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Somehow seems to remain ethical. Such a widespread business that still keeps its costs low and doesn't bully itself into other markets... other countries, yes. But so far, they haven't bought out or underpriced competitors in other industries, from what I can tell. They claim to operate by a model where the wealthiest owners of the business don't earn more than 5 times their lowest paid employees. There might be some loopholes in here - probably are, like paid travel and perks - but it's still inspirational and highly unique.

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Jessica Assaf & Alexis Krauss Organic Skincare Contributing Editors

Jessica Assaf & Alexis Krauss are co-founders of Beauty Lies Truth, a website dedicated to educating consumers about the ingredients in personal care products. Alexis is a singer, songwriter and front-woman of the band Sleigh Bells and uses her public platform to transform the beauty industry. Jessica is an award-winning activist and entrepreneur who has spent the past ten years spreading awareness about product safety and working with the most conscious companies on the market.    More about Jessica Assaf & Alexis Krauss→

Dr. Bronner's, a family business, started with organic soaps and has since expanded into a large line of popular castile soaps that come in a variety of scents.

  • Fluoride-free toothpaste: The company's anise, peppermint, and cinnamon toothpastes are fluoride-free, do not have artificial ingredients and come in recyclable packaging.
  • Environmental advocates: The company creates USDA-certified organic products, works with fair trade projects and supports healthy working conditions for laborers and farmers.
  • Multipurpose coconut oil: Dr. Bronner's virgin coconut oil is kosher and USDA organic. While it can be used for skin and hair care, consumers can include it in stir-frys, sauces and bakes.
  • Biodegradable cleaners: Consumers save time by shopping for skin care, health care products and household cleansers in one place. Dr. Bronner's biodegradable cleaners work for dishes, laundry and other tasks.
  • Soaps for all uses: Soaps can be used for the hair and face as well as for household cleaning tasks.
  • Best for Consumers that are eco-conscious will enjoy using these all-natural and sustainable products.

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Dr. Bronners
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1335 Park Center Drive
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United States