and the damage is to an internal part of the device. I ordered another charging cable to make sure that the cable was not the problem, and then contacted Dell. I sent the tablet in and over a week later, they left a message on my machine saying that the damage caused was my responsibility and that it would cost $249 to fix.

This were I interject and say the device itself only cost me $160. Upon receive quotes from third party repairs, I found that the replacement part costs about $25 and is easily fixed within an hour. Setting aside the fact that from what I have read this is not an uncommon problem, and obviously is Dell's own charging cable can damage the port, this not only stinks of manufacturer's defect and an inability to stand behind your product. But Dell obviously feels that charging almost double what the device costs to fix a $25 part is good way to do business. Not with me though. I will never again purchase another Dell product, nor will recommend their product to anyone. In addition fully intend contact the Better Business Bureau, the consumer protection agency and any one else I can file a formal complaint with about what I see as nothing more than corporate greed.

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a Dell Streak 7 Tablet from T-Mobile in June 2011, and I later found out that I had to go through Dell for any warranty issues. Well, my tablet stop charging. I had to send my device to Dell (which I'm not used to, because T-Mobile would just send you a replacement device), and after a couple of weeks since, I had not heard from Dell.

I called them. I was advised that since the charging port was damaged, it's not part of the warranty and it was going to cost me $249.99 plus tax to have the device fixed. Well, the device only cost me $168.00. The Dell tech explained that my warranty only covers minor internal damages or software problems and not charging ports. I asked if I could get a copy or see the warranty online or if they can send me a booklet. They said that the warranties are not online and to try to get the booklet from wherever I purchase the device.

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Satisfaction Rating

I bought a Dell Streak 5 in January of 2010. I started having problems with the device about 45 days after purchase. Dell sent me a refurbished phone, which only worked for a couple of months. I returned that phone and they sent me another one (refurbished). That one did not last long either. So they told me they would send me a new phone. I called persistently but was continuously lied too. One minuet I was told they stopped making the phones, and then they said I would receive a refurbished phone, then a new phone or a money refund. I asked for my money back and they said yes. But once they realized I had paid for the unlocked version, they refused to give me back the money.

Then they offered me an exchange, but yet told me I could receive a new device. So I opted for the new device. Guess what? A funny thing happened. The plan shut down and they stopped making the phone. So they sent me another ** device. That only worked for a little while and now is defective just as the others were. As I am writing this I am sitting on the phone with some man in India who keeps repeating the same thing to me no matter what I say. This is the short and simple of what has been going on for a year. I even asked for a trade to another device. I have been mislead, lied to, and treated with no concern for customer care. Please investigate their practices. I am sure I am not the only one who has experienced this.

I have been mentally tired of dealing with this situation. I have tried to file complaints to managers, but to no avail. I have been distressed over losing $479.00 and feel as though I have been robbed. My husband is upset with me as if it is my fault that Dell has such bad customer service and no integrity. As of right now the manager on the phone has promised me a refund for my phone that was approved back in March of 2011 that apparently no one could see. I have been made this promise before. I am mentally and emotionally tired.

Satisfaction Rating
Almost 3 month ago, my tablet Dell Streak stopped working. I placed a phone call to Dell support mobility and they asked me to send the device to get it fixed.

Ever since that time, Dell is giving me the runaround. I got the device by Tmobile with a contract and a monthly fee and they refused to stop the monthly charges of almost $50 a month. Dell still is going to 3 month and my device is nowhere to be found. Now Dell is also refusing to pay and is not 100 percent sure when I will be getting the device back. After many phone calls to resolve matters, Dell refused to provide the president's hotline number to put a complaint and does not want to pay for my services.

Satisfaction Rating

I ordered a Streak 7 tablet. The order did not arrive when they told me it would. I am in the military getting ready to deploy, so I purchased another model from a local store. Dell shipped my device to my FPO address via the US Postal Service. They said that I cannot use the USPS for the return since it must be sent via FedEx. I told the person that FedEx is not a service available in this US military installation. He said that since I am overseas, I needed to contact the local Dell Customer Service.

