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I purchased a Commercial 2450 Treadmill, extended warranty, IFIT, and white glove delivery. I took a day off to receive the treadmill, moved all of the furniture, and moved the old treadmill out of the room, only to have to put it all back, because the delivery company they use failed to bring enough people to make the delivery. I rescheduled for the following week, but this time, they simply failed to show up. I spoke with NordicTrack customer service on both occasions and they either apologized or promised me they would fix everything and I would get my treadmill.

After waiting 4 hours, then an additional 4 hours, I decided to cancel the order. I could only imagine how great the service would be down the road if I had the treadmill and there was a problem. At any rate, I asked to be compensated for the second day I had to take off work, but I was denied by two different customer service agents. I paid for a product and realized that I would need to take a day off to accept delivery. But not sure why I would have to take a second day, at my expense, to receive a delivery I did not get. So, I was refunded the cost of the treadmill, but not the additional time I had to use.

NT Commercial 1750 x 8 months. $1500. I had to assemble it with excellent written instructions. Exercise daily for 45 min at 3 mph. Loud clicking noises. Pleasant Customer Service listened over phone & diagnosed ball bearings out in drive motor. Immediately sent me a new drive motor with generic (not specific to my model) treadmill video on how to install drive motor. No cost to me. Took me 4 hours with lifting help by my husband. Works like new. Was surprised that

1. Motor's ball bearings failed so quickly. 2. I had to do the repair myself. Customer Service was pleasant & responsive. Did do the phone survey after call. I want potential NordicTrack customers to know that equipment is warrantied but you may have to do repairs yourself.

Purchased treadmill on April 8, 2016. While assembling the unit the pulse crossbar broke. I immediately called NordicTrack and ordered a new part. He told me they were back ordered and it might be a couple weeks for shipment. I waited a couple weeks and called again and the part was still back ordered. I waited another week and called again and the part was still back ordered. On 5/2/16 my husband and I both spoke to customer service and were told that the shipment was expected within about three business days and we should have it in about 7 or 8 business days. We received an email confirming that information. When I checked the part status online on 5/4/16 the status had changed to shipped. A phone call to the NordicTrack automated system confirmed that it had shipped on 5/3/16.

On 5/10/16 I called NordicTrack and asked for a tracking number so I could follow the progress of this part. The representative said she would email it to me. I received the e-mail on 5/11/16 but UPS does not recognize that number. I called on 5/12/16 and the representative agreed the tracking number was not accurate but shipping time is 7 to 10 business days. He said the parts manager was gone for the day and I should call the next morning. I called the morning of 5/13/16 and asked for a supervisor. Supervisor was not available so that representative said she could help me. After giving her the whole story she also said it is 7 to 10 business days for shipping. 5/16/16 is day 10. The mail has arrived and there is still no part. Called again at 4:35 and asked to speak with a supervisor.

The representative said that there was only one supervisor there and that supervisor was busy with other customers and that they would be closing in one minute (4:36?). My husband encouraged me to not hang up until I got to talk to a supervisor and the representative kept saying that wasn't possible. My husband took the phone from me and spent at least 10 minutes trying to convince him that he should let him speak with a supervisor. After this the representative again said they were closing in one minute. The conversation got heated and eventually the representative hung up. I then went to Facebook and sent a message.

5/17/16: I received a message from NordicTrack via Facebook that a representative was looking into the issue. After several messages back and forth the representative advised me that the part was sent to the wrong address. During this whole unfortunate saga no address but the correct one has ever been used and the address is correct on the original order.

5/18/16: The representative advised me through Facebook that the part has been reordered. Part finally received within two days of shipping. I have used the treadmill for a month and so far am happy with the unit. After all the bad reviews I have heard about NordicTrack's honoring of the extended warranty, I fear at some point I will have the misfortune of talking to customer service again. I do not look forward to that.

