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The other reviews are short of the mark. ProForm is worse! No email replies. On only one of many calls did someone answer, and only after a very long wait. I asked my support question for my model 5000 treadmill and a man said he did not know and I should hang on hold. Well, 25 minutes later I hung up. I have tried many times but they are impossible to contact and do not help if you get through! I suggest the only way is to bombard the home office with letters.

I have had the nightmare of my life with this company. This started back in December of 2015. I ordered a Boston Marathon Treadmill, with iFit, special warranty, delivery, and setup. I have spent thousands of dollars and I still do not have a working product. Whenever I call it falls into 3 categories, never ending wait time, never ending wait time and it hangs up on me, or I get a human who sympathizes with me but nothing can ever be done.

The first time I ordered it, it was on backorder. The company never communicates to the customer that everything is on backorder all the time. Then it is finally shipped, except it is damaged and it must be sent back to the company. Second, treadmill is ordered. What a surprise, it is on backorder and the company fails to tell me. Finally, and I mean after months, I get it. The first time it was supposed to be set up, the delivery company could not do it so it got sent back to the warehouse. They hire another company to set it up and they are able to set up my treadmill. It works kind of.

I wait to complain and keep trying to use it, but it the console does not communicate properly. When I pull the safety key, the belt keeps moving, I try to sign into Google Maps with iFit, it works sporadically. If I stop the treadmill and try to press resume, it does one of two things. The screen says the belt is moving but it is not. And it is completely frozen and I have to take the key out (which does nothing and I can not shut it down) and I am left to hit the reset button. I have to relaunch the whole system. Plus, my treadmill when it reaches a decline of -1.0 up to a 2.5 incline will make a knocking noise when I run.

I have called this company so many times. Right now, guess what I have an estimated wait time of more than 9 minutes for the last 50 minutes. I hope I get to talk to a person, but most likely it will hang up on me again. I have called, happy, swearing, practically crying and no one cares. One representative even told me he would be upset, and told me that if he were me they would give up. After trying to configure iFit several times and talking to countless people, never a manager because they refuse to give the phone to the manager, they will order me a new console and will be in, in two weeks. A month later, it's on backorder. I call to complain because once again, no can effectively communicate that everything is on backorder. Then I call back and it is in and will be shipping soon, but they can't give me an exact delivery date. I ask for an estimate, can't do that either, but at least it is in.

Two more weeks later. Nothing! I call again, oh it is magically on back order again. I am now swearing and beside myself. We are on month 8. Now I am approaching month 9 and I finally get someone to ship me a new console. It comes in, with no instructions. I am trying to disassemble the console to notice that whoever built it stripped the screws and it is impossible to take apart. I had asked to send this back but because I am past my 30 days, I can not return it. I told the representative, I should have 30 days of a WORKING treadmill to make my decision if I want it. Unfortunately, 9 months later, that still has not happened.

I am... I don't know what I am, well... I'm screwed that's for sure. I purchased Proform 2016 Treadmill from HSN, like the end of June the 11th. It was like July when I got the thing. My wife and I put it together, turned it on and used it like 4 days in a row. On the 5th day, I flipped the switch to turn it on, and nothing came on but the FAN. I contact them about it, girl on the other end had No clue. She goes and speaks with her colleagues and comes back with a so called answer, "it's your Wire Harness. I'm going to send you one for free (ya damn right for Free) and I'm going to also order you a controller too, just in case". Took 2 weeks for wire harness, installed it. Still a No Go.

Another 2 weeks for controller, installed it. No Go. In between all that waiting, I talked to someone else and they decided to send me a whole new console, WITH a tech for free (ya damn right for Free). At the time of me typing this, I've been waiting on that console which is supposedly on Back Order or whatever the OP status means for exactly 2 Weeks now. Meanwhile, I've talked to the Tech and we're both like, he may as well not come until the damn console gets to me, I've got more talk time in with him, than with Proform.

Also, my BRAND NEW treadmill sits in my back room, USELESS! (I could have placed over 10 profane before the word useless just then, but I'm trying to hold it together) while this unprofessional non-sense goes on. I mean, how the heck do you manufacture a machine and do not have part at the ready for if/when it fails, well, I now feel like if it's a Proform product, it's definitely "WHEN" it fails.

