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I have had this Cybersonic toothbrushes for years and it just stopped working. I don't know if it is a dead battery. I have many of the toothbrushes and can't use them. Seeing other reviews of this product this same thing has happened many times. Can someone get back to me on how much a new battery would cost and if there is a warranty with this toothbrush?

Be ready to spend 4 to 6 weeks replacing a defective Cybersonic! I've had Cybersonic toothbrushes for at least 15 years. I've had several replacements for the brush unit and the charging stand. Unfortunately, my Cybersonic has stopped working. I called today to request a replacement. I was told that I would have to pay $29.99 for a new charging stand, but they would replace the brush unit. At the time, I processed the sale for the brush only. I reviewed the warranty and discovered the base unit is also covered.

After calling back, I was told that the base was not covered except at additional cost. I then quoted from the warranty what is covered, including the charging base. I explained that I had gone through this 3 years ago and it took me 6 weeks to finally receive a working unit. I had to wait 2 weeks for the brush unit, but the unit still did not work. I called and had to wait another 2 weeks for the base that did not work. Finally, I managed to get a competent customer service agent who sent me an entire unit that worked!!!

Today, the customer services workers were foreign and very difficult to understand. They were obviously reading from a script and refused to cooperate with my request. Advice--check the warranty before calling and attempt to secure a customer service agent who is knowledgeable. Also, be ready to wait 4 to 6 weeks, place several calls, and pay more money before obtaining an entire unit that works!!!! So sad for such a great product!!

I have had two of the Cybersonic brushes for years. The replacement brushes came on a regular basis and they charged me $5.00 every quarter. In short order, I was overwhelmed with replacement brushes. I requested that they stop sending brushes with the caveat that I could rejoin the program at the some time in the future. CS said, "No problem."

Well there is a problem. They want to charge more today for replacement brushes than a new unit costs. Their customer service group was in some foreign land and barely spoke English. Forget explaining the problem and them understanding the question, much less having an answer. Forget their dysfunctional website providing a solution. They just want your money...plain and simple. I like their product, but can't stand that they will not honor their word or their warranty unless they are soaking you for additional monies.

I have been a customer of Cybersonic for 14 years now and have only one (1) complaint. The switch on the brush becomes faulty. As Marnie commented previously, you turn the brush on to use it and then at times it is difficult to get the switch to turn off. I've had to have two brushes replaced because of this. One of the brushes, just like the energizer bunny, kept running and running and after about an hour, I threw the brush outside so I could not hear it and this brush ran continuously for at least a week or more before the charge finally ran down. Other than this problem, this has been the best toothbrush I've ever used and as others have stated, my dentist always brags about what pearly white teeth I have and always wants to know my secret. Thus far, I've had no problems with Customer Service. They have always been most gracious, send my brush heads on a regular basis as required by my warranty, so keep up the good work CS.

I see the dentist every 6 months and my oral hygiene has been fantastic using this product. My dentist noticed an improvement with my husband's oral hygiene when he started faithfully using cybersonic. My teeth and gums never feel as clean when I use a regular toothbrush. My only issue is the handle wears down after about 3 years so the brush doesn't stay on. However, it's been easy to receive a new handle from the company.

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I have been a longtime user of the Cybersonic, love its ability to clean my teeth, etc. HATE the on/off button!!!! I am on my 3rd handle in 6 years!! The on/off button has been faulty each time! Customer service no help & I had to pay a ridiculous amount of money for the new handle. This one lasted less then a year, ug!

After 7 or 8 yrs my on/off button does not work. I would like to get a new handle and I don't have their #.

I bought my first Cybersonic 1 toothbrush in 2003... I upgraded in 2004 to the Cybersonic 2, but in 2006, my handle was experiencing charging difficulties (too bad too, because this brush handle was a work of art, with see-through sections and a very unique ergo design). I contacted customer service and for a small replacement fee, I got their latest and greatest handle, Cybersonic 3 (plain jane looking and back to the Cybersonic 1 model look) but this one produced even more strokes per minute than my previous brush handle (from 30 to now 40,000 oscillations per minute!).

