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This must be a scam business. I order one bottle of the product and they send me 5... can't contact them to get this corrected. Don't go there with this business.

I ordered 6 months' supply of Zeta order no ** worth $149.00 + Rush Delivery $6.94 + Shipping $14.94 and I never received my purchase. I followed up but still not received my purchase. This company utilized a false pretense to sell Zeta Clear to enable getting my money for a purchase but never delivered. Other consumers be WARNED. THIS HEALTHBUY ORGANIZATION IS A BIG SCAM.

I ordered two different items: one for $7.19 and the other for $7.02. They shipped and arrived. However I never got to even open them when I noticed my credit card had been charged another $136.00 and $97.26. I cancelled my credit card certain it had been skimmed, but nope, it was this crap company charging me for the remainder of the items. WTF? I am a single mom of two. I took the plunge at under $20.00 not expecting to be robbed of $300.00. This company needs to be ashamed and SHUT DOWN!

I called customer service and the representative said they could only refund 15% and I'd have to return the unopened items. WOW, I said "No that's not good enough." She then said I could keep the unopened items but will only be refunded 30% of the cost. She said that they can only issue the refund back onto the credit card that I used, I told her it was cancelled, she said the credit card company can transfer it over to my new card which doesn't yet exist. I wanted to scream! I'm still waiting! I wrote the company an email asking for lenience and to please work with me in offering me a proper refund. Nothing, surprise! I would have rather burnt my money than allow this money hungry pyramid of lies steal from me. Incredibly disappointed and financially scarred.

Don't be fooled by all the "verified" & "safe" stickers at the bottom of the webpage it is everything but. I ordered a ONE MONTH supply of breast actives advertised as $34.99 and free shipping from this site and have run into several problems. After reading other reviews (sadly after I was overcharged $175) many people have had the same issues. Within minutes of placing the order I received a confirmation email like normal and it says my order has 6 bottles of Breast Actives for $119.94. About 5 minutes later I received another email confirmation for a second order for 3 bottles of "Garcinia Cambogia" which I had no idea what this even was for another total of $89.95. I wrote and email back saying that this was incorrect and need to cancel both orders. After 2 days still no response. $209.89 for something that was supposed to be $34.99???

I called them when I received the shipping confirmation 2 days after I had still not heard back via email. And of course the customer service rep does not speak English very well. After repeating the issue several times he continued to just repeat the same thing over and over and over and I began to get super frustrated. I then asked to be transferred to a manager. He stumbled and finally spit out that "no one was available" and I could call back in "an hour, or two, or 3." What the hell your manager just disappears for 1-3 hours?

So I try one more time to explain I just wanna cancel these orders that are nowhere near right. He tells me they can not cancel orders due to high volume or orders. He tells me I can return them for a refund but there will be a $10 restocking fee for each bottle. Mmmm that's 9 bottles that's $90 and once again this order was supposed to be $34.99! $90 and I walk away with no product not anything but wasted time and money. He tells me I can chose to keep the product and since all of a sudden I became a "valued customer" he will give me a 30% discount... Wow what an AMAZING deal on stuff I didn't even want in the first place ha! He tells me that the order of Garcinia Cambogia, which I had no idea what it was, is a weight loss pill. I weigh 120 pounds and am 5'7." I'm good on that. I have no weight to lose. I will shrivel away. So even if I had it there is no freaking use for it in my life.

Oh I almost forgot, when I looked at my credit card statement I had 3 separate charges. One for each order and a $3.00 charge. When I asked about this he said it was shipping insurance, which I clearly remember unchecking the box but whatever I won't make a deal over $3... But found it odd there was 2 different charges for each order and I only put my card information in one time. Wouldn't it be the same order?

I have written yet another email stating to speak to a manager. We will see if that happens, but reading other peoples reviews they obviously do not care about customer satisfaction and do not fix problems. Very very very disappointed. I have never had such a horrible time ordering anything. I've never written a review before today. That's how livid I am. I would recommend everyone to stay far away from this company. I wish I could rate them lower than a 1 -10.

