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I bought a laptop in 2009 from Staples and got service plan. I have already sent it out once in 2011 for crash screen error - motherboard was replaced. Most recently, I was getting blue crash screen, "USB port not recognized" error message and the left mouse button was loose. Here's the first problem - Staples' warranty plan uses Blue Raven in my area, and a prepaid box was sent to me, UPS 2-day. I personally dropped the laptop off at UPS on 4/16 at noon.

It was returned to me at 2 pm on 4/18, 50 hours turnaround time. The paperwork stated the hard drive failed and was replaced. It had a checklist that all operating features were tested and working, etc. The laptop was not functional. The only thing on it was Windows 7, and that wasn't working properly. The touch pad (mouse pad) wouldn't scroll, and the loose button was not fixed, and the fan wouldn't come on, resulting in the laptop overheating after 10 minutes and then the screen went black, leaving no option but to shut it off manually.

I called Staples warranty company who said we have to install drivers. Because Windows7 wasn't working right, it wouldn't allow us to install drivers. I called Staples store - they said, "The drivers should've been installed since we sent the install discs to Blue Raven." I called Blue Raven, who said that they don't install anything but the operating system. I took the laptop to the Staples store - Windows 7 was not properly installed by Blue Raven. Tech fixed that, installed drivers and got the touch pad working, but stated the fan was not functioning (as we indicated), and it was overheating and needed to be "reworked" and sent out again.

I called Blue Raven, spoke to Joe **, a manager, who guaranteed it would be fixed this time, and it was embarrassing that this happened. He was shocked that it had been returned to us so quickly as UPS only ships 2-day, but had no explanation for it other than the tech figured a new hard drive was the easiest fix. So, we sent it back to Blue Raven in the postage-paid box. I got a phone call from the tech saying he didn't understand what the problem was, couldn't find any details in the records. I told him about the fan, and the loose touch pad button.

It took about 10 days to get the laptop back this time, and it says the touch pad was replaced and all systems were functioning, all drivers installed, etc. I turned the laptop on and within 10 minutes, it was too hot to touch, including the top surface of the laptop; the fan would not turn on. There was a clicking sound and the screen went black, and we had to shut it off manually. Blue Raven did not fix the fan, did not test it to see if it was working, and did not stand behind their word or their work.

I called Staples warranty dept again and was told it has to be re-worked again, sent out and hopefully fixed. This is unacceptable! I was told I have to give them 3 tries to fix it before any action can be taken!

Blue Raven has a contract with my local Staples store to repair laptops. I gave them my laptop to fix my power supply. I was told by Staples, that I had to get a new motherboard. Blue Raven fixed it ,and two months later, the same part fell off. My laptop sits on my desk, and I rarely pull the power supply out of the computer. There is no way that they replaced the motherboard, and it fell off again in that short period of time. I paid $400 to get it fixed, and Blue Raven would not stand behind their work, and fix it for me. They said their parts warranty is only good for 30 days. How do they support a motherboard for only 30 days? It ended up that Staples gave me a credit for the amount I paid for the repair, towards a new laptop. Even the regional manager from Staples agreed (not to mention every employee that I dealt with at the store), that Blue Raven was wrong.

I would highly recommend that you do not give these people your computer, because they are not willing to stand behind their work. Staples fixed the issue for me, but someone should know what this company did to me.

I purchased a personal laptop from Staples along with a 3-yr coverage plan on 12.29.2008. The laptop cost $1199.96 and the 3-yr coverage cost $299.99. On 4.4.2011 I couldn't turn the laptop on. I called Staples on 4.4.2011 and was told I would have to wait for a box and a pre-paid shipping label and could not take it to the Staples where I purchased it.

I received the box and pre-paid shipping label from "Blue Raven Technology, Inc." on 4.6.2011. This is where it was going to be sent to be repaired. If I wanted UPS, who delivered the box and pre-paid shipping label, to pick the box up from my home to be shipped to "Blue Raven Technology, Inc." for repair, I had to pay $9 or I could get in my car and take it to the nearest UPS shipping station. I took it myself on 4.6.2011 to my closest UPS - oddly enough, it was the Staples where I purchased my laptop. I got my laptop back on 4.13.2011. When I pushed the power button, nothing happened. The laptop came back to me in the exact condition it was when it was sent to Blue Raven Technology, Inc. - not working.

I immediately called Staples, spoke to a rep. Derrick, told him the problem wasn't fixed and he said he would send another box. As of today, 4.18.2011, I haven't received the box. I called Ariel ** at Staples headquarters today, which is my second time in dealing with him. He said I should get the box by tomorrow, 4.19.2011. I told him how upset I was having to send it to the same company, Blue Raven Technology, Inc., who already had the chance to fix my laptop, and failed. I not only have to send it back to them, I am waiting for a box and pre-paid shipping label since calling on 4.13.2011 and being told the 2nd box will ship out immediately. He said there was nothing further he could do.

I asked him if I could speak to CEO Ron Sargent or have an email address for him, both answers were no. He said that is what he( Ariel **) was there for. He said the position of his job at Staples Headquarters was the highest position under the CEO Ron Sargent. When I finally had enough of Ariel ** telling me there was nothing more he could do, and already knowing I wasn't going to be able to contact the CEO ,I said since there is nothing he can do why are we still talking? He said, "You're right." I said, "Thank you and goodbye."My complaint is most definitely at both Staples and Blue Raven Technology, Inc.

Blue Raven Technology, Inc. sent a checklist in the box along with the unrepaired laptop, checking every box stating the laptop was functioning. I have copies of everything. I have two incident #'s. The first given on 4.4.2011 is 19804961. The second given on 4.13.2011 is 19908392.

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