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Nautilus Treadmills

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Last updated: April 10, 2017

29 Nautilus Treadmills Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 10, 2017

I like that you can adjust the incline and climb a mountain, in effect, with the Nautilus treadmill. This allows you to work different muscles in your legs depending on the incline you use. But I wish it could go faster. It only goes up to 4mph, which isn't fast enough for my liking. At times it is nice to use the incline, but sometimes I wish I could flatten it. Additionally, I wish that the tread was all together and not in two strips because sometimes I accidentally step in the middle and almost fall. I think its fairly easy to use and figure out though.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2017

This Nautilus treadmill is strong and well built. It can really handle the repetition and beating from me running on it everyday! It's built to last and if that isn't enough the warranty will wash away all other fears. However, the hand rail positioning needs adjusting. The handle bar positioning just seems to be slightly awkward when in use and when getting off of the treadmill. But Operation is quite simple really. Get on and with a few button pushes you are off to the races. If I were to time it I would say that I could be running within 10 seconds from walking up to the machine.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 23, 2017

I love this machine. It is both effective and fun. The features are amazing and extremely easy to use. I was very happy with how easy it is to put out of the way. With the kids and a much smaller house available space is hard to come by in our house. I reached my target weight in less than 6 months and with chasing my two year old I can use all the help I can get. They always seem to have just a little more than you do. Now I can keep up easier and even have enough energy to get a few extra projects done around the house and I believe that all busy parents know how important that is in keeping up with a house and property. So if you need to chase the kids or just have a little energy at the end of the day. I would strongly recommend the Nautilus. I have been very pleasantly surprised as to how fast it worked for just using it a few minutes each day.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2016

It has a powerful motor. I still have this treadmill, it has lasted for years and years and the motor is still going strong. The motor never sounds like it is overloaded. The seat is well padded. I never got a cramp or felt sore after using my machine. The seat's cushion has withstood time, it is not sunk in and still has a lot of padding left. My treadmill had no entertainment options, I had to entertain myself. This product has helped me fulfill my goal of losing weight. Its value is priceless. I would buy this product again without question. This is a top notch product.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 3, 2016

I never had a problem with the motor and it worked very consistently every time. It allowed me to achieve the workout I needed every time. Step by step, stride by stride it provided a comfortable landing to each and every step. This allowed for a nice easy stride and allowed me to go longer. It was fun the way it would adjust the angle of running allowing me to step up my cardio and improve my stamina. Running upwards and downward was a great workout. The price was higher than other brands, but its quality, extras and durability made this a much better value than cheaper models. For the price it cannot be beat.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2016

The motor was very well built and I was able to go comfortably at any speed I desired. I could walk at a leisurely pace or power walk and go up to about 15 mph. The cushion was very well constructed. It absorbed the shock of my weight very well as I was walking on the treadmill. It was built to absorb the shock of different weights exercising at varying speeds. The entertainment options were very well thought out and engineered to offer a wide array of options to the user as they exercised on the treadmill. By using this product I added quite a bit of value to my life by improving my health. I was able to lose weight which enabled me to lower my blood pressure and help in controlling my diabetes.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 26, 2016

The motor on my treadmill is one of the best in the industry, why I say that is because I have had my treadmill for 5 years and no problems. I really think I lucked out on it. The run is the best for the style of treadmill that I have. I don't have any issues. I really feel that Nautilus creates good cushions for running. I use my treadmill for exercise and that's it. I don't think there is much that it can do for entertainment. I do like the movies and reading books. My treadmill is old school but the value I think holds its own... For the purpose I think that Nautilus is a great brand with great items.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 25, 2016

Motor is very quiet, runs very smoothly, has a two speed fan to help cool off face when getting hot. It talks to you when you begin your workout! The handrails are nice and cushioned, makes for a great grip. The track is strong and noiseless. The front panel has many different workouts to choose. Entertainment options are great, place for your phone. Place to plug in your iPad or Phone. Place to put your water bottle. Lights on panel, very bright, easy to see! The value that my treadmill that adds to my life is that I can workout whenever I want. On any given day. Rain or snow or too hot to go out. It is great to have.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 24, 2016

