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You give them your blood and deliver to your doctor office and help you get the results in on time. They deliver from your home or office right away. They tell you how much blood that they need to get from you and send it to your doctor office when they are done taking it from you soon as possible. They are good with the amount of blood that they need and they keep it in a white bottle or coints and stickers with the patient name on it. They bill your insurance company which bills you or your insurance company and they have you pay them or your credit card company.

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Very easy shipping and delivery. They are very good at what they do. They are very helpful and willing to answer any and all questions you may have about the process. I think the storage is pretty good. I think it is quite expensive for the peace of mind you have by storing it in a safe environment is very reassuring. It is expensive but I think the value is there. It gives you peace of mind in case you ever need it. I pray no one does but it's nice that it's there and can help your children. I think the payment option are rather standard. They are just like any other business out there, payment wise. You have a few options to chose from.

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The experience as far as payment processing has been a nightmare. StemCyte does not process their own payments, they outsource to a company called Universal Accounting Services LLC. This company is basically a collections company. If you pay your bill through your online banking system you will encounter a nightmare experience. Once your bank cuts the check (Because they don't accept electronic transfers) it takes them "10-15 days to process". So basically you receive a collections call from some miserable human every single month until you're paid in full. I will be going with another stem cell company for my next child.

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Sandra GordonParenting Products Contributing Editor

Specializing in health and medicine, Sandra Gordon has written extensively about cord blood banking for national and regional parenting magazines. She also has written about baby products, including breast pumps, for national and regional parenting magazines, blogs and books. Her work has appeared in hundreds of publications, including Parents, Prevention, Woman’s Day and Self. Gordon also appears on TV as a baby safety and money-saving expert. She is also the author of 10 books and the founder of, a site dedicated to helping new parents gear up safely and within their budget.    More about Sandra→

StemCyte is a cord blood company headquartered in Covina, CA. The company specializes in giving cord blood units to transplant patients.

  • World leader in transplants: StemCyte has given cord blood units to more than 2,000 transplant patients around the world, more than any other private cord blood company.
  • Private and public: StemCyte gives customers the option of public banking or private, depending on a family's wishes.
  • Accreditations: StemCyte is the only private cord blood company that is accredited by both the AABB and FACT.
  • Money guarantee: The company promises a full refund, $50,000 and a replacement unit of cord blood from their donor bank if a suitable match is available if the cord blood stem cells fail to graft.
  • Flexible pricing options: Families will find a wide range of pricing and payment options for private cord blood banking, making it a good choice no matter someone's financial situation. The company also offers a baby registry on its website so well-wishers can easily contribute to the cost of cord blood preservation.
  • Best for Families with a history of diseases, families who have just had a baby, families with an ailing member and minority families.

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1589 W Industrial Park St
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United States