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I got my total $2300 free slide trainer fs7i elliptical on September 29, 2016, but did not use until October 1 of 2016. First week using it was smooth but on the 2nd week of October 10th, felt the machine rocking and thought what was that? I called in and the customer service department that help told me to adjust the level. How can you adjust when you can't even lift the 300 pound machine. Her and I can even find where this lever was that because the picture didn't even match the words. So I thank her for showing me where in case I had to level it.

That night I used it and of course it was still rocking and before I even got started with my exercise a loud noise came from the left arm leveling side and disk. The noise sounded like it was cranking about ready to break down and the console felt like it was about to fall off as I felt the rocking. I also told her I noticed a electrical light flashing from the left upper body arm, but she said it meant it was on. I told her the right side doesn't have that so it can't be.

So the next morning I went on the machine and again felt and heard the same noise. On 10/12/16 I called the technician department and because I wasn't home I cannot get on it for them to listen. That afternoon I got home and call them again and they listened and their suggestion was that the bolts were loose inside... Can't remember what part she said. She will order the parts and a technician will come and replace it–3 to 5 days. I told her I shouldn't use it then right and she said not to use it. So so far the technician department has called me and my part is still at the warehouse when I last called to checked on Friday 10/14/16.

The customer service also recommended me to do it extended warranty since my elliptical has already starting to have problem. I told him it’s such a new machine and problems shouldn't occur that much so get back to me on his good quote of another extra four year parts and two year labor at $179.00. I will continue to update but after reading all the reviews I doubt I will get mine resolved. Wished I had seen these review. Sounds like even getting refunded back is hard to do. There should be a lawsuit on this company alright.

Satisfaction Rating

I bought an elliptical directly from the Nordictrack website. I live alone so I paid for white glove installation, which really means scary people installers in my house. I was really uncomfortable with the people that were sent to my house to install the machine. Nordictrack advertises Certified Professional Technicians – NOT!!! More like truck drivers from the hood who have never put a machine together. 20 minutes of use my machine is falling apart! Not HAPPY! You are better off hiring a handyman.

Satisfaction Rating

The WORSE experience EVER! Their customer service is nonexistent. Do not buy any of the products because even if you buy extended guarantee it is absolutely worthless. We both the Elite 14.9 Elliptical and just 2 days later as we try to use it the resistance was awful could not even pedal. I called them and I was on hold for almost an hour. They had me open the machine and unscrew something, that did not help at all. I mean if you pay over $1,000 for a machine you should not have to be messing with it at all.

Their more customer service made me waste my 30 days to be able to return this worthless machine to Sears waiting for them to send the part and a technician. Almost 2 months later I still can't use this junk and have not had a tech out here to fix it. When I pointed it out the fact that they made me waste my 30 days to return this machine to Sears they literally said "It is what it is."

Satisfaction Rating

ACT Commercial 10 Elliptical - For Christmas my husband bought me an Icon elliptical. When I first started using it, it made a clanging sound once in a while, but after 2 months of use, the sound became louder and more frequent to the point that even with headphones on listening to the TV full blast I could still hear it. I called Icon Support and they wanted me to take the machine apart to troubleshoot the problem for them. I was told that if I did not do this, then they would not help me. I had to hang up and wait for my husband to handle this chore for me. Once he had the machine apart, I called back again - the person I spoke to told me that he knew what the problem was and that we did not have to take it apart (oh joy).

In the process of taking the machine apart and putting it back together, not only did my husband injure himself, but he broke a part which Icon did send out. The parts were sent out and I had to take time off from work for the service person to fix the machine. To make a long story short, the service tech was out to my home a total of 6 times in a two month period. The last time he called into Icon and they were awaiting his pictures and file with the noise it was making. After 4 days, I heard nothing, so I called the service tech and was told that Icon said that the noise was normal, which was NOT acceptable to me. So after taking time off from work 6 times, I now took more time off from work and called NordicTrack/Icon. I asked for the resolution department and they would not give me the number nor would the gentleman transfer the call. He told me that he would be able to help me so after explaining the situation about 6 service calls, he told me that he could not help me and would transfer me.