We purchased a treadmill and had issues with it (as well as 2 replacements of the computer board) for a full year. NordicTrack would NOT offer a refund no matter what. It was only when the Treadmill Doctor contacted the company on our behalf that NordicTrack sent an elliptical (which we didn't want, but we were done with trying their treadmills). THEN, they wouldn't honor the 5-year extended warranty we had purchased for the treadmill. They failed to tell us this, and so we only found out when we tried to use it. They refunded us $12 which was a slap in the face. The delivery people said we should have gotten a Sole when they brought our first machine. They were right. BUY A SOLE.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH NORDICTRACK. Ordered the treadmill 1650 C, took 3 weeks to get it and get it installed. It arrived with a dead motor. The motors are on back order so they had to strip one from another machine. They shipped that motor and it arrived cracked. Waited a week for a tech to come out to confirm that it wouldn't work. They put in another strip request 2 weeks ago and they cannot expedite it or give me a status. In order to return it, I have to disassemble it and carry it upstairs after I paid 250 for the install and delivery. Support couldn't care less that you will return it. Just absolutely the worst purchase and experience I've ever had. If I save one person from making the mistake of dealing with this company, I will be happy.

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NordicTrack X11i Treadmill and Poor - Nonexistent Service. Purchased in early February. Unpacked carefully. Under the treadmill in the box was a loose nut and bolt. The treadmill display had a gouge on the top left. I sent in a request for repair since this was an expensive machine with photos. It took weeks to get a proper response. Apparently they can not receive pictures - each time I started over with apparently someone who was not familiar with my initial issue. Eventually I was told to "look on the machine and see if you are missing a nut and bolt", otherwise it was probably just extra floating around in the box. Then they asked me to identify the piece that's damaged from the owner's manual. It took so long to get this response, which is probably their intent, that I am having trouble locating the manual. Since then, the display starting flickering. The picture on the monitor when running went from color, to black and white, to an almost negative image.

The next issue was that would stop tracking the progress of the run. Then it turned into a screen of all lines and no image at all. Could not even run on it manually since the speed control wouldn't work. I was able to use the +/- button on the speed but you could not tell how fast you are running or time or distance. I purchased the extended warranty since I assumed this was going to be a machine that would last a long time and get a lot of use. I sent in a repair request on April 24th to which I received an automated response - nothing else. On April 26th I sent in a nasty-gram to customer service to which I received nothing - no automated response - nada. So what I have is a machine that I spent $2600 with tax plus the warranty and two years of iFit that I can't use. Needless to say TOTALLY unhappy with this experience.

Updated 5/26/2016 - NOTHING has been repaired. The console they told me was reserved for me and would be shipped out when I provided my shipping address, which I did within 24 hours, never arrived and apparently did not exist. 9 days later I contacted them again, guess what, no console available, no clue when they would be in. Agents don't care. I have a dispute filed with the BBB and requested information for legal action. I requested that they refund my money and take the treadmill back.

The rep ** told me it was past the time limit to return and there was no one that I could speak with that would change it. When it takes weeks to get a response and now going to months, it's no wonder it's past their time frame. This treadmill was purchased in early February and totally useless by the end of April. I am glad to see that over 4000 people have seen my original review. I would hate to see someone else end up in the same boat.

DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH NORDICTRACK. I order my new treadmill on March 26th and it is April 20th and I'm still waiting. My first payment is due and I have nothing. I called the customer service to cancel and they informed me that it would be 199 dollars restocking fee, restocking what??? I have never seen the treadmill. I called the transportation company and it has not been scheduled for delivery yet, they're not sure when. So I have Money due, no treadmill, no date for delivery. I called back to cancel and the person on the other end told me that she was and I put this in her words "tell me how this was going to work, I would pay the 199 dollars and that was the end of it." REALLY. Who do they think they are? Can the Better Business people not do something? This is crazy. Please do not, DO NOT buy anything from these people. RUN the other way.

I purchased a NordicTrack C800 treadmill from Sears in Swansea, MA, about 11 months ago. I like the brand and trusted the warranty info: 1 year on labor, 2 years on parts. The treadmill started slowing down and making a clicking sound. I called ICON repair and was instructed to remove motor cover which I did. It was determined that I needed a new motor which is not available and no estimate on when it will be. Secondly, they will not send a technician to install it!! They are expecting me to watch a 2 minute video and install the motor myself, even though I'm still under labor warranty. This is unacceptable!! Under the warranty terms it mentions "at the company's discretion" they will warranty labor. So when would they ever send a technician if not to replace a motor? I am disgusted with this company and with Sears for selling their products with this misleading warranty!

I was thrilled on January 16th when I finally decided to purchase the NordicTrack C990. It was more than I would have considered spending on a treadmill but I felt that the company has been producing these for years perhaps they have it right. Well I was completely wrong. I waited a month and the tracking info that I received said that it was waiting for transfer, and it never changed. I called and they said that it was damaged and they would send another one out. In the meantime I checked my credit card statement and they charged me twice. So I was billed for 2 and never received any.

