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      Original review: Feb. 1, 2018

      Upon getting quotes, first I was misquoted and thankfully I saved my chat. I asked for everything to be set on auto pay and when my annual storage came up due I was contacted for payment and I asked them to take my payment from the card they had set up with auto pay. They didnt and they didnt clarify for me that I had to sign an entirely separate form for that to occur. They just clarified my second question in the email about my balance. This was because they also misquoted me and I have several documents with crossed out numbers and explained correct quotes. I would love to post to show how rude their correspondence is...

      I asked them to contact me and they claimed they did but my phone shows no missed calls... I tried calling and every time you get the same person because the company is so small they have so few people running things. If you want to talk to a manager that person is the manager and will refuse you the ability to talk to anyone else. I have emails requesting them to take my payment from Dec 11 and then I called and asked them to take payment and they claimed over and over that I never asked them to take my payment, but rather that I only asked if they could use the same card on file as my auto pay to make my payment. Umm why would I ask that and end the conversation there??? This made zero sense...

      When they threatened to send me to collection I said, "If you dont take my payment I'm contacting an attorney," and they called me this time. Suddenly they had all these dates lined up with past calls to defend themselves. But so did I. Because if been asking them to use my card and take my payment for months... All mind you while my monthly payment was being auto paid with the same card on time. Hmmm... And all I wanted was for them to take my payment for the annual storage with that same card that I repeated to them several times all along. Finally, she said, "Okay. I can take your payment but I had to pay two late fees." I said I have an email requesting you take my payment. You should waive that and she refused and told me again she WAS the manager and I wasnt allowed to talk to anyone else in the company but I could write a letter.

      This is terrible customer service and harassment when every single time they called I asked them to take my payment. They never did... I immediately contacted CBR whom I banked at a much higher price with my other two children and started the process to move my account. This isnt over money or I wouldnt move to a higher priced company... They lost my business over $10 and poor customer service. I will be paying a much higher rate with CBR and I recommend ALL OF YOU do the same.

      This is your babies lives and you wouldnt be considering banking their cord blood and tissue. If that didnt matter to you as it does to me. I never should have strayed from CBR to save money and I certainly regret doing it but I have corrected that and I would pay thousands to ensure this company's manners and customer relations learns a lesson... I'd pay hundreds of thousands to ensure my baby's cord blood and tissue are with a responsible and accredited company I trust. As I did more and more research I realized CorCell is not known. It won't last. Do yourself the right thing and bank with CBR where you know your babies tissue and cord blood will be safe... Ten dollars. That's what she wouldnt credit. She lost 200 a year for the rest of my child's life over ten dollars and a bad attitude. Great customer relations skills! So glad to be rid of them!

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      CorCell expert review by Sandra Gordon

      CorCell is a cord blood company that was founded in 1995. The private cord blood company is currently headquartered in Las Vegas, NV.

      • Company-owned lab: CorCell uses an AABB-accredited third party lab, which handles all stages of the cord blood processing.

      • Negotiable pricing: The company has a choose-your-own monthly price program in which customers can choose how much they can pay per month, so they can pay for their cord blood processing and storage over time.

      • Full-time customer service: CorCell has representatives available to help customers with their concerns and questions 24-hours per day, 7-days per week and 365-days per year.

      • Guarantee: CorCel has a $50,000 quality service guarantee that will compensate customers if their child’s preserved cord blood fails to graft. This compensation can be used to purchase an alternate stem cell source.

      • Free quotes: Parents interested in banking with CorCell can submit information about the services they are interested in to the company and then receive a free quote for how much it will cost.

      • Best for: Families with a history of diseases, families who have just had a baby and families with an ailing member.

      Profile picture of Sandra Gordon
      Sandra Gordon Parenting Products Contributing Editor

      Specializing in health and medicine, Sandra Gordon has written extensively about cord blood banking for national and regional parenting magazines. She also has written about baby products, including breast pumps, for national and regional parenting magazines, blogs and books. Her work has appeared in hundreds of publications, including Parents, Prevention, Woman’s Day and Self. Gordon also appears on TV as a baby safety and money-saving expert. She is also the author of 10 books and the founder of, a site dedicated to helping new parents gear up safely and within their budget.

      CorCell questions and answers

      What problem is your comapny trying to solve?
      CorCell aims to bring affordable cord blood, stem cell and DNA banking to all families.
      What sets CorCell apart from the competition?
      Simply put, we offer more stem cell banking options. We also bank the mesenchymal stem cells found within cord tissue. These stem cells show great promise in future regenerative and transplant medicine due to their abilities. We also give families the option to have these stem cells extracted and grown in our lab for higher volume.

      We are also the only cord blood banking company to offer DNA banking. DNA banking gives families access to their medical health history and will be pertinent in the future as personalized medicine becomes more mainstream.

      CorCell aims to make stem cell banking affordable through flexible payment plans. Families can pay up front or set up a payment plan.

      CorCell has many accreditations, including AABB, AATB and we are FDA registered. We have over 20 years of experience in the cord blood banking industry, and we do not share or outsource our laboratory as many other cord blood banks do. Because of this, we are able to fully invest in our lab and keep up with the science of stem cells.
      What needs do your services fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?
      Our company’s services act as a form of insurance against different diseases. We fulfill these needs better than our competition by having better affordability, actively investing in new stem cell services, and meeting and exceeding the strict quality standards in a highly regulated environment.
      How does CorCell measure success?
      Our company conducts ongoing stability testing to verify the viability of the conditions under which its samples are stored.
      What’s the most common misconception consumers have about your industry?
      The number one myth about our industry is that cord blood banking is expensive. Saving your child’s cord blood can cost as low as $1,400, which can be split into monthly payments as low as $55. The yearly fee for storage is between $125 and $240 per year, which is between $10 and $20 per month.

      The second most common myth is that stem cells are unproven science. This is false because cord blood (hematopoietic) stem cells have been used since 1988 to treat a variety of diseases. Currently, cord blood can treat over 80 diseases and is commonly used in transplant medicine.
      How has your industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years?
      The cost of cord blood services have fallen rapidly, the amount of diseases cord blood can treat has gone up and the discovery of other beneficial stem cells within the umbilical cord has led to diversification of services.
      What is something you wish every consumer knew about CorCell?
      We will work with every family to make cord blood banking fit their budget.
      Has CorCell received any awards or recognition that your customers would like to know about?
      While it is more of an accreditation, we consider our AABB and AATB accreditations to be recognition as they prove our company meets these strict standards.
      How has CorCell grown or evolved?
      We have acquired more accreditations for quality, such as AABB and AATB in the last two years. We have also launched multiple services in addition to our core cord blood banking service, such as cord tissue banking, stem cell isolation and expansion, and DNA banking.

      CorCell Company Information

      Company Name:
      Year Founded:
      1857 Helm Drive
      Las Vegas
      Postal Code:
      United States
      (888) 882-2673
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