It has a 3.5 CHP for walking, the suspension helps your movements feel more natural and responsive which is great. Remote speed and incline controls, right at your fingertips for more convenience. 26 workout programs. It's very comfortable with extra cushioning. The "StrikeZone Cushioning" really just means that the deck gives on impact. You can listen to iTunes and plug it right into the treadmill! Everything to meet your fitness goals. I had my daughter in 2013 and was weighing in at 230 pounds. I couldn't even climb the stairs without having to catch my breath. With this treadmill it got me off the couch and moving. I am weighing in at 175 pounds today. I still have a long ways to go before I feel comfortable with my body, but health wise it has made a huge difference, truly a life saver!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 23, 2016

The motor is fairly quiet. This makes my workout more pleasant. It is one of the top things I was looking for. There are many nice features but this one is most valuable to me and the other people who use it. The cushion is very comfortable making my workout easy. This cushion system is way better than others I have used. The workout is by far more comfortable. I don't feel much strain when walking or running on this equipment. There are a variety of entertainment options on my treadmill. There are many fitness options from which I can choose. I can change the slope, and speed. The console is big, No strain on my eyes to see. I think I have gotten a lot for my money. It is a high quality unit, very sturdy and many features I have not had on previous treadmills. The variety of workout options keeps the workout fresh and interesting.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 18, 2016

I Never had any problems or concerns with the motor or any other elements with the treadmill. It was very constant and durable. Very reliable. The cushion on the treadmill had enough give to be comfortable, but still firm enough to run and walk on easily without any problems. It have a headphone jack, however I never used it for that or any other purpose. The treadmill added tremendous value. I could walk, run and relieve stress whenever I wanted to in the comfort of my own home and in my own time.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 17, 2016

The treadmill had many different settings. You could walk at a leisurely pace or sprint if you wanted to. The bar went from 0 to 100 in speed and you could change it as you please. There wasn't anything too remarkable about the cushion but I could set it at top speed and run on it without the treadmill acting up. It stayed steady the entire time. It was very basic. It only had a little heart monitor on it to track your heart rate as you walk/run. This treadmill is very valuable because I am not the only one who uses it. My parents and other family members all use it once in a while. It's very handy to have around, especially during those times when I cannot go to the park to walk.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2016

I have the ability to incline and it has the interactive thing where I can put where I would like to see while I am walking but have not yet purchased the interactive thingy. I love the treadmill. It is a regular platform cushion, nothing bad about it. It is average, just like what you would find in a gym or fitness place. The performance is excellent. I am very happy that I have the interactive thing even though I have not used it. I can also plug my phone into an outlet and listen to music through the treadmill. I use the treadmill on average 3-4 times a week.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2016

It worked very well and turned on every time I tried it until I had to get rid of it due to personal health reasons but I understand the person I gave it to is still using it. It was very comfortably and gave a lot of spring to the step, it rarely tired me out when I used it which was on a daily basis. I almost felt as if I was walking on air. I personally was very entertained as I used it. I would usually walk to music. It was well worth the money that I paid for it when I bought it. It was easy to use and very sturdy especially since I was quite overweight when I bought it, which was why I purchased it in the first place.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2016

Quiet and durable. I like how it works and that it's not deafening when I turn it on or try to use it. I also like that I don't have to yell to talk over it. It is so comfortable to use. It is one of the best walks I have ever taken in my life. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a product of this type. I like the different options I have to entertain myself while I am getting my exercise on. I really like all the features of this treadmill. It is a great product for the price. It is well worth every penny. It is sturdy, well made and extremely easy to use for any and everyone looking for a treadmill.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2016

It is steady and has not had any troubles so far. It has worked consistently and is beneficial to use for my health. It is a great way to exercise indoors when the weather makes it unfit to go outside for more movement. It has not had any errors or problems that I am aware of. It is comfortable to walk on for a good deal of time without becoming as painful as walking on rocky ground outside. It does not include any entertainment options by itself, but it can easily be situated in front of a TV, window, or living room area where entertainment can be provided from another source. It was a very good value for the standard treadmill. It functions well, is sturdy, and was easy to learn how to start using. I would recommend it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2016

