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Dolphin Fitness Gym, 2402 86th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11214 - Cleaning Guy, ** cleans the floor in the morning right when people are going to work and we slip all over the place. Afterwards, he laughs at you when you almost slip and break your neck. What a punk! Management are a bunch of boneheads. You would think for a gym that is open 24 hours a day, they would have their cleaning crew wash the floors after hours when the gym is deserted. No, they tell their staff to clean the gym in the morning, when the members are done with their workouts and off to work. Not renewing here again, going down the block to planet fitness soon.

On 12/30/08, at Dolphin Fitness in NYC, a trainer tried to sell me training sessions when I was on the Eliptical. He was very persistent. I said I just wanted to finish my workout. He left me alone for 20 minutes and then came back. He told me to talk to his manager, Deshaun about the costs. I did. I wanted to think about it. He signed me up for a free trial session with Chris, the guy, who approached me. I met with Chris for my first session a week later. It was a good hour-long workout. He told me to talk to Deshaun again who said for $100 a month, I would get 4 one-hour training sessions with Chris as well as a complete meal plan and regular weigh-ins.

I told Deshaun that my gym membership at Dolphin Fitness would be over in 2 months and I would not be renewing, He said I can cancel anytime by giving 30 days notice. I asked about a penalty, he said there was none. He said that more than once. I decided to do it. At this point, I didn't have my credit card, but Deshaun said to just bring it the next day and he would have my meal plan ready and do my weigh-ins. At the same time, Chris and I set up our next appointment for the following week. I went the next day with my credit card. Deshaun wasn't there, so I wasn't able to do the weigh-ins, sign the contract, or get my meal plan.

I showed up to my next session and Chris showed up 20 minutes late. We got a 40-minute workout in but then he had to get to his next appointment. I still had no meal plan or weigh-in. Chris set up my session for the following week. I showed up but so did the other girl he booked for that time. I got 20 minutes and then he switched to her. Chris set up the time for my next session but called twice that week to ask when it was. Both times, he called late at night (I have documentation of this). I remind him when it was and at that time showed up, only Chris wasn't there because I was now told Chris didn't work there anymore. I had just spoken to him the night before!

I got rescheduled with a different trainer but the next day I got a call from Chris (at 10:30 pm - again). He was working at my gym again. By now, I was frustrated with this administrative nightmare. This was way too many phone calls for barely any training, plus, I still didn't have all the other things promised to me. It is the end of January so I decided to send in my 30-day cancellation notice (I have documentation of this). I paid February and left it at that. In February, I got a letter saying I owe $250 for the cancellation fee.

I called customer service and sent a letter explaining that I was told multiple times at sign-up that there was no cancellation fee. The customer service people didn't care what I was told because this is what the contract states. I never even got a copy of the contract! By March, I had a letter saying I owed $235. I had no idea where that number came from. I called Customer Service and the people on the phone were very rude. The letters were very condescending as well.

After reading a lot of reviews about other people being wronged, I decided to just pay it, I was not going to let this ruin my perfect credit. A month later, I got another bill for an odd amount. I call again, they say I am still a member. I was under the impression I was cancelled and paid up. Now, they say I owe another $250 to cancel and that the $235 was for my last two months of service (my membership was $100 a month). I called their customer service line again but it was useless. Even though I was laid off months earlier, I haven't been a member at this gym in months, and I didn't get most of the services that I paid for, they kept saying I signed this contract.

I went to the gym to talk to Deshaun but he had been fired. The new guy told me he has essentially been hired to clean up Deshaun's mess. My trainer was fired also. I was the 2nd person in a week to come in complaining about being wronged by the company. I recorded this conversation on my phone. When you search for reviews of this company, you will find a lot of bad ones, including a lot of reports on the BBB website, giving it a rating of F. I have printed all of these reviews, many are very similar to my experience. It is not right. I have spent $685 on a service that I didn't get. I got 120 minutes of training, if that, and it was over the course of a month where I was promised much more and for only $100 a month. In addition to paying for something I didn't get, I was bullied by the company and the company's collection agency for months, forcing me to pay for things that I should not have paid for.