I did not like the pre-packaged floss that came with my 2005 upgrade... BUT in 2004 they had a floss system where you used regular dental floss string and strung the flossing attachment yourself. Excellent accessory. So in 2006, when I called for my replacement handle, I asked about that older floss attachment. Sure enough, they still sold it and I did away forever with having to buy Pre-Made floss units... I believe they did that to squeak out a little continuous cash flow from their customers. Like the bush heads, I find both to be a waste of money. I buy new brush heads directly from Cybersonic as needed and save big time. Plus a point of interest... Soaking your brush head in peroxide once a month overnight will freshen the head and increase its life immensely: More savings there!

I have currently been using my Cybersonic toothbrush since 2006 and it is still running like brand new! Amazing! I decided today to see what Cybersonics was offering for 2013 and what their competitors had out there nowadays. I was set back to find that Cybersonic still blows away the competition. I think this company's major problem may be their PR. The product itself is excellent... So why are not more Dentists recommending this product, or even reviewing it themselves? Just the oscillations per minute beat all competitors hands down! So why the lack of professional reviews? This is beyond me.

I would even consider buying any other Sonic Toothbrush other than Cybersonic but Their competitors don't even advertise how fast their brushes cycle... Why is that info so hard to find in other manufacturers' specifications? My guess, makes these competitors look lame... With my gut feeling that they don't even come close to compare with Cybersonic's brush technology. Maybe I'm wrong, but I cannot seem to find reference to oscillations per minute anywhere on any commercial brush being sold other than Cybersonic... Why should this be? It's hard to compare brushes without this kind of information.

All in all... Cybersonic still holds my attention. They make a superior brush which lasts for years and needs no maintenance whatsoever. Oh... btw, I charge my brush, yeah the one I bought in 2006, once a week and use it two times everyday... PLUS this brush DOES have a timer which signals you every minute of operation with a double pulse. From all the reviews I have read today, apparently that was on their Wish List of some Dentist Reviewers (a timer notification). I didn't know, I figured that was a no brainier feature... Apparently not. Wow, another plus for Cybersonic. The list keeps growing.

My money still goes to this company, Cybersonic, at least until there is some real competition in this marketplace...

The product is excellent, but their customer service is lacking. When I first purchased the unit, they must have entered my order twice. When I received a double order and checked my statement, I had been billed twice. I talked to Cybersonic and asked to have the matter addressed but after returning the extra items, they refused and said that they had no record of our conversation. This incident happened a few years ago. After ordering replacement heads and not receiving them, the company showed the item as delivered. Again, they debited my credit card and Cybersonic would not resend the items or credit my card. I again had to dispute the charges. The company apparently has no plans in place when something goes wrong. If you order from them and receive your products, you will be happy, but if something goes wrong, it is like talking to Peggy.

I purchased my first cybersonic about 10 years ago what a great product! I have never had any of the difficulties I have read on this posting site. I have found them to be professional and honest in all their dealings with me. Thank you, Cybersonic, for such a great product.

I have used the Cybersonic electric toothbrush for over ten years and would never buy any other. The product and customer service is outstanding. They have honored the lifetime warranty twice in that time period. My husband and I both have the system. We have owned all three models at one time or another and have been very happy with their performance. The complaint that we have had about delivery was corrected immediately, but ended up being our mistake because we didn't update our credit card information. I notified them that there was a problem with the whitening product and they replaced it immediately without any charges to us, including shipping. Few companies have the level of customer service provided by Amden Corp, the manufacturer of this product.

I have to say that I have absolutely loved my Cybersonic toothbrush. The morning after the first time I used it, my mouth felt cleaner that it ever had in the morning. My teeth always feel clean and the tongue cleaner works great. If I use another toothbrush for a few days, I can start to smell it in my breath. Best deal ever. My mom bought it for me about 10 years ago. Since then, they have replaced it once and the shipping for the replacement heads are about as much as you should spend on a normal toothbrush. I will most likely buy the new one for me and my wife.

I too have used this toothbrush with excellent results for about 10 years. My cleanings take 10 minutes and more importantly, I use it on my dog (yes, I change the heads) and my vet commented that my 14-year-old dog's teeth is in remarkable good condition and wanted to know what I was using.