Person number 2 gets on the phone and I said, "Please listen to this" and I got on the machine and put my phone on speaker and I asked him if that noise was normal, he said, "No," so I had to explain everything again from the beginning. He could not understand why I was so upset because Icon was "trying to work with me." I guess that they felt that 6 times for a service tech to come out to my home is normal. Anyway, he finally gave me the number for the resolution department. I got on the machine and again and asked if that noise was normal and was told "No, that is not normal" so I again gave my full accounting since day one with the machine and asked to speak to the individual who said that the noise was normal. The woman was very apologetic and said, "That is not the noise that I heard on the recording" that was sent to them and she offered to refund our money, or we could get a new machine.

Dummy me decided to upgrade and a different machine. It got delivered a week ago and the first 4 times that I have used the machine, all was fine - smooth and no noise. Well that ended today - I got on the machine and it started making a clicking sound from the flywheel housing. When I use the machine, I only hear a faint noise, however, when I get off, the clicking sound is back. My husband is attempting to troubleshoot the problem, but if he is not successful, to call Icon service on Monday and I will also be filing a complaint with the FTC - this company should NOT be allowed to be in business... Do yourselves a favor, DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a Commercial 12.9 Elliptical machine. Costco swapped the out of stock Proform for the NordicTrack model. The first shipment never made it to me. It was lost and/or damaged. The second shipment arrived about 8 weeks after the order was placed. I used it a couple of times over the coming weeks. Finally ready for my new routine, I jump on machine and it doesn't read my pedaling. After about a dozen resets of the reset switch, it won't boot up to the main menu. The iFit screen loops. I contact support via chat and the tech tells me to use the manual and follow steps on page 33 to adjust the magnet that registers the movement. I finally get to disassemble and adjust and move the piece and put it back together and still the screen loops and doesn't recognize cycling. I call support this time and he tells me the iFit is 'looping' is their technical term. He says he will have to send me a SD card with a new version of the software.

Nine days later I get the SD card with directions that don't apply to my machine. So, essentially still a dead machine. When I called support today, they are shut down for training and to try back later. A really vague message. We are approaching a holiday weekend, so I can just expect several more days of no use. Paid for it in January 2016 and we are now at the end of May, with nothing working. I had an elliptical machine before this one, for 10 years with NO problems. Based on my experience and the others that have posted here, it seems this company is severely neglecting their customers. I wish I would have known these problems before I accepted Costco's product swap offer. Time to write Costco too.

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Consumer Increased Rating!

To my surprise the machine arrived on time 17/5/2016 and the truck driver brought it all the way the apartment door (Ground Floor), no visible damage on the box of any sort, took me about 90 minutes to put together but I am used to heavy mechanical work, and I have to admit the machine is solid, all the components are really heavy and the nuts and bolts are huge. Everything you need to assemble it is included except for a Philips screwdriver after I am done assembling it I connected it to wifi and setup the If account (you can use it just fine without it but I had the 1-year subscription in hand).

I gave it a couple of tests and the machine is almost silent except for me huffing and buffing. Now I am morally obligated to upgrade my star rating from 1 to 3 stars for now and if it wasn't for the sneaky way they used to prevent me from returning it I would have given it 5 stars the machine is good and worth its price. That said, it needs an equally good support and service to be considered a good overall purchase.

s. s. of Yorktown, VA on

Original Review

Ordered C 9.5 Elliptical + 1 year iFit subscription ($1163.88) from the website on May 7 2016 financed by paypal. Received an order confirmation email with order tracking link few minutes later. Next Monday morning checked the link and found no update or tracking info. Called to cancel after reading so many negative reviews about the machines and the customer care. After half an hour on hold Vicky from finance told me that I can't cancel because the order has already shipped and I will have to pay $199 for the shipping + 10 percent of the machine price for restocking which is another $100. So I have to pay $299 to cancel my order. Told her "how is it shipped" and I didn't receive any notification or tracking info. She said that tracking will show today or tomorrow.

I waited to next day - no email and tracking has nothing. Called again and this time asked about order status. Went through the same waiting time and again Vicky answered and after taking the order number to check she told me: "you have just Placed your order on Saturday. It will take few days before shipping starts and when it ships you will get an email". At that point I realized how bad got screwed. So what she told me yesterday was intentional lie to prevent me from canceling. I know what to expect from here and I will be updating this review as events unfold.