Title of this post is "I'm Heartbroke and Pissed." I'm heartbroke, because before this, every piece of fitness equipment I ever purchased, with the exception of a Weider multi system from Sears, has been from Proform. And over that time, I've had small issues, that I guess, I just gave them the benefit of the doubt and overlooked or swept to the side. But I can Promise Up To The Heavens Above, they have lost me as a Customer with this crap of a purchase. I am HIGHLY upset about this.

I had my wife motivated to start working out for her health, finally looked like I had her enjoying working out those few days on the Treadmill and then to have this happen, to such a large investment. It took something out of her for sure, but this even got to ME. I haven't wanted to work out, because it was just discouraging. We had planned so much on that Treadmill, even purchased a yearly IFIT account. Man, this Hurt Proform, I'm telling you, this hurt!

The thing is too big and cumbersome to be trying to package back up and send it back, else I'd got my damn money back, but at this point I just want it fixed and then, my remedy is to never buy ANYTHING, not even a pair of freakin Proform Gloves, if they make me, ever again. And to tell all my Social Media friends and followers the same thing, family, the same thing. Anyone who asks me for recommendations, it won't be Proform. Matter fact, if it's another company that even has PRO in "their" damn name, I won't recommend them. Shame on yall Proform. Crappy Parts, Crappy Service. Crappy Rectifying Times. Proform = Crap! in "MY" opinion now.

We bought a ProForm 995i treadmill less than a year ago. It became apparent to us immediately it was cheaply made. Within eight months the console died. When I contacted customer support, since it was under warranty, my request was dealt with swiftly. However, after ordering the part it took more than 10 days to ship a replacement, and five days later I'm still waiting for it to show up. No reason I should have to wait over two weeks for it. When I tried contact customer support I received no responses. Absolute failure -- both in product and service.

ProForm customer care and service are real bad. The machine isn't so good either. I cannot describe how bad in a word since it's just horrible. Never had a experience like this. I should have not bought this mediocre product from the beginning. My treadmill were delivered by unskillful 2 young men with pants down halfway to their knee (I had to pay $300 extra for it) and was not installed properly from day 1. Even my machine was under the warranty, the customer care to take care of the issue was a bad horrifying experience itself. Just make me imagine how I would be treated if it was out of warranty. It's been almost a year and I still haven't had a repair yet. Do not waste your money with this company. They just don't care about you other than selling you a machine.

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We ordered a $3k treadmill from ProForm. It was not delivered when promised and there was no communication from the company about the delay. Instead, we had to badger them multiple times over 2 months in order to have the treadmill we paid for shipped to us. We paid an extra $99 during the initial order process to have the treadmill delivered and installed into our home. Instead, the 500lb+ unit was dropped on our porch a day earlier than our pre-arranged Saturday delivery window. The enormous box was positioned to block our front door and the porch was badly damaged during the delivery process.

The ProForm customer service agents via chat and phone offered zero help on Friday afternoon and the company's service center was closed the rest of the weekend. We had to pay a moving company an additional $265 to move the treadmill from blocking our door and into the house. We're still trying to get a refund of the $100 and $265, but have consistently been given phone numbers by web chat agents that aren't answered or are wrong numbers. We submitted email complaints that continue to go unanswered. DO NOT BUY FROM PROFORM. This is the worst service I have ever experienced.

I ordered this treadmill (ProForm 400i) on a Saturday night online. The next day my husband and I decided to cancel the order and purchase one in a store. Tried to call, could not get through. Decided to e-mail ProForm and cancel. This is Monday afternoon - was told via e-mail all cancellations had to be handled by phone. Started calling again on Tues am and was on hold TWICE for over an hour just trying to cancel. Was told treadmill was already on a truck - when I ordered it said 3 to 6 weeks. We decided we would keep it - received it about 2 weeks later. Husband put it together - (he is an engineer so he knows how to put stuff together). Everything worked fine except the INCLINE - it would not move over an inch. Husband started calling customer service, put on hold for a total of 2 hours over several different attempts to talk to anybody. Finally got a technician - said it was the motor or the incline. They would send one.

Receive it, took treadmill apart and replaced the motor. Incline still would not work. Started calling again - on hold several times and got another technician, he said "it must be the wiring harness." They would send one. We are in this for a month now - today the wiring harness arrived - husband replaced it. No change - incline still does not work. Called a new number that "Lindsay" from ProForm had left on our answering machine (probably since we have reported all of this to Better Business Bureau). Called that number and he was put on hold again!!! Finally got a representative who could not help - husband told them we were sold a defective treadmill and wanted our money back. In order to do that we have to pay $150.00 shipping and $60.00 restocking fee. This the worst company I have ever dealt with. I will never buy another ProForm anything and I encourage others not to as well! The worst customer service.

