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13 Cleveland Clinic Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 27, 2018

They don't tell you the cons of heart transplant and that Dr ** Medication regime will leave you in Kidney Failure and Colleen ** schedules appointments and that if your heart rejects then you're left to die and they tell you everything's fine and will fool you and cover up their mistakes. Also I should of got medical records because when I did I learned I was never aware of any of the info that was in his medical records. A lot of it you don't have rights to see. That's scary itself and when the care plan goes wrong then you can't get records till death or discharge. By then it's too late. :(

My son was only 17 years old. Took all his meds. Dedicated 17 years to the Cleveland Clinic just to have them lie to our face. Collen ** and Dr Gerald ** failed my son and my family... Gerald ** spends more time talking about himself during rounds than anything and as of for Colleen she's only around when you're waiting on a heart. What really upsets me is during rounds you have other people who are not part of the team (trainers visitors planning your care :( then they use the new staff for the dirty work for the last 3 months).

Feb 19 - when my son passes or transfers I have had to see my son go into cardiac arrest several times after heart caths with Dr ** on a kidney machine. I was told was just to remove fluid (that was a lie) to my son on ECMO bleeding not able to move in pain getting stitches and blood, asking doctors to save his life to be told, "Sorry. We can't take that risk. Let's move you to j building to die," so doctors don't have to see the damage they caused the pain our whole family is dealing with. Meanwhile they laugh continue life like they don't have a care in the world while my son suffers and so many others. :(

While parents are here in ICU the transplant team acts so concerned till they leave. Will even give you a hotel room to try and get you out the way. They should have been honest and did the job they get paid to do. Nobody here had respect for life. It's not the number 1_hospital. That **. It's a experimental free for all. Tell the parents everything's great looking good and meantime the children are suffering!!! It's like a cult!!! ICU m43 the rooms are so tiny you have a bench to sleep on but can't be next to your loved one. The restrooms are out of a locked door in a hallway and it's so dirty (no wonder why so many get infections).

My son had 2one in his lungs and staph :( even if they have 2one the unit for the nurses only which I don't think the hospital is aware of. That it's more than likely was at one time for patients and parents. Please heart transplant parents beware. Now my only hope is my son will be transferred to another hospital and a miracle. The same people that deny life are outside my door every day. It's so sick. The lack of morals and respect these doctors have and the nurses as well and I wonder why the clinic sends the only heart transplant doctor to France for 2weeks while children are fighting for life!!!

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Original review: April 6, 2018

I had a heart ablation on Aug 10 2017. Everything was fine until an hour or so before discharge except for the bed. There were approximately 4 people in my room in J2 including the nurse who was next to the bed. An ** woman came to the end of the bed, grabbed the catheter and jerked it out without deflating the balloon. It stretched 2-4 feet which she seemed to think it was funny until it jerked out and missed her face by inches. The ** nurse never said a word. The floor manager came in. I told her what happened and she apologized and told me to use the restroom. I had to strain but urinated. No one checked to see if I had voided or checked my period. I stayed over in the Holiday Inn and left the 12th. Once I was home it was more and more difficult to urinate. On the morning of Sept 1st I strained mightily and urinated blood and blood clots.

I went to Providence ER in El Paso and they irrigated my bladder which was extremely stretched with urine and blood. To this day I have a problem urinating most of the time and when I feel finished I still urinate in my underwear a small stream. I have been dealing with the Ombudsman office. First with Bonnie ** and then with her boss. What happened at Cleveland Clinic was inexcusable and in my opinion racist and now neither of these so-called Ombudsman will respond to my calls. In my opinion what happened was ignorant and inexcusable. Removing a catheter without deflating the balloon can cause significant damage to the bladder or urethra and the Ombudsman office doesn't seem to care or it's a joke so I am going to post every place possible and seek a lawyer. The Cleveland Clinic does not deserve its rating and I believe the stupid stunt affected the outcome of the ablation. Court here I come.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 5, 2017

The doctor is Arie **, a GI doctor. When I went to see him for GI problem, he did not show any interest in taking care of me and kept answering his cell phone during the conversation. When ordering colonoscopy, he did not explained to me what the whole procedure. He took biopsy without explaining it to me. Actually the biopsy procedure worsen my situation. I used MyChart to communicate with him, and he seldom explained things and never answer my questions. My CC bill is very high, and now he told me that he cannot help me anymore. The next thing to do is to take my colon out. Stay away from Cleveland Clinic at all the cost.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2016

Always there to accommodate if there is a problem with your billing or if you cannot make the full payment. They will adjust to what you can afford at the time. Always clean and tidy. They take a lot of pride in making sure that surfaces and floors are clean and sanitary, less illnesses occur when items are in their proper place. The only complaint I have with quality care is that sometimes what you go in for, for the doctor to check is on the back burner and they always want more tests that you do not need. Usually there is a wait time of 5 minutes, but I have also been there where I had to wait an hour. I do not like the fact that everything is a number and not your name.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2016

