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Reviewed Sept. 28, 2023

The velcro is very poor. Didn't even last 3 month. The mask ripped and got discoloured very quickly and the straps dig in to your neck causing lesions that turn into pus. I really want my money back. Resmed is poor company. They know nothing about CPAP masks. I would not have bought it but the place I purchased it from had a very poor selection. It's not even 90 days and I am screwed.

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Reviewed Sept. 23, 2023

I used the Air Sense 10 for five years and it was great. Everything about it was good. The Air Sense 11 is horrible. There are many things they skipped over when designing this machine and according to Lincare, Resmed does not care any more than they do. I would go somewhere else for CPAP equipment in the future.

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    Reviewed Aug. 11, 2023

    I've been using the AirSense 10 for 6 years. Recently switched to AirSense 11. I use heated tubing and use the nasal pillow (not a face mask). On the 10, the tubing connects to the device at a 90 degree angle and swivels. That works great for positioning the device next to my bed and makes it easy to reach the humidity chamber. On the 11, the tubing connects straight to the device, no 90 degree angle, and doesn't swivel, so now I have to move the device to a position where it's no longer easy to remove the humidity chamber and the tubing hits up against the bed or the wall. And of course, the tubing from the 10 doesn't connect to the 11. There is apparently no elbow available for heated tubing.

    A second thing I don't like - there is no auto off on the 11 vs the 10. On the 10, if I needed to get up during the night, or in the morning when I wake up, if I disconnected the tubing or removed the mask after a few seconds the airflow shut off. When I reconnected it would start up using the ramp up setting. On the 11, there is no auto off setting that I or my physician or Apria (supplier) could find, so if I get up during the night I am faced with the choice of trying to find the on/off button the device or being blasted by air at full pressure when I reconnect. My device is on the wall side of the bed, so I have to climb to that side to try to turn it off. It does go on automatically when I reconnect.

    I also find that this new device is noisier than the old device. So, if you are thinking of going to the new AirSense 11 device, take consider these things that annoy me and determine for yourself if you really want to switch. I'm keeping my old device for travel, there's nothing wrong with it. And for anyone using a mask and not liking it, try the nasal pillow, it's SOOO much better! No more air farts or rack tracks.

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    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2023

    Currently not providing history on the app for over a week now. Filled contact form and questions result was advised to call. Called, answering machine advised to wait however many weeks. Found my way into a hold cue that was going nowhere. Prior to this, tried other ResMed machines. I can no longer attach those email addresses to my account. Now use my wife's and when that fails I suppose I'll have to create another. Resmed advised that those email addresses "should" work. Well, they don't regardless of what "should" be happening. If purchasing, I can only hope for you that everything goes smoothly as service does not exist. Aside from that, it's not perfect but is helping quite often. Good luck.

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    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2023

    For some time ResMed has been using this new headgear with these rinky-dink Velcro tabs. I'm sure they're cheaper because they are and they're crap. For the second time I get one of these things where one of them continually opens and it doesn't matter how I adjust it the damn thing it doesn't stay secure. And that's from day one I thought after a while that's right out of the damn box. The people need to get rid of this crap.

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    Reviewed Aug. 2, 2023

    Received Airsense 11 on 05/08/23. Was able to download the app and machine working fine until 06/02/23, then I attempted to access my account on the app that I had been able to use previously. I put in the wrong password, and was locked out. ResMed home page stated they will send an email and link to establish new password. They sent email, but in email they stated I was locked out because of using wrong password and no link to establish new password. Thinking there might be a temporary glitch in the system I attempted again on 6/8, 6/11, 6/12. 6/14. On 6/12 I called my supplier, ** Clinic, they called Res med and then informed me I would need to call Res med, because res med handles any software issues. I called res med, and evidently they are having problems with data not being sent to suppliers and focus is on resolving this issue.

    They did say that my data is not lost, and they had no idea when being locked out would be resolved. On 6/15 still not able to access my account, I sent email to res med explaining issue. No response from them. On 6/27 I again called my supplier ** Clinic, they stated they would check and see how this can be resolved and stated they would get back to me. Today was 1 month since that call, and had not received any response. Called them again and was informed that res med is again having problems with data not being transferred to medical facilities, but data is not lost. They stated that I would need to call Res med direct regarding being locked out of account because it is a software issue.

    I called res med. today put on hold as caller number 16, ten minutes later when I was number 14, my phone call was dropped. Software and customer service gets a -1 on a 1-10 scale. The company promotes on their product information that they provide customers access to their history of machine use. That is not being provided. It would seem a fairly basic solution to reestablish an account if wrong password is entered, Every company that has log in sites deals with this, it is not new stuff. If res med can not resolve this basic problem it is no wonder they are having having other issues with information not being sent to medical providers. This is one of the countries primary cpap companies with a lot of medicare dollars being spent on these machines.

    Machine has had a couple of issues. On two occasions the air pressure was extremely high as soon as I put mask on, cheeks puffed out. Wasn't able to wear. 1st time resolved on its own. Second time it did not. Supplier informed me that when humidifier is put back into tank that the gasket on the sense 11 doesn't always connect firmly and need to make sure that it tight. The machine has an automatic on and off awareness option, so it shuts on or off when you take the mask off. The on part works fine, and the off part worked for a while, but then when I would go to put mask back on it would be cheek puffing out pressure. Turned "mask off" option to off position.