Highly disappointed with Pro-Form. I've been training to run a marathon and because of the weather, I finally decided to get a treadmill. I made the purchase on 02/18/16 (Boston Marathon 4.0 $3,000, you would think they would want to keep these types of customers). Everything went well with the assistance of the live chat rep and I was told that I would receive my order in 2 wks. Never was I informed that the treadmill was out of stock, on the web-page, by the live chat rep that assisted me with the order, or by email. Two weeks later, I contacted them to find out what was the status of the treadmill. That's when I found out that the product had not shipped and was out of order. But no worries, I was reassured by the customer representative that it was already in the process of shipping and that it would ship the next day at the latest.

Again and again I contacted them because the product had not shipped, with the same outcome. They were expecting a shipment on Sunday and the product would ship out on Monday. Today is Thursday, 3/10/16, and I contacted them again because again my product has still not shipped. Once they do end up shipping, it will take another 2 weeks to arrive at location. But yeah, thought I'd contacted them. Guess what I was told again? "Yes, tomorrow it should ship out." At this point I am considering calling tomorrow to have the order cancelled and having nothing to do with Pro-Form. Will I ever purchase anything from Pro-Form? Not very likely. Would I recommend Pro-Form to a friend? Not unless they are in absolutely no rush and are okay with waiting like 2 months to receive their product.

I ordered my treadmill on 2/3/16. Ordered the white glove delivery service. They delivered on 2/13/16, and the product was damaged. I was on hold with customer service for an hour and 30 minutes to get this corrected. Yes, you read that correctly. So I am not confident that this is going to go well. 12 days and I still don't have my treadmill.

Placed an order on December 25, 2015 for a ProForm 2000 treadmill. When ordering the treadmill I was give a code for a free work out mat. I received the treadmill but not the mat. On January 27, 2016 I spoke to Aaron from customer service and he informed me I was not entitled to it. I am very displeased with the company.

I ordered Boston Marathon 4.0 treadmill over the phone on 11/27/2015 and I was told by the representative that I'll get the shipment delivered within 1-2 weeks. Despite repetitive follow ups with them, I don't have a clue on my shipment as of 12/20/2015. They never responded to my inquiries and when I spoke to one of their sales representative I was told that I'll get an email when it gets shipped to me. I am so disappointed and planning to cancel this order if I don't get it before Xmas.

October 10, 2015, I purchased a ProForm 1850 treadmill from the Treadmill Outlet in Redwood City, CA. The purchase price was $1785, which included setup and removal of cartage. The salesman at Treadmill Outlet stressed several times, not to contact them should problems arise. It was a red flag I missed. The treadmill was delivered and setup 10/20/15. I tested and examined the machine with the technician, and found it functioning fine. Second red flag, the owner’s documents contained more information about purchasing an extended warranty, then there was about how to use the treadmill. I registered the machine, without purchasing an extended warranty package. I figured I would to do so, near end of the one year warranty. I used the treadmill 3 days without issue.

On the fourth day, the treadmill software failed to activate the machine. I rang customer support, and waited on hold for approximately 35 minutes before the call was connected to Tech Support. The on-line support tech had me disconnect the power, disconnect the safety key, turn the machine on and off several times to no avail. This was about a 40-minute process, because the tech had to research possible causes. Long story short, apparently my 4-day old machine had a software bug. A week later I received a program chip, with instructions to remove the console to install it. I have disassembled the upper portion of the machine, but the console won't release. I contacted Customer Care again, waited again 30+ minutes before the call connected. Only to be told, to do what I've already done.

Had I researched the ProForm 1850, I would not have purchased it. Now knowing it contained an android computer, which is so embedded in the console, the treadmill has to be disassembled to replace the software. This is a very poor design and is likely the reason the price was so discounted. I have a new a treadmill I can't use, and was told by ProForm to contact Treadmill Outlet to return the machine. Yet I've had no success in connecting with Treadmill Outlet to discuss a return.

Will never purchase another ProForm again! Spent $1200 on a treadmill and an elliptical about 14 months ago. Spent maybe 30 hours on each. There is not a tech support number for ProForm. After 5 calls and a wasted 3 hours, somebody finally answered. They referred to me to a different number. Two hours on hold, somebody finally answered. $159.00 to have someone "investigate" the problem. Very frustrated.

