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Orlando, FL

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I am over fifty and had several concerns with my appearance. Over the past years have had dark circles around my eyes as well as under. The skin I guess gets thin there as we age. I first thought it was just lack of sleep. But I came to face the facts it was age related. I was watching a TV show and saw some before and after photos of women my age. It looked good so it gave me hope. Started asking around friends and such if someone know a doctor that was good at this type of procedure. No one seemed to know so I went online and also social media. Came to find a Roger Bassin M.D. at Bassin Center. Called, made appointment, went in the next week. The consultation was information I wanted. Set up surgery date.

Now as for that day scared out of my head. But it was no problem whatsoever. In and out in 1 hour. During that surgery the doctor somehow removed that area under my eyes there was very little discomfort. The post op visit was also no issue, no infection, all well. Now it's Late September. Been 4 months and the dark circles are gone and at least I think I look quite a bit better.

Wrinkle in the area under the ears. Also crow's feet with small bags under the eyes. Soon as I could get time off I went out and found a good surgeon. My family doctor was nearby to Bassin Center. I was a walk in and the girl made an appointment to see the doctor soon after that. My job is outside in sun got me over the years and being a female wanted to look my best. The people at Bassin told me what to expect and the down time. I went in for the operation later that month. I was happy to find the same nurse. She was nice and answered my concerns with compassion. The operation took oh maybe 60 minutes or so. I had a relative drive me home. The uncomfortable feeling went away the next 2 days. After a couple weeks I was looking as I wished. The doctor and nurse did a good job.

I am very disappointed in the results of my procedure. I had the procedure where the fat is removed from the neck. It was a great disappointment. When I was in the office I was told that this would tighten up my neck very well. Here is my result after 6 months.

Pleased with the outcome. Several years ago I became familiar with Dr. Bassin. As a male and lifelong golfer I had lots of lines and sun damage - always looked older than my age. I thought if women can get plastic surgery so can men. This time in it was my belly fat. The consultation was good as they staff was familiar with me. The Liposuction procedure went well just a bit of discomfort but well worth the results which in my opinion look good. The post op care was good - a little hard to reach the doctor by phone but he did call back.

My experience at the Bassin center was a pleasant one. My chin was loose after weight loss. The doctor tightened up under the jaw and it looks better. The reason for my review is I appreciate the excellent work they did.

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I work with people in the public eye. So my appearance is super important. I had a really bad skin condition as a teenager. Even though my photos look good. In person you could see the after affects of acne. So I ask around and came across Dr Bassin. He was over the top nice and spent the time to explain what was the deal with my skin. Ok the procedure went well no pain but the big news is. The results are looking better everyday. Oh yes I am a real person. You can contact me. This is a true review.

Now going in to this, admittedly I wasn't very good to my skin or body for that matter. I love the sun and have lived a pretty unhealthy lifestyle. As I got older, I realized I had to make some serious changes. I wanted to be and look healthy and get back to dating again. One thing I needed was a facelift and a gym membership. Thankfully, I had a consultation at Bassin Center for Plastic Surgery. I'm not a huge fan of any kind of surgery, but the staff and Dr. Bassin made me feel comfortable about the procedure. Not only was the overall experience very pleasant, the results are great! I couldn't be more pleased with how I look. I'm a new man thanks to Dr. Bassin. It's amazing how such a small procedure can change your attitude and looks, well worth it!

Sometimes you need to stop and say thanks. Long time client from Botox a few years ago now Lazer Lift. My experience was always a good one. The look I wanted is here now. Little discomfort and not much healing down time. I would grant them a good excellent thumbs up.

I just completed treatment for Liposuction. Never thought about leaving a review. But this was such a good experience. The nurse actually called me 2 time after hours. I live alone and she offered to drop by some food. What great office. Oh yes my lipo is looking good.

I purchased a discount coupon for a Restylane injection in my lips. When I booked the appt I was told a PA would be doing the injection rather than a doctor due to the discount. So I went ahead and booked the appt reluctantly. I asked for a dental block and was told by one person they could use it and the day of appt I was then told they couldn't do the block and the pain wasn't that bad. Well after the numbing medicine, I could still feel the injection needle poke (#10times) and the gel in my lip. It brought a tear to my eye. It's painful.

