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This company is an absolute fraud. I purchased and paid for their Smile Brite Teeth Whitening pens (2 orders). I never received them nor did they respond to any e-mails. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they even failed to respond to them. They are a fraud, plain and simple. Do not deal with them.

On July 16th, 2015, I paid for my product from Smile Brite. I have yet to received a tracking number or a confirmation Email verifying that the merchandise has been shipped. All my messages that I have left no one ever calls back. Luckily for me I purchase this product through PayPal, whom I called and they will be investigating this for me and they will give a refund if the company does not respond within a specified amount of time. Buyer(s) Beware of these YouTube fly by night companies that paid these random people to advertise lies for them... they and their deceptive ways are all too thirsty!!!

I ordered my at home teeth whitening kit with led light over 1 wk ago.. (recorded message said orders may take UP TO 72 hrs and it's been waaay past that but it said I will be notified when it ships out.) The kit was $99 but I had a coupon code that saved me about $74... These people charged my credit card for the remainder of the cost of the kit and added shipping for about a total of $33. The only problem is they haven't sent me anything! I have repeatedly called and called and all I ever get is the voice mail telling me they are busy! I want my money or my product people!!! I'm going to file a complaint with the BBB too! These people are scammers! STAY AWAY FROM SMILE BRITE - THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY!!! I'm so disgusted about this... you can't even talk to anybody. I have called over 20 times and I have even sent emails.. nothing!

This office in Tampa, on Hillsborough ave, I had the worst experience with the staff here. As I came in, my tooth was very infected, in so much pain. Dr. ** told me that she doesn't hire the staff that works there. They are so rude, especially Michelle at the front desk and a couple of the girls in the back, just don't know how to give customers exceptional customer service. I was called a druggie because my mom said I don't take pain meds. They also told my mother after that day, "we could really care less if you come back here or not," after I had no choice but to go back because they made us pay for a temp. crown when Dr. ** said I needed a root canal. Come to find out I did not, so she put on a temp crown for nothing and then went back and told her my end said I have lots of nerve in that tooth and then had to get the permanent put on and they did such a sloppy job. It's not aligned with my other teeth, it's sticking out and driving me crazy.

This has literally been the worst experience I have ever had at a dental office and would not recommend these rude, inconsiderate ladies to anyone. I don't want to have to go back to get this permanent crown fixed but it's so uncomfortable, I can't stand it. I'm going to file a complaint to the board of dentistry. What a nightmare I will never forget. On top of all the pain I was in, the first time I went in they did a deep cleaning. Are you kidding me? All the pain I was in. Unbelievable, never again, crappy service and the staff there are horrific.

I found an article on my local news homepage about a free trial teeth whitening system. The article claimed it was better if you used two instead of one. I looked at the webpages and decided to spend the $1.95/system for shipping and handling and try these systems. I read through everything that was presented to me on these sites and saw nothing alarming. It took 10 days for me to receive the product. It has now been 14 days since I received this and my debit card was charged $99 for one system and $78 for the other. Since these charges were not authorized, I called the company. They said that they have a separate (attached, but hidden) page that gives disclosures about how they will charge you the full amount for the product if they don't receive anything by phone or in writing stating you don't want the product. I had never seen these trial terms that I was agreeing to! The company is refusing to refund any money.

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I have ordered a free trial which cost me $1.99, but then I was charged $87.13. After reading the terms and condition, I quickly cancelled my order as I still able to do that within the time period. I managed to contact the person in charge, Mark, and also able to cancel it online. He provided me with the password and cancellation number: **. He said that I will be credited the amount within 10-15 business days. I called for the second time, and a woman confirmed about my cancellation and she said that I will be credited the $87.13. However, now, almost one month, I still haven't received the amount. I tried to call the number 800-864-9903 but the number is busy all the time. Please advise me on this matter!

This so-called free trial turned into a nightmare for me. I ordered the free trial for shipping costs of $1.99 but had three charges on my credit card for this. One was $48.92 and two were for $86.93. I called many times to get my account credited but had no luck. These people give crooks a bad name. I will never do a "free trial" again.

As a former manager for BriteSmile, I can assure you that everything you see below is accurate. The company is ran by Louise and Jeff who are known nomads with no home base and travel from city to city ripping people off. The company is broke, cannot pay their staff, doesn't pay their bills, etc. Here's another kicker. At the Phipps Plaza location, they never paid the guy who services the teeth whitening lamps so they have no services in over 10 years. So guess what? You never get any results whatsoever, they just took your money. I quit after all the lies came to light. Somebody should go to jail for all the things they have pulled.