Anyway for everyone else who did the same mistake and ordered from or or they are the same company by the way - owned by (ICON Health & Fitness Inc.). The best effective way to deal with such scammers is to: 1 - document everything. 2 - file a complaint with The Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You can also report them to the (Better Business Bureau) but it's a voluntarily accreditation organization and although they are not a member they managed to received 662 complaints in last 3 years.

The FTC is the effective way - If you get confused on how to classify your complaint with the FTC just call them - they will file it right for you. It's a government agency that get paid from your tax money to help you. If the complaints added up they will hit them with lawsuit. They are the only entity that can take legal action about it and if they detect patterns of fraud and abuse it may lead to investigations and a legal case. The FTC knows ICON very well. They made them pay $3 Million in civil penalties in sep 2014. Just don't let them get away with such fraud and abuse. I know I won't let them.

Satisfaction Rating

I bought a NordicTrack Elliptical 8.7 last year with 5-year warranty to limit downtime. Worked wonderful for 13 months until one morning something broke. I was frustrated knowing for the next week I'd be without a working machine but I called support. They don't send out a tech, they try to diagnose over the phone which is a terrible way to figure out a problem. They order a part and have a tech call me. The tech called and said call him when the part arrives to set up an appointment.

Once it arrives the only times he has in the next few weeks require me to take a day off from work. So on day 16 he comes out and tells me the part ordered was wrong and all I need is a new belt. So he orders that part and says it'll take a week and call him. I get a confirmation email from ICon which is Nordictrack's parent company, saying it's been ordered but after a week I find out from my own complaining that the part was out of stock. Now this is their fault since they let the part be out of stock. They are very unapologetic and tell me in another week the part should be in and then they'll ship it. No guarantee of express shipping.

So in what I would call a best case scenario, 24 days out right now, I will be without the exercise machine that I use daily for at least 6 weeks. No reimbursement, no compensation, no offer to pay for a gym membership, no offer to extend my warranty for the amount of downtime either. Apparently it's my fault they use flimsy parts. Now I wonder how many times this or other issues will disable my machine and how long that will occur. Really poor business practices.

Satisfaction Rating

My hand got stuck on the elliptical machines between the hand bars, until I could stop the machine. It took 3 hits on my wrist before I can take my hand out. My hand was bend so it was locked in. Nate gave me some ice and I went to ER the next day had an x-ray on my bone. It was chipped off completely, little pieces there. No surgery needed, but it was very uncomfortable, painful and inconvenient.

Satisfaction Rating

I have owned several NordicTrack exercisers. The last two purchases have sufficiently dissuaded me from ever including NordicTrack for subsequent purchases of exercise equipment. Two years ago, I purchased a new NordicTrack CX998 Elliptical Exerciser. After one week's use, the console failed. The complicating factor was that I had purchased the unit in Panama where I live and it was considered out of warranty. So I had to pay for another console and make arrangements for having it shipped to a relative for subsequent transfer. I have been using the exerciser under a very limited regime and now, with very little use, the resistor motor has failed.

I have appealed to NordicTrack to replace the part, however, they refused to offer any consideration of discount. I have been polite in my correspondence to Icon Fitness Customer Service and their response to me have been impersonal and terse, at best. I am now left with a hardly used CX998 Elliptical Exerciser that does not work, with the only option available as buying a replacement part and finding a way to get it to Panama.


We purchase a Nordic Track Front Drive Elliptical from Sears in December 2010. It worked fine for a few months. After that, the left crank arm or leg of the elliptical broke away from the machine while I was using it. Amazingly, I was not hurt.

I called Icon Fitness for service. I was assured the parts were ordered. I waited a month for parts to arrive that never came, so the repairman could come out. After several calls to customer service and the technician himself. He had to call and find out the parts never had been ordered. To make the story short, it took over a month to fix my elliptical.

By this time, it is now end of November 2010. By elliptical runs for 2 weeks and breaks again. Again, I call and wait for parts and have tech fix the elliptical. It is now end of December 2010. My elliptical works for 1 week, breaks again. This time Icon Fitness tells me my one year warranty is up and I would have to pay to have it fixed.

