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I paid a total of $17,000 for multiple processed received. Many of them before their Holbrook office closed and Commack wouldn't honor or never returned my calls! How can I recover my loss?

I went to get a neck lift in February 2008 and they rushed me to sign the agreement (which I don't have anymore because the whole experience was a nightmare and I wanted to forget it) but when I saw your online complaints against Body Solutions I had to respond. I met with Dr. Levin in late February 2008 and was to have the surgery in April.

When the deadline got close and I called to confirm my time slot, they didn't even have me down to have the surgery! I called Dr. Levin's private office and this did get taken care of. I went for the surgery and got the usual bruising and swelling and went for follow-up a week later. But as the weeks went on and I healed there was no definite improvement. I have since lost weight of over 60 lbs and now notice the difference but I had to fork over $5000 which I paid through Chase Loan Finance (that came fast and they wanted their money). If there is a class action lawsuit against Body Solutions, I would like to be part of it and maybe somehow get some of my money back.

I went in for the Thermage treatment and spoke to a yound girl named Lisa Marie. She explained the procedure and the cost. I paid $5000 for only one treatment before the facility closed and was told to go to the Commack location for the remainder of my treatments. The Commack location would not honor or acknowledge my situation. All they did is give me the cell number to the lead guy who ran the Holbrook facility. After numerous attempts of calling, the cell was disconnected.

After using body solution, I was never able to eat regular food again I was throwing up. I became bulimic, I am still going through stomach aches and heart burn, I was going through stomach problem, so I had to go through endoscopy and due to this I am in depression.

I went in for treatments on my stomach, but because I have an illness that the treatments made worst, I became very sick. I called Eva and told her what was going on, and she told me there was nothing she could do for me. I asked her if I could have a refund of my money, she told me that they don't refund anyone, and she started getting very nasty with me. I asked her who else I could speak to, and she told me that she was it and that there was no one else I could speak to.

After doing some leg work, I found out about the Westbury office. I spoke to someone there; it was one of the owners' wives. She told me if I send her a doctor's note showing that there was an illness that didn't allow me to go on with the treatments, she would help me. My doctor wrote the note, and the next thing I know, Eva was calling me back with a deal that they still could not return my money but they would let me use it toward another treatment. So I picked laser hair removal.

Now that they had my money, I had no choice. But lo and behold, I was going to the doctors for my illness; and they found a lump and it didn't look good. I called Eva back and told her what was going on and she told me that they cannot do laser on anyone with cancer because the laser stimulates the cells.

So now, I asked her where we go from here. She told me that there was nothing she could do and that her hands are tied. I told her this was very unfair; I gave $2500.00 and they cannot do treatment and they won't give me my money back. That is just downright stealing. She told me she can keep this on credit and that I can give give the credit to friends as gifts. When I told her under my condition and all the medical bills, I really needed the money. With that, she told me that I signed a contract.

I have read so many of the stories that all have written, and I feel so bad for all of you. I lost $2500.00, and I see how much more others have lost. I did learn from this. I really can't believe all of the people who ran this company got away with all this. I looked in Eva's eyes and told her how sick I was, and she stood her ground of no refunds! I can't believe how heartless one person can be. She was the dog the company sent out. I really hope she gets what she deserves. I am so upset about this that there was nothing I could do. Maybe something will come out of this one day.

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I ordered 3 part system to reduce appearance of cellulite. I ordered and was only responsible for paying the shipping which was $6.95. I was advised to cancel within 14 days if I changed my mind. I called and advised that my order would be cancelled. I received a 2nd shipment and was billed $49.90 on 7/16/09. I called customer service to advise that I cancelled within 14 days and why I received a 2nd shipment.

I called and requested a Supervisor, Max said to keep the 2nd shipment and assured me he would send me a $100 WalMart gift card for my troubles. He gave me a confirmation #637927 and said I would receive in 5-7 days. I never received a WalMart gift card and I then received a 3rd shipment and was billed again for something I thought I cancelled. I kept calling the toll free number and when I gave my confirmation # to a rep., we got disconnected. I called several times thereafter and was unable to get through to a live person. I would like this rectified, please help. I was billed 3 times for a product that I cancelled within 14 days, which was never done. I have an order number #4325599. I would like to be contacted by an attorney to help me recover my losses. Thank you.

I received the product in July and called within 30 days to cancel. I was told me credit card would be refunded. I have talked to a live representative three times since July and have been told on three different occasions that my credit card has been or would be refunded. As of today, it has never been refunded.

I agreed to take the company credit card which was Care credit. I originally was considering having these treatments to my face done but decided not to. When I called to cancel I was told I was already billed $8,000. They refused to credit my card although I had no treatments done. They are currently out of business and I am left with an $8000. debt plus interest..

Ordered and paid for a 4 month supply of product , however 3 months later my credit card was charged for 112.90 of unordered product. After checking and reading other complaints online found out that this company automically creates a regular membership with recurring charges for you, without notifying you of this. Have tried to call and cancel, but the phone number goes straight to a message. Have had to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

I got the free trial, paid postage and handling. When I lost my job I couldn't find a # to all them, so I visited the website and sent them an email to cancel. I wailted and waited and never heard a response. Again, my bank statement had a charge for 86.00. I sent them another email, and asked them to refund my money because they caused me an overdraft fee, because I had already canceled.

Well, again I haven't been able to reach a live person, and I've had another overdraft this month because again they have taken money for a canceled product. By the way where is this product that I am paying for? I am very upset because again they have caused me unexpected charges at the bank!

Since our home has lost an income, the overdraft PLUS the amount of items being charged has hurt me financially