Wait it gets worse. So I waited another month... Yes a month and finally called again to find out that it was never sent out. Yes I waited a total of 4 months and never received the treadmill. So when I asked them if they could give me a discount and assure me that they would send it out, they said no. This company has the worse customer service I have ever experienced. Take my advice and steer clear of them. 4 months and no treadmill... What a joke of a company.

I was so stoked about getting this treadmill. We have been considering it for over a year, and finally, bought it. That's when the nightmare began. First of all, we were supposed to get it in 2 weeks, but, it turned into almost a month. When the delivery company finally delivered, I was at work, but my son was home. They put it together, and left. When my fiance and I got home, we did a quick look over of the machine, and my fiance started it and walked for about 5 minutes. I was too exhausted from work, so I didn't try it that night (Thursday). So, I had off Saturday, and had decided to get a good workout in. I setup my Bluetooth on my tv and played my music.

I was ready. I got on the machine, started to walk and notice it was dirty, had scratches, and the screen had what looked be deterioration on the top. Me being observant and a complete germaphobe, I stopped the machine, and did a full inspection. Needless to say, I found it quite disgusting and troubling that the machine looked very used. The NordicTrack logo on the side was worn, it had all the signs that we weren't the original users of this 3000 dollar machine. I was frigging livid. I called NordicTrack, and explained what was going on, and was asked if I wanted to get replacement parts for the ones that seemed used. REALLY??! UMMM, no. I purchased a NEW machine, not one that someone probably disassembled from their home, or one that was sent back from another dissatisfied customer.

Needless to say, I've been on the phone for as long as 30 minutes waiting for customer service. I've disputed the transaction, and had them get it out of my home. How disgusting NordicTrack. I have no trust in this company. If you're smart, you will stay far away from this company. They don't care, it's all about a sale, then they try to trap you. But, it was not going to be me. I got it Thursday, noticed it was used Saturday, and had it out 2 weeks later. Didn't even use it for gp, until they picked it up. Someone's sweat, and germs, were all over it. I felt so dirty. Screw you NordicTrack, SCREW YOU.

NordicTrack delivered Treadmill with the dent/chip off on belt. Even after informing with pictures within 30 days, no replacement is provided still. They demand me of assembling it first and repairing the belt on a brand new, unused product which is unacceptable. They keep saying there is no problem for replacement, but are fine for repair of belt on unused not completely unboxed product.

Commercial 1750 treadmill - Purchased this treadmill in December and it was paid in full along with an extended warranty. Total amount they received from me $1,700. Two months later the computer froze up and treadmill stopped working. I called and was told I need a mini sd card, which was on backorder. My husband saw that somebody had the same problem and they needed a new console so I called them right back and asked about that and they said "oh no the mini sd card will fix it." A week and a half later I finally received the sd card and it did nothing. Called them again and now I need a new console and shockingly it's on backorder. This must be their go to line. Three weeks later I call and get the same response, it is on backorder and they hope it will be in soon. I will never ever purchase or recommend NordicTrack to another person. Their customer service stinks. They all but laugh at you because they got your money so what are you going to do.

I ordered a 2950 commercial grade treadmill directly from NordicTrack, On delivery day it didn't show up. No one called to say that the delivery would even be late. My wife & I called several times (4-5 times) that day. NordicTrack does not answer their phones, once they have your money. We tried calling both NordicTrack & their shipping partner. Once we finally made it through to a representative (57 mins. on hold), they had no idea what was going on. We were told that they would contact the driver, and call us back (LOL).

Needless to say we have yet to get a call back (3 days later) from either NordicTrack or their shipping partner. In total, we have called 12 to 14 times with no resolution. Each time we call, we are on hold for a minimum of 40 minutes each time. If you are looking for any kind of "customer service", look elsewhere. This company can't seem to even provide poor customer service!!! Learn from my HORRIBLE experience, DO NOT even consider doing business with this company!!!

I bought this treadmill on 1/13/13. Order # **. I first had an issue in December of 2013, with the piece that goes across the front of the console (where the emergency stop button/clip is). It stopped working, and because the treadmill was still mostly functional, I did not call until 4/17/14. At that time I was told that the particular part that I was needing to replace was no longer manufactured. Although I was not happy with this since the treadmill was only just over a year old, I could still use the treadmill. That being said, it's ridiculous that a new treadmill does not have repair/replacement parts. Just recently, the console stopped working as well - the touch screen no longer works, and the only speed that the treadmill starts at is 1.0 MPH, which definitely does not lead to a robust workout of any kind.