They were great with us. We checked out easily enough. No big questions. They were totally fair. The billing service was cooperative and friendly. For a big hospital it was very clean. A great place to go for medical services. We enjoyed our time there even the testing was for four hours. No complaints. We loved our doctor and the staff working with him. It is always good to have the person who wrote the book on my daughter's condition to treat her. He was awesome. We were told testing would take four hours and it did. They were very thorough and well worth the time it took to see my daughter. The wait time was appropriate to our situation.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2016

The billing experience was straightforward and the processing was easy. Charges were explained upfront in most instances. They accepted all forms of payment which was convenient. From the top floor to the bottom floor it was very clean upon viewing. Even the hospital cafeteria was extremely clean and orderly. The rooms were immaculate at all times. All the times I visited whether as an outpatient, inpatient, for testing or visiting a doctor the quality of care was very good in my opinion. Short waiting times in most instances and questions were answered.

Was pleased with the service(s) I received except for one instance which was addressed by excellent and caring customer service to my satisfaction. In most instances the response time was very good. Only waited an inordinate amount of time to be discharged from the hospital which I understand is commonplace for the facility. In my case the doctor came late to examine me before discharge and there was some problem expediting the paperwork.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2016

The customer service was so good you wouldn't believe how polite they were to me any every visit there. The clinic was very clean and sanitary. It was spotless everywhere you went and they had plenty of places with hand sanitizer and cloths or towels. The quality of care was amazing. The doctors were very nice and helpful during the whole process of my visits there and during the visit. The response time was so fast.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2016

The billing was easily taken care of by my insurance. The billing staff was very nice and did whatever needed to be done to help me out. They were very courteous and very nice. Great staff and they were willing to answer any questions that I had. The cleanliness was very apparent in the hospital. It was spotless and very sleek and very clean. I think it was pretty much one of the cleanest clinics I have ever been too. Very clean and everything was sterile. You felt really good being there.

The quality of care was fantastic. Nurses and staff took very good care of me. They made sure that all of my needs were met. The waiting time wasn't too long to see a doctor and they made sure that I was comfortable throughout my stay. The response time to my needs was great. I was there for a few minutes before I was admitted and looked over. I had to stay longer because of my injury but the staff there made sure that I was well taken care of. They were great on every way.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2016

My billing experience was good. It was quick and easy. I also had insurance that covered my entire bill. The customer service was very good. Overall I'm happy with my entire experience and would return if I needed to. It's a hospital. It was very clean. My room was nice and the bathroom was clean. The floors were clean. Overall I was impressed by the entire stay. The best. The doctors were knowledgeable and explained my procedure and answered any questions. The nurses were understanding and very helpful with my recovery. The response time was exceptional. I don't think that I waited more than a few minutes after ringing my call light. My needs were met with the same speed and accuracy.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2016

I was playing for how much each thing was going to cost me unfortunately came in the way of a few errors along the way but mostly pretty self explanatory. Overall they were very clean people, washed their hands, used new sterile gloves, coughed into their elbow even I guess you could say they were quite clean and cleaned up as if it was a normal thing like blowing your nose or eating. They were all careless like I seen one lady throw away a used needle and I myself watched it teeter and fall out of the disposal onto the floor. The lady then proceeded to walk away until I brought it to her attention. They responded, slowly took their time getting there or to find out what the issue was or to resolved it at that. There wasn't very much haste like everything was slow pace and just unorthodox and in slow motion.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

My customer service experience was to my satisfaction. The people were courteous and were sympathetic to my needs. They allowed me to pay in low pay installments which made me very happy. It was a very clean environment as I would expect in any place that provides care to people. Didn't have to worry about getting infected by dirty syringes or anything else. I was very satisfied in how fast and efficient all the health care workers provided their services to everyone. I would definitely go there again and recommend family or friends to go there. They were as fast a possible given how busy they are... I was satisfied at how prompt they were... and would recommend their services again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2016

They were extremely polite and willing to work with us. We did not have any issues with the billing customer service. They were amazing to work with. The hospital was extremely clean. The housekeeping staff were amazing and really took the time to complete their work right. I was so impressed by them!!! The staff is amazing. They they truly care about the patients and show so much concern. We were very pleased with them. Loved all my nurses. Their response time was amazing I had no issues whatsoever with the staff. They were so used but remained polite and we appreciated that!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2016

Sometimes there are misunderstandings or you may not receive one but they always try their hardest to help and every time you leave the clinic the billing people will call you to make sure your visit was good and to make sure you do a follow up. I believe this place is clean because when I'm there they have janitors check and clean the bathrooms every hour and they mop the hallways and rooms. They also sanitize all their equipment. They really do care about you and your health like my doctor is always asking if I exercise and how many times and what kind of food do I eat and what you have today. I understand that some people do take more time than others but overall I never waited for more than 15 minutes and they do give you time to get there.

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