The local Dell said that they cannot deal with me because my order was placed in the US. I cannot send it back and I do not want this item. Dell shipped it to me but cannot accept the shipment back using the same carrier? That does not make any sense.


I purchased an unlocked Dell Streak 5 mobile phone for $500 from Dell's website at the end of January 2011. It broke the first week of June 2011. I called to get a replacement and was finally sent a refurbished phone after multiple calls and denials. The replacement was not only broken, but still registered in the previous owner's name. So when I called to report that I received a defective unit, the tech agent argued with me that I was wrong and that I must have given him the wrong service tag number. Eventually, I convinced him that I in fact had the phone right in front of my face and he told me that the only way to send me a "new" phone to replace the defective unit number 2 was to register the phone in my name. However, because it was "after hours" (where by the way the US or India?), I would have to wait for someone to call me the following day. I never received that phone call.

After a couple of days, I called back and had to explain the entire story again because Dell doesn't retain any information on their customers and their issues. Finally, I got somebody who listened to me instead of cutting me off mid-sentence to tell me I was wrong and we were able to get the 2nd phone put into my name and an exchange was made. This agent told me that I would be receiving a brand new phone because of all the issues I had with their product (I have the email as proof). I received the newest replacement phone the very next day via next day air.

My newest phone, now the 2nd replacement phone, 3rd phone total, is also broken. I called in, gave my service tag number and guess what? They told me the number is wrong. That number belongs to someone else. Ugh! They sent me another refurbished phone that was still in the previous owner's name! You'll never guess what happened next: "Because it is after hours, we will have somebody call you back tomorrow so that we can register the newest broken phone in your name so that we can process an exchange with another refurbished phone".

At this point, I asked for a supervisor. He told me repeatedly that the contract states that Dell may replace a defective unit with a refurbished unit at its will, etc. I pointed out that I'm not getting refurbished phones, but instead, broken phones in other peoples' names that other people have sent back! Finally, he admitted that all they can do (in the tech department) is put in a request for a new phone to be sent. The department that handles exchanges then voids that request and sends a broken (refurbished) phone instead. He ignored the fact that I had an email from a Dell representative promising a brand new phone. At this point, I have spent countless hours both on hold and re-explaining the same story over and over. I went over my minutes on my husband's and my cell plan for the first time in the 3-year life of the plan to the tune of $40, and I have been without a Dell Streak 5 for nearly a month now.

So, I wonder, can Dell continue to send broken phones until my warranty runs out? I understand the policy of replacing a brand new unit with a previously broken one, I don't like it, but I get that it's allowed. That said, I have the very serious suspicion that the day my warranty expires, I will be stuck with whatever broken phone I have at that time. In fact, this is exactly what happened many years ago with Verizon when I got a broken phone. Their warranty was only 30 days, so by the time I got the replacement in the mail, the warranty had expired. So I was stuck with the broken "refurbished" unit that was sent. As it stands now, I have paid $500 for the honor of using a phone for just over 4 months. Not my idea of a good value and not the kind of service I expect from a company that I have bought 2 desktops, 2 laptops, 2 phones, speakers and many other peripherals from. Of course, Dell isn't aware of the many thousands of dollars I have spent with their company because they don't seem to keep any kind of record of their customers and the issues that they encounter.


I purchased a Dell Streak tablet/phone. Its OS is a 1.6. I know they are due for an upgrade, but no one seems to know when. I love the product even though I think it has some serious bugs. It really does need to be upgraded to the current Android standard considering it is a step above most devices available now. Saying it will be upgraded by the end of the year is not a very clear answer to the consumers who buy your products. There is information on the internet about how to upgrade the device. Why would I want to risk causing problems with a product I really like when the manufacturer should do the upgrade?

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