I ordered this teeth whitening system form Smile Brite in October or November of 2009. It was for a trial and cost $1.99. I'm sorry to say I haven't been paying close attention but have been receiving these same kits every so often. I have 7 unopened kits in my cabinet. There is no return label or any phone number to contact for returns. I didn't know what to do or who to call. I noticed I was charged $58.27 in March. Upon closer scrutiny, I was also charged $58.27 by White Brite and twice by Vintage Dream. This is a scam deluxe! I don't know who to contact to get a refund. This comes out of my bank account because I used my debit card. Big mistake! I cannot afford to have $58.27 coming out of my bank account every two weeks or so for something I did not order.

I paid for a one trial of Smile Brite and was charged $92 two months later on March 19th, 2010 for a product I never subscribed to. I just sent back the product they sent me again. They have taken money from an account that they were never given permission. It was unemployment money for food and bills. It was supposed to be a one time trial.

I ordered the trial online on Sunday, January 31, 2010. I never received an e-mail confirmation with a customer service number. I never received the trial product. So I called to cancel the order on February 15, 2010. They could not pull up my order by the order number or by my name? Odd, huh? They said they needed the first 4 and last four numbers of my credit card?

I told the lady she should be able to pull it up by the order number. It's the number they assigned to me. She could not. Then she asked for my Social Security number? That's when I said goodbye.

I did receive my trial on February 19, 2010 with no customer service number and no letter on how to use or how to cancel my order. My credit card has been charged $87.47 for a full product. I only just received a trial-sized product, and I did not receive it until well after the trial period. I never received a full-size product, but my card was charged for a full product on February 16. I've had to cancel my credit card and dispute the charges.

I am writing in response to seeing your website's information regarding a class action suit against the *** responsible for the SmileBright Teeth whitening scam. Like most of the victim consumers, I was lured by the invitation for a free trial. What makes matters worst is I actually got the link for the website from a so-called friend on Facebook that was trying the sample trial. Red flags should have gone off when they required the initial $1.95 pr whatever for shipping. Two weeks later the product arrived. I did not realize it until I checked my bank account online and noticed I had been charged $86.93 for the so-called trial product.

It was at that point that I contacted their customer service department that indicated that the charge was the first charge in a reoccurring monthly payment! I realized that I need to cancel the product immediately to avoid any additional charges and follow whatever directions necessary to recoup my $86.93. It was at that point that things really got crazy. I talked to 3 different customer service agents who told me 3 different things. The one that made the most sense in terms of an actual refund practice told me I needed to send the product back within the 14-day trial period which would have passed in the next few days.

I sent the product back overnight mail. I made sure to keep copies of the USPS tracking information as proof of my returning the product. When I checked the tracking through the USPS that indicated that the product had been delivered to their Colorado Warehouse, I promptly called their customer service department back to inquire about the status of my refund. It was at that time that the customer service agent indicated it would take 10 business days for the product to be processed by their warehouse. I contacted them again after the 10 business days and the story was that it would take 10 more business days for my credit card company to post my refund.

That was nearly 3 weeks ago and still no refund. I started to google information regarding Smile Premium White USA and sure enough the results confirmed my fears. I had indeed been duped by a viral product marketing scam. During my research, your website and email was consistently appearing so I thought that I would contact you. Some years back I was involved in a class action against MCI before they folded and won. I am hoping that you are able to have some success with this suit.

I ordered Smile Brite teeth whitening product on 11/5/2009. According to the advertisement, if I returned the unused product within the 14 day risk free trial period, I was supposed to only be charged $1.95 for shipping and handling. Although I hadn't received the product yet, on 11/09/2009 1:33 pm I called to cancel the product and received return instructions so that I could be sure to return it within the proper free trial time period so that I could get a refund.

In fact, I had to cancel 3 different products and return 2 products.

I never received the Tray Kit so I couldn't return it. The advertisement was for 2 separate teeth whitening products. Apparently 2 companies are in the scam together: Premium White aka Smile Bright, South Beach Brite c/o Natural Source Store and the Smile Brite Tray kit. It is all so confusing but I read the fine print and cancelled all items within the trial period, so there is no reason that I should have been charged anything other than shipping and handling.

