My daughter subscribed to Viacord. GE MOney Bank runs their billing/collect service for them. I signed as a co-signer for my daughter. I NEVER received a bill or anything stating that the account was past due. However, they reported this (my daughters' account), as again I am a Co-signer only and was NEVER billed, to the collection agency reflecting MY CREDIT! How can they report to the credit agency something they have NEVER even billed me for?

Then when I called to get this cleared up...first I was insulted and told by someone named Ruth, that tells me NOTHING of what the bill is for (I did not know it was for Viacord!) nor whose name its in... but instead she actually says to me that it is your husband's acct. and he's primary holder on acct. that you do not know about! Can you beleive this? Her name was/is Ruth. After calling several times, I finally got someone who gave me the right info, but when I argued my point with her and asked to speak to a supervisor.. she put me on Indefinite hold!

I called once again and before I could even explain anything, I was hung up on! All the 'women' there were rude, had no knowledge nor clue as to WHAT was going on,nor did they barely speak or understand English as they ALL (and I am serious about the ALL) had middle-eastern like accents. Once again I called and a MAN answered who was actually polite, yet had no info to give me other than No we do not have the number for Viacord I finally gave up and really got nowhere and never got the number for Viacord so as to check the status of the cord viability and to see if I could take over the account IF the cord WAS viable!

So far this is on MY credit report and I want it OFF. I am not responsible for something I have not been billed for? Am I? How?