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Quincy, MA

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Firstly, lack of information they give to customers about the conditions of contract. There are no specific fees and charges written in the contract. However, they charged me couple times double charge, describing it as "yearly fees''. Secondly, giving the invalid addresses, telephone numbers and emails to contact their company. I tried to cancel my account by phone and they told me that it's possible only through email, so they gave me email address which was wrong. Several times when I tried to send letter it was denied.

Later, I called and they gave me completely different one, hence there was no misspell. Thirdly, avoidance of the written confirmation of the document. When I was leaving to my home country, I wanted to freeze my account for one month. They asked me for which month and said "you are all set" without doing anything.

On or about January 2, 2010 the following unfair or deceptive act occurred. I called Super Fitness to ask about how to put my account on a "freeze" while I went on vacation. The employee said, "Sure, you just have to come in to the Quincy Super Fitness location and sign your name to the freeze policy document." I said I couldn’t come in because I was in Cape Cod, Ma. on vacation. So the employee without my consent went ahead and forged my signature to a document I never saw or read. I now have the forged document on my person.

I drove from Cape Cod to the Quincy Super Fitness where one of the employees kindly made me a copy of their "freeze policy" with my forged signature on it. The freeze does not suspend payments during your vacation. It simply adds 3 months to the top of your account. They illegally forged my signature without my consent on that document. I tried kindly solving this matter via many phone calls to the business office and owner and sent e-mails that I've kept documented with no cooperation. I've sent them a 30-day warning letter and requested all my contract information because I don't trust the fact that they forged my signature on anything else. I blocked them from the bank account because I simply don't trust them.

Therefore, I hereby demand the following relief.

Super Fitness must reimburse me via check or money order the amounts of: $29.95 for the month of January; $29.95 for the month of February; and $29.95 for the month of March.

Due to Super Fitness’ repeated offenses against the public and myself documented by the BBB (for which Super Fitness currently holds an outstanding F minus for very poor business practices), I demand they cancel my contract immediately with no fees applying to me in any way. I demand Super Fitness reimburse any and all court fees I incur.

Any and all transportation fees I incur from any or all court appearances or Super Fitness related issues proven by receipt. I would kindly ask the court to grant me reimbursement from Super Fitness for my time and efforts due to the fact and evidence I tried repeatedly and with fair respect to try and resolve this matter out of court. I would respectively leave this amount for the court to decide. I would kindly ask the court to fine Super Fitness for the crime of forgery upon evidence. Having my signature forged was highly deceptive and caused me alarm. Thank you very much for taking the time to read all this.

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