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I have been feeling so sick lately. I couldn't figure it out until I thought maybe it's my smoking? So I went without for a few hours and started to feel so much better. Then I lit up a fsc (Marlboro nxt) and instantly felt so nauseous. This is awful! It's a good thing I'm working on quitting with my vape and it's working great. Soon the cigarette company will be out of business. I say we all get together and get a lawyer. My email address is ** if anyone is interested in a joint lawsuit against them.

First off I'm going to state that I've quit smoking as of now. I'm using a crappy vuze vaporizer that I got for free. Before that I switched to organic American spirit rolling tobacco. I suggest you do the same. You may want to get cigarette tubes as the paper provided are all natural and will go out like FSC but not because of added chemicals. The tubes do not seem to be FSC. Actually quite the opposite. Now I'll state how horrible FSC cigarettes are. Which by the way stands for fire safety compliance. Nothing about these cigarettes are fire safe. Quite the opposite again. I believe something is going on because how strange is it that fires caused from cigarettes are infrequent and low in numbers. So why make them more dangerous under the guise of protecting people from fires. I had many embers fall off from those things which is already a good case for a lawsuit.

Someone had sued Phillip Morris years ago before FSC when they demonstrated the technology with their merit brand. Something strange is going on. I no longer smoke but wish to help get the smokes back to the way they were. If someone can try to contact me please do. Here are the symptoms anytime I would smoke them. First time I got a raging cough from the first drag and a persistent sore throat. Anytime after I moved to all natural tobacco and would bum a Marlboro I would get a horrible and I mean horrible pounding headache that would persist for hours. At least four or five hours. I really believe this is a ploy to get people to stop smoking and or kill off people faster so that they can have enough proof that smoking is that dangerous as to make it illegal. Let's fight this and get cigarettes back to the way they were. Before the awful metallic tasting, chemical laden ones they have as of now. Take care all.

Some years back, the do-gooders in this country decided that cigarettes were unsafe and forced the tobacco industry to implement a new process into their manufacturing of cigarettes. This process, the application of carpet glue at intervals along the inside of the cigarette paper roll, would cause the cigarette to smolder and go out rather than burn continuously until the end of the cigarette. At least that was the reasoning. Since their introduction into the mainstream, I have been forced to utilize these products. Notwithstanding the consumption of smoke from burning carpet glue being extremely less healthy than the tobacco itself, I've also found that the claims that the FSC process will extinguish the cigarette to be false. The cigarettes seem to have no problem burning full length when left unattended, they just have difficulty remaining lit while attempting to actually smoke the cigarette.

It seems to me that the politicians have placed an unnecessary health risk on the general public for a process that was untried and unapproved by the FDA as being safe for consumer consumption. Aren't there laws in place to prevent manufacturers from putting products on the market that might harm the public? Aren't our politicians required to abide by those laws as well? Oh wait, that's right, if they don't agree with a law that everyone else is forced to comply with they just exclude themselves. Guess that's the case here as well.

I have been a smoker, unfortunately, for about 35 years. I smoke Marlboro Lights. To the folks who keep getting a hot cherry in their laps: PACK your cigs. But, to the health issues: For almost a year after FSC cigs were released in North Carolina, I was able to obtain non-FSC through several locations of a grocery chain for nearly a year. I resisted the change from the very first time I smoked a FSC cigarette. They taste awful and burn my throat. But here is the unfortunate part: I think I have COPD now :( And I'm only 50 years old - in the prime of my life and career. I'm quitting again, using the patch and prayer that I can go more than 6 months without these horrible "cancer sticks." These FSC cigs have given me shortness of breath. I wake up at night and feel as though I have to gasp for the first breath, etc. Just pitiful and I curse the day I ever started.

I get bronchitis nearly every winter - ugh. I'm going to do everything in my power to quit for good this time. Please pray for me and I'll pray for all of you guys too. Lastly, to those who think rolling your own is the answer: the poisonous FSC is in the papers, so unless you're getting your papers from the middle east or somewhere overseas that does not have FSC cigs, you're still getting the poison, sorry. Also, please know that some countries like the Bahamas, are not REQUIRED to print FSC on the side of the cig packs. But the cigarettes still have FSC in them. I learned that the hard way after buying a couple of cartons in Nassau. Take care folks. And know this... the only way that's going to work for us is to QUIT! And oh yeah... why do some of you still smoke in your house, much less in your BEDS?! That's not only nasty, but extremely dangerous. Just saying. :)

I have been a smoker for 40 years and since the new fire safe cigarettes came out I have notice a huge difference in my throat - a burning and swelling feeling. I think these fire safe Cigarettes are unsafe and unhealthy. I have holes in my carpet from where the lit head of the cigarette keeps falling off and burns holes in my cloths when the head or part of the head falls off. This is so unsafe and so much more of a risk of fires than any I have ever smoked. I have always been a person to take great care when smoking and have never until now had any problem with burning anything and the worse is the way I and my husband both feel as if our throats are burned when smoking these Cigarettes. Whose idea was this and they should be sued. These people will kill someone soon in health or fire.

