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I have had the nightmare of my life with this company. This started back in December of 2015. I ordered a Boston Marathon Treadmill, with iFit, special warranty, delivery, and setup. I have spent thousands of dollars and I still do not have a working product. Whenever I call it falls into 3 categories, never ending wait time, never ending wait time and it hangs up on me, or I get a human who sympathizes with me but nothing can ever be done.

The first time I ordered it, it was on backorder. The company never communicates to the customer that everything is on backorder all the time. Then it is finally shipped, except it is damaged and it must be sent back to the company. Second, treadmill is ordered. What a surprise, it is on backorder and the company fails to tell me. Finally, and I mean after months, I get it. The first time it was supposed to be set up, the delivery company could not do it so it got sent back to the warehouse. They hire another company to set it up and they are able to set up my treadmill. It works kind of.

I wait to complain and keep trying to use it, but it the console does not communicate properly. When I pull the safety key, the belt keeps moving, I try to sign into Google Maps with iFit, it works sporadically. If I stop the treadmill and try to press resume, it does one of two things. The screen says the belt is moving but it is not. And it is completely frozen and I have to take the key out (which does nothing and I can not shut it down) and I am left to hit the reset button. I have to relaunch the whole system. Plus, my treadmill when it reaches a decline of -1.0 up to a 2.5 incline will make a knocking noise when I run.

I have called this company so many times. Right now, guess what I have an estimated wait time of more than 9 minutes for the last 50 minutes. I hope I get to talk to a person, but most likely it will hang up on me again. I have called, happy, swearing, practically crying and no one cares. One representative even told me he would be upset, and told me that if he were me they would give up. After trying to configure iFit several times and talking to countless people, never a manager because they refuse to give the phone to the manager, they will order me a new console and will be in, in two weeks. A month later, it's on backorder. I call to complain because once again, no can effectively communicate that everything is on backorder. Then I call back and it is in and will be shipping soon, but they can't give me an exact delivery date. I ask for an estimate, can't do that either, but at least it is in.

Two more weeks later. Nothing! I call again, oh it is magically on back order again. I am now swearing and beside myself. We are on month 8. Now I am approaching month 9 and I finally get someone to ship me a new console. It comes in, with no instructions. I am trying to disassemble the console to notice that whoever built it stripped the screws and it is impossible to take apart. I had asked to send this back but because I am past my 30 days, I can not return it. I told the representative, I should have 30 days of a WORKING treadmill to make my decision if I want it. Unfortunately, 9 months later, that still has not happened.

I am... I don't know what I am, well... I'm screwed that's for sure. I purchased Proform 2016 Treadmill from HSN, like the end of June the 11th. It was like July when I got the thing. My wife and I put it together, turned it on and used it like 4 days in a row. On the 5th day, I flipped the switch to turn it on, and nothing came on but the FAN. I contact them about it, girl on the other end had No clue. She goes and speaks with her colleagues and comes back with a so called answer, "it's your Wire Harness. I'm going to send you one for free (ya damn right for Free) and I'm going to also order you a controller too, just in case". Took 2 weeks for wire harness, installed it. Still a No Go.

Another 2 weeks for controller, installed it. No Go. In between all that waiting, I talked to someone else and they decided to send me a whole new console, WITH a tech for free (ya damn right for Free). At the time of me typing this, I've been waiting on that console which is supposedly on Back Order or whatever the OP status means for exactly 2 Weeks now. Meanwhile, I've talked to the Tech and we're both like, he may as well not come until the damn console gets to me, I've got more talk time in with him, than with Proform.

Also, my BRAND NEW treadmill sits in my back room, USELESS! (I could have placed over 10 profane before the word useless just then, but I'm trying to hold it together) while this unprofessional non-sense goes on. I mean, how the heck do you manufacture a machine and do not have part at the ready for if/when it fails, well, I now feel like if it's a Proform product, it's definitely "WHEN" it fails.

