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Nashville, TN

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Have been suffering from fibromyalgia for five years. The thing is I have been to pain clinic and they have done all they could. So my PCP recommend I see a R.A. Seen him only 3 times. So far all meds that I have been put on have given me really bad reactions. The things is I called the emergency number the nurse I talked to told me I would a doctor to call me within 30 mins. which was a lie. I called back within 45 mins. was told no doctor could call me until eight or might be the end of the day! Ok. I broke out in a rash and the med that was suppose to be helping me out made thing much worse. I told the doctor that because of my child with autism that I did not need something to make a zombie (which is what I was given). Used my PCP Tues. and am definitely going back to pain clinic! Would not recommend this place at all. I feel like wasn't taken seriously at all! I hope this doesn't happen.

I've received a bill for 5100.00+ and tried to explain that St. Thomas has billed this in error. They coded it wrong. BSBC has paid all other parties involved. They all coded it correctly. I explained this to St. Thomas billing, their reply "1st we don't code our bills." So I had the doctor resubmit the correct codes to them. "2nd we can't resend this back in" even if they messed up. I even had my rep from BCBS review the issue and contact them and explain that the error was on St. Thomas.

St. Thomas is the last place you want to go unless you want to fight them for MONTHS on ends.

I was told that with both my wife's insurance and my own insurance that the C.T. scan would probably be paid by the carriers in full or that my cost would be very little. I was stunned to open my bill for the C.T. scan to see that I owe $404.51 out of a $1043.40 charge. This is almost half of the C.T. scan charge. The bill only allows 15 calendar days to pay. If no help is offered by Thomas Billing Department, I will be forced into further action.

This is in reference to an EOB which I received recently from my insurer, Cigna, regarding a facility fee of $1,155.64 for services on March 26th, 2010. I just received the St. Thomas bill today.

The amount charged is outrageous. The service provided was basically an hour-long wait on the bottom floor of an old building with stained carpets and a somewhat surly nurse who simply read me post-op instructions. The operating room was a cubicle with a chair, where Dr. ** performed the 2-minute procedure by himself.

I have nothing but respect for Dr. **, and have been a patient of his and also St. Thomas for the past 15 years. I paid his bill immediately. Again, the complaint here is the ridiculous charge on behalf of the facility. To make matters worse, St. Thomas allowed no discount at all, whereas Dr. **'s fee was negotiated down by over half.

In light of this insubstantial service on the part of St. Thomas, the fact that the facility fee is nearly $1,400 ($600 more than the surgeon's) is absurd. This is a prime example of why consumers/patients need to get more directly involved in the costs of their medical coverage, in order to match services with expenses more properly. In this instance, I would suggest a reduction of the facility fee to at least the surgeon's fee ($800), along with a substantial discount as was applied to his bill.

I would prefer to come to an agreement with St. Thomas directly, without having to resort to a 3rd party, airing my discontent publicly, etc. I only want what I perceive to be fair, but am completely dissatisfied with the situation as it stands and will pursue it until it is corrected.

In about 1991 I was sent to St Thomas for a follow up for two pacemaker operations done at Crossville Medical Center, Peformed by Dr Fayez Haidi. These devices eroded out to the surface of the skin six times with one having a faulty battrey after only a few months. None of these devices stayed in place.

I ran a low grade fever for seven years, Severe soreness of the chest, Severe depression,Anziety attacts.

I became fully awake during two fo these sugrys . For about eight years I was unabel to work because of constant dizziness chills due to fevers from infections, Due to these pacemakers eroding out of place.

Dr Petracek was about to install no 8 , when a Dr Clarance entered my room the night before the sugry and asked if he could give me some advice I said sure. He thought due to all the infections I was sure to die, He suggested removal. I suggested this to Dr Petracek. It was done, I had so much infection in the pacemaker aera the wound was left open to heal from the in sideout, It was terrible.

The economic damage was i could not work I lost a FHA home, My son and daughter went to bed hungry several times. It caused sever emotional damage to me. I still have not recovered from depression anxiety attacks Due to constant fear of death from a heart condition, that was never corrected.

I am not an educated man. In my terms it would be like a mechanic telling you need a transmission in your car. And after seven transmissions were bought and changed and you were charged and out of your car for seven years, Then were told there were nothing wrong with the orginal one and put it back in and it worked fine,

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