I argue and argue that the elliptical has been broken more than it has run. They agree to fix it one last time. Low and behold, it lasts a week and is now broken down. I bought the extended warranty because I have had so many problems and the extended warranty company won't fix the manufacturer's defect. They tell me it is the manufacturer's problem.

Is there a lemon law out there? What can I do to get this elliptical fixed? I purchased this machine for $699.00. I have had to miss work to meet repairmen. Purchased extended warranty for $149.


I purchased NordicTrack elliptical trainer in January 2009 with an extended warranty. The first time it broke, it took two months to get it fixed. It broke three more times and it took weeks each time to get it fixed. Poor service workers. After the fourth time it broke we asked what could we do and they said they would let us pick a new one. We chose a new one and paid $100 because it was $100 more than what they allowed.

We also purchased another extended warranty for $179. When the new machine arrived at the end of Nov. 2010, they sent a base that was put together backwards. We emailed Jeff ** and he said it was under the 90-day warranty and he could not just send another base, but he would have to send parts and the "parts" are still on back order. They took our $279 and we still do not have an elliptical trainer that we can use. We purchased the elliptical trainer for exercise for health and have only gotten to use it half of the year.

The new one they sent in November we are still waiting on parts. We purchased the commercial brand thinking it would last, and then the replacement elliptical was $1,499 and we still cannot use because the base was assembled wrong and they won't replace the base. It has been in our living room for months and it is very nerve racking. We not only purchased the first machine, but then they accepted our $100 and asked us to pay $179 for warranty and no one seems to want to fix their product. I am very frustrated because when we call no one wants to do their job.


I purchased a Nordic track elliptical from Sears and have been trying to get it repaired for three weeks now. They have shipped parts but keep reassigning my work order to someone new, which no one contacts me to schedule an appointment. Every time I call in they just tell me I have to wait and that they have reassigned it to someone else. I cannot even get the services that I have insisted on such as speaking to a manager. I paid for the warranty and feel that I should get the services I've paid for. Not rendering the services that have been paid for and not able to utilize equipment that I purchased.


I purchased a Nordic Track Pathfinder Elliptical on 5/31/10. When I assembled it the next day, I found that the left upper body arm was defective and could not be used. I called Nordic Track to report the defective part, and I was told that all they could do was send a replacement in 7-10 days. I was not happy about having to wait that long and then have to repair the machine myself. But they refused to send someone out to fix it for me (even though I bought an extended warranty). The part finally arrived, but it wasn't the complete part I needed--it was missing an assembly that had been previously pre-installed on the defective part.

Once again, I called Nordic Track to let them know. They told me again that they could send a part in 7-10 days but that I'd have to fix it myself. It wasn't until I pressed to speak to a manager did the CSR agree to send the part to me via UPS in 2-3 days.

I understand that it's not the CSR's fault, it's Nordic Track policy on replacing defective parts. What I don't understand is that if a part broke after a year of use and I still had a warranty, they would not send someone out to fix it. But if they send me a defective machine in the first place, I am the one responsible to take it apart over and over again until it's fixed, right? Just doesn't seem right to me. I like my machine (I think I haven't really been able to use it yet because of the problems), but I will not be buying Nordic Track or other Icon Health and Fitness products again.


We purchased a Nordic Track Elliptical Machine around October of 2009. Since day 1, it has not worked correctly. We have had it serviced 4 times taking at least 1 month for the parts to get here each time. It finally appeared to be working correctly when 2 weeks later, the wheels broke while I was riding it. Now my hardwood floors have a 6-inch gouge in them. Fortunately, I was not hurt. When I contacted the company to tell them I have a lemon, they said until the repair man says it can not be fixed, they will not replace it. What I want to know is who is going to pay for the damage to my hardwood floor? And am I ever going to have an elliptical that works?


I purchased a NordicTrack Elliptical in Jan of 2009. Almost immediately, it quit working and I spent the next several months arguing with them over the phone. Finally, they sent parts that were "easy to install yourself". It turns out you have to completely disassemble the machine to install the parts. So we called again and again. Finally, they sent out a so-called technician who actually had no idea what he was doing. He repaired the machine but stated that it was a temporary fix and to call if we had any more problems. It worked for about a week before failing again. We called and left at least a dozen voicemails for this guy with no response.

