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I am a registered nurse who just relocated to the Phoenix area a week ago. I am also pursuing my master's degree and preparing for the Air Force. I am 5'8 140lbs, with athletic build, and work out anywhere from 4-6 times a week depending upon my work schedule. New to the area, a friend had given me a 1-week free trial pass to the Pure Fitness Gym. This was the first gym I went to here.

From the moment I walked in and handed them my free trial pass, I felt I was treated poorly. My friend and I was led by a sales associate to sit down and go over prices of memberships etc., and pressured to join at that moment. I explained this was the first gym I was able to check out and not knowing which position I was going to take for work, it would be silly for me to join now and then move a week later.

I was there to check out what they had to offer, nutritionist, the facilities, people, etc. This guy then proceeded to tell me after about 30 minutes of bs, that he didn't think I could use the pass because I didn't have an Arizona driver's license, I did have a Missouri license, but this would not work unless I wanted to join now, it was their policy.

I was so fed up at this point, I said, “Fine, I will leave, but do you have a manager I can talk with?” He told me he's the manager, which clearly he's not. Finally, he allowed us to work out for this night and stated he will check and see if it's okay for the week. The second night we returned, we got the same runaround. So he finally went into talk with another guy, I was assuming the real manager, after I waited another 15 or 20 minutes, and then the manager told me to come in. This was embarrassing and unnecessary. The manager proceeded to tell me the same thing. They don't want their gym overcrowded with out-of-town guests, yada yada, but showed me the packages that I could purchase now. I explained that if this was how their customer service worked, and how I was treated my first two days here, I definitely would not be back.

My friend that went with me who just had a baby and was very motivated to find a gym also to get back into shape, had her little girl with her in which we had paid $3 for the childcare. We asked the girl behind the counter for our $3 back, she asked me what was wrong, what was going on, and I told her. She was very sympathetic and stated that this was not right and couldn't believe it. So, she told the girl standing beside her and then she came over to talk to me and again stated that is not right. The second girl went in to talk to the manager and after a few minutes went back out and frustrated, stated there was nothing she can do, she would get our $3. We waited another 15 minutes, and then I went into the manager's office and told them to keep the $3, it was okay.

My friend and I liked the gym because it was close to both of us. Although I had to wait a week to see where I was going to take a position, being close to friends and family, the gym, etc., we were both planning to sign up. They just lost 2 customers, and after the way I was treated, I will tell everyone about my experience including, family, friends, co-workers, and they will tell others also. I'm not sure if this is the norm in Arizona, but back in Missouri, friendly customer service is priority if you want to stay in business.

On Dec. the third of 2009, while I was working out taking a Zumba class, someone went to my locker, broke the lock, took my wallet key to my truck and keys to my house, took my driver's license and all. When I found out, I went to the front desk, advised them what happened and they said for me to call the police first. They said, "What is police going to do?" Then someone else came to let them know the same thing happened to her. At that time, they said for us to call the police. They had no cameras so nobody saw anything.

After that, I found that that these people had already used all my credit cards. I chose not to go to their fitness center anymore since someone who is a member has access to my truck and they took my license so they know who I am. I tried to cancel my membership. First, they said that I had a balance. I'm not sure how it happened. First it was a direct withdrawal that my bank has no record of them trying to collect. The second time, I went to pay in person. At that time, they said that I had a balance of $52. My bill was only $22 per month.

I asked why. They said that it was late fee for $10 and the rest was service charge. I was not able to cancel either due to no manager. They said, "Come back on Monday." When you apply anytime, it's okay and anybody who works there is able to help you. I've been having lots of problems due to the fact that someone stole my identity. I had to pay that night of the incident $140 to make a key to my truck, money that I had to borrow and i believe I have not been treated fairly from Pure Fitness since the incident happened inside their business. I'm asking to cancel my membership.

Do you think you can look into these and see if can cancel without penalties? I already paid this month December.

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