I was sent an email for auto order of ketone on the 14/7/15. I looked for ways to cancel the order. Tried the phone number and no answer just cuts off. Tried emailing but email not able to deliver. Money taken from my account £ 96 and I can't find a way to get it back or contact the company to inform them I have not received the order to return it. Looking online lots of reports of it being a scam. I really hope I can get the refund, all was completed through Facebook to begin with.

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Further to my review dated 13th July. After sending an email to, I received a reply that apologized for the none delivery explaining that the order had never (no reason given) been shipped. I then received a full refund to my card. Although I'm pleased about this I will definitely NOT be ordering from this company again.

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On 3/7/15 I tried to order a certain item but, owing to a rolling screen display, what I clicked on was not what I wanted. I was told, on phoning, there was no way I could cancel the order but they issued me an RMA number to return the goods to the USA. Problem is that the goods have still not arrived. If I try to call their listed phone number it is permanently engaged. I have sent an email to but, judging from other reviewers this will never be responded to. This company appears to be a shyster and should be banned. I am, almost, saying a final goodbye to my 40 plus charge. Even if the goods arrive and I return them to California, they will charge a $10 restocking fee. On a different order I asked for a FREE TRIAL item with just the postage shown. This also added a further $6.50 for insurance for the "free-trial". Another SCAM!

I have not received any email or tracking no. for order & also got confirmation for 1 quantity even paid for 2 quantity??? My email is **. Please help me or give my money back.

Hi, I have purchased 2 Quantity 1 Revitol Stretch Mark but when I got email then come to know that I have ordered 2. They confirmed that they are sending 1 only but they have charged for 2 quantity. Also it was written that I will get tracking no. in 5 days. Now it has been 9 days, no tracking no. received and also no one is picking customer care no. Please suggest any email id so that I can know what the status of my order and why only 1 quantity they are sending if they charged for 2. I have also paid shipment charges 4.69$. Please connect with me at **.

I ordered two face creams supposedly recommended by Dr. Oz. I printed the receipt; the grand total was $9.98. Then another $5.95 was added to my account for one of the same free trials as included in the $9.98. My credit card company called me to say international charges had been placed on my account. Two of them I knew about but did not know I had been charged twice for one product and I did not know it was an international charge. The 3rd one of $9.97 was for discount rewards E-card which I did not order but was their way of thanking me for the order. The small lettering on the receipt which I did not read until my credit card company notified me, said after 10 days, they would charge $20 to my card and I would received a $50.00 E-card to use at my favorite stores. Don't fall for this like I did. I am going to cancel my credit card!

Signed up for free trial of Probiotic Slim and did not cancel before trial was up. Charged me 74.00 for a 30 day supply with the option to cancel. Just call the number on the website. Called the number several times and have documentation on how long I was on the line. No answer just got same message over and over saying a service rep will be with you shortly. Finally after 1hr 27min I went to a Facebook page and someone else had the same complaint. They replied with a different phone number to contact. I called and they don't even mention Probiotic slim. The rep tried to tell me that if I wanted an instant refund he could refund me 42 dollars and I would forfeit the rest since it is instant. I told him "no thanks" and said I just wanted the refund. He was very rude...This is a scam and not right to hard working people.

Order no ** has not arrived as promised. Have emailed them and no reply. Also tried to ring Australia no. but it does not answer. Going by some of the websites and complaints on same I guess I have frauded of my moneys $159.01. I am only a pensioner and can ill afford to lose this money. This seems to be the case with this company. Hope you can help. P.S. Paid by Sincorp Debit card.

I ordered the supplements, was offered a "free" eye cream, and now the eye cream keeps arriving and being charged to my Visa. I have enough to last me for the rest of my life! I don't want any more. Please cancel. The email you have on file is **.

Order placed for 16-day free trial Revitol Anti-Aging. Got a call from Customer Service indicating that it is recommended that a second product be purchased to work with the Revitol. I declined to purchased that second product. When I received the Revitol, I called to get the specifics as to when the 16-day trial period was up, she indicated that it would be on April 30th. That's the misleading/false advertising. You don't really get 16 days to try the product.

When I called on early am April 30th to cancel, they had already charged my account $85.74! Not only that, a shipment of the product had been processed and I would have to return it (at my expense) to get a refund. I was contacted by my financial institution about this purchase on my account and I will be pursuing refund of all funds. In the meantime, the product does provide the results claimed, and this company is less than creditable. Celebrity backing is nothing more than a "buyer draw". I don't have a receipt, I have an email with the order confirmation information on it.