Also, since the touchscreen does not work, the incline does not work as well. I called today, and was informed that this piece is also no longer available as a replacement part. So now, barely three years into owning the treadmill, I am left with a useless piece of equipment, with no repair options. We paid $2,603.45 when the treadmill was purchased, and now it is useless. The customer service agent offered me a 5% discount on a piece of new equipment. SERIOUSLY?? Is this the best you can do? How can you not support equipment within a 1-3 year period from the date of purchase? Also, this exact model is still available on your website, although it is confusing because it indicates that it is both in stock and out of stock. How can you, in good faith, continue to sell this model with no repair parts available?

This is extremely disappointing and while I am upset with my own situation and lack of a solution, it really bothers me that you continue to sell this model to other unsuspecting consumers, who I am sure will encounter similar issues and be left with a useless machine. What I would like is a replacement (since the parts are no longer available, and I would have happily paid to fix the treadmill), or a substantial discount on a new machine. I have used the machine an average of two to three times per week since I bought it (I weigh 155), and I would assume that is well below what is considered normal wear and tear.

Very disappointed with NordicTrack. Placed an order for a part 15 days ago. Was told that the part was in stock and would be shipped out the next day and be delivered within 10 days. When I called back today I was informed that the part is not in stock and they do not have a timeline. They were ready and willing to charge my credit card for $230 but failed to hold up their end of the deal and the customer service rep has nothing to offer to try to rectify the situation. I am in the military deploying in two days. My wife depends on the treadmill to get in workouts at home while I am deployed and she cares for our three children. Very disappointed in the terrible support received from this company.

Treadmill we purchased through Sears caught on fire after only 6 months. They directed us to Nordic Track customer service. We have called them 3 times and have been promised a return call every time. Been 3 weeks with NO RETURN CALL YET.

Like many unsatisfied customers, NordicTrack is a horrible company with disgraceful customer service. I have been a customer of NordicTrack for many years and am concerned about the product I received over a year ago. I reported a problem before the 30 day return policy, but NordicTrack's protocol is to send a technician out to look and try to repair the problem. For 9 months, I contacted or had a repairman came and assess or change parts more than 13 times. The problem has never been resolved. I wanted to exchange or return the treadmill and contacted NordicTrack directly. I was stonewalled several times and told there was nothing they could do, but send out a repairman. I don't understand how it is even possible to return within NordicTrack's required time period based on their protocol. This seems like a sham and dishonest. This treadmill was expensive and a lemon, I will never purchase another NordicTrack product!

I ordered a treadmill and the next day called to cancel. I waited on the phone for over 30 minutes so I went online and emailed customer support. They have NEVER responded and I have emailed multiple times. I finally got a hold of some poor guy in Marketing who told me he handled it which was a lie because a week later it showed up on my doorstep which I refused. Again, I tried to contact them through customer service and billing and they literally just don't respond. I can't even believe this company is in business with this type of customer service. I am about to turn them into the BBB because I can't get my money refunded. I would never, ever buy from this company again.

I bought a treadmill from Sears, had issues with it right away and it says to contact NordicTrack. Well NordicTrack doesn't get back to anybody so I finally went to Sears 31 days later and they could not help me. They had no contact information for NordicTrack & I also found out NordicTrack has all kinds of issues with their equipment. They sell their equipment but they don't have a way to contact them about it? 30-day return policy but it says to contact NordicTrack with any issues, not the store!! They tried selling me a service plan, I just want to return it at this point!!

Never do business with this company, they are by far the worst! I ordered a treadmill, it took about 5 days from initial order, to be delivered (which I thought was great), WRONG! The delivery service COMPLETELY destroyed the machine, and after waiting what seemed like years to speak to an agent, their answer, was to order replacement parts, and I fix it myself! Smh, first red flag! When I took the machine completely from the box, it began to fall into pieces on my floor! I called to let them know that it was UNFIXABLE, (after waiting even longer this time), they agreed to send me another!

Well upon further examination of this broken mess in my living room, I decided I would get one of the upgraded models instead, so I call back, (wait, wait, wait)! Ask "had the new machine shipped", was told "no it hasn't", and that it should be no problem to upgrade, but I would have to speak with returns! So, after calling multiple times the very next day, they tell me, that the machine had shipped days ago, but they didn't know it's exact location, no tracking number had been produced, but I was basically stuck with what I was getting, or cancel the order, and pay a restocking and return shipping fee! So I sat wasting a hour to be completely lied to! This company is really horrible, with horrible service from end to end.

