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Don't go to Binson, Centerline location, for hearing aids! They put my mom through hell going back every month and never being able to accomplish a better sound for her. They do not know what they are doing and give you a bunch of crap as to why you can't hear. I just took her to a new place, with an Audiologist doctor, and they have fit her perfectly and she can finally hear. And she's paying as much for this new technology set as she did for that crap set from Binson. It's a scam against seniors that they cannot fit properly and gouge them on the price.


August 2007 I went to Binson's to get my Binson hearing aids volume raised. Mr. P said the newest, latest, best ever hearing aids are available, and they are so much better. He said there are 3 types, and these are the top of the line. $6,000.00 for 2 hearing aids. That is very expensive so I asked how long will they last. HE SAID FOREVER, THEY CAN ADJUST THEM AS MY HEARING CHANGES. I thought that would solve my problem, so I bought them.

Well, they don't work, I go back almost weekly and the adjustments don't improve my hearing. The volume goes up when I wear them,but I can't understand the words clearly. When I'm in a car, or at a public meeting, or at a table, or watching tv, I get about half of the conversations. But every time I go back, rather than fixing the problem, Mr. P gives excuses.He says my hearing changed. I said you told me they would last forever because they can adjust as my hearing changes. He said I should read lips, that is not why I spent all that money for hearing aids. He said I should face the people I talk to. When I'm at a town hall meeting, that too is impossible. He is more interested in giving excuses than realizing that they are not working.

I have struggles since 2007, and at this point I would like to return them and get my money back. It is a sad situation when I cannot hear what people are saying, and everyone around me can hear. Please help me.


My brother and I went to Binson's to have our hearing aids adjusted for sound (Binson's Aids). Royal Oak Andy told of the newest ones that would last forever because they were adjustable as your hearing changes. Of the 3 types he said they have, these were the new top of the line. We paid $6,000 for mine and $6,000 for brothers (total $12,000 only to find out they don't work). We go back almost weekly. They screech, whistle and my hearing is terrible. I cannot understand TV or people I talk to. And the Noise reduction and phone button don't work. Andy lied. We are on Social Security and had to pay every cent of the cost. I want my money back. That is fraud when he told us they could adjust as our hearing changes and they last forever. That simply is not true.

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