We purchased a ProForm Treadmill (600c) a little over 2 years ago. Within 6 months the main board went out. ICON replaced that and everything was working. About 9 months ago, the entire treadmill stopped working. After contacting the company and having the service department tell me to basically take the entire treadmill apart, the service tech came to the conclusion that the safety switch was defective. We have never moved the treadmill, use it for walking and have done all the maintenance for it. I feel that if something is defective and is not at fault of the purchaser, the company should replace it free of charge. I will never purchase another product from ICON and highly recommend no one else purchase a product that doesn't stand by it.

Purchased Epic 42T treadmill in April 2013, by Feb 2015 having issues with mechanism to raise the height of display. Multiple visits by tech, who no fault of his own, has tried every imaginable logical fix but the machine has gotten worse each visit where now it is unsafe to use. Company just wants to send yet another repair company out instead of replacing the machine. Needless to say hours of wasted time waiting for technician, taking time off work & sitting on hr long holds with customer service and going into the winter with an expensive POS sitting unusable in the basement. Time to stand behind your product with more than selecting another technician and asking the customer to be the one to follow up on your "suggested" fix.

Our company purchased a treadmill ProForm ZT8 last September 2014 and so it was time to update the warranty. I called the company and they stated that because this was not my own personal equipment that they cannot give us a extended warranty on the treadmill. I indicated that this was not told to us when I purchased the equipment. The lady that answered the call stated that the company may not have known. This is some shaky business to say the least! Notwithstanding that this was the 2nd machine that we had to get because the first one the frame was broke, the legs was wobbling and the arms wasn't tighten on the equipment. As a federal agency we will not recommend anything else to be purchased by ProForm.

I purchased a PROFORM 505 model treadmill in December of 2014. It worked great for three months but some of the buttons on the console stopped working. I contacted customer service and after some troubleshooting they determined I needed a new console. The new console was covered by my 12 month warranty and retails for $288. The problem I had was they expected me to install it. I asked if a technician could come out and install it and they said "No. Technicians only fix things and installing a new console is not considered fixing something because you are simply installing it." That sounded crazy but ok. So the new console comes in and I have a friend who is much more mechanically inclined install it. The console worked for about a month and the exact same problem happened again. Many of the buttons stopped working. I called the customer service again and got various answers.

Finally they agreed to send out a technician and he came out and after about 15 minutes declared I needed a new console. So I ordered yet another console. Determined to learn how to put in a new console by myself I spent four hours and finally got it out only to determine if I had known what I was doing it would have taken 15 minutes but the manual was useless. So I then hooked the console back up and to my surprise the belt would not start. I am hoping that the third console will fix all issues but if not then I guess I am back to square one. Customer service is not good and my biggest problem with the company is that asking customers to have to tear apart their treadmill and install parts themselves when the treadmill is under warranty is not acceptable. They also refuse to want to address the root cause of the problem. Their answer to me was "We will just keep sending you new consoles, one of them is bound to work."

This treadmill is getting closer and closer everyday to going to the trash if I can't get it up and running quickly. At this point I am about done dealing with this treadmill and their customer service and will probably be shopping for a better quality treadmill from an reputable exercise store that has been in business for a while and that does not sub-contract their technicians, does not rely on the customer to make the supposed repairs themselves and that stands by the products they sell. I would avoid buying from this company at all costs after my experience.

I bought my ProForm treadmill online in January 2015, and it was delivered. All was fine, until last week - 6 months later - when the belt was no longer working. I called Customer Service, as it was covered by manufacturer's warranty. I even bought an extended warranty too! But what's the point of a warranty if they aren't willing to come out and repair it?? Instead, they claimed the issue was "general maintenance" and instructed me to go through the manual where they would walk me through the repair, but I have no idea about the process, and after unscrewing 3 of four screws, the last would not come out. I informed them, and they told me to get tools I didn't have. Then, they told me to get my neighbors to help, who I don't know. Why would I let strangers into my house? How safe would that even be? It was ridiculous.

So, I asked the guy, Tanner, to speak with the manager. The manager asked me the same general questions, then put me on hold. Then, they just hung up on me as soon as it turned 8:00 pm, because that was their closing time. They didn't even let me know, or say that they would follow up with me the next day. They just hung up on me! Worst experience ever. Never getting a ProForm product again.

