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Worse customer service experience ever. I, too, am dealing with cancellation issues. However, I did not cancel or try to get out of my contract. My year long contract was up the end of December, so I thought I was being proactive by going in on 12/17 to sign paperwork, saying after the year was up I did not want to continue on a month to month basis. I was not told of any other fees or additional months I’d have to pay. I thought everything would be fine, but surprise, surprise my account was drawn on 1/3/12.

I called and they said they had no record of this paperwork that I signed and tried to say I owed a $10 cancellation fee. So I faxed a copy and was told they would have to send it to corporate. I asked if that would be the end of it and she said yes. We will see! If the people that worked there would care more about their customers, then staring at their reflections and walking around like they are god’s gift to this world, maybe they wouldn't get so many people to leave. Cannot wait to join the YMCA! If I’m charged again next month, my family lawyer will be taking action.

The Second week of October, I notify Urban Active at Ballantyne in Charlotte, NC that I was moving, and that my and Monique **'s membership, would have to be cancelled. Through a phone call, Mrs. ** told me I had to fill out a cancellation notice, and she would email me the forms, since we did not live in the area any longer. It took almost two weeks to get the forms, after I called almost every three days! I got the forms and sent them back through email. I received a email from Ally ** (**) on 11/02/2011, explaining the thirty days notice, and that November would be coming out, because it was so close (well they took their time to send me the forms).

I said okay, and I called Mrs. Ally **, and she said that I would not be charged anymore. Well, on 12/09/2011, Urban Active hit my Wells Fargo Banking account again for $74.90, causing me to be overdrawn on my account for $16.00. I sent them a letter and contacted my bank. I talked to Mrs Ally ** on Monday, 12/12/2011, and at first, she did not remember anything, until I gave her dates, and she finally, after I told her I was going to send in a complaint form, found the cancellation notices, and she said that the there would be a refund sent back to my bank, but she was going to have to charge a $10.00 cancellation fee, after they have caused me to pay overdraft fees?

This transaction was unauthorized, and she promised to send me a confirmation notice via email, the afternoon of 12/12/2011. I called several times today, and sent email, but no response. They would not even return my calls. I wonder how many people they have done this to? Wells Fargo also has a dispute against them at this time too. I want them to reimburse my money and my fees at the bank, and I want them to be put on a list of bad business practices, especially this Ally ** in Charlotte, NC! She admitted that it should have not come out again, but now how they have acted, I think they should give the November back as well.

I have been trying to work out a resolution with Powell, Ohio Urban Active since 01/11/10 regarding my membership. Initially, I requested a freeze on my account and was misrepresented when I communicated the agreement information. It was not until after I signed the form the employee/district manager told me that there is a 30 waiting period before a freeze will take affect. At this point, I expressed that I was not happy with this after the fact information and that I will contact corporate about cancelling my membership. Little did I know that you cannot contact Urban Active corporate by telephone.

So I contacted a manager named Richard from Hilliard, Ohio facility who pointed me to Jeremy, the district manager in Powell, Ohio about cancelling my membership. Jeremy told me to come in and sign a cancellation form. I went into the facility for a second time and an employee told me she could cancel my membership. All I had to do was sign a cancellation form. After I signed the form, the employee turned and told me now, I have to pay a $10.00 cancellation fee, which is due immediately. I advised that I was never told there is a $10.00 fee and that I should not be held to this because this is a misrepresentation to get me to sign a form without telling me the full terms of the agreement.

Jeremy, the district manager, advised me that unless I pay the $10.00 fee, he will not cancel my membership. I tried to work out a resolution but Jeremy refused. I went to file a complaint on the BBB site and noticed a note to contact Dwight ** from Urban Active before filing a complaint. I did this and also left him a voice mail. Mr. ** did not respond; instead, he forwarded my email to Parker ** and wrote on the email, "Handle this."

Mr. ** took my information and asked me to email him the cancellation form so he could investigate my concerns/issues. I did not leave the cancellation form with Urban Active because I did not agree to the cancellation fee. My request for a resolution was received from Mr. ** via email on 1/25/10. I have sent two email requests to Mr. ** to call me to discuss the matter and an email to Dwight ** on 01/26/10 and neither of them replied. I was provided misrepresentation when I initially became a member of the gym. I was told with my monthly membership that I could cancel anytime without any obligation and was never told that I would be charged a cancellation fee. All employees provided me with the cancellation information after I signed the forms.

Urban Active is trying to charge me a $10.00 cancellation fee plus ongoing monthly charges of $26.68. I prepaid my first and last month fees and was advised that I can cancel at any time because I am not under a year contract. Now, Urban Active is trying to charge me additional fee in which I was not advised about before signing the cancellation form and will not honor my request. Plus, they are not honoring my last month prepaid. I requested the cancellation in January so then they wanted to charge me another month for February. Then, my membership will be cancelled in March.

Urban Active is also trying to say that the cancellation form that I sent to Mr. ** via email is binding. Mr. ** tricked me into sending him this form because he said that he needed it to investigate my case. But actually, they are using it to try and say that I agreed to the cancellation fee. On the form that I brought home and did not leave with Urban Active, I wrote that I did not agree to this cancellation fee and was not told about a cancellation fee until after I signed the form. The only reason Urban Active has a PDF copy of this form is because I scanned it and sent it to him with two other forms via email.

I have all the email communication that transcended between myself and Urban Active. I don't like being misrepresented or employees purposely tricking me into signing a form. I would also like to know what happened to the money I prepaid for my last month. I have all emails and additional documentation if necessary.

I also have the contact information of the district manager's boss, who is the VP for Urban Active. I would like my membership cancelled back dated to January and no further charges applied. Urban Active is now saying that my account is delinquent and the billing company is calling me, trying to get a credit card number from me so they can charge me for additional months because Urban Active refuses to cancel my membership.

Urban Active is dragging this out and refusing to cooperate with me and the BBB. I am stressed and worried that Urban Active is refusing to cancel my membership and they are going to continue charging me ongoing monthly fees and will eventually submit my account to a credit collection agency.

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