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I am 65, a lifetime smoker; (Marlboro Menthols) and until 2013 when Texas adopted this idiotic legislation, had almost never experienced, coughing, burning throat, or any symptoms of COPD. Now, I'm doing all of the above, plus headaches, which I've never had in my life before! Also, I now have holes in sheets, sofas, chairs, car, clothing, and burns all over my hands, chest, legs, etc. The things like develop this raggedy ash, uneven burn, and curl outward like an exploding cigar in an old-timer cartoon! These bits of burning ash fall everywhere! Holes in linoleum flooring, for chrissakes! NONE of this mess EVER happened to me in over 50 years of being a responsible, considerate smoker! Has made me hate smoking, but I'm a lifetime addict, can't/won't quit, and have added a new danger to the risks of smoking! Phillip-Morris should add it to the Warning statements on the label! "Fire-resistance may destroy your house."

There's terrible chemical taste. I am so frustrated having to light the same cigarette 3-4 times. It was rare to have the same lighter long enough to run it out of fluid. Now I'm buying lighters in bulk quantities. Basically I'm pissed. I just can't light up a cigarette and relax.

My complaint is in regards to the obvious differences in my cigarettes, after they were changed to FSC, and/or any other changes that were made. In my 40 years of smoking: I've never dropped a hot ash that burned holes in my clothing, thereby also burning my skin; now I have multiple articles of clothing that can no longer be worn.

I've never started a fire on any item what-so-ever, but I now have two damaged recliners from hot ashes falling and burning holes in their right arms. The first time was so unexpected and so quick I didn't notice it until flames were rolling up into my face. Even when taking precautions when I purchased my brand new second recliner, I didn't notice the hot ash had dropped until it had burned through the protective cover I'd put over the arm to prevent damage. I've never had mouth sores at any time, until the changes to my cigarettes were made. I have not gone to a doctor so I don't know how serious this could be. They are tiny pinpoint sores on my tongue that are very painful.

All my above experiences started happening almost immediately after cigarette manufacturers made changes to their cigarettes. The falling ashes aren't predictable so you can never mentally time it out to make sure they get to the ashtray in time. Besides the loss of property these cigarettes have caused, it's also very frustrating, and it takes the pleasure of smoking away. I'm fortunate to be alive; if I wouldn't have caught the fire when I did, my shirt could have been in flames as well as my recliner.

These changes have not prevented fires, or created a safer environment. In my opinion, whatever changes have been made, the cigarettes are dangerous to property, but could very easily be responsible for deaths. I would appreciate the cigarettes going back to how they were before the FSC, as they are not beneficial as they are; they create additional problems, at a serious risk to life.

In 2010 they began putting carpet glue into cigarettes, I noticed a change in taste. I have heart palpitations that are very severe (at the worst skipping every other beat) with my HR dropping to 40 41. I had to go to the ER not being able to breathe. Constant sore throat, I have lost part of my voice in that I used to sing, but my higher octave's are now gone. My grandfather smoked and lived to 92 years old. My grandmother lived to high 80's and she had been a smoker. They need to stop putting that carpet glue in cigarettes. Maybe it is too late for me, but maybe not for others. I am a Christian and not afraid of death for myself. My child is grown and doing well. What about the smoking parents of small Children? Please, please stop the use of this chemical in cigarette papers.

I have been a smoker for years and have always been very considerate to others. Never left ashes or butts for others to deal with - until the FSC's came along. The ashes fall off without warning and the smoke from the cigarette is excessive. Tonight, I thought my cigarette was out and was waiting to throw it in the trash when the ember fell off onto pine needles where I was sitting. I had to stomp it out several times before extinguishing it. That is ridiculous!!! Never in my 50+ years have I experienced this with cigarettes! These FSC's have surely caused more fires than at any other time! Get rid of them fast!!!

Fire safe cigs. are an oxymoron! Recently [past yr. or so] many brands' tips [ember] fall off burning clothes, rugs etc. Especially bad seem to be crown and marlboro cigarettes. 50 years of smoking without burns and within the last year I have at least 6 burn marks on my living room carpet! Needs a class action suit for damages caused! Salespeople are not helpful and know nothing of corporate responsibility.