We purchased the ProForm 400 treadmill and assembled it to find the belt doesn't move. There were no topic troubleshooting tips in the manual so we called the number on the front of the manual only to find them closed. I initiated email contact and received a reply 2 days later on a Monday. What progressed was a series of emails from ** asking me to check several things. All these suggestions could have easily been sent in one email instead of the volley of back and forth. Finally I was informed that they would be sending me a new controller board and asked for my shipping address. I provided this on Monday. Tuesday I had no response or updates from ** or ProForm (Icon).

Today I received an email that controller boards are out of stock but they will mail one when they become available. No ETA or ship by date provided. Luckily, our Sports Authority is much more customer friendly and we will be returning our useless piece of equipment to them tomorrow for a full refund. Save your money, time and stress. Purchase another brand.

On Feb 17 I ordered my daughter a Proform 600C treadmill for delivery to her apartment in Boston. In addition to the treadmill I opted for the delivery and "installation" for an extra charge (~$250). For the first scheduled delivery, the third party service Proform contracted with was a no show. Not even a phone call. Then a week later on the second delivery, the unit arrived broken. Then my credit card was charged for the unit by Proform. (on 3/17) But still no unit. Proform said they would ship a new unit. Then 2 weeks later no one including Proform knew where the unit was. It was shipped to the wrong location. I asked if they could expedite delivery or if they would prefer to cancel my order and they happily cancelled my order versus trying to get me the unit. Just an overall bad experience. Maybe I was just unlucky. They do still have my money. I hope the credit comes through.

I bought one top line treadmill and Elliptical from pro form website in December 14. When I purchased the items they informed me 2 weeks to receive the items. After 14 days I contacted them because the items were not shipped yet, it was a hassle to get a hold of anyone and I wasted more than hours on hold. When finally i was able to get an answer I was informed that the elliptical wasn't going to be shipped till end of January cause it was out of stock (They sold something they didn't have in stock and didn't bother to inform me), and the treadmill was shipped in the same day I was able to reach them and I asked them to cancel and they informed that it would be canceled and as soon as they received the item back in the warehouse they would return my money.

They never canceled and I end up receiving the treadmill 3 weeks after I canceled and was forced to keep because didn't want to go through the hassle to send it back and wait to get my money back. The elliptical I bought from a different company and received in 6 business days, no hassle. I will never buy anything else straight from pro form website, please consider your option before they put you through what they put me through.

I placed an order for a treadmill. I have been trying to check the status of the order with no luck. Today, I have now spent an hour trying to contact customer service or anyone. I have tried different phone numbers but end up with the same result--being on hold listening to music, never getting a person and no updates on the status of the call. I have tried email with no response other than an automated acknowledgement of receiving the email.

I have also tried live chat. No luck on any accounts. I have been so excited about getting my treadmill and getting fit. With this experience I am now disappointed and not looking forward to it. I can tell that if I ever even receive the treadmill, that I will have nothing but problems trying to contact the company for any assistance. I would NOT recommend this company to anyone.

I order a treadmill from on December 3rd, 2014. When the delivery came to my apartment office, I realized that it was too big so I requested a change of address (to my house, where I was going to move in couple of days). And that was a big mistake. Since then, I have not received any communication, update or news on my delivery. Their local partners NVC say that they have asked for permission from Icon/Proform for a delivery address change but have not received any updates.

If I try to call Icon/Proform, no one picks the phone (I held the call for 50 minutes once). I just get acknowledgment of mail receipt when I send them mails. Their online form needs a serial number to be entered for any complaints (I have not received the product so don't have it to enter). I am just frustrated with their service and won't recommend this company to anyone. Please check their reviews online and you will find multiple complaints.

The Treadmill itself is fine, just as a standard middle of the road one would be. The bad part is having to deal with ProForm. My console arrived with a cracked display on 03/18. I filled out a ticket with ProForm as requested. I started a ticket tracking conversation with Shari on 03/19, in which they asked for pictures of the damage. I provided the same day and she marked the ticket as 'sent console to cust' and closed the ticket. Then she came back to say that there were no consoles in stock and I would have to wait 6 weeks. I asked if there is any way they could take one out of one in the warehouse, she stated they didn't have any in stock. Odd, considering ProForm's website showed 'In Stock'. I asked her about this several times, finally she replies with 'denied as there was no good consoles in the warehouse'. I asked if they let people buy these online, then tell them they have to wait 6 weeks. She never replied to that.