Title of this post is "I'm Heartbroke and Pissed." I'm heartbroke, because before this, every piece of fitness equipment I ever purchased, with the exception of a Weider multi system from Sears, has been from Proform. And over that time, I've had small issues, that I guess, I just gave them the benefit of the doubt and overlooked or swept to the side. But I can Promise Up To The Heavens Above, they have lost me as a Customer with this crap of a purchase. I am HIGHLY upset about this.

I had my wife motivated to start working out for her health, finally looked like I had her enjoying working out those few days on the Treadmill and then to have this happen, to such a large investment. It took something out of her for sure, but this even got to ME. I haven't wanted to work out, because it was just discouraging. We had planned so much on that Treadmill, even purchased a yearly IFIT account. Man, this Hurt Proform, I'm telling you, this hurt!

The thing is too big and cumbersome to be trying to package back up and send it back, else I'd got my damn money back, but at this point I just want it fixed and then, my remedy is to never buy ANYTHING, not even a pair of freakin Proform Gloves, if they make me, ever again. And to tell all my Social Media friends and followers the same thing, family, the same thing. Anyone who asks me for recommendations, it won't be Proform. Matter fact, if it's another company that even has PRO in "their" damn name, I won't recommend them. Shame on yall Proform. Crappy Parts, Crappy Service. Crappy Rectifying Times. Proform = Crap! in "MY" opinion now.

We bought a ProForm 995i treadmill less than a year ago. It became apparent to us immediately it was cheaply made. Within eight months the console died. When I contacted customer support, since it was under warranty, my request was dealt with swiftly. However, after ordering the part it took more than 10 days to ship a replacement, and five days later I'm still waiting for it to show up. No reason I should have to wait over two weeks for it. When I tried contact customer support I received no responses. Absolute failure -- both in product and service.

ProForm customer care and service are real bad. The machine isn't so good either. I cannot describe how bad in a word since it's just horrible. Never had a experience like this. I should have not bought this mediocre product from the beginning. My treadmill were delivered by unskillful 2 young men with pants down halfway to their knee (I had to pay $300 extra for it) and was not installed properly from day 1. Even my machine was under the warranty, the customer care to take care of the issue was a bad horrifying experience itself. Just make me imagine how I would be treated if it was out of warranty. It's been almost a year and I still haven't had a repair yet. Do not waste your money with this company. They just don't care about you other than selling you a machine.

We ordered a $3k treadmill from ProForm. It was not delivered when promised and there was no communication from the company about the delay. Instead, we had to badger them multiple times over 2 months in order to have the treadmill we paid for shipped to us. We paid an extra $99 during the initial order process to have the treadmill delivered and installed into our home. Instead, the 500lb+ unit was dropped on our porch a day earlier than our pre-arranged Saturday delivery window. The enormous box was positioned to block our front door and the porch was badly damaged during the delivery process.

The ProForm customer service agents via chat and phone offered zero help on Friday afternoon and the company's service center was closed the rest of the weekend. We had to pay a moving company an additional $265 to move the treadmill from blocking our door and into the house. We're still trying to get a refund of the $100 and $265, but have consistently been given phone numbers by web chat agents that aren't answered or are wrong numbers. We submitted email complaints that continue to go unanswered. DO NOT BUY FROM PROFORM. This is the worst service I have ever experienced.

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I ordered this treadmill (ProForm 400i) on a Saturday night online. The next day my husband and I decided to cancel the order and purchase one in a store. Tried to call, could not get through. Decided to e-mail ProForm and cancel. This is Monday afternoon - was told via e-mail all cancellations had to be handled by phone. Started calling again on Tues am and was on hold TWICE for over an hour just trying to cancel. Was told treadmill was already on a truck - when I ordered it said 3 to 6 weeks. We decided we would keep it - received it about 2 weeks later. Husband put it together - (he is an engineer so he knows how to put stuff together). Everything worked fine except the INCLINE - it would not move over an inch. Husband started calling customer service, put on hold for a total of 2 hours over several different attempts to talk to anybody. Finally got a technician - said it was the motor or the incline. They would send one.