The requirement to put these "stops" in cigarettes is ridiculous. First of all, it is irritating to have to keep re-lighting the cigarette, especially when you are concentrating on something else. Secondly, fires are usually caused by something else, like gasoline or some kind of fire igniting liquid. Thirdly, modern material is made to smolder, not catch on fire. Therefore, is there now going to be a ban on gasoline, lighter fluid, grease, fire pits, camp fires, etc.?

These fire safety cigarette are destroying lives, the jot constantly fall off and they hurt my lungs... I can barely breathe after smoking just two and I'm used to smoking a pack a day. I want in on this law suit, I'm tired of being punished for my choices.

I have noticed that with the new fire safe cigarettes that often when I flick the ash off of the cigarette, the red hot cherry comes off of the cigarette. So far, it has only started one fire in my vehicle but there have been other occasions where I saw what had happened in time to extinguish the burning cherry in time to prevent major damage. So in my personal experience, fire safe cigarettes have become a fire hazard.

Fire Safe Cigarettes are extremely unsafe. They are almost impossible to put out when you are done smoking. Yet the cigarette will extinguish itself while you are smoking it. Fire safe cigarettes will relight themselves after you think they are completely out. My experience with fire safe cigarettes has proved the opposite of what they are intended to do. So far I have been lucky that my house, someone else’s house or vehicle has not burned down due to fire safe cigarettes... contact for more information.

As many of you have been discussing in the paragraphs below, I as well have been experiencing very similar symptoms with FSD. I find myself very worried about not being able to quit smoking because of the highly addictive nature of the Marlboro cigarettes, the chemicals and preservatives that they put in them. I have for many business suits and prep professional inexpensive wardrobe items from the cherry filling up my cigarette in the car while I'm driving. It's ridiculous. I've had roughly 34 types of quitting smoking 2014 and it's getting very worrisome with three little children and one on the way and being 34 years old. I am constantly having anxiety over cancer and other diseases such as emphysema and do not feel well and have really not started feeling well since they added the FSD preservative. I am 100% in and please reach out to me if anybody decides to do a class action lawsuit on Marlboro Company.

The FSC paper affects the taste of cigarettes in a negative way, I'm also very worried about what they put on the paper as well. In addition to the poor taste, the FSC paper also seems to increase the chance your "cherry" will fall off the cigarette, which is a hazard. Lastly, the FSC paper does not seem to have anything about it that would prevent a fire. They do not put themselves out and typically burn more dangerously. I say, "What's the point," because this change does nothing it's supposed to do and only causes more harm and a less desirable product. Why is this being used still? Also, what can this site do? I see all the comments of everyone upset like me, but where is this all going, is this a "**-fest" or can we fight this somehow?

I have spent thousands of dollars to find the cause of mouth sores, blistered and swollen tongue and throat, only to find out I am allergic to whatever chemicals are in this paper! I was fine before the fire safe paper came out! I have ruined so many items when the cherry just falls off anywhere, anytime, any place! This is NOT a safety product. Someone lined their pockets so the rest of us get sick and have no choice! I would even pay more to be able to buy the old paper rolled cigarettes. We should have a choice in this country! Someone has to file this class action against this law! Count me in.

I want to begin a class action lawsuit against the Marlboro corporation... Nearly every cig I smoke the cherry falls off and ends up ruining an article of clothing, bedding, furniture, carpeting or whatever.... I contacted the company about this and all they were to compensate me for was a $5 pack of smokes even though their product has cost me thousands of dollars in ruined items.

When I smoke fsc cigarettes, I get mouth sores and headaches...

Took a chance when I googled this site, so surprised to see so many others as upset and frustrated as I am with these FSC! I have smoked for a long, long time and up until they put this stuff in our smokes I never ever had a burn hole in my clothes or car seat or furniture. Now I feel like I look like some uncouth slob with the way all of my things are burned up. And yes, I now have COPD to go with all the burn holes. And up until the time that this additional chemical was added I had clear lungs. I just was shocked to see that so many other of us are suffering in the same way. So, however, whatever way we can do something to stop yet another invasion into our private lives - I'm all for it, sign me up!

I took almost 4-6 months before I stopped getting headaches from the FSP made mandatory. I even wrote PA congressman and governor to be told I was one and only smoker with FSP PAPER symptoms. Now they say it's killing us faster adding more chemicals and fact is I am not only one that had headaches, sore throats, etc Also they aren't safer. They do burn even if not smoking. We all know and see this who smoke. We want plain papers back.

I live in a home with my 81-year-old father and my dear friend of 52. I am 49. Our house nearly burned down last night but for my insomniac reading habit of using a flashlight in my bed. All three of us in the household smoke. Yeah, we are society's pariahs these days but, we all make our choices. My father insists that we use kitty litter in deep tinfoil ashtrays and then throw the butts away after a few minutes of supposed extinguishing in such.