After many more calls and hours on hold, I finally got a hold of a supervisor. She told me that the equipment was out of warranty and a service call with parts would be over $500 for an $800 elliptical. Thanks for ripping me off NordicTrack, I won't forget it. We are out over $800 for a piece of crap that only worked correctly for about 5 weeks over the last year.


I bought the NordicTrack elliptical (model no. W25GO1384) from Costco on March 23, 2009. Within two months the bearings on the ramp's wheels went bad and I had to send for new ones. I was still under warranty, but I had to fix the elliptical myself.

During June 09, the left arm pedal broke off where the wheel is attached. This is a solid piece of metal that broke into two. My daughter is the only one who uses it and she is only 120lbs. I called Nordic Track and they told me that this was a replaceable part which was under the 90-day warranty and was not a part of the frame, so it was not included under the lifetime warranty. I was extremely upset since they wanted $250 for the part when I only paid $700 for the entire machine. I argued with them until they said that they would send it to me for the price of shipping. I was thankful and had to fix the elliptical myself.

During December of 2009, the ramp wheel broke into half. I bought new wheels for $50 plus shipping, thinking that I was receiving four, but only receiving one. The only reason that I bought four wheels for $50 was because I thought I could switch out the wheels when they broke four times. When I called them I said, "I can not believe that it cost $50 for one wheel! Are you kidding me? My son’s skate boards and pro-skater's wheels only cost $7 a piece!" After arguing for some time, they said that they would send the other three for the price of shipping.

During February of 2010, only two months later, the right arm pedal broke. Can you believe it? I called them and they told me that they would just send me one without arguing because they knew they were at fault. They said they were sorry and the bill would be $255! I said no and argued for a bit, and they lowered the bill to $155. I got the new part and replaced it and not even a week later the left one broke off again, which is the one I had to replace not even six months ago!

So, if you are not ready to spend hours on the phone arguing, hours fixing the machine, and spending more money than you bargained for, I would recommend that you do not buy anything from Nordic Track. I would recommend you spend $200 on a cheap elliptical and just buy a new one each year. This is what I had to spend on parts for the first year, not including labor: 4 ramp wheels for $54 each; 3 arm pedals for $250 each ($750 total); and shipping for $17.50 each. That’s $1075 in one year! Obviously, by the way the parts seem to break, there is something at fault with the machine and its parts, and should be fixed by NordicTrack to bring their product back up to standards.


Purchased elliptical in April 09, machine is broken. Had trouble with it since November. Finally got customer service to respond in December. This is end of February. Machine still not fixed. Many issues, tech would not come then wrong parts ordered, now trying to get right parts. Customer service department is very rude and not helpful. Tech says machine put together wrong from factory, that is why we have the problem.


In June, I wrote about our frustrations with our NordicTrack Elliptical machine that we purchased from Costco. Since that time, NordicTrack fast-tracked sending out all the necessary parts and a technician to fix our machine completely. It is possible that the first person we had to put our machine together initially may not have done it properly, because this technician said he has never seen the kind of issues we had had. He replaced all the parts and it is a fabulous machine now. The elliptical is working great and it is whisper quiet with great features for a great price. I believe it is important to tell when a company has done a good job, too, and that is why I am taking the time to write this follow up.


Around mid-March of 2009, I bought a NordicTrack Elliptical NTEL 16908, a new 2009 model from Costco. Three weeks after assembling it, the elliptical's belt broke lose. When I opened it, the belt came off and looked like heavy wear on improper installed belt/defective misaligned parts. I called and reported the problem in early April. On 5/7/2009, a technician called. His name is Ben. It took another week for him to show up. I took a day off so that he could come and repair it. But he could not repair it and ordered some parts. During the month after, I called a few times and each time, I was told that parts were out of stock and were being ordered. On 6/12/2009, I called and was told parts should be ordered any day. On 7/9/2009, I called again and was told all parts have been sent and I need to call Ben as they cannot reassign the technician.

On 7/10/2009, I called Ben twice and told him that next Thursday works for me. He said that he needed to contact the company to make sure he gets paid to come for the second time. He added that he will make Thursday available. On 7/15 and 7/16, I called Ben but there was no response. On 7/17/2009, I called 1-800-999-3756 and spoke with Rosie, who was a very nice lady. After I explained my situation, I was told that they would try to find another service company if available. If not, I need to try to get another repairman. I was told that someone should call me by Wednesday next week.

