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Upon calling for a quote, I was speaking to Nancy ** (owner) who was extremely condescending. When explained that I was going to have my director call her if interested, she continued to speak over me, leaving me no option but to release our call. She immediately called my office back to tell me "If I were educated enough, she was trying to explain how the insurance worked." She made multiple references to my intelligence and threatened to report me to my director. Her unprofessional behavior is outrageous. She was so rude because she didn't get our business that she actually called to bash me. I would never recommend her company to anyone. I am flabbergasted at her behavior.

Satisfaction Rating

Just want to say I've been waiting for 3 weeks to get paid... I call everyday and there's always an excuse. I take care of clients in their home and have to be on time so my pay should be on time too. Please help me resolve this issue.

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Shelley WebbSenior Products Contributing Editor

Shelley Webb is a registered nurse, geriatric care manager and freelance writer who concentrates on the subjects of eldercare and health.    More about Shelley→

With franchise locations in more than 28 states, Griswold Home Care is a trusted name in the home health services industry.

  • Multiple locations: They offer services in many states, so if you need to transfer from one location to another, you need not find a new service provider.
  • Help with financing: Home health costs can be very affordable compared to a facility, and Griswold Home Care helps you find public help to pay for needed services.
  • Complete background check: Using a proprietary system, they perform a full criminal background check, call about references and screen for personality matches.
  • Full range of home care options: They offer services ranging from simple companion care to overnight/round-the-clock supervision. They do not offer skilled nursing care.
  • Easy communication: There are several options available to contact them ranging from a phone call to live chat on their website.
  • Best for Primary caregivers, elderly individuals, persons with dementia, persons with a disability and accident victims.

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Griswold Home Care Company Profile

Company Name:
Griswold Home Care
Year Founded:
120 West Germantown Pike, Suite 200
Plymouth Meeting
United States