I have had my Cybersonic toothbrush for almost ten years! I just started having trouble with the on/off switch. I tried another sonic brush and my teeth did not feel clean. My dentist wanted to know what I use as my cleanings only take ten minutes as I have no plaque build-up. I think this is a great product and am buying another one today.

They billed me twice. After I emailed them and talked to Billing to remove all, they are stonewalling me. They will not respond with a helpful answer. Also their product is infected with a worm virus.

I think that most of the complaints listed here about Cybersonic are grossly unfair. I do NOT work for them; I'm just a very satisfied user for the past 6 years, and I'd like to see at least ONE complementary comment. MOST Cybersonic customers are in fact satisfied with the product. These complaints are NOT typical.

If your shipments of replacement brushes stopped, CALL THEM to find out why. When that happened to me, it was because I got a new credit card number and forgot to tell them. Also, when my handle was about 3 years old, the brush tips didn't snap on tightly anymore. So I called Cybersonic, and a very helpful rep sent out a free replacement. Yes, I paid S&H, but EVERYBODY does that. It's unfair to make that a complaint about Cybersonic! And why in the world would you try to epoxy the thing back together?! Can't afford $10.95 for a brand new replacement??

If you're NOT automatically getting replacement brushes, how long are using the ones you have (yuch)?! ALL brushes wear out in about 3 months if you're brushing properly. And if you think $23.40 a year is too much S&H for 8 new brushes a year, maybe you don't care enough about your dental health. Try Sonicare -- theirs are $75.80 a year at my local drugstore! For that, you could buy TWO entirely new Cybersonics every single year!

You don't have to tell me that times are tough -- I'm retired on a fixed income. But if you're always within $30 of your credit card limit, that's not Cybersonic's fault. You need to stop buying stuff As-seen-on-TV. Get a manual toothbrush and pay down your debts.

When I purchased my Cybersonic toothbrushes, I was promised a lifetime guarantee and free toothbrush heads to be sent with tooth whitener every 3 months.

Cybersonic did honor that for a while, then all of a sudden stopped sending the replacement brush heads and whitener. Both my daughter and I have experienced this problem. Obviously, Cybersonic is not living up to the claims that they made when we purchased the electric toothbrushes.

I just had another $26.67 deducted from my bank account without my authorization. That withdrawal caused me to also have another overdraft charge. I ordered replacement brushes last November and declined the offer of annual replacements. Nicole the first person I talked to said I was placed on automatic replacement last year at the time of my order.

There is no way I would have ask for annual bank withdrawals when I hardly keep up with my monthly withdrawals. I am so disgusted with them. The economy is very bad right now and I can not afford to have arbituary deductions and this company causing me more suffering.

This is the second time they have caused me financial lose. The first time was a few years ago when I sought to have my toothbrush replaced while under warranty. They charged me for a new toothbrush when I had been very clear that it was still under the warranty. Again, I lost money due to overdraft because I did not figure that charge into my account that month. They returned the money after awhile but my account was still affected and they never paid the overdraft fee.

The economic consequences for me is this is right before the Thanksgiving Holiday and I was to visit my family in Northern California but due to this one overdraft it caused a ripple effect in my account to other checks I had just enough money to cover. The charges for the overdraft would have been some of the money used for my trip that I now cannot do. Now, I'll be spending the holiday alone because I have no family here in Los Angeles, my family will miss seeing me after this trip was planned sometime ago and since we have lost our parents and 2 sisters the rest of my siblings commited to spending more time with each other. I am the only one that is not close enough to make regular visits

I have been buying Cybersonic tooth brushes for years, since they first came out. I have to say the toot brush saved my mouth. The 2 things that attracted me to the brush was how it operated and the life time warranty. So when the cybersonic 2 came out, I also purchased it. Again the warranty on the internet said Lifetime Toothbrush Program protects the power handle and charging stand against manufacturing defects. Replacement parts will be sent at no charge except shipping and handling.

