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I applied the cream on one arm to try it first before using it on other areas, glad I did the trial, I broke out with blood blisters...

I ordered the cream (by phone) for a 30-day free trial, with a charge of only $7.97 for shipping/handling. After 30 days of using the cream, if you like it, then you receive more cream and charged $127.00 for a 3-month supply. Immediately I was charged $127.85 on my debit card! I was expecting the products and one month to use them before this transaction was ever made! I tried to call to dispute this but the phone numbers provided are all automated, exclusively for ordering the product! It is impossible to talk to anyone! We had to file a claim with the bank and also get a completely new debit card with different numbers. I have never been so disgusted with a company before and hope that criminal charges are filed against Celtrixa, and also a class action suit be filed! This has been a learning experience and will never be repeated.

Celtrixa has a commercial for a "free" bottle of their product! "We're so confident you'll like our product we're giving away a free bottle." You call 800-570-5378 and get a long pitch about the free bottle, a free gift, etc., just pay s/h on the automated system. That's not what the commercial said, so I went ahead and spoke with a sales agent who wanted to argue with me, basically called me a liar, saying he watched the commercial and it didn't say anything about "we're so confident we're giving you a free bottle," but that it said you can "try it free for 30 days then pay".

I'm slow but not that slow! He knew so much about the product, yet didn't have/refused to give the company address! Red Flag! You not only have to pay the $7.95 s/h but you're also set up on an automated billing after 30 days. After I said I was "recording" the conversation, he quickly hung up. It's okay for them to record you but not the other way - good old American scam! I'm reporting to the BBB and the Attorney General in New Jersey! You should too. This company has to be stopped before they really scam everyone!

I returned the product well within the timeframe, soon after I received it, because it broke me out. I was just billed $59.95 for it. I will be canceling my credit card and disputing the charges.

I was promised amazing results with the removal of my stretch marks. I was told they would be almost gone after only 2 months of use of the product. I used it for 4 months and saw zero results. I called to complain and they would only offer me a different product at a discounted price. I had already paid $140.00 for the Celtrixa. The man on the phone rushed me off the line and hung up before I could finish speaking!

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I bought this product to remove stretch marks and I noticed that it has been given me rashes, so now I am trying to call them but no one is answering. I already sent back the items. Now, I will have to cancel my credit card because of this scam which is not good for me to do, but at the end of the day I bet they will want to charge me for a bull** product.

I ordered this product when I saw the commercial on the television as a 30-day risk free trial. I've paid for the shipping and handling. I was told I would receive it in three to ten days' time. But when I received the package, there was absolutely nothing inside - only papers and the bottom of the package has already been opened. The most annoying thing was that they were telling me my total billing was $54.90. I tried calling back to cancel everything, but they don't tell me anything better. Rather, they only put me on hold for so long. They are scams trying to hide themselves by doing a commercial so that people will not notice their tricky things. Each and everyone must be aware because we will be dubbed of our account. Everyone must change their debit or credit card number!

This is a scam and they do not respect truth in advertising. On the commercial, they say it will cost $59.96 and then I got nailed for three installments. They don't make it clear. Scammers! I'm angry that I can't return the extra products I have.

My daughter ordered the "free" sample, but it requires a credit card. They created an account and billed me monthly even though all samples were returned and despite repeated calls to cancel. They are a complete scam. I had to tell my bank to issue a new debit card with a different number.

In February 2010, I heard an ad on the radio about this product called Celltrixa, which supposedly helps with stretch marks. I called, ordered the free trial and was charged $7.95 to my bank card. I declined to have it shipped express and was told I would receive the product within 3 weeks. It is now June, I have never received the product, never got my money back as I have been unsuccessful in contacting anyone and even worse, this company sold my bank card info to several other companies as people call all the time to inquire if I want to purchase something and then they tell me they can just apply it to my card ending in ****. I am completely outraged. If you are thinking of even calling about this product, don’t do it!

I ordered their free trial of Celtrixa on 2/17/10 and was charged a total of $7.96 for shipping. Their policy says that if you are not satisfied, call within 30 days for a Return Authorization Number to return the product. I did that and returned all 3 bottles plus the microdermabrasion stick they sent within the next week because my skin broke out all over my face and chest area.

On 5/25/10, Celtrixa withdrew $59.94 from my checking account. So I called the company spoke to operator 756 and she told me that they only received 2 bottles which is a lie. I sent all 3 bottles plus the dermabrasion stick back in one package. She told me that there was nothing she could do about me being charged because the system says I only returned 2. I am outraged and feel taken advantage of by this company. I requested to speak to her supervisor and she told me that it could take up to 72 hours for a return call. I've also found other outraged Celtrixa users online telling their stories which are extremely similar to mine. I'm going to file a fraudulent claim with my bank in hopes of getting my money back. However, in the meantime, I hope that you can put this on record so that other potential Celtrixa users will know that they will scam you out of your hard earned money!

After hearing the advertisement on the radio for a free trial of Celtrixa, I called to order. After I had entered my debit card number, I realized it was a scam. I tried to push 0 or anything I could do to talk to an actual person to cancel the order however nothing worked. As soon as I received the lotion in the mail, I called the number to return it.

After waiting on hold for over 30 minutes, I was given a number to use to return the product. I took it to the post office and returned it. I soon got a charge on my debit card for $67.90. With my bank, we filed a fraudulent charge and they took it off. Now 3 months later, they are sending me bills saying I owe $119.90. When I called to inquire about this, I again waited on hold for over 30 minutes. I was told that they never received the product and unless I had a tracking number, there was no proof that they had received it back.