My gym membership was automatically renewed and charged to my credit card. There was no notice of renewal mailed to me prior to the charge appearing on my credit card. I paid for 1 yr. up front last year and did not intend on renewing. From the little research I have done so far, it appears that Section 5-903.3 of the General Obligations Law states that for any such "automatic renewal," written notice must be sent prior to the date of renewal. Again, no such notice was sent.

It should also be noted that I intended to pay in cash last year, and expressed that to Ace, the employee who sold me my membership. He, in turn, told me that they still needed a credit card number to activate the account. I looked up the gym's phone number using the online Yellow Pages and noticed several complaints on the web page regarding the exact same matter of unwanted automatic renewal at this gym.

Club employees thus far, have not been helpful in resolving this issue.

1st Call: After explaining the problem, I was put on hold (by Tiffany) and forgotten about.
2nd Call: A young man, name unknown, told me that whether or not it was disclosed to me, "automatic renewal" must be in my contract (which he was unable to retrieve from a locked office). He told me the bookkeeper would be back in 20 min.
3rd Call: When I called back, I was accidentally disconnected while being transferred to the bookkeeper’s voicemail.

4th Call: I left a message for the bookkeeper, who I believe was there, but did not take my call directly.

I suspect this is only the beginning of what will be a long list of unaddressed phone calls. I also suspect that many other members have been forced into this type of unwanted renewal and were wondering if this was worth challenging legally in order to recover dues for other victims, to protect future members of this establishment, and to set a precedent for other gyms, who follow such practices. At this point, I really need to get that charge off of my card and will persevere in trying to do so.

Tried to cancel membership with Dolphin Fitness Club and received different info each phone call to gym. Sent letter; they claim they never received it. Called again and spoke to Matt who said I had to pick up a form. I broke my foot and asked him to fax or mail, and he was very rude, left me on hold for 15 minutes, then never picked up my calls after that. My membership started in April 2006 and should have ended in August 2007. It is now October and 24.50 is still being deducted from my account every month. I would like a refund of $98.00. This will cover the extra 4 payments I have made so far.

I am very disappointed with the Dolphin Fitness Clubs of Long Island. I had signed up an agreement with Dolphin Fitness (Westbury location) on 01/12/07 for $8 a week up to 8 weeks. The first time, I paid $57 for period covered 1/12/07-3/10/07. Then I was offered (01/17/07) a package with a personal trainer for $132 monthly that included 4 sessions with a PT and the gym. They charged me for 2 months sessions and gym for a total amount of $264 (2 months of PT & gym) and I was told by Maryanne at that time that she would give me a credit for $57 for what was charged at the beginning since she had included everything on the amount of $132 (PT sessions and gym monthly package) but she couldn't do this at that time but asked me to bring my credit bill next time for her to give me a credit for the amount of $57.

Unfortunately, due to my medical condition (asthma & vertigo) I had to cancel my gym. I had mailed certified letters/return receipt to cancel my membership and I even visited the Westbury location to explain the situation. I was given a cancellation form by one of the staff member to cancel my membership and asked to mail this form with my doctor's notice and she said, "you will be fine." I followed their procedure and mailed every location to hear from them, but yet I haven't heard from them.They kept charging my credit card even though they were informed right away of the cancellation.

I have stopped using their services since Feb. 2007 (I was hospitalized) and have been trying to get my money back since then. But, they kept charging my credit card knowing that I hadn't used their services since Feb. 2007. Since then, I haven't heard from them but I kept requesting for my refund and for them to stop charging my credit card. Now I received a Paramount Acceptance (collection agency) bills asking for $490 more for not using their services. They already had charged me more than $400 plus the cost of certified letters/returned receipt that I have been mailing to them. I even visited the Westbury location to talk to the managers. According to them, this matter had been taken care of and they were aware that I was not using their services since Feb. 2007. I was told everything would be okay and they would refund my money and wouldn't be charging my card anymore. But they still charged my credit card until I had to cancel the credit card to stop them.