IT did not say that you had to maintain active shipments of toothbrushes when I bought either of my brushes. Now cybersonic has changed says if you can only have a life time warranty of the toothbrush if you maintain active shipment of the tootbrush heads. I did not buy my cybersonic under this paolicy

there is no physical damage, but when I buy something under a policy I don't expect the policy to change on the product that I bought it under. Otherwise forcing me to continue to buy some of their other products to have the lifetime warranty that I purchased the product under in the first place. I expect them to honor the contract that I bought the cybersonic under orginally....that was a life time warranty on the power handle of the cybersonic toothbrush

For the past at least 6 years we have been purchasing toothbrush heads from Cybersonic. In at least the past 2 years (right out of the packaging from the factory), we have had to reinforce the connection to the handle with Epoxy to make them hold up so we can use them at least a few times--and then it is no longer working. The quality of brush head plastic is junk! I don't know, or care, what country they are coming out of, but the quality is NONE! I am in the process of finding a different company to deal with or go back to manual.

Expensive for brush heads that won't stay on, even for one use--and what a hassle!

We've used Cybersonic (model) 1 and 2 toothbrushes for years (10 years for the #1, 5 years for the #2). We have NOT used the #3 model.

This is a summary of our experiences.

When it was about 3 years old, the model 1 would start and stop without any reason or input. Worst was when it started in the middle of the night, woke us, and we could not turn it off. Repeatedly. That was ugly.

The company sent me some replacement switch covers - peel off the old one, replace with their new ones that had a larger metal switch surface.

Later, I discovered that the reason for my problem was that all I had to do to get it to work properly was leave it in a plugged-in charger (I was leaving the charger unplugged until it needed a charge). All problems ceased once I used it properly.

During the course of my trouble, I agreed to buy a #2 for half price.

That one is now failing to hold a charge for more than a few minutes. It seems the batteries are worn out. I've sent a message using their online web form.

The warranty shown on the website says that as long as I keep buying 8 brushes for $24 a year, they guarantee the unit.

As for the 41,000 strokes claim, and the statements that this thing 'can't possibly work' I must report that they are both fabulous. 41,000 'strokes' per minute requires about 342 revolutions per second - easy for a small motor. An offset weight (cam action) whips the brush in a tiny frenzy. I can feel my teeth vibrate in a sympathetic fashion. It just shakes the plaque off and brushes, too.

The brushes are cheaper - by far - than any other brand. By far. And they mail them to me.

For it's effectiveness, it's a no-brainer. When I first got it, I found that if I brushed my teeth for longer than two minutes, I got a funky, foul taste in my mouth. I realized this was crud that my ordinary brush wan't removing. Since then, my dentist always mentions that my teeth and gums are clearly cleaner and healthier than they 'should' be.
For what it's worth, we also use a Panasonic Personal Oral Irrigator instead of flossing. Sort of a portable water-pik. It removes tiny pieces of food that won't come out any other way, and we can take it with us on vacation.

I lost some sleep until I left the model 1 plugged in.

Not long after receiving my brush, I noticed condensation in the brush handle and called customer service to see if it would affect the performance of the brush. The assured me that there would be no problem, but as I had anticipated, there was. Similar to other people's experiences, the brush would work at times and other times would not work.

After many unsuccessful attempts to get the brush replaced under the warranty, I had to have a lawyer write a letter before they replaced it.

It was definitely a nightmare and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Just recently I tried to order more brushes, but since they said I do not want to be on their autoship program, they would be charging me for the brushes. Since when did their policy change? It definitely is false advertising, and if a class action suit were to come up, I would love to be a part of it!!!

What must I do to get the free lifetime brush replacements that this company promised, and has not delivered?

To be fair, I must add that, I did recieve several shipments within the first six months after purchase, but they stopped sending them a year ago.

This toothbrush I purchased in 2000 has not worked properly since I received it. Just tonight the on/off switch got stuck in the on position and stayed on for approximately 30 minutes. It has come on in the middle of the night and scared me half to death (pardon the pun). It doesn't even work all the time (fully charged). AND to top it all off, I can't even get in touch with anyone to complain or get a replacement for the LIFETIME WARRANTY. What a joke!

A terrible headache from it being on for so long. Just imagine a loud obnoxious vibrating noise for a half hour or more.