Well, last night, despite observing all protocols, I awoke to read at five am and when I turned on my flashlight, I saw a room thick and cloudy. I leapt out of bed and ran out to see flames shooting four feet up the side of an antique china cabinet coming from a melted wastebasket. These so-called "fire-safe" cigarettes have been nothing but a hazard since their inception and now they have nearly killed us.

When you try to smoke them, they go out constantly. When you try to put them out, forget about it! You have an undying source of fire and flames! WTF? What moron's idea were they? How many have to die before somebody's get rich quick scheme shows its true colors? STOP THESE NOW! I will be talking to my attorney about class action on Monday. Provided we don't all die of safety before then!

I have smoked cigarettes for over 20 years. I smoked Camels while I was younger, but am now a Marlboro smoker. Since they have implemented these changes to their products to make them fire safe, they have became extremely dangerous. I know I personally have the fire fall off of my cigarettes at least a half a dozen times a day. I personally get BURNT, at least two to three times a week. The fire just recently (not 15 minutes ago) fell off of my cigarette, down into my shirt. It burnt my upper chest, my right breast and my stomach!!! I am not paying this kind of money for a product that is HIGHLY addicting, which is causing physical harm to my body, as in BURNS!!!

I know the risks of smoking, with lung cancer and such. I know these products are highly addicting. BUT I did not ask or sign up or my body to be permanently scarred, due to them implementing new chemicals and such into their product!!! My father is a smoker as well!!! The fire fell off if his cigarette last night and burnt a large hole into his jacket!!! Thank god my son was paying attention and got it put out. I intend on contacting law firms, in regards to these highly dangerous change at they have made to these cigarettes!!! I am also going to start a journal and take pictures from each and every event, when the fire falls off of these "safer" cigarettes. SIGNED ONE VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!

They have stepped up the pain for smokers. Now, they add something to give you a sore throat. This abuse has to stop!!!

Since these cigarettes hit the market, not only have I experienced a metallic taste about them but the biggest thing is constant, puffy and sore lips in addition to them going "out" on their own and then being hard to relight with usual hot cinders falling from them causing burns to whatever they may touch. This is just another case of big government trying to be big brother.

I started smoking the FSC cigs after a year of their start date. I had smoked about 30 years before, but did not like the way the FSC cigs tasted. Also, they burned hotter than before and I was burning holes in my car seat and at home. They are also harder to put out in the ashtray. They burn quicker so you smoke more of them, and when they go and you re-light, you get this huge fireball that is quite dangerous. But I missed smoking so I went back. It has been almost two years and I noticed that the cigs were burning my face, literally darkening my skin.

I am Black and have brown-complexioned skin. Anyway, I noticed my brother's skin is burnt as well. This is really serious. If holding the cig to your lips burns your face, imagine your lungs. As I stated earlier, I have smoked for years and have not had any skin, lung, throat damage before. But now, I cough hackingly. My throat hurts and is swollen. Thankfully, I have started smoking electronic cigs and my cough is better and so is my throat. My forehead is starting to return to its natural color, and this after only a month! These FSC cigs are really dangerous and need to be taken off the market.

In Jan. 2011, I had a chest CT scan for pneumonia. Other than pneumonia, lungs were fine. A year after smoking FSC cigarettes, I have COPD. Other ailments include rash, anxiety, stomach issues, swollen thyroid, chest tightness, and heart palpitations. They are twice as addictive. I used to smoke a pack a day. With these, I was smoking two packs a day. I have started rolling my own and am slowly weaning off cigarettes. To stop cold turkey was absolutely impossible. I am a very patriotic citizen. I served in the military for 10 years. I believe in God, country, and family. My belief in my country has been badly shaken. What type of government implements laws that hurt millions to save a few? - There was no warning, no choice. This is no longer a democracy, but a dictatorship.

My mother has been a smoker all her life with no ill health effects and even had a lung and oxygen test done a year before the FSC cigarettes came out. Before they came out her lung capacity was amazing and her oxygen was 98-99%. Now, after smoking them for two years, her oxygen is 78% and she is on oxygen for the rest of her life! This is sad to watch and it kills her family to watch her suffer. This poison must be removed and the company must pay restitution!

My daughter smokes these so-called fire safe cigarettes. Last week, she lit one; placed it in the ashtray; checked her Facebook account; forgot about it and went to sleep, only to have her roommate wake her by pulling her up as her house was on fire. Her mattress had already burned so much the springs were showing. She has lupus and her meds make her sleep deep. She lost everything she had, but thank God she is alive! Does she have any recourse on this?

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