Lasts a very long time. It has a good motor system, I can use it for a few hours a day on different settings. Has many different options on the treadmill. I don't get tired easily because of how good the cushions are. They provide a good support for me to walk on and I can usually walk longer than usual on it. Also different amount of speeds ranging from walking to running. It's good whether you are a beginner or advanced. It might be considered expensive, but it is definitely worth what it costs. It's good if it's raining or snowing outside, so you can just run and walk inside.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2016

Engine is concealed neatly from the running board and is very quiet when running; it is ideal for the living room or extra room in the basement, or library. The cushion makes sure you will not damaged the sides or fall in front of the treadmill. It is solid rubber made to withstand weight if necessary. The treadmill comes equipped with a radio with low and high volume dials, and a speed adjustment monitor for faster, medium, or slow speeds and also an odometer to tell you how fast you are running on the treadmill. Also a monitor that make you input the daily goals for miles you want to run that day. Weekly and monthly totals are recorded.

The treadmill has added full vitality into daily life, full of life instead of sitting down and watching TV. My back and front muscles have lost the fat and flabbiness, and tone in my muscles are back and life is fun again. Also hypertension is in control and also diabetes. AC1 sugar levels are now down to 7.4 instead of a high of 8.5 just half a year ago.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2016

The motor worked great. It ran smooth. I had no issues with the speed. It smoothly changed speed without jerking. I believe the motor will last a very long time. I don't think that the treadmill had enough cushion because my ankles always hurt after I used the treadmill for more than 30 minutes. I have top of the line shoes, so I know that my shoes didn't cause my ankles to hurt. There weren't any entertainment options on the treadmill. But I listen to music on my smart phone and watch TV in my exercise room. I'm disappointed because I can't use the treadmill any longer because of the pain it caused in my ankles. It may be fine for other people, but I have bought a different type of exercise machine.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2016

The overall motor is great. I feel it's better than the others on the market. I tested a few before I decided on this one and I am happy I choose the one I did. It has just the right cushion for the time you spend on it so you're not feelings sore afterwards. I was pleased with this feature as well as I tested others too. This has many features that most of us in the market for a treadmill. This one is rated high in my eyes. I am very pleased with this treadmill. It's a great value for a product that's high quality and stand behind what it delivers. You'll be pleased with this product as I am. Esp if you have little space this is the one.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 26, 2016

Bench press leg press over shoulder pulls was comfortable and invigorating. Allowed me to do sit-ups without back pain. It also included changeable weights as well as pull tension bars that were adjustable. 1 year warranty on all parts and shipping due to breakage or defects but the equipment was very durable and had never had to replace anything on it. Was easy to assemble and very durable equipment. It took up a little more room than I liked but was manageable in the confines of my workout room. The value was ok but I do think it should have been a little less expensive. But overall the quality and workmanship was worth the price cause it lasted a long time. Get what you pay for.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2016

Nautilus has a million features with tons of scenarios for every user. I started with a mild workout and now feel like I'm training for the Tour de France! Very pleased with features. It came with a 2-year warranty, which is great compared to most products with 1-year warranties. I registered mine right away and had no issues with it. Hopefully I won't ever have to find out! =) I've had the nautilus for a year and so far so good! I haven't had a single issue, nor been aware of any friends or family members with issues. Great product! It definitely wasn't cheap, but you get what you pay for, right? I would definitely pay for this again and again because the product is worth it and worth the price tag.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2016

I got a full workout gym with weights, leg lift, arm bands, for strengthening my arms. I can lie down or sit up while I work out or even stand. I did purchase extra small weights I wanted to go with it. I got a 5 year warranty on mine, so that any damaged parts would either be replaced or fixed. I think that is a pretty good deal considering other fitness companies only give 2 or 3 years. I also had the option to extend it. It works great very sturdy. I'm not worried at all that I will hurt myself using it. I've never had any problems with it in the 2 years that I have owned it. With everything I got with it, it's a great value. It's a good quality piece of equipment that I know is going to last me for many years to come. Plus they have a variety of other equipment I could buy at a good price.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 20, 2016