On 7/24, Friday, I spoke with another rep. She just mechanically told me that she didn't know what happen. She will try to contact the service coordinator and get back to me this afternoon. I told her that that answer was not good and I was at the end of my patience with the company. I would post my experience on line. She said I didn't give her a chance. I said I gave plenty of time and chances.

On 7/25, Saturday, I decided to act on it and post my bad experience with NordicTrack/IconFitness experience online. I was shocked to find many other people had done so. ** it. Why didn't I search online for consumer complaints? I would not have bought from NordicTrack. I hope that by sharing my experience, others will not make the same mistake I made.

IconFitness is taking advantage of such situation and squeezing their customer. My advice to prospective consumers--don't buy anything heavy from IconFitness. If you cannot easily return it, don't buy. Otherwise, you will be like me--getting stuck with something you don't want.


We purchased a NordicTrack elliptical (commercial grade) from Costco in March 2009. From the time we put it together, it had 4 or 5 defective parts that had to be replaced. After doing so and waiting over a month, we used it for approximately 25 times over 2 months and then during use, the foot pedal just broke off from the machine and threw my husband forward onto the machine as the parts collapsed to the floor. This is a company that is clearly using defective/substandard parts. If this was a commercial grade, it should withstand thousands of uses, not a couple dozen. Clearly, this is a machine that is being built with defective parts. It has been over a month and the parts we need to fix it this time are out of stock. I believe NordicTrack should be forced to improve the quality of its product before others are hurt as well.


I got a NordicTrack Commercial Elliptical trainer in September of 2008. The hand grip for the pulse reader has never worked. Now in June of 2009, one of the ramp wheels has gone bad. NordicTrack has so little faith in their Elliptical, they only warranty it for 90 days. With shipping, I have to pay over $50.00 to get one new wheel on a machine I paid over $800.00 for. That's one ramp wheel that probably cost them $5.00, it’s that much. NordicTrack sells at a premium price, but does not back what they sell.


We purchased the NordicTrack Audiostrider 800 Model NTEL 7706.0 on 1/.22/07 from Sears. The electronic console did not work when we got it home from the store. It took over a month to get a replacement because they were out of stock. During the year of warranty, we ordered several mechanical parts that were breaking on the welds, bearing bushings, and service calls would take too long. Repair parts were all covered in cost by them for the first year for which there were four times we had to order parts.

In the second year of ownership, we have had to pay for parts that were the same types of repairs as previously mentioned on different areas of the elliptical orbiting machine. So far, with the cost of repair parts, we have doubled the cost we had initially paid for the machine with a lot of downtime between repairs due to shipping delays and availability. I believe this product should have been recalled due to the terrible construction of the welds. And I am surprised that we have not been severely injured by its use until now. Item number 243375, 244066, 244164, 26752, and 247228 were broken and repaired on 1/25/09.


In December of 2005, I purchased an image elliptical machine from a Wal-Mart store. After using the product for about 5 months, I noticed that the base of the product was starting to crack and come apart. For obvious safety reasons, I stopped using the product. Wal-Mart has only a 90-day warranty for their items, so I contacted Icon Health and Fitness, the maker of the product, to see what my options were. I spoke to a customer service representative named Jennifer who suggested that I would need to send in pictures of my product and a copy of my purchase receipt. I did this and after about a month of not hearing anything, I e-mailed the company explaining I would like a response.

I was called back about 3 days later with a voicemail that said, “I'm sorry. Your item is only covered for 90 days and there is nothing else we can do.” She said I could call back if I had any more questions. I called back and could not get through to anyone, so I left another message. Finally, later that evening, I received a phone call back by another customer service rep. who said that he was sorry, but there was nothing that he could do for me either. He said that all of their products come with an extended warranty that I could have purchased. I do not recall having an extended warranty offer and the company that I purchased the product from did not offer any extended warranties. I then asked if there was a part I could replace or anything further that I could do and he said that unfortunately, this was an irreplaceable part.