I ordered a free sample of face cream because Dr. Oz recommended it. He said 2 creams were required for best effects. One of the creams did not have a free sample after all, but I ordered it anyway. I got my VISA statement and noticed that they charged me for 4 different club programs that I didn't order as follows: Discount Royalty - $9.97; Discount Savings Program - $20.00; Discount Club - $20.00; Discount Harbors - $39.97. They said they will credit back the $39.97 but I haven't seen the credit yet. They refused to credit anything else back.

Fri 9/1/2015 ordered sample African Mango on their offer for $4.99 giving all my details. I received an e-mail thanking me for my order charging $79.95. I did not place an order or any. It was attempted to remove this amount of money from my checking account without permission. Not sure why. I live on fix income and this causing overdraft from my bank account. I hope they will be take care of the overdraft.

Fri 9/1/2015 ordered sample African Mango on their offer for $4.99 giving all my details. I received an e-mail thanking me for my order charging $190.41au. supposedly having ordered 5/1 bottles. I then checked what I had done. Had I scrolled down from the offer page, there was an order for 5/1 bottles. This is criminally set up to show them the front door to your details but not the back door to their intentions. Rang their 1800 number at suggested time today which rang off. Immediately informed the bank and now yourselves.

I am not quite sure what this past comment refers to left and submitted online back in 2013. All I know is this: Minoxidil 5% works when used correctly. At least it is for me. Health buy and Provillus, as far as I am concerned, work just fine and I am on their monthly refill program (they include product AND insurance for this order at $18.94 a month is what I am actually paying each month / cancel anytime / refund available).

F.Y.I. - Ever notice with any product on the planet, that there are 1 stars given in a 5 star scale. The only ones with a true beef, the "1 stars" out there are only disgruntled hard to please customers? Yeah, I also have noticed this (any other product out there in the world in fact)...always hard to please somebody when all they had to do was call and ask.

These are con artists and still, they are actually being let to sell. I ordered a parcel 2 months ago and still no sign of it. When you phone their help line, they can't give you a tracking number and tells you to phone around and try and find the parcel yourself. There never was a parcel. They stole 144 USD from me and are ripping off many clients daily. I will report them to every forum or complaint organization I can find. I am tired of being taken for a ride... Karma will sort them out eventually. DON'T BUY FROM THEM !!!!!!!!!!

On the morning of November 7, I ordered a FREE SAMPLE of the Revitol for which I was to pay a shipping charge of $4.99; my credit card was required for this transaction. It occurred to me to call my dermatologist as he treats me for eczema; he advised me to cancel, immediately. I immediately called to cancel and was advised by Glen ** that the order was already processed and the shipping charge was not cancelable. After much discussion with Glen ** the order was supposedly canceled and I received an email cancellation confirmation #**. Shortly thereafter, I received the Order confirmation which totaled $10.98; $4.99 for the product and $5.99 shipping. Tried calling back to no avail, line remained busy or no answer. The $10.98 was not refunded to my credit card. Chucked it up to "cost of lesson learned."

On November 26, while checking my online banking account, I see an $85.00 charge I don't recognize so called my bank and learned it was payable to Healthbuy. I immediately called Healthbuy and was informed that I missed the 15-day order cancellation choice and the $85.00 product was shipped yesterday. I immediately read to this "young man" the order cancellation confirmation email I received from Glen ** on November 7. He advised me to return the product unopened and my $85.00 would be refunded. He gave me the Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA) **; thankfully, as there were no return information/instructions in the package. I received the product on Monday [12-01-2014]. I will return it today. Unfortunately my computer does not support the Add Image request. I can send you the emails, if you so direct.

I did not recall ordering this product or being charged for this product and today I am sitting looking at a collection notice from GSCM! The number to call is a message and there is no way to find out more details. Beware!