Receive it, took treadmill apart and replaced the motor. Incline still would not work. Started calling again - on hold several times and got another technician, he said "it must be the wiring harness." They would send one. We are in this for a month now - today the wiring harness arrived - husband replaced it. No change - incline still does not work. Called a new number that "Lindsay" from ProForm had left on our answering machine (probably since we have reported all of this to Better Business Bureau). Called that number and he was put on hold again!!! Finally got a representative who could not help - husband told them we were sold a defective treadmill and wanted our money back. In order to do that we have to pay $150.00 shipping and $60.00 restocking fee. This the worst company I have ever dealt with. I will never buy another ProForm anything and I encourage others not to as well! The worst customer service.

Highly disappointed with Pro-Form. I've been training to run a marathon and because of the weather, I finally decided to get a treadmill. I made the purchase on 02/18/16 (Boston Marathon 4.0 $3,000, you would think they would want to keep these types of customers). Everything went well with the assistance of the live chat rep and I was told that I would receive my order in 2 wks. Never was I informed that the treadmill was out of stock, on the web-page, by the live chat rep that assisted me with the order, or by email. Two weeks later, I contacted them to find out what was the status of the treadmill. That's when I found out that the product had not shipped and was out of order. But no worries, I was reassured by the customer representative that it was already in the process of shipping and that it would ship the next day at the latest.

Again and again I contacted them because the product had not shipped, with the same outcome. They were expecting a shipment on Sunday and the product would ship out on Monday. Today is Thursday, 3/10/16, and I contacted them again because again my product has still not shipped. Once they do end up shipping, it will take another 2 weeks to arrive at location. But yeah, thought I'd contacted them. Guess what I was told again? "Yes, tomorrow it should ship out." At this point I am considering calling tomorrow to have the order cancelled and having nothing to do with Pro-Form. Will I ever purchase anything from Pro-Form? Not very likely. Would I recommend Pro-Form to a friend? Not unless they are in absolutely no rush and are okay with waiting like 2 months to receive their product.

I ordered my treadmill on 2/3/16. Ordered the white glove delivery service. They delivered on 2/13/16, and the product was damaged. I was on hold with customer service for an hour and 30 minutes to get this corrected. Yes, you read that correctly. So I am not confident that this is going to go well. 12 days and I still don't have my treadmill.

Placed an order on December 25, 2015 for a ProForm 2000 treadmill. When ordering the treadmill I was give a code for a free work out mat. I received the treadmill but not the mat. On January 27, 2016 I spoke to Aaron from customer service and he informed me I was not entitled to it. I am very displeased with the company.

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ProForm has been engineering fitness equipment for over 30 years. Their treadmills are designed for both gym and home use, with prices starting at $999. ProForm has a treadmill for every level of runner.

  • Pro series: ProForm’s Pro series treadmills have extra cushioning and professional-grade construction, making them ideal for elite and avid runners. The Pro 9000 is a gym-quality treadmill that is designed for home use. It is iFit enabled and has a 4.25 HP commercial grade motor, along with other features.
  • Premier series: The Premier series provides current fitness technology for avid runners at a lower cost than Pro series treadmills. Features include an adjustable tablet holder, iFit enabled touchscreen and 3.0-3.5 CHP motor.
  • Sport series: The Sport series offers a budget-friendly treadmill for walkers and recreational runners. Features include iFit Bluetooth capabilities and a 2.0-2.5 CHP motor.
  • Boston series: ProForm’s Boston series treadmills are designed with the Boston marathon in mind, with features such as automatic incline/decline adjustment, speeds up to 15 miles per hour and footage from the Boston marathon to help you train for the event.
  • 30-day free trial: Try your ProForm treadmill at home for 30 days. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, return it and only pay the cost of return shipping and a 10 percent restocking fee.
  • Best for ProForm treadmills are best for walkers, runners and elite runners.

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