On 12/7/2009, I was charged $86.93 and on 12/14/2009, I was charged $86.93 for Smile Brite teeth whitening product. They also charged me $50.39 for the teeth whitening tray (which I never received). First of all, I'm not clear about why I was charged twice so when I called on 12/18/09 2:25 pm, they said that once I returned the product they would refund me. Apparently, they assumed that I wouldn't return the product and charged me in advance even though the trial period had not ended.

I called the company on 12/28 at 9:20 am because although I had been charged (twice), I had not received product. They said that it had been sent and gave me a tracking # 910214304874741012663. I called back on Jan 4, 2010 at3:04 to request a refund because I hadn't received the product. They said they could only refund me if I return the product because the refunds were based on the information received from the returned package. I argued how can I return a product that I didn't receive and they said that they would re-ship it to me so that I could send it back to get refunded.

The product finally came and I returned the product using the return instructions. I returned the product on Jan 6 and according to the post, the company received it on Jan 11, 2010 at 10:57 am. I called back on Feb 2 after not receiving the refund. I spoke to Ashley; she said that the company released the payment to my bank on Jan 28th. I told her at that time that I was currently looking at my bank account online and said it should have been there but that she would forward the complaint to Corporate.

I called back on Feb 12 after not receiving the refund. I spoke to Tereva, a supervisor. She said according to their records, the account was cancelled. A refund of $86.39 was sent to bank on Jan 14 and I should have received it by now but that she would forward to corporate to investigate (again) and I should get an email within 10 business days about the resolution. For what was supposed to be a free product trial, it cost me $86.93 X 2 plus $48. 92 for a total cost of $222.78. This is fraud.

I called my bank to see about disputing the charges but they advised that this was fraud and if I wanted to go further, they would have to close my account. This disturbed me because I have automatic payments from this account and really didn't want to disrupt those payments. Therefore, I decided to try to work with the company to receive my refunds. However, as of Feb 18, 2010, I still have not received my refund.

I responded to an internet add for free samples of tooth whitener. I was informed that I would only need to pay shipping and handling charges. $0.99 for one product and $1.99 for another since they were linked in the add. The catch was that I would need to cancel within 7 days or begin paying for a monthly subscription. I cancelled with one company online (TeethWhite) and thought I was OK.

I was subsequently charged $79.95 twice on my debit card. I called to ask why and was informed that I cancelled outside the 7 day time period. I argued that I did not. They said it was 7 days from shipment of the product to me. I said that was ridiculous. I had the product only a few days to try, not 7.

After much discussion, they removed the charges. I called the other company (DazzleSmile aka SmileBrite) within 7 days after receiving the trial and was informed that the 2nd shipment had already been mailed out. My debit card had been hit for $86.93, also twice.

In addition, a third company affiliated with this one had charged me $48.23 twice also. Apparently, this was for an extended version of the trial. I was angry by then. The 3rd company that charged me $48.23 reversed one charge, but not the other. DazzleSmile would not refund anything. Even after I shipped back the second package to them with an RMA # they provided, they claimed I did not follow the correct shipping procedure.

It appears that I only had a 30 day window to get the product back to them from their original ship date to me. I chose to put Return to Sender on the unopened package to keep from paying return shipping charges. Apparently, USPS sends it back slowly when you do this. Again, I missed their window. I was treated rudely when I argued my case, even being hung up on once. Nadia, a supervisor, kept quoting company policy and was unwilling to bend either. They would not allow me to contest my case at a higher level.

This is part of the Better Business Bureau report I filed against Smile Brite with no response from the vendor. I signed up for a test kit of tooth whitener at a cost of about $1.00 which I had received. Several days later, I was charged $92.37! I spoke with my bank regarding the unknown charge. My bank suggested I contact the vendor directly. So I called the vendor having no idea who or what this charge was for. The call turned out to be one to a Customer Service Center with many accounts. I gave my address to "Rhonda" to find what order, when and with whom I had "placed" the order. Apparently it was Smile Brite. I told "Rhonda" that I had signed up for a test kit of tooth whitener at a cost of about $1.00, which I had received. She said that, yes, I was charged for the tester, but she said I had 10 days to reject the "trial" for which I had signed up.

I said, "Well, wait a minute," and told her about a guy with a Jamaican/Island accent who called me at work to verify my address, etc. I grew impatient with him when he said he would now switch me to another person who would "verify" my request for the test kit. I remember clearly stating, "Look, I signed up for a trial tube of tooth whitener, that's it. What am I signing up for here?" He said, "Ma'am, you're confusing me." I restated that I just wanted (and paid for) the test kit and if they wanted to send it, they had all the shipping information they needed. If not, then credit the fee back to my account. I simply said, "I'm at work, I've gotta go. Thanks for your help." No verification was made other than that.

