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I'm going to be fair. I emailed the online form re Orchid website 8 days ago. Guaranteed 24 hour turnaround. 2 days went by. I called counselor who was very nice. He would check insurance and get back to me. NEVER DID. Today followed up and was hung up on. DON'T GO.

Satisfaction Rating

As a professional substance abuse therapist, I had great hopes for this facility as the website is beautiful. However, when my aunt entered for detox and rehab, it was not as pictured or described. The therapist (**) was verbally abusive and humiliated my aunt in front of other people. She was only a student intern. I made numerous attempts to reach out to the CEO, clinical director and the therapist. However, after much trouble, the therapist finally called me back. During the phone call, she was inappropriate, unprofessional, and just angry.

In addition, I found out later, that my aunt was in the ER with chest pain, high blood pressure 180/105, before I spoke to the therapist on the phone. The agency or therapist did not inform me (or my uncle, her husband). So my aunt just left to go to the ER and the therapist told my uncle that we didn't need to know because my aunt already "ruined" our lives. Outrageous. I'm shocked & appalled.


I have a full time job and normally would never take the time to write out a consumer complaint. However, after being so horrendously ripped off and scammed by The Orchid Recovery Center in Palm Springs Florida, I feel it is my civil duty to share my story. I would never even be writing this in the first place if they weren't such blatant crooks, especially since I had found several other posts on the web from other women who were abused at their treatment facility on **, etc.

The voices of the complaints and horror stories shared by the other women online gave me more than enough comfort that another unsuspecting young women looking for drug and alcohol treatment wont get tricked into their program with their fancy website, complete and total lies about the treatment plan and total disregard for patient confidentiality (to name a few of offenses commonly practiced by the staff at The Orchid Recovery Center). However, I realized just how deceitful the information on the internet can be... since reading those reviews (which I will back up 1000%); I noticed that The Orchid is doing some type of "reputation management" of their name. This just proves how incredibly shady these people are!!! They set up a bunch a fake review type websites with their name in the URL and posted fake information (basically spam) about their drug and alcohol program and recovery center. These sites are all of the sudden on the front page of Google when you type in their name, the orchid recovery center, and it is blatantly obvious that these sites are total Dogpoop!!! They have zero information, or actually review.

Ladies, PLEASE, I beg you to save you money and more importantly I beg you to save yourself from enduring the absolute torture this program provides. Perhaps it works for some, I saw multiple people get kicked out and leave within minutes of arrival and there IS NO REFUND!!! They really just care about getting you out, so they can get the next person in, or keeping you in and locking you in to secure their $60K.

Drug addiction was one of the hardest things I ever had to face, and I am proud to say I was able to do it with a DIFFERENT PROGRAM. I am not here to endorse anything, but rather provide the truth and my HONEST experience of what happened at that awful place. Please feel free to email me directly at **.

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Orchid Recovery is a women-only rehab center that focuses on biological and societal causes of substance abuse issues.

  • Holistic approach considers hormonal issues and self esteem: This program offers diet, nutrition and general women’s health education as well as counseling and therapy to aid self-esteem.
  • Offers sober living and transitional services just for women: Transitional services are aimed at helping women overcome social pressures to conform to certain expectations that might trigger relapse.
  • Offers many alternative treatments: Patients may be exposed to psychodrama, meditation and other treatment modalities not commonly used in traditional medicine.
  • Only certain people qualify: Obviously, men are not able to attend this program, and transgender women may not be accepted or feel comfortable.
  • Only one facility: Many women may not have the resources to travel to this facility.
  • Best for Women who want to get sober.

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Orchid Recovery Center
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