It's now 04/01 and still no replacement. After 10 days of trying to get her to take action on my behalf, she said there was nothing further she could do and offered me a $25 maintenance kit for my inconvenience. Then tagged her entry with an advertisement to buy more ProForm items. Unbelievable. I won't say do not buy a ProForm item, but know that you'll be buying from a place that has worse customer service than I've seen in third world countries.

On January 28th I ordered a Proform Performance 600 C Treadmill. It took 2+ weeks to finally receive the treadmill. When I received the treadmill, it was badly damaged. Most of the plastic housing had been completely destroyed. I contacted Proform customer support. They asked me to tell them which parts were destroyed. I did and they ordered me replacement parts. The Order Date for the replacement parts was Feb. 17, 2014. The part 349793 - HOOD, FRONT, ARPS was out of stock and they told me they would send it when it was available. This was well over 1 month ago and still it is not in stock. Still I have not received the part.

I have contacted them several times repeatedly and they can't even tell when or even if the part I need will ever be available. 2 months now and I've never even used the treadmill once. I don't even know if when I finally can fully assemble the machine that it will work. They are also outright liars. The parts that I needed to replace, I was told would come off and go on seamlessly with a screw driver. Nothing could be farther than the truth. One of the damaged pieces was the belly pan, through which many wiring harnessed were attached or ran through. I had to completely unwire the main circuit board and rewire it back again after attaching the belly pan. The belly pan also had the frame and hinge unit pass through it, so to remove and attach the new pan, I had to dissemble the two main frame pieces at the hinge.

Nothing about the replacement of the parts was easy or seamless at all. I will NEVER purchase another Proform piece of equipment for as long as I live and will do everything in my ability to prevent others from purchasing their products. You would have to be an outright fool to read the list of complaints and then order from them. That is my only regret in this whole thing is that I neglected to first research this company. If I had, there is no way I would have ordered from them.

I have a Proform 1450 with a damaged LCD screen. I contacted the Proform for a replacement LCD. I was informed that I would have to purchase the entire panel module at a cost of $2,038.78. The treadmill new cost us $1,500. When I questioned the customer service rep, the response was that the modules were quite expensive to produce. So let me get this straight. Each treadmill has a module that costs $2,038.78, yet the company sells the entire unit for $1,500 for a profit? It sounds like catch 22 to me. All I know is that buyer beware. Do not purchase equipment from this company.

On 10/18/2012, I purchased a treadmill from I also purchased the 4-year coverage for a total of $1607.95. When it arrived, the box was torn very badly so I wrote on the shipper invoice that it looked like it could be damaged. I accepted it anyway. Three days later, I had 2 friends stop by to help me assemble it. When we were calibrating, we could hear loud noises during the incline. We also noticed the base underneath was cracked on both sides. I called Customer Service and they helped me identify which part I needed. We ordered the part and I mentioned I would not be able to change the base unit myself. They sent the base unit and they said a technician would call me. The part arrived in a few days. About a week went by and I heard nothing. I called Customer Service and mentioned that. The technician called the next day and a week later they came to my house at 7:30 am.

When they arrived, upon inspection, they told me the frame was bent and it could not be repaired. I still have the new base unit that was not replaced in the box. I called Customer Service every 4 or 5 days and they keep telling me a Nicky was going to call me. This has been going on now for 4 weeks. I have been checking my voice mail 2 times a day for her message to call her back. She has never called. The tech said I could still use it but I am afraid I could get hurt on it. I would like to get this out of my house. I am so frustrated with Proform/Icon Customer Service that I do not want to do business with them any longer. They won't call me back to refund my purchase. I called my credit card company and the Utah BBB for a formal complaint. A lawyer would cost 5 times what I paid so that is not an option. Any advice?

There is lack of information on the product. First, you have to be Einstein to assemble; the manual of the product is not near the end of shipping carton as stated on the carton itself. It did not say on HSN you have to be Einstein or you will need technicians for assembly. Also, if you want technicians for assembly, additional cost of approximately $179.00 is required. Also, the model we could not find on Treadmill Reviews; the model is Pro-Form 8.5 Personal Fitness Trainer, Model No. PFTL78807.1. We have to leave it where it is; all packaging included, the treadmill is on our living room; only 1 driver delivered; for free shipping; weight is listed at 220 lbs. We were not informed by HSN on that also.