I later received 2 whitener tubes with 2 trays inside a box for which I was charged about $1.00. Nowhere on the package was there any kind of provision that "You must try this and return it within the next 10 days to receive your money back." When I told "Rhonda" about the conversation with the representative with the Jamaican accent, she said, "That's not us, we don't have people call to verify information." "Rhonda" then offered me 50% off the $92.37 charge if I would just accept the charges. I said, "No, I'm not spending $45+ for a test kit that was offered for about a buck!" Later in the 3 minute conversation, she offered "60% off the charge of $92.37", take it or leave it. When I said, "Wait a minute, 2 minutes ago, you offered me 50% off the $92 charge and now you're offering me 60% off?" She replied, "No, you must have misheard me, I only offered 50% off." $92 for 2 tubes and 2 trays of teeth whitener?

I then called my bank again which advised me that the only way I could attempt to stop the fraudulent charge was to cancel my existing debit card and replace it with another, (which would cost $5.00.) I then called back Smile Brite's Customer Service Center and spoke with "Craig". He said the "10-day trial" started the day I ordered, not the day I received the test kit. How could I possibly evaluate a test kit before I had even received it? When I said I had just tried the kit last night, "Craig" replied, "If it's opened, you can't return it." Again, how could I possibly evaluate a test kit when I received it a few days before and just tried it one time? I told "Craig" that "Rhonda" from the same office had offered me 50% off the $92.37 charge if I would just accept the charges. I asked if he would do the same. He said he couldn't do that, but could offer me a 50% on another product purchase. I told "Craig" that he sounded like a nice guy and should know that the whole thing was a consumer scam.

I paid $1.95 for a teeth whitening cleaner and was charged that amount. Then I was charged $86.93 twice. It is a scam. I called them to get my money back and return the product but they said I couldn't. When I called them, they told me to call this number and that number but received no answer. I finally got through to a Smile Brite salesperson and told her my complaint. She told me to "have a nice day" then hung up on me. Because this Smile Brite company charged me so much, I was overcharged in my bank and now, I owe my bank over $300. I am in college with no job and no one to help me out. My bank closed my account but wrote my name on some list so that I can't open an account with any bank anywhere.

I signed up for a $1.99 free trial and got charged over $200.00 the next month by 2 different companies. I tried to cancel but could not. I had to change bank account number to stop these scammers. I had 4 overdraft charges by my bank and 4 more from companies I wrote checks to for my bills that are over $200.00 in overdraft fees.

I submitted for a free trial period with Smile Brite. (You just pay shipping and handling, a little over $2). This in turn had me try the same trial for Dazzle White. A week or two later, I was charged two charges of $92.37 for each. I called and found out the charges were from Smile Brite. I canceled the monthly product (that they had signed my up for without me knowing) and returned all three products (two for Smile Brite and one for Dazzle White). A month later, I was then charged for the Dazzle White without my knowing as well. I had already returned the product to Smile Brite and they told me they had to destroy the product. I then contacted Smile Brite again and they told me they only received one of my two packages and the refund could take up to 30 days.

It's now been six weeks. I called today and they told me to contact my bank and use the tracking number in which they gave me for my refund. I originally received the refund letter on Nov. 10th and Craig (the customer service person) told me it was posted on Dec. 21st. I told him nothing was posted and he said it could take up to 45 days to receive it. I did call the bank and there is no way for them to look up a refund using a tracking number. Every time I call Smile Brite, they give me different answers and different days on when I will be seeing my rebate. I am now out of $92.37 for Smile Brite and $86 for Dazzle White. This is the biggest scam of people's money I have ever seen. And reading the many complaints on this company, something should be done!

I went online and found a website where I could get a free sample of their product and all I had to do was pay the shipping and handling of $2 and some change, which I was happy to pay. I then received a phone call a few days later asking if I would like to start getting a monthly supply. I told him no, I haven't even tried the product yet, so I wasn't willing to start getting a monthly supply until I tried it. He then stated that I could stop it at any time. I told him no, I did not wish to do this at this time. He then asked me what was wrong. I told him that I had already told him no once and then hung up. I got my free sample and then about a month later, another one showed up. I thought it strange, but then thought nothing else of it. I then received a charge on my debit card on 12/14 for $86.93. I have been trying to track this company down to have the charges removed and have now received another one of their products. I thought the product does not work like I wanted it to which is why I only wanted the sample. If the person that called me recorded his call, you can tell I definitely said no, I do not wish to start receiving the product on a monthly basis.