Nautilus fitness equipment have the best and most up-to-date features on all of their equipment. Some feature 22 workout programs and more. Each piece of equipment has its own limit but always a pretty good warranty for each one. I am very impressed with my Nautilus T616 treadmill. It has lasted me years and still works and looks as if I just bought it, and yes I use mine everyday! Absolutely would recommend Nautilus for their reliability! My Nautilus fitness equipment that I own I would definitely have to say is a great value! Does exactly what I am wanting out of my fitness equipment.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2016

Easy to use, assembly of entire machine (big bowflex unit) was difficult. I would recommend having them send someone to assemble for you. Great quality products. I never needed the warranty machine, had zero problems, and since gifting machine to a family member still going strong. However I'm sure the warranty is adequate for the product. Machine worked perfectly each and every use. Easy to change workouts and move pieces on machine to quickly get through a workout. Changing into the rowing was quick and easy and gave a great cardio workout. Machine was worth every penny. I would certainly buy again if given the room in my home. I love their equipment and the ease of purchase.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2016

We liked the versatility of the system. It easily converts to allow you to workout different areas of the body. The "weights" are lightweight and easy for anyone to use. This workout system is pretty reliable. We have had no issues with our workout system to date. Honestly, I think the price was far too high for this system. If it were up to me, I would not have purchased this item for no other reason than the price.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 9, 2016

It has a lot of features to do different types of workout. I had gotten it as a gift for my brother and lasted for years before he changed his approach to fitness. The manufacturer warranty was good added on to the warranty. The store offer was a great combination. There wasn't any failure with the parts but he did maintenance on it with the warranty. The equipment did its job well. No malfunction of any sorts. He did maintain it well any adjusted, any minor problem before it could become major. I think it is a decent value for what is given. You will get your money's worth. If you keep it in good condition that it will last a long time.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 8, 2016

Easy use and heart monitor. The maintenance is easy. There isn't too much noise. My wife can use it too. Full use of arms and legs. Doesn't take up too much space. One year warranty that covers the whole machines. Call and get simple repairs or a full replacement if necessary. I have not needed to use it yet but I will. The product has operated well during the time we have owned it. I haven't had any complaints about its use. It works the same every time. It has been worth the money that we spent on it. We couldn't be happier with the value of it. We are already healthier since using it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 5, 2016

The features that are included in this workout equipment is hand straps and pulleys. All the best equipment comes with these machines. They should work out much more enjoyable. The warranty on these machines very good. If you have any problems they come down and work on them but these machines never break down. The stuff is too good. The product reliability is the best. I've had all the machines and it's just not as reliable as these machines. Just awesome equipment, very reliable stuff. The value of these machines, they could actually get more from but they don't because customers will spend more if they keep it at a decent price.

Nautilus Treadmills expert review by Kate Williams, Ph.D.

An innovator of fitness equipment, Nautilus was founded in 1986 as Bowflex. They formerly sold commercial-grade fitness equipment and now focus on selling fitness equipment, including treadmills, for home use.

  • Speed up to 12 miles per hour: Nautilus treadmills have speeds ranging from 0-12 miles per hour, making them ideal for all levels of walkers and runners.

  • Cushioning: Nautilus’s StrikeZone™ cushioning system makes long runs more comfortable by providing extra support as you run.

  • Nautilus Connect™: Nautilus Connect™ All new Nautilus fitness equipment are equipped with the technology to save your workout data and upload it online to view and track your progress. Share your data with friends and family, or monitor your fitness as a way to measure progress and reach your personal goals.

  • Nautilus innovation: Nautilus welcomes ideas for new fitness equipment products from inventors, who can submit their patented or patent pending idea on the Nautilus Innovation website. Inventors whose ideas are accepted for a new product will usually enter into a licensing agreement with Nautilus to receive royalty fees.

  • Product registration: All Nautilus treadmills bought from an approved Nautilus selling partner need to be registered to qualify for warranty. Nautilus products purchased directly from their website or call center do not need to register. Register on the Nautilus website or by calling their customer service phone number.

  • Best for: Nautilus treadmills are best for fitness enthusiasts looking for a high quality treadmill with online tracking capabilities.

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