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I have been a member for like the last five years. First with my sister where we purchased the year membership and then with my brother where he was the main proprietor. After a while I quit my job of 5 years and knew I wasn't going to have the money for the gym. So I went to close my account. I got there and I was told that I was unable to close it. That my brother had to close it because he was the main proprietor. I told my brother and he supposedly closed it. That was like a year ago.

It's April 30 2015 and I'm back on my feet and excited to hit the gym again, since my buddies have been begging me to go. So I get down there $74.00 in my checking account, enough to join and pay the first monthly fee because they are running a 50% off the joiner fee. So I get down there and they tell me I owe $119, which has to be a mistake. So I talk to my brother and said he closed the account and paid whatever balance there is. He isn't the most reliable guy, but he said he would look for the receipt. I call Peak and I get this very unhelpful and condescending man. Tells me there is no mistake and that computer has never made a mistake. Basically telling me to ** off.

So I'm bummed out, but I have a friend that works at another Peak in the same town so I try again. I go in tell them I was a member before. They look me up tell me I owe $119. I tell them the situation that they can have the $74 in my account but they will have to wait for the $119 that I supposedly owe. No deal, they tell me they can't help me, even though I am willing to pay it, just not right away. I feel like Peak is more about the money and sure they have a great facility with all the weights you could ever need. But they really disappoint me today. One less member, guess my money isn't good enough or my previous 5 year commitment.

I have had a personal trainer for about three years (one 30-minute session per week), not the best one. He cancelled my sessions many times due to personal problems and could not reschedule me for days. I was still being charged 80 dollars a month. My bank changed my credit card and account numbers for security reasons. I tried to contact the gym several times to make this change. I called them every single day for over two weeks, and they had me waiting in line for more than 15 minutes every time. I told my trainer about this situation and asked him if I could make this change at the gym. He said, "No, you have to contact them." He, then, told me he was going to talk to their manager because he had this same situation with another client.

I left the country for over a month after that, and when I came back, I received a letter from them saying I owe them 200 dollars. I called them the day after and the balance had gone up to 305 dollars. I explained to them that I had tried to contact them and that I had not received a session during three months. They didn't care. They told me it was my responsibility to contact them and I failed to do so, and that all that money is a balance I have to pay even though I didn't receive the sessions because that is what the contract states.

To cancel the account, they say I have to pay the balance, and send them a letter. Of course, even if I send the letter today, I would still be charged another $100 for the next month, all of this without even receiving a session. If I don't pay them within the next month, they will send me to a collection agency.

Peak Fitness put a chain on their door without notice, and closed back in 2007 or 2008. I continued to receive bills from them, and they made me cancel my account, even though they had locked their doors! They said I could go to another location several miles away, but I declined that offer. Eventually, after numerous calls and continued billing, they said they had taken care of it, and I had a zero balance, and I have not received a bill in four years. Now, over 4 years later, I am getting a notice from an attorney, Bennett ** in Utah, **, stating that if I don't pay them $98.34, they will file suit against me, and place judgement against me. I want to find out what my recourse is, about this ridiculous practice, and prevent this from happening to others.

I joined the personal trainer session. Upon joining, I told the trainer I had surgery on both my rotator cuffs (my shoulders). He insured me I can cancel within 3 business days if I had any discomfort. My first session begin on a Thursday. I was in excruciating pain with both shoulders all that night. I went to the doctor Friday morning and he advised me to terminate the contract and that the workout was too strenuous for me. He gave me a note explaining this and I immediately took it to the trainer. The trainer informed me he had not even submitted my contract yet and he would handle the cancellation. That was the morning of day 2 (Friday).

Saturday, I went to the gym and walked on the treadmill. I saw the trainer and gestured him over. He assured me everything had been taken care of via his supervisor. On Monday, I called to confirm and was informed by corporate that my paper work was not in their computer system yet. Tuesday, I called again. Same thing. Wednesday, I called and the agent told me it had not been cancelled and referred me to a lady named Jesse. The agent transferred me to Jesse. Jesse says it would be $150.00 to cancel because I did not submit a letter. I explained to her what the trainer told me, that he hadn't even submitted it for processing because I cancelled so fast. She Says, "I will call the trainer to confirm; give me a few days." I did.

When I called back she said she couldn't reach him. I went into the gym and asked the trainer, who had been there all week, if she had attempted to reach him. He said no! So I called her from my phone with the trainer right there and he left her a message explaining the same thing I had said. Next thing I know I’m getting bills still talking about I owe money for sessions I hadn't received and in fact cancelled. I tried to get the CEO number and info to write, call, and email anything and they all refused to give it to me! Next thing I know I'm getting a letter of default from a collection agency. I called them Russell, Reynolds and Ingram.