Free trial sample was advertised, but was charged twice for $86.93 every 2 weeks for a sample that took 2 weeks to arrive and no further goods received to warrant the excessive charges. The phone number provided on my credit card statement went to a voicemail that was not associated with the alleged company. My bank is helping me to stop these payments, but still being charged.

Just like all the other complaints, I ordered a "free trial" which, shortly after ordering, started a landslide of illegal charges on my debit card. And as with all the others, I have not received the product. I attempted to call and got hung-up on, and now I'm out over $200 due to charges from numerous companies!

Yahoo advertised about a housewife using Brite Smile. They had an introductory offer to just pay for shipping at $1.95. Within a day or so of ordering, I had two charges of $1.95 against my debit card. I never received any products whatsoever. But then I received a statement from my credit union indicating my account was overdrawn. I was appalled. I did not have enough funds in my account for the $86.93 that Brite Smile charged, and now the credit union has charged me a $30 fee. That is $116.93. Of course, I didn't have enough money in my account because I never gave authorization to Brite Smile to take additional funds.

I called Brite Smile and I was given a tracking number. I contacted my local post office to confirm delivery of the product. They indicated that the postal delivery indicated it was delivered, could not confirm to what address though. We live in a community where there are several mailboxes in a row. We are accustomed to getting others' mail because of the postal worker delivering to the wrong mailbox. I filed a complaint with the post office online. To date, there is no response. I had called Brite Smile to complain and to cancel anything.

Well, the same day that I called to cancel, they charged my debit card again for $86.93 within 7 days of them debiting my account a second time. You got it, I did not have funds in my account so again I was charged another $30 for insufficient funds, but get this, the credit union issued the money to Brite Smile anyways. Now I owe $233.86 and I am unemployed with no income. I live in Florida where there are no jobs. I was in tears.

I again called Brite Smile and asked about the shipments and where the products were that I was charged for. Depending on who and what day you talk to them, I got different stories every time. So I have been charged a total of $237.76 for a product I never authorized nor received. This is a scam. They are stealing my money without authorization. If you note on the terms, it indicates that once you order the product you cannot cancel the order. Why is this? Can you tell me why they supposedly send the first shipment out First Class Priority mail? This is expensive. But yet the other deliveries is standard mail with no type of tracking.

The first order they said was shipped within a couple of days. The other shipment has yet to arrive and they are not sure when it will arrive. But yet they took my money on Dec. 4 and Dec. 11, 2009. I'll tell you why they send it out with a tracking number. It's because the clock starts ticking for that 14-day trial period. If you don't cancel within 14 days after receiving your product, then you are charged $86.93. But I never received the first shipment, nor the second. This is a scam and the Attorney General's office should either shut them down or have this money returned until some legal action is taken.

I understand this is a foreign business taking from Americans. Well now you know why we have a hard time accepting foreigners. You are making it bad for the good people from foreign countries. We don't want to label anyone, but people like you are not being fair to those honest foreigners. Shame on you for hurting and taking advantage of others.

I too ordered the trial offer for $1.99 for this miracle "make your teeth white" offer. It does not work. However, I never authorized a charge of $86.93!! My understanding was that this was just a trial offer. This charge has overdrawn my account, and now, I must take money set for other bills to bring this account current.

I also ordered the free trial from this company which claimed that you only had to pay the $1.95 shipping fee. I, too, received the phone calls immediately after asking if I wanted to upgrade my order. I declined. It has now been a little over a month and within a week, I have had 2 charges from Premium White/Smile Bright for $86.93 each. I called to question these charges and was told that the first charge was for the "free sample" pen that I received. Although I have not even used the product, I can't return it for a refund because it has been more than 30 days.

I have cancelled my account and will be returning the package they are sending, which is what the second charge was for. You must call them to cancel or they will continue to automatically send you another package every 30 days and charge you for it again. Their phone number is 877-594-7850. I know some of you posted that you couldn't find their phone number. This is a huge scam! Do not order from them or if you already have, return their free sample as soon as possible to avoid any further charges. And remember that you must call them to cancel. The phone call you received after you ordered the free trial is from a totally different company. It does not cancel this membership.

