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As a home health care provider, Preferred Home Health Care offers most of the rehabilitative and care services you would find in a hospital setting.

  • Arrange physical therapy at home: Besides their home health services, they also offer physical, occupational and mental health therapy in the home.
  • Skilled nursing services available: Those that need medical attention at home can arrange for an RN or LPN to provide attention at home.
  • Medicare and Medicaid certified: As a certified company, these public assistance programs may help cover the costs associated with in home care.
  • Talk to a social worker: Social workers help seniors maintain their quality of life and minimize their expenses. Find out how to maximize your benefits.
  • Find the right home health aide: This company prioritizes competence and character and chemistry, helping you to find an aide you trust and enjoy having in your home.
  • Best for Primary caregivers, elderly individuals, persons with dementia, persons with a disability, accident victims and terminal patients.

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Preferred Home Health Care
Preferred Home Health Care 45 Main Street (Highway 35)
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