After I left, my bottom lip was starting to swell and a bruise was appearing. 2 hours later my bruise got bigger. 4 hours in my lips hurts and hard to eat and drink. Another bruise appeared. My lips look swollen which I was actually happy about. The next day my swelling was better and no pain. 48 hours later my lips deflated and I'm left with 3 bruises and lips that looked the same as before I had the injections. I don't recommend this experience!

LazerLift is not recommended. Almost 4 thousand dollars down the tubes. No change in before or after pictures. When I went back in for review he simply said he could do it over or offer a facelift with a discount. I bought in one more time thinking it was nice of him to re-do the procedure. When I pondered credentials and it not working the first time, I backed out. I had put a downpayment on another procedure and tried to get it back and every time I called for a refund, I was told a different story. I think it's sad that we work so hard for our money and want to look and feel better but some doctors aren't interested in the outcome of the patient, only the outcome of their wallet. Save your money and go on a nice vacation instead.

I was fooled because Bassin was on Dr. Oz, and local news. Both touted this revolutionary facial procedure that promised wonderful results with no cutting and little down time. They failed to mention that Bassin is an OPHTHALMOLOGIST, not a board certified plastic surgeon. I had the lazer lift and absolutely wasted my hard earned money, as there was no change whatsoever. In addition, I was badly swollen and couldn't go out for almost two weeks. Bassin's assistant conducted the post procedure visits. Never saw Bassin again. I felt scammed, foolish and embarrassed. Didn't want family/friends to know I'd had a procedure otherwise I would have taken him to court, as some others did. Please, please read other complaints, stay FAR away from Bassin, and get a REAL board certified plastic surgeon to do your procedure.

I worked with Dr. **. He was rough, rude, talked to everyone in the room and did not seem focused on me. When I asked a question, I had to ask twice while he was laughing at the fact his assistant wouldn't go to "happy hour" with him. She looked so embarrassed. ** - save that for lunch hour! Speaking of, this is not "lunchtime" lipo, you bleed and drain water for 24-36hrs. It hurt WAY more than they said. It was real surgery and must be taken seriously. I was bruised internally and out for 4 weeks. There's loss of feeling and numbness they said will NEVER come back. I went in for a follow up and requested they look at the fat around my belly button which was puffed up and was told it would take another 6 MONTHS for me to see changes. Ad said 6 weeks, so I questioned it and they said, that was the minimum. I had one more follow up 4 months later and never went....

They are scammers and lied. Not to mention they were so busy they lead a new person in the room while I was still getting dressed. Sure they apologized but it just reinforces their financial interest and not personal interest. One year later, extensive exercise and diet I still have the fat around my bellybutton ** said was just swelling, 1 yr later?? Some baggy skin but treatments through La Bella Spa's Juvashape has helped considerably! Save your money and go somewhere else. I wish I had.

I shared a news report I saw on TV with my wife about a procedure that would take the excess fat from her stomach non-surgically. So we called and made an appointment to discuss the procedure with Dr. **. He assured us that his method would take out the fat and she would be back to work immediately. It sounded too good but we went for it. We were asked to prepay three weeks before the procedure so we were called at the appointed time to pay. We did with a credit card on the phone and after paying, we got a package in the mail to sign with all the disclaimers about the procedure.

We discussed our reluctance after reading with the doctor but he said not to worry about it because it's something drawn up by the lawyers and he didn't seem to be very familiar with it as he took it to read. We would have lost a certain percentage of our funds had we backed out at that time so we took our chances. After the surgery, it was clear why it was necessary to sign that form. My wife's stomach is as big as before the 'surgery' as his own 'before and after' photos would attest.

We feel very, very ripped off because when we went back and complained to him, he tried to suggest that she had eaten too much and put back the fat in her stomach during that interim. He later suggested another procedure without cost but it did nothing to reduce her stomach either. We are upset because nobody suggested that it was a trial and error operation. It was too high a cost for accomplishing nothing!

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