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First, I was an employee with this company. I was told to pitch all natural, customizable meals, and at a price of about $7 a meal with a referral code. After 3 months of dedication and work, I stopped getting my residual commission. They started charging all customers $11 a meal, and no one would return my phone call nor did any of my old customers' call either. The last time I went to the site where they told me they "owned" the building, I arrived at a catering company's building that looked like they've never heard of Nutrafit meals. Don't buy their meals! They will rip you off!


On 03/17/10 I signed a contract with Nutrafit for 10 weeks of meal deliveries - at 6 meals per week (60 meals), for a cost of $555.00. The agreement authorized Nutrafit to charge my account automatically every 10 weeks for the $555.00 due.

On 11/15/10, during the 7th week of a payment made on 09/03/10, Nutrafit said they needed another payment and that I was in week 10. I refused it and checked my records only to realize that they had also overcharged me twice during the year by deducting the $555.00 from my account prior to the 10 week period - as listed below:

03/17/10 - Initial payment for 10 weeks of meals
05/14/10 - charged $555.00 (after only 8 weeks)
06/21/10 - charged $555.00 (after only 3 weeks)
09/03/10 - charged $555.00 (after 10 weeks)

11/15/10 - wanted to charge $555.00 (after only 7 weeks)

I have been trying many times, by phone and fax - On 12/04/10 another fax was sent referring to a telecom with "Mike" who assured me that they just needed. A few days to verify my account and he would call me. After many more times, I realize that they were just ignoring me totally and still are today. I believe that they are hoping I will just forget it and go away, but I have bank statements for the charges, an Excel file on the meal delivery record, and a simple calendar. They would not be able to show otherwise since I signed the menu for each week as a receipt to them. They simply won’t have any signatures after 11/05/10.

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