Our son had purchased his NordicTrack commercial 1750 many months ago and after a month, he noticed the unit would slow down within 4 minutes of his workout and then totally stop. We called their service number and the phone service agent felt that the lubricant in the belt may have dried up and sent more lubricant out to us (this took 3 weeks for delivery). We applied the lubricant but the machine continued to malfunction. We called them again. After waiting over an hour on the phone, the phone service agent then thought it might be the main control board and informed us that once the company received a new shipment of this part they would send it out to us (this also took about 3 weeks).

We were informed that the connections should be simple and if there were any problems to give them a call. Our son worked for over one hour in his attempt to install the unit and it took purchasing needle nose pliers to install. It also seem to have leakage around the unit when my son took it out of the box. Once he got it installed, it wouldn't even turn on. It has now been over 6 weeks since we first notified them of the problem, and the unit is in worst shape and does not even turn on. We called again and asked that they send out a service representative to fix the unit (it is under warranty), and they inform us that my son would need to call them up with him next to the unit to answer questions, and then maybe they might send someone out.

I am not sure what part of "it does not turn on" that they did not understand. I informed them that he had spent a lot of money to purchased the unit and may just decide that he wants them to pick up the unit and give him his money back if he does not get customer support. What good is this treadmill if it does not operate. They told us to call back when he is available during their business hours and they assured me that the hold should not be more than 20 minutes (anyone who has been put on hold for 20 minutes will tell you it is frustrating).

I asked to talk to a manager and was told none were available. Needless to say we are not pleased with the customer service. My son usually leaves his house @6:15am and does not get home sometimes until after 5:30pm. Our previous experience with the call center is that any service call can take 30 minutes or more to complete. My complaint is that they offer poor customer service, and are more interested in saving money than providing good customer service, and expect the customer to do all the work with little training.

I ordered a treadmill on Jan 11, 2016. Received a call on Jan 21 to set up delivery the next day... ok... thanks for the 14-hr warning. Made last minute arrangements to be at home. I paid for white glove delivery. The delivery company didn't have anything to protect my wood floors. They opened up the big box just to find that half of the parts were missing. They packed up the pieces and told me to call NordicTrack and re schedule. I tried for 3 days in a row, waiting an average of 1.5 hrs. each time I tried. Their customer service is garbage, drunk people work at the warehouse that can't put a machine together. When I finally got to talk to a live person I cancelled the purchase. They told me I would receive an email with the cancelation confirmation which I never received.

I called again on Jan 26 asking for my confirmation email, instead they gave me confirmation number over the phone, nothing on paper. They told me it would take 15 days to receive my reimbursement... WHY? Just like they immediately charge your credit card, it should take them 5 days max to return your money, just like any decent business. The whole experience was horrid. At the end I ended up with NO MACHINE and still 22 days later, NO MONEY BACK either. Stay away from this business.

I purchased a Nordic Track treadmill, model X11i, in early 2015 along with an extended service plan. After just a couple of months of light use, the machine needed new rollers which took nearly a month to be delivered and installed. It was very clear in speaking with several representatives that this company is not interested in providing good customer service. Now, the treadmill is non-functional again. This time, the console is frozen. Multiple emails have gone unanswered and I've wasted nearly 2 hours this week waiting to reach a live voice at their support hotline. No luck so far. The closest I got was a voice recording that directed me to watch a video on how to repair the treadmill and then do the repairs myself. I will never buy from NordicTrack again.

The customer service and support for NordicTrack is the worst. I would advise everyone to stay away from them. I wish someone had told me too. I purchased a treadmill from them 1 year ago. It never worked and they were a pain. Finally Sears took care of it and gave us an upgrade and that has been fine. This month I was interested in the iFit module and tried to get more information about it as I am a person who needs to be told how or what to do for my workout. I called NordicTrack to try to get more information on the product, but they were not helpful. I wanted to try it for free for 30 days but they said "no, but we have a 30-day money-back guarantee." NOT true. I paid $114 for it and will only get back $84. That is not a money-back guarantee. It also took me 4 days to get a hold of them and being on hold for over an hour.