On 11/20/2006, I purchased a treadmill, Proform 755 Crosstrainer, model PFTL79506.0 directly from the merchant at The terms were that the equipment would be billed over a 4-month period and would be automatically billed to my credit card. The first amount was charged on my card before I received the equipment which was to be shipped within 7 days. The shipment was not delivered until December 2nd. When I did finally receive the equipment, I opened the box and the machine frame was broken.

I immediately tried to contact customer service by going online and submitting a customer service request. I received an automated response indicating someone would contact me within 1-2 business days. By Tuesday, December 5th, I had not yet heard from anyone. I called their 800 # above and was placed on hold. A continuous message indicated that if I wished to not wait and have someone call me back, press one and leave my call back information. I did not wish to do this and preferred to hold.

Within about 3 minutes, I was automatically transferred to an individual who told me they would take my name and have someone call me back. I told them I would hold; they would not let me. I gave my name and number and no one called me back until 9:00 pm EST, when I was sleeping. I missed the call. The next day, Wednesday the 6th, I again tried to call customer service and went through the same exercise as the day before. I explained to the individual that I had already submitted an email request for service, as well, tried yesterday and no one returned my call until it was too late and I requested at that time that someone call me back within 2 hours because I could not take a call after that as I would be in meetings all day.

Someone called me back 4 hours later and I could not take the call. When I returned home from work, I submitted yet another request for a customer service call on the merchant's website. I again called the customer service line and was once again put automatically into a queue requesting my name and number for someone to call back. When I finally received a call from someone the morning of Thursday, 12/7/06, I was told they could not help me and I had to call another number. When I called the other number, I was given instructions on how to send back their defective merchandise. I was told that until they received back the merchandise, they were not going to refund the initial credit card payment they received.

It has been an extremely frustrating experience to deal with this company's customer service. I find it disturbing that a company should be allowed to receive payment for merchandise that is broken. The fact that (a) it took 6 days to finally speak with someone only to be told they could not do anything; and (b) they charged my card prior to me receiving any merchandise without and when I did receive it, it was broken, is simply a bad way to do business and I would not recommend this company to anyone. Furthermore, I think that consumers should know how terrible this experience has been. I have informed the company I would be submitting a complaint with consumer affairs.

I purchased a Proform Treadmill at Dec 2005. It stopped working at Mar 2006. I started to contact Proform customer service for warranty service. From Mar 2006 to Aug 2006, they had sent me different parts want ed me or the service technician to replace. The srevice technician visited my home 4 or 5 times and still couldn't fix it. The service technicial think I am qualified to get a new one for replacement and sent a report to Proform.

The customer service doesn't agree to send a new one to replace and insist to send in parts for me to replace. This time, they guess it's the motor that is having problem. So they send in a motor want me to replace by myself, claiming that motor only has 90 days warranty and it's been over that period. They cannot send a technician over to fix it.

Well, I think they are simply executing a strategy trying to drag on the issue as long as possible so they eventually can claim this machine is out of warranty.

After hearing I am in one year warranty period and also purchased two years extended warranty, they start to try hard to encourage me to contact the service company that covers the two years warranty to service me.

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ProForm has been engineering fitness equipment for over 30 years. Their treadmills are designed for both gym and home use, with prices starting at $999. ProForm has a treadmill for every level of runner.

  • Pro series: ProForm’s Pro series treadmills have extra cushioning and professional-grade construction, making them ideal for elite and avid runners. The Pro 9000 is a gym-quality treadmill that is designed for home use. It is iFit enabled and has a 4.25 HP commercial grade motor, along with other features.
  • Premier series: The Premier series provides current fitness technology for avid runners at a lower cost than Pro series treadmills. Features include an adjustable tablet holder, iFit enabled touchscreen and 3.0-3.5 CHP motor.
  • Sport series: The Sport series offers a budget-friendly treadmill for walkers and recreational runners. Features include iFit Bluetooth capabilities and a 2.0-2.5 CHP motor.
  • Boston series: ProForm’s Boston series treadmills are designed with the Boston marathon in mind, with features such as automatic incline/decline adjustment, speeds up to 15 miles per hour and footage from the Boston marathon to help you train for the event.
  • 30-day free trial: Try your ProForm treadmill at home for 30 days. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, return it and only pay the cost of return shipping and a 10 percent restocking fee.
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