I made a mistake a few months ago and asked for a trial pack. Without knowing so, there was fine print buried in a ton of text stating that if I didn't cancel, they would be subtracting $80-$90 from my checking account every month without my permission. I contacted the company in November and told them to stop. Here we are in December and they are still removing funds. What recourse do I have? I've lost approximately $300 thus far. Please help me with some direction in recovering my money.

I read an article on WebMD about a teeth-whitening product, which a mother highly recommended. She said she ordered this free trial whitening package and only had to pay $1.99 for shipping, so I thought I would give it a try. No more than a few hours after ordering this, a customer service rep from this company called confirming my order and asked if I would like to sign-up for a monthly supply of this product. I told him absolutely not; I just want the trial package. A few weeks went by and I kind of forgot about this order. Then, I went to pay my credit card bill and realized that there were multiple charges for $87 and another for $92 that I did not authorize. So I called to report these and found out that even though I told this company to not sign me up for monthly supplies of this product, they did so anyways; and I believe they also gave my credit card information to other businesses, and they have been charging me various amounts as well.

I saw an ad, a testimonial ad, on a webpage with a gal claiming that using two whiteners together worked the best. She claimed they cost little money. I signed up for $1.95 sample. I read all copy because I did not want additional charges as some internet sites do. I didn't see any but did read something about a trial. I called and verified that all I would be charged for is the $1.95. I was assured that I did not sign up for a trial and would only be charged $1.95. Surprise! A little over a month later, I saw a charge of $86.93. They said that it would not be refunded because it was past the trial date. I did not receive the product. My tracking number is **. I have not been able to verify this tracking number. This company is a scam. I can't believe that Yahoo would put this ad on the home page and not be accountable for a huge scam like this.

I ordered a trial of both of these products, one for 0.99 cents and the other for $1.95. I received the Dazzle Smile product, tried it, it doesn’t work so I called to cancel it and they refused to stop sending it and stop charging it. They have charged my credit card $87.62 twice now and HSBC is my credit card company and they have reversed the charge but they are not helping with Smile Brite. Smile Brite products never arrived. Furthermore, they are charging me $92+.

I called Smile Brite after 2 hours trying to find a number and I think the guy that I talked to was high. He was nice but all he could do was give me a tracking number for the product. I told him it didn’t matter. I don’t want it at $92 so don’t send me anymore and refund my $.” The charge showed up on my card under a false name and a price much higher than advertised so I disputed it as an unauthorized charge. HSBC says that since I did authorize the trial amount of 1.95 then I can’t dispute the charge. Idiots. So I’m looking at $175.24 for a product that doesn’t work and $92 and some change for a product I never got. Thanks HSBC, great customer service. I’m canceling the card.

I ordered a product Smile Brite on the internet. They said it would cost $1.98 and they charged me $87.96. I am afraid they are going to charge me again. I did not authorize them to do that. Please help and I would like to get my money back.

I saw an ad on a Yahoo page about a mom who found a formula to whiten teeth that was safe and effective. The ad stated you could get a free sample, just shipping charges would apply for $5.95. I decided to try a sample. When my credit card bill came, there was a charge for $5.95 + $87.62 + a foreign transaction fee. I called the credit card company to dispute the charge. The next month I had 3 more charges, all under different names + a foreign transaction fee. In the meantime, I had received a call from someone from Smile Brite or some such name because they must have received the dispute. I told the person I never made a contract and I would never use a foreign product. I told him I knew they were being fraudulent and that I had reported the company. The person hung up.

This month I have another BofA Visa bill with three charges; two for $87.62 + foreign transaction fees and one for $24.82 + foreign fee. BofA gave me a merchant phone number listed above and I called it. I said I never received any packages except the original free sample. He said they don't give free samples and that was a 14 day trial. This is definitely not what my ad said. Then he said he had tracking numbers, although the last package probably hadn't arrived yet. I turned these numbers over to the post office and contacted my Attorney General's office in MN. The credit card company refuses to dispute the charges for me even though I have not received any additional packages. It is always impossible to get past the entry level people they have on the phone lines. I asked to speak to a supervisor but they won't put any calls through. The card policy says I should not have to pay for items not received. I have a Visa Signature and have always paid on time every time.

The amount of time spent on this has caused me to miss events I had planned to go to. The stress has no dollar amount but it is so infuriating. This company knows how to get around the law. When I called the 866 phone number, the guy told me they were in Des Moines, Iowa, yet I was charged for a foreign transaction. I have been charged $206.04. This was all deceitful and I have not received this product. There is no way I am going to pay this. We consumers need help.

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