I bought a NordicTrack Commercial 1750 treadmill. The "white glove" deliverymen were rude and unprofessional. They refused to put it in the room of my choice and left it sitting in the hallway (after damaging the hallway) unassembled where I worry that the sharp edges are going to hurt my 3 year old son as we squeeze by to get to the bedrooms. I have spent 4 days and over 4 hours on the phone with NordicTrack "customer service." No one does anything, no one returns my calls. My next step is to refute the charge with American Express.

Hi, I bought NordicTrack 1750 as a gift for my brother. I paid for white glove assembly ($250) and what happens is they assembled the machine improperly. When I tried to contact customer support over phone, but could not reach a person even after waiting more than 30 minutes. Failing to reach on phone, I tried to chat with them. Someone from support started chatting, I explained him that white glove assembly was not done properly. The treadmill does even stand balanced on four sides, cannot close it. He questions back saying, "How so". I asked if he could send someone to fix it for which the guys writes "NO" we cannot send anyone without looking at pictures of the treadmill. I did that too, took pictures and sent an email to him. No response. Sent the same email to No response. They don't care. I feel literally cheated.

So after spending around $1852.88, there is a useless piece of junk sitting at home. I did a search on Google and found that it just not me, there are around 280 complaints on their support ( Hope you guys understand the frustration.

Recently I purchased an x11i Incline Trainer. For the price, the equipment had all of the functionality I was looking for. It took several weeks to get the treadmill delivered. I purchased the white glove service as I can't lift it and move it to our second floor myself. When the delivery was to be made, the deliverers refused to deliver the treadmill saying they would not be able to carry it up the stairs without damaging the wall. Give me a break! The delivery men were not professional and honestly probably didn't have the strength to move the equipment.

The website didn't say it would be a problem to move the equipment to any level other than the first floor. Just like everyone else on this site, I was not able to contact their customer service. I have emailed them several times without a response. After reading several reviews on this site and others, it is easy to see that they do not value their customers and their products are cheap and inferior. Stay away from Icon Fitness products and especially NordicTrack. Rather than making a return, do a charge-back to your credit card. If enough people do this maybe the credit card companies will stop supporting this BS.

I recently purchased a NordicTrack Incline Trainer, Model x7i. On their website this product is listed as iFit Bluetooth enabled with pictures that depict connecting your iPad and being able to walk routes that connect and would incline the machine with you. I purchased this treadmill based on this functionality and bought the iFit app membership through NordicTrack as well so I could use said functionality.

After I paid to have this machine delivered and set up at an extra cost, I attempt to set up this bluetooth functionality with my paid iFit membership only to find out from iFit that the functionality currently does not exist for the x7i. In fact, this functionality advertised on the website is not EVEN supported and the NordicTrack model x7i is not a supported device for the iFit functionality. The x7i is not listed as a supported model for iFit technology. In speaking with the iFit representatives this was relayed to me: "Unfortunately the iFit Bluetooth app has been delayed in development. It is currently in the last stages of development but there is not a hard release date just yet."

NordicTrack is advertising and selling a product that clearly highlights and is all about the iFit integration but after purchasing this machine, the delivery and set up, warranty and iFit membership for roughly $2,300 it is not available to me. This again was my prime purchasing reason. I have tried numerous times to contact NordicTrack regarding my concerns but am unable to get someone to speak with me. Hold times are 3 plus hours to talk to billing and numerous emails and support tickets have gone unanswered. Furthermore, I am subject to repacking/shipping a 400 lb machine and restocking fees if I decided to return the product at a total loss to me of anywhere from $300-500.

I ordered a treadmill on January 10, 2016 and mistakenly clicked to have it sent to my billing address. I had no option to change it to the address where I was having it sent as a gift, but have been unable to get a human person to respond. I have spent hours on the phone getting only recordings and music. I have also tried email contact and chat but to no avail. Then on Jan 16 the delivery truck showed up without even first calling and refused to reroute the delivery 10 minutes away even though I was present and had paid for the unit. They also tried to contact Nordic Track and to no surprise they got no response either. I refused delivery and will contact my credit card company to refuse payment. This is the poorest customer service response I have ever encountered and pity anyone who attempts to make contact with them.

I am still waiting for a treadmill I ordered in December. I have waited hours on customer support lines and live chat lines. No response. Emailed customer support, CEO and tweeted to the twitter account. No response from anyone. Going to work with my credit card company to cancel the charge... As I cannot get anyone at NordicTrack or Icon fitness to respond.

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