The first man spoke to me with such prejudice and disrespect as I tried to explain my situation. The conversation turned into a heated argument. I hung up on him. I called back to speak with his superior and the second man was more prejudiced and disrespectful then the first one .He called me lazy and spoke foul mouth to me. He proceeded to tell me I will be dragging you into court, tell your lies to the judge and he hung up on me. I was hurt and crying at this time and called the gym to speak to the trainer and was told that they are a collection agency and he has been getting complaints about them and they are not lawyers but in fact are pretending to be and using it as a scare tactic.

He had a bunch of his clients calling him, crying and irate due to their tactics. So he decided to listen in on 3-way and was shocked how the client was handled. He advised his client to seek legal action! I intend to as well. Also, it was two of us that joined. My girlfriend called and cancelled a week later speaking to a man name Brian and wasn't charged a thing. I came in the next day and this is how they did me. As if that weren't enough, when I joined the gym itself I paid for childcare and buddy system.

For a year, I had just come to Charlotte and wasn't sure if I was going to make it my home or not. This was last July. This July I was set to go somewhere else and not renew my contract of course! They told me I had a 2-year contract and no childcare and no buddy system. Wow! I explained to them I put $89.00 down and pay $20 monthly for all those services and $49.00 a year for maintenance fee for the machines (that never work). They told me the manager who signed me was fired for lying and stealing money from the clients and club. That is not my problem and I am fighting them for both instances now. Do not join this scam of a gym!

They made hostile phone calls. They have spoken to with prejudice and down right disrespect! They lie to you to get you to join and take your money and you get nothing: no quality machinery, nothing! But they debit your account quickly and will charge you a late fee a.s.a.p. I advise everyone and anyone to never join this gym.

The billing department are sharks and they do not listen to the customer. They have poor customer service and Ms. Kimberly ** is crazy!

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I joined Peak Fitness in Winston-Salem NC, the branch at Reynolda Road in 2007. I purchased membership for myself and my 2 high school aged sons. We signed up for a monthly payment to be put in my American Express account in the amount of $19.99 per member. In August of 2009, we went to work out and were greeted with closed doors. The local TV station reported that Peak Fitness had declared bankruptcy and that all branches were closing. We heard nothing directly from the gym or its' owners. We realized in October that were were still being billed by Peak for our monthly memberships. Having no one to speak with at Peak, we had American Express cancelled the monthly payments. It took 4 months to stop the billing.

In May, I received an e-mail from a group called ZX Fitness informing me that I was in arrears for 5 months of memberships on 3 accounts. It was at this time that I was informed that my Peak membership had been transferred to the local Gold's Gym without any notice. I was contacted by a collector for this ZX Fitness Group and informed that if I did not pay them several hundred dollars that I will be referred to collections for a membership to a gym I do not want to join.

We joined Peak years ago because we did not like the local Gold's. It's noisy and crowded. I was looking for something more low key. I asked the ZX representative why in the previous 6 months, no one had called to inform me of the selling of my membership and credit card data. I thought that there should be a legal need to inform me when the previous owner of my contract ceased to exist. This feels like extortion via Credit Bureau.

I emailed to cancel my membership (I had a no contract membership). I was told that they would process it and fax me forms to sign and fax back but that she would process the request and that it would be 30 days to go into effect. On December 25, 2009 a debit for $44.99 was taken out. My normal membership was $24.99/mo. I called and left a message. I also emailed them saying if this was not fixed I would contact consumer affairs, the BBB and a local news channel. Yesterday they withdrew another $44.99. Not once but twice, this has created a series of insufficient funds. Like most people in this economy, I live on a tight budget. I budget my money to the dollar. How can they do this? Is it even legal?

I joined Peak Fitness Health Club in Feb. 2006 then a few months later the club closed with no notice. The contract was up in Feb. 2008 and they are still charging my credit card a monthly fee. This went unnoticed until now.

Peak fitness for Women closed it's facilities & refused to cancel the contract. They said we had to go the co-ed gyms at least 8 miles away. I understand Attorney General Cooper has filed a suit against them & was wondering how I should follow up with this? Could I just refuse my credit card payment for this months bill? If you paid in full how would you get your money back? Thanks for the help!