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    Reviewed May 25, 2023

    I started using Resmed 11 mid April. All was going good, I was getting used to it. Yesterday night as always, I pressed the power button, nothing happened. Several attempts, no response. I unplugged, plugged again, this time the air started coming so strong that the water container started bubbling as if boiling. The screen shows pressure as 5, but the air was like a tornado. I can't use the CPAP now. I called Wellwise consultant whom I have to depend on in everything, she is on vacation. These so called consultants are not available anytime. I have to wait, until she is back, get an appointment, take my cpap, etc.. I do not trust the machine anymore. Once a machine doesn't work, it will have recurring issues. Then my insurance will run out, I have to buy another one. I suppose that's the whole purpose. It is absurd, that as a customer, I can't get technical support.

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    Reviewed May 3, 2023

    Instead of technical support or user support, ResMed uses a call center whose uninformed 'receptionists' don't listen and yabber condescendingly from a script they appear not to understand, try to pass the buck back to the doctors or providers who referred you to ResMed in the first place. Proactively-unhelpful "support" seems intent upon aggravating callers so that they can hang-up on you. Requests to speak to supervisor results in indefinite, silent hold.

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    Reviewed March 13, 2023

    AirSense 10 is a good product, but no way to connect to internet?! Vendors need to stress that cellular is required prior to machine selection. Stressing that it's wireless is misleading. My wife was assured by her vendor that her data would upload via wifi on her AirSense 11, but it does not. If I mail data card that costs money. If I drive it that means 45 min 1 way to vendor. Not a client-friendly situation. And now that 3G is gone, we have virtually no cell signal ever, even with our signal booster on the roof. So I have drag both our machines into town and hook up to my portable battery while I'm grocery shopping. Yes, once data is uploaded we can access via internet, but really, it's the 21st century, folks! Would have changed to another machine had I known.

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    Reviewed Feb. 18, 2023

    I've been on CPAP for 27 years. I've had numerous machines and countless masks. My old Air Sense 10 was the best machine ever. I had it for almost 8 years. It was starting to get noisy so my options were to send it in for repairs or upgrade to the 11. Also, Resmed decided to discontinue the 3G connection available on the 10, which rendered their app useless by design. Now you couldn't review your sleep stats anymore and would have to take it to your supplier to get those downloaded. I'm sure they thought a lot of people would buy the upgrade.

    Medicare is paying for my new Air Sense 11. I won't go so far as to say it's a piece of work, but I don't like it. The 11 has 5G so the app works now, but takes forever to transmit data. However, the other so-called other improvements are minimal, cosmetic, or worse. The heated hose is stiff, smaller, and comes straight out the back compared to the 90 degree of the 10. I get a lot of water condensation forming in the low hanging loop which interferes with the pressure and makes a gurgling noise. I've adjusted the hose temp and humidifier but still have to empty the water out of the tube maybe once a week. Never had this problem before. The tank design is poor and doesn't hold as much water. ResMed is still the best, I just wish they would've left well enough alone. If it aint broke, then don't fix it!

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    ResMed author review by Diana McCarthy

    ResMed is known for its medical devices and cloud-based software applications that help diagnose, treat and manage sleep apnea and other related diseases. Its team of around 5,000 employees remotely monitor over 2 million patients daily across more than 100 countries. It makes multiple models of CPAP machines including CPAP, APAP and Bi-level machines to accommodate different patient types.

    • CPAP series: ResMed has two models of CPAP machines: the AirSense 10 CPAP and the AirSense 10 Elite. Both models include an integrated humidifier, quiet motors and cellular connectivity. The Elite model includes a premium, fixed-pressure device and advanced event detection, which monitors your breathing for Central Sleep Apnea (CSA), Respiratory Effort Related Arousal (RERA) and Cheyne-Stokes Respiration (CSR) and relays that information to your physician.

    • APAP series: ResMed offers separate APAP models for men and women. Patients who find it hard to adjust to a CPAP machine may find APAP more comfortable. Both models include premium auto-adjusting pressure devices with integrated dehumidifiers, cellular connectivity and advanced event detection. ResMed uses a different algorithm for women to monitor flow limitation and air pressure.

    • Bi-level series: Bi-level or BiPAP machines use two pressure settings, one for inhalation and one for exhalation, allowing patients to get more air in and out of their lungs. ResMed offers multiple models of Bi-level machines that can be more comfortable for patients who have difficulty adjusting to CPAP treatment.

    • CPAP masks: ResMed designs and makes over 30 CPAP mask styles and fits, including full- and open-face, pediatric and nasal masks. Its nasal pillows are lightweight, open and unobtrusive and fit snugly over your nasal passages.

    • Online store: ResMed has their own online store for purchasing sleep therapy devices including CPAP, APAP, Bi-level and CPAP masks. It requires an online account and provides a secure checkout and simple returns.

    by Diana McCarthy Contributing Writer

    Diana McCarthy has covered a variety of consumer-focused topics but specializes in writing about real estate, local neighborhoods, property management and home improvement. Diana contributed to ConsumerAffairs for several years and has a bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies from the University of Central Florida.

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