I ordered a "free" sample which cost $6 for s/h. I was told that I had 15 days after I received the product to decide to cancel. I have only had 7 days to try the product - Revita Derm but have already determined that I do not like it. 14 days & a few hours after I ORDERED the product (only 7 days after I received it) I received an email at 2am, stating that my first auto refill was on its way for $65.94. When I attempted to access the website my anti-virus protection wouldn't allow it, said the site was uncertain and uncertified and blocked. When I attempted to send an email, it came back undeliverable. I was able to reach them by phone: US and International Customer Service + 1 (818) 303-9260. Office Hours: Mon. through Fri. 6:30am - 5:00pm PST (-8 GMT).

During the phone call I was told there would be a non refundable $10 restock fee and that shipping of $5.99 was also non refundable so I would be charged $15.99 for a product I wouldn't keep, didn't want, and didn't order, sent to me 8 days before I supposedly had to cancel. When I informed the person on the phone that any charges to my card for this product would result in my turning it over to an attorney, they stated that a refund of the $10 fee could be done, but not the shipping. I also informed them that I would not accept the order and it will be returned, again telling them that ANY charges to my card will be cause for legal action. I was given an order return (RMA) authorization and told to write it on the box; which I will do when it arrives, provided I am home and they don't leave it at my door without a signature.

I did not request and will never request for any order called Bowtrol Probiotic from this company - BOWTROL COLON HEALTH SUPPORT. The Bowtrol Colon Health Support ** have just sent me a second bottle of Bowtrol Probiotic on Saturday 18th October with order number ** of which I do not know what the drug is used for and I never ordered for the drug as well. This looks like a fraudulent order.

I have tried contacting them via phone number and the numbers are all disconnected or not working. Their customer support team have no email or accurate phone number to contact. So I am just confused and don't know how to reach them so they could stop charging me and sending orders that I don't want to me. Sequel to this, please can I have any useful information on how to contact them as soon as possible, as I do not want further charges as well as their drugs again.

About a week and a half ago I purchased Revitol and Dermology by paying for the shipping alone. It was supposed to be about $5 each. It was a trial purchase to see if I liked it. So when the shipping was more like $10 each it should have been a red flag. On Oct 19th I saw a $24.95 charge when I pulled up my banking online and called. They said I was automatically enrolled in some sort of **. I just told her to unenroll me and I don't want anymore product sent to my home. I don't want any hidden fees. I want out completely! I could not have been any more clearer than if she was standing in front of me and I had a baseball bat!

So the next evening guess what I get? You got it! A confirmation for my order for both of these products. So I look at my banking online and those thieves ripped me off for a total of $151.88. I know that's not as bad as some people, but I'm so angry I don't know what to do with that anger!!! I did call my bank and file a claim. They will investigate and most likely put the funds back in my account... I hope. I wish I had taken the time to look into this before rushing into it. It really looked too good to be true. Does anybody know where we can bust these people publicly so everyone knows? They should.

I ordered 1 Garcinia Cambogia on the 09/08/2014 12:54pm (South African time). Paid over $58.94. Order number is **. I have not received my order to date. If I can have tracking number at least.

I bought 3 Garcinia Cambogia and 6 Green Coffee Bean Max on August 14, 2014. I have not receive my orders and I can't trace. I tried calling the customer care number in South Africa with no luck. I'm frustrated and disappointed.

Charges appeared on credit card before the promised free trial product arrived. I have never received anything & charges keep reappearing. I had to cancel my credit card no.

I purchased a one-month supply of Garcinia Cambogia in May 2014. They debited my credit card with US $99.99 and never sent the product. There is no email address to contact them, only a USA telephone number which according to other complaints, seems to be non functioning. Big mistake.

REVITOL Anti Aging Cream "FREE SAMPLE". When they received my bank details for shipping charge, they used bank details to take money from my account for more of this REVITOL product I never agreed to buy. I am reporting them to Trading Standards.

I have placed and PAID for my order of 6 x Garcinia Cambogia on 25/04/2014. Today is the 10/07/2014 already and I have not received my order. I keep on sending emails but nobody is coming back to me!

I ordered and was billed on the spot for: 1 Bowtrol Probiotic, 6x Garcinia Cambogia. As of the 06-06-2014, I have not received anything. To add onto this, I get an automatic billing for a bottle of Bowtrol Probiotic on the 27th June 2014, which I never requested!!! I never ordered it! I cannot believe that I thought they were a legitimate company that is trustworthy!! NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!! ! Company Profile

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