She told me that I was told this when I sent the product back. I was not! I did put a tracking number on it because I had a bad feeling about it, but after the situation with the bank 3 months ago, I thought it was taken care of so I threw the tracking number away. Now they are telling me I either pay for it or go to collections.

I guess I got duped into thinking that Celtrixa was a legitimate product. I called and talked to a computer for 30 minutes, then was told it would be shipped in 5-10 business days. This was the 30th of January 2010 and I still have no lotion or the other things that I paid for. I just read that it is a scam and I would like to know how I can get hold of them before they rip me off again. They charged me $3.95 on 2/1/10 then $7.95 on the same day. This is all out of my checking account. Then I was charged another $2.00 for hydroxytone charged on 2/8/10, that is to be taken with the lotion. Then I was told I would get a free gas and grocery card if I signed up for 2 more offers. They each charged me $1.95 on 2/8/10. This totals up to $17.80 that I could have spent on diapers for my daughter. I want to know how to get hold of them before they charge me/ rip me off some more. I want to sue the pants off these losers.

I have a very similar story about the Celtrixa ploy to get money out of you. I used their free product trial and returned the bottles as well within the required amount of time. After holding for over an hour the first time and hanging up and then over 30 minutes the 2nd time and finally hung up and then the 3rd time, I held for over an hour again and got through and they gave me a return authorization number, which I used to send back the product. I got no tracking number either and they claimed they never got it. But guess what? It never came back to me either! They said they would close my account and stop sending me letters about ruining my credit report if I just paid them another $90! Total scammers!

I heard about this on the radio, a free trial to get rid of stretch marks after having a child! They charged me shipping and handling, $9.95. I tried it out for about two weeks and it didn't do ANYTHING! In fact, it felt like a watered down standard lotion that you can buy anywhere! I called them three times and couldn't get a hold of anyone.

Finally, after waiting on hold 45 minutes on the fourth attempt, I got through. The representative told me to send it back and I wouldn't be charged any more. I sent it out united states postal service (mistake number two because I had no tracking number).

Then, in September, I got charged $59.96 to my credit card! I called outraged, waited on hold 30 minutes again, and the representative claimed that they never received the Celtrixa back, but could cancel and close my account with one more charge of $59.94 to recooperate the cost of supposedly not getting their product back. Reluctantly I agreed, even though I sent it back, I wanted to get them off my back. Then, on my most recent credit card statement, I got charged $59.95. AGAIN! THREE TIMES AFTER I CANCELLED AND SENT THEIR WORTHLESS PRODUCT BACK!

CELTRIXA IS A COMPLETE FRAUD! DO NOT FALL FOR THE CELTRIXA SCAM! Now, I can't get ahold of anyone at that company and I have now turned this over to my credit card companies fraud prevention... My time, and more than $180.00 for nothing more than standard white lotion that does NOTHING for stretch marks. They know this, but their plan is simply to ignore you when you want to return it!

Ordered trial order and was billed $7.95 on credit card statement dated 8/17/2009. Another order shipped (without authority) and my credit card was billed $6.95 which was credited (statement date 9/18/2009). Statement dated 10/18/2009, I was finally billed $54.95, but it was too late to return product. I'll be billed again on November 2009 statement in the amount of $59.95. Since it's past the 30 days, I'm unable to return unused portion of this ineffective product. Deceptive practice billing over 60 days after receipt of product as to ensure you'll be unable to return. Again, this is a useless product that didn't come close to the results they advertise.

During a radio advertisement,there was an offer for a Celtrixa cream for strech marks. 2 bottles free for only shipping and handling, since it was a new system. I contacted the ph #, after I was told by the representative that I was only going to be billed for $9.95 for s/h, I agreed. He talked very fast after. I remembered that after he finished, I wanted to make sure that I was not being charge for anything else than s/h. He also offered a membership for 2 other companies that will give me a discount for Walmart and Gas, only paying $1.95 for both. However,he said if I did not called before the 30 days I was going to be billed $16.95 for the membership of those companies. He told me that the discount would be mailed with the package of the creams. I asked the gentleman, as a summary after he finished the offeres, that what he meant is that I was only going to be billed around $14.00 for 2 bottles and $50.00 for Walmart and Gas? The gentleman said yes. He said that the bottles were mine to keep.

I received the 2 bottles and there were no discounts. The cream worked a bit so I was content. I contacted them, but could not get an agent, so I left a message telling them there was an issue with the discounts (not received) I did not hear from them, nevertheless got them on the mail.

During a vacation with my family, I had the opportunity to access the my on-line banking and I realized that I was charged by Celtrixa $59.95 I tried to contact them but there was an answering system that said to call later or leeve message. I did not leave message because I wanted to talk to a live agent. Finally I got through and I was told that if I did not called before the 30 days I was going to be billed that amount for the creams. He also said that this was told to me when I first called to order the creams and if I did not hear it was on the invoice that I should've read. He said to me that because of the inconvenience, he was going to give me a $10 discount on the $59.95 and send me another bottle for free. I was not happy b/c could not get my money back but at least could get $10.

Today 1/10, I realized that after I talked to the agent I was billed another $49.95. This time I called and I was told that I was also told that I was going to be billed for the second bottle, and as a courtesy they sent me 3rd one free. I argued with the representative, because I was told the first time I called that I only was going to pay for s/h and the discounts I never received (I was able to cancel and get the 16.95 back). The second time around the agent said I was going to receive a discount of $10 for the $59.95 that I was billed, but conveniently forgot to say that I was going to be billed for the second bottle, as this agent said. I was very upset and demanded for the recording of the calls to be revised. I believed that the avarage person should have the right for this to be explained in a normal manner instead of triking people, talking fast for people not to understand, even hiding information.

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