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Looking for drug or alcohol rehabilitation services?
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New Life Addiction Treatment Center

New Life Addiction Treatment Center

Looking for drug or alcohol rehabilitation services?

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      Looking for drug or alcohol rehabilitation services?

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        Original review: Dec. 18, 2016

        Okay, I went over everything I possibly could think of with the phone Counselors I spoke to *Daily* for a week before arriving here. The website clearly states *we make you feel like you're at home and not like being in an institution*. Wow, SO So Wrong right there. You are walking into an institution, a guarded, 100% guided and never to be left alone institution with locked doors everywhere while being stripped of your cell, your car, your belongings, your pocket contents, your wallet and everything in it, etc. 100% and even your dignity and privacy, (the ONLY thing missing was the handcuffs). I am 56, a business/home etc. owner that MUST continue to operator my business with my cell or will lose my entire company it took 15 yrs to build.

        They don't tell you that you lose everything you have on you until you walk into their doors. They remove everything you have 100%. They even had lost my drivers lic. Some 22 yr old yahoo with a Mohawk took it to go make copies of it and my med ins cards, then never returned with it after 2 hours. I then started to complain about getting it back. I was told, "no, he has gone and went home for the weekend but will be back on Monday so no worries." "WHAT?" I SAID. (This was all on a Friday going there.) So yes, lost my drivers lic. Then a young girl of about 21 that keeps saying (*Basically) when I asked what is that I am signing now when I had to sign about 100 different waivers releasing them from everything possible that could go wrong in life while there.

        Then she (that same young girl) went through my *entire* wallet (A VERY THICK wallet with my ENTIRE life in it along with 12+ credit cards) and she wrote down every one of my credit card members on a scratch paper as well as my SS #, date of birth etc. (with today's identity theft issues, that is no way cool at all because I don't know these young people) and now they have all my personal and private info. She emptied my wallet completely & wrote down all my personal and very private info from my wallet. When I asked why, I was told *In case there's a fire, we have all your credit card etc. info written down.* "Ok, well that piece of paper would also burn too in a fire as well," I told her. "Made no difference," she said. "It is common practice here and had to be done."

        WOW again, now their young *and weird looking staff members all have all my personal info, CC #'s AND MY CELL (iPHONE 6 WITH 17 YRS OF NUMBERS AS WELL AS OVER 2000+ CONTACTS). I was not even able to pee in private or alone even. Please remember, I went the freely, under my own will and with GREAT insurance yet was treated as if a judge sent me there for breaking the law. When I am not able to even have nor use my cell for the entire time there, I will lose my company as well as 90k business a yr income. They don't tell you this until you drive 300 miles to get there and walk in. Then I am force to leave my new Cadillac there, at that main facility house (In a VERY BAD HOOD area) with no security for my entire stay while having to ride with the staff (a 21 yr old in his/her personal car) back and forth daily 30-40 miles to the main center from the 1/2 way house you are put into.

        ALSO, I was forced to sign 100+ different releases, >> releasing them and their staff 100% from any and all liabilities as well as the company and everyone there of any and all responsibility for anything bad that may ever happen (yes, even a car accident while being transported daily in the youngsters cars). After being there for about 4-5 hours and learning of all this totally unacceptable terms, I decide to leave. Now I have to drive 300 miles back home of which I did, only to learn I now have to go to Walmart's to replace all my personal belongings like Right guard, hair spray, $85.00 bottle of cologne which they took it all and never returned it. This place is for those folks that are in jail and are forced to make a deal with the courts to get clean. Not for someone like me, never in trouble with the law, went there under my own power and wish in seeking and asking for medical help to kick my painkillers safely.

        The phone people say nothing at all about any of this or their restrictions and too bad too because I would have never went and I believe they know this. I told them what my situation was, my life needs and access to my personal cell was one of them for business reasons. I will make sure I share all my truthful experiences with you all so you really know what to expect from this place, instead of the smoke job they gave you (just to get you there) which has cost me 2 tanks of gas, about $125.00 worth of personal belongings I needed to replace that they kept as well as the time lost I spent setting this all up. All I needed was a safe and medical monitored 7-10 day detox from pain meds after having 4 heart attacks. I didn't want to chance it alone and I do have great ins. to cover it. I just wish they would lay out what is really going to be expected and happen to you when you go there.

        I am still very puzzled as to WHY they need to write down all my credit card numbers, pass codes and exp. dates?, as well as empty and go through my entire personal wallet? (and a 21 yr old ** girl that no doubt has little to no education at all), when I asked her any questions at all, she replies only with *Well Basically*, over and over and over again when my questions were "what am I signing now?", and had to sign over 10 pages of releases that each page included approx. 15+ different avenues of releasing them from this and that and everything on God's Green earth that could go wrong. As I stated in the title, NO WAY, NO THANKS & FORGET THAT. I will no doubt be looked at by these folks as being the bad guy here for writing this, but the truth is just that, the truth. My wife went ballistic when I called her and told her all that was happening. She insisted I leave that place immed. so I did.

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          New Life Addiction Treatment Center expert review by Erica Spiegelman

          New Life Addiction Treatment Center is a Florida rehab center dedicated to treating neurological problems that contribute to addiction. It has been offering treatment since 1993.

          • Extremely structured program: Clients receive about 35 hours a week of various treatments while attending the inpatient program.

          • Focuses on both neurological and psychological treatment: This center offers neurofeedback, a biological treatment that focuses on correcting neurochemical deficits, and alternative treatments such as yoga and meditation in addition to psychotherapy and group support.

          • Run by a medical doctor: Patients get the benefit of medical supervision 24 hours a day regardless of whether they are in detox, inpatient recovery or sober living.

          • Time-limited program: Inpatient programs are limited to 30, 60 or 90 days.

          • No differentiated programs: There are no programs for people with certain needs or who want help with overcoming the use of specific substances.

          • Best for: People who want to get sober.

          by Erica Spiegelman Drug and Alcohol Treatment Expert

          Erica Spiegelman is an author, motivational speaker, and addiction and wellness specialist who works with individuals on personal growth and overall wellness. She’s a California State Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CADAC)-II from UCLA.

          New Life Addiction Treatment Center Company Information

          Company Name:
          New Life Addiction Treatment Center
          905 E. Prima Vista Blvd. Suite D
          Port Saint Lucie
          Postal Code:
          United States
          (877) 274-7535

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