I am very frustrated that after using a $200 product for about 5 months using their programs and average workouts on, that it would completely break on me and there is nothing the company can do for me. The breakage on this item is only from doing the programs the product offers and from no other further abuse. The whole base of the product is cracking, allowing no use of the product whatsoever. I am now out of a $200 product that the company does not stand by and does not provide any replacement service or parts for.


Purchased an elliptical exercise machine, was promised delivery in 1 week. After 3 weeks with no delivery of product, order was cancelled. Now cannot get refund. Have made repeated phome calls to store without a response.

We are out $720 and will have to take legal action.


We bought a NordicTrack Elliptical exerciser from Sears on 12/31/03. After putting it together according to directions, one of the pedal arms strikes the back of the case when exercising. I have called Customer Service repeatedly and been told my call would be returned. The first time I did get a call back, and the service rep told me that we needed to dis-assemble the machine and check the welds and washers, then call back. My husband did, I called back, and again got the someone will call you line. No call back. I also tried emailing all the info, and (10 days later -2/12)got back a form email saying we need your model number, etc. to process your request, even though it was all included with the original email.

Sent all the info and waited a week, got no response. Two weeks ago (2/11/04) I got a live person on the phone, who said take off the sides and I will call you back in 10 minutes. She confirmed she would call back several times, but I never got a call back. The next day, I got another email that said There are some parts that you will need to order to resolve this issue to do this we would need the following info. Sent it back, waited and waited - on 2/19 got an email stating, I have ordered the parts for you and here are the instructions for installing them please keep these as they will not come with the parts. Waited for parts; on 2/25 sent email asking where the parts were. No reply.

Called 2/27, spoke to yet another customer service agent. He refused to tell me the name of the president of the company so I could call/write and complain. Said he would take my complaint after I described the situation again. Told me that wave washers were ordered and shipped on 2/25, and asked if I was comfortable trying to fix myself; said my husband was able to. Also said he would set up an appointment with a service company to come out to my house and fix my machine, but that they would take 3-5 business days to contact me. Later on 2/27, got an email saying the washers were shipped on 2/25.

Today (2/29) my husband attempted to follow their directions to install the washers. It isn't possible because the directions they sent were not for this elliptical trainer; there are welds in the place that is supposed to be where the washers go. Now some part is stripped and he can't remove it. I cannot find a listing in the local directory for the company (Nor Ex) that is supposed to be contacting me for a service call, so I wonder if they even exist.

This machine cost $650 and I have yet to use it (two full months later). I have spent numerous hours on hold waiting to speak to customer service. I am unable to exercise on it so am having back and neck issues that are alleviated by exercising. My husband has spent a great deal of time trying to take it apart and put it back together according to the customer service department's instructions.

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NordicTrack is known for their trademark skiers, which were introduced over 25 years ago. They have since expanded their lineup to include a variety of cardio equipment, including ellipticals. NordicTrack’s ellipticals are designed for both commercial and home use.

  • Commercial series: The Commercial 14.9 and C 12.9 are NordicTrack’s commercial ellipticals. These machines are durable, with added features such as 26 resistance levels, an integrated tablet holder, a sound system and a touchscreen that is iFit enabled. The Mid-mech commercial series ellipticals can work in either a commercial or home setting.
  • SpaceSaver® Design: NordicTrack has several ellipticals with the SpaceSaver® Design, which makes it simple and quick to store the elliptical when it is not in use. Fold your elliptical up or down in one simple step, and easily roll it into a closet or other storage space when your workout is over.
  • 30-day trial: NordicTrack offers customers a full 30 days to try their elliptical at home before returning it for a full refund. Exchanges can also be made within 30 days of receiving your elliptical.
  • FreeStride Trainer: NordicTrack’s FreeStride Trainer offers users a total body workout by combining movements from a treadmill, a stepper and an elliptical. There are three models to choose from, depending on which additional features you prefer. They all feature a web-enabled color touchscreen, and the FreeStride Trainer FS9i has an adjustable decline and incline, ranging from -10 percent to 10 percent.
  • Front and rear drive options: NordicTrack has both front and rear drive ellipticals, so you can choose your elliptical based on the type of movement you prefer during your workout.
  • Best for NordicTrack ellipticals are best for serious trainers and light commercial facilities.

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