I signed up for this gym on July 5, 2007. I was to be in Durham, NC visiting my mom for two months and told the woman, Jessica, that I could only have the gym membership for two months. I repeatedly asked, and Jessica confirmed with me that there would be no problem canceling the membership. I would just need to tell them I was moving, and they would cancel my membership. Peak Fitness contracts with ABC Finances; and when I called them a month before I was leaving to confirm I would need to cancel the membership, they would not allow me. They said I needed to wait until I moved and then provide very specific forms of proof of my move, and then after they received that information they would cancel my membership after 90 days. I tried to get help from Jessica and the gym, and they said there was nothing they can do. So while I knew and Jessica knew I would only use the gym July and August, 2007, I ended up paying for September 2007 to January 2008, five months of service for which I knew I would never need.

I feel as if Jessica and the gym purposefully withheld information from me, lied to me and manipulated me all just to get me to sign up for the gym which I wouldn't have done if I had known the true contract and conditions.

I was charged for the months I did not use ($125 dollars in total)--not to mention countless hours on the phone, in the gym, etc. trying to resolve the issue.

Joined Peak Fitness on Robinhood Rd. in Winston Salem, NC in November 05 and after 6 months wanted to cancel, but could not according to the contract I had 24 months before I could cancel. Have not used facility for 18 months but had to continue to pay. Then after 24 months were up, once again tried to cancel and was informed of the fine print on the contract which states you must allow 60 notice for cancellation. So now a 24 month contract that was not used for 18 months has become a 26 month contract with 20 months of paying the facility for non use. Company (facility, corporate office as well as financial company handling the contract) were very unflexable and the employees at the gym itself on Robinhood Rd. in Winston Salem were very condesending and rude.

Peak Fitness took over some Golds Gym's and there members. We were told we did not have to get a Peak membership, we could keep Golds. We went to Stephanie(she handled their accounts, or we were told)(Stephanie we had also known from Golds Gym) we simply needed to change our banking account number on our membership's because we had changed banks. She told us no problem she would take care of it. June 2nd,our fees didn't come out so we contacted Stephanie again. She said she had changed it and maybe they would take it out on the 15th because they have 2 different billing dates per month. So we wait until after the 15th, nothing.

So we go back, Stephanie says maybe they'll just take out 2months the first of July. So July comes....nothing. We go to Peak Fitness again. Stephanie is not there, no managers ...nothing we left a message for the manager over all the Peak Fitness gyms (a J.R.). Of course we never hear from him. In July we start getting letters from Golds Gym with late payment notification and late fees! We contact Peak again. Now when we try to contact them no one is there to talk to us and no one returns phone calls. In August we get more bills from Golds and I get collection notice with 30 days to pay all the fees or it will be on my credit. I call Ms.Martin @ Golds and I'm told to take it up with Stephanie. Great that's what I've been trying to do. So i keep trying Peak Fitness. I get lucky and get someone who willing to give out a little info one day(Wed.,Aug.15th). The girl tells me Stephanie quit and the manager is Beth Lamb(who was also had came from Golds) so we left a message for Beth to contact us. By lunch the next day we still have heard nothing and i have junk fixing to be put on my credit, so we stop by there.

My lucky day, Beth is standing at the front waiting on a meeting. So discuss what has happened and she says she knows nothing about it and she never received and messages. She tells us at this point we need to cancel our membership with Gold(whom we are not under contract with anyway) and she'll give us a free membership. Because we addressed to her that right before this happened we had signed up our daughter who had just turned 13 for a Peak membership and they had no trouble changing the banking info on her account, so hers has been paid, however she can't go because we can't go and i should not be still in contract with them for her because she can't go if we can't. After all this i don't want a Peak membership nor should i have to pay for my daughter to be a member of theirs. She also stated to us that Stephanie had quit. She took my husbands name and number to give to (J.R.).

All this after she says she can't make any phone calls to Golds or pay the balances on the accounts. Basically she doesn't care to help any members unless they are Peaks. It's not our fault Peak took over the Gold's Gym in our area. But they did take our the responsibility of the clients. I called Ms Martin at Golds again yesterday(Thur.,Aug 16th). She told me she could not believe they told me Stephane had quit because she had not she is at the Greenville Peak Fitness. Also, we are not the only ones that Peak has been doing things like this to. She said i need to fax her saying we want our membership cancelled and call her back as soon as i hear from you. She is stopping the collection on the accounts right now but we still have to pay the charges. I asking for help to get this resolved.

I do not think we should have to pay for memberships that have cancelled since since June nor do i think i should have to pay for my daughter to be under contract with them, she can't go with out one of us there and i will not go back there. We never had trouble with Golds. Peak should never have been given a license.

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