I am very disappointed with their services.This is not fair to me that I had been charged so much money for no reason as they promised to refund my money. I have been wasting my time and money just to get their response. I followed their procedure as they asked me to inform their locations in order to get my refund. No one ever contacted me yet they want more money for the services that I have not used. Please help me get my money. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your help and support.

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I was a member of Dolphin Fitness. My contract was from March 03 to March of 04. I canceled my contract in December of 2004. As a result, I did not use the facilities of Dolphin during the months of Dec., Jan., Feb. and March. On March 3, 2004, my credit card was charged without my consent for an additional one-year membership at Dolphin Fitness.

I called Dolphin and disputed the claim. They would not budge. They then sent me to collections. In turn, they are attempting to affect my credit and bring a lawsuit against me.

This is a blatant disregard for Section 5-903 of New York State General Obligations Law. In order to enforce an automatic renewal clause, they must send written notice 15 and not more than 30 days prior to the renewal date. I never received this notice from Dolphin. The General Attorney of New York has brought numerous lawsuits against various companies who disregard section 5-903. If you have run into a similar issue, please contact your General Attorney and the BBB.

I had joined Dolphins Gym at their Greenwich location in downtown NY. This was 2 blocks from my job. I paid full annual membership. Since I paid the fee in full, I was given two months complimentary. I joined on April 18, 2003. The gym was closed on Sept. 3, 2003 due to legalities with the landlord of the establishment. We were told the gym would reopen to no avail. We (members) were told by the building manager that the location would not reopen due to non-payment of rent and that we needed to speak to the manager of the franchise. I contacted the workers and was given a runaround. I then requested to have my membership refunded and submitted a letter with a copy of the Paid in Full invoice to the billing dept. by registered mail. I never received a response.

I called and spoke to a ** who then took my name down in January and said I should be receiving a call in a month regarding the refund of my membership. There was nothing a month and a half later. I called again and submitted another letter; I heard the same story, I was on the list for call back. It is now 7 months that I have not used my membership fully and paid it in full. I used up my promotional free months (2 months) and 2-1/2 months of my regular membership, I am therefore owed for 9 months. I paid a total of $372 for my membership. I would like to join a new gym closer and accommodating to my work facility and these people are trying to swindle me out of my money.

They will not return calls or respond to the letters as indicated on the contract. I followed all the procedures asked of me. I submitted proof of payment as well as a copy of the contract and paid in full invoice. I need to know what to do next to get my monies.

I joined the Dolphin Fitness Center in Bay Ridge on 4/16 that was scheduled to open in June. They didn't open until July and in the interim, I moved. I had spoken to ** at the 4th Ave. facility, explained the situation and told her there was no Dolphin Fitness near my new location and she referred me to Headquarters on 125th St., for a refund. After finally getting a copy of my contract (I had to call a number of times to receive), I sent a letter and the copy to HQ and I didn't get a reply. I contacted ** in the cancellation dept. and sent FedEx letters and made numerous phone calls.

At the end of Sept. (three letters later), she told me to send a copy of my new lease, last utility bill and letter from my previous landlord. I again FedExed this information. I didn't receive a reply. I called again on 9/28, 10/9, 10/15 and 10/17 and no one in the main office will give me the name of a person in the cancellation department or a direct phone number. ** is the person I had been dealing with and she is no longer there. The receptionist, **, will not give me a name nor will ** who also works at the main desk of the 125 St. location.

I paid in full for a membership that I have not utilized. The center opened late, I have given them all the documentation they have asked of me. There is no one I can contact who handles cancellations. No one will give me the name or number of a manager, owner, or a supervisor. I am out $238.00 and no satisfaction of being contacted by anyone at Dolphin Fitness.

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