My husband had seen the advertisment for the Cybersonic toothbrush and he ordered the one toothbrush that came with 2 heads and the whitening gel and floss heads and also with the tongue cleaner head and we received those the first time then 3 months later we received our replacements which was perfect. Then we never received anything else. We also moved in the process so I went to there website and used their form to change my address. Still no replacements. I am furious. We are out a lot of money for a company who did not make good on their promise. I am not sure where to go from here but I will try to take this up with someone to get my money back. This is ridiculous. I am a very dissatisfied customer.

We are out money for a product we didn't receive from a company that should be out of business. I am outraged that with these complaints they are still able to do business.

I placed ordr for 3 units online Oct.18. Ad on television stated 5 monthly payments. On the 18th was emailed saying sorry for inconvience but 5 montly payment option not available for online orders. My bank/ visa card was charged $219.00 on the 19th of October. My order never showed. Called several times and emailed several times and replies are apologies and wait 10 days. Trying to contact a person on phone is hard because it automatically hangss up on you if you do not call within thier 4 hour time period and wait times have been 1 1/2 hours on hold. I have contacted BBB twice and cybersonics reply to them was refund would be given. This has not happened as of yet and it is April 17th. I also contacted mail fraud and internet fraud and FTC. I also got a charge to my card/account for 38.50 free toothbrushes for life Which was quite funny considering that I did not recieve my order. The ad clearly states free toothbrushes plus shipping of 4.95. Not 38.50 which was charged.

I purchased a cybersonic toothbrush in Nov 2000. I had it for several months and it started to heat up and make funny noises. It wouldn't work well and made very loud noises. I called and was one of the fortunate few to get through to customer service and they sent me a replacement and I sent back the original one.

Now I have been trying to reach them to purchase new brushes and I can't get through on the phone because it is always busy and they don't respond to my emails and now I can't locate the web site it is not coming up. This company is in trouble and their customer service is less than reputable. I am not able to use my tooth brush now because I need new brushes so I have decided to buy a Sonicare, they are more reputable! Infomercials ought to be banned, they are sooooo deceptive.

Cybersonic is unable to respond, correct, or replace two defective toothbrush handles due to the overwhelming numbers of complaints and defective products. It lasted 2 days before the on-off switch stuck in the "on" position (both units). After six months of complaining in March 2001 they said they would stop the auto brush replacement (per my request) and send replacement on/off buttons that peel/stick on the handle to fix the problem; the buttons never showed up.
Five months later they said if I sent back the handles they would replace them, it has been another five months of phone calls and still nothing has been received. I'm out the handles and my money. Now it has gotten to the point where I can't even get in touch with them, or immediately get pushed to a voice mailbox that has a message that the box is full - no wonder since everyone that bought one is calling to complain. Insult to injury is that they still are auto billing my credit card for replacement toothbrushes.

It appears that Cybersonic will continue to auto bill my credit card forever unless I cancel the credit card. Cybersonic got their money for two Cybersonic units that I have returned to them in exchange for replacements that will likely never arrive. Cybersonic is praying on people that work and raise families full-time and they are playing the odds that such people can't spare the time and energy to recoup losses - unfortunately they are right.

We purchased a Cybersonic Toothbrush from the infomercial approximately 1 year ago. The toothbrush worked great for 11 months and then we started to have problems with the on-off switch. The switch would sometimes work and then it got to its current stage which is not operating at all.
We have tried for almost a month now to call the customer service number that was given to us only to here a recorded message that repeatedly tells us to call back between certain hours, which we do, and receive yet again the same message continually. The only live person we have spoken with regarding this situation is at the telephone number used for ordering the product only.

We would just like to find out if we can get it fixed and if so how much it would cost to do so, but that is not possible if nobody will answer phone calls.It is very disappointing to find out after spending a considerable amount of money by anyones standards on a toothbrush, that we would only have use of it for less then 1 year.

In early October I ordered the Cybersonic toothbrush after seeing the infomercial with Robert Ulrich. To date I have not received the product. My credit card was billed $19.95 in November. This showed up on my December credit card statement. I called the 800 number listed on my credit card for the Cybersonic charge and spoke with a woman who stated that their computers were down - she took my information and said she would research it and call back when the computers were back up. She never called back.

I just received my Janary credit card statement - there was not a credit to my account.

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