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New Life Addiction Treatment Center is a Florida rehab center dedicated to treating neurological problems that contribute to addiction. It has been offering treatment since 1993.

  • Extremely structured program: Clients receive about 35 hours a week of various treatments while attending the inpatient program.
  • Focuses on both neurological and psychological treatment: This center offers neurofeedback, a biological treatment that focuses on correcting neurochemical deficits, and alternative treatments such as yoga and meditation in addition to psychotherapy and group support.
  • Run by a medical doctor: Patients get the benefit of medical supervision 24 hours a day regardless of whether they are in detox, inpatient recovery or sober living.
  • Time-limited program: Inpatient programs are limited to 30, 60 or 90 days.
  • No differentiated programs: There are no programs for people with certain needs or who want help with overcoming the use of specific substances.
  • Best for People who want to get sober.

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New Life Addiction Treatment Center
905 E. Prima Vista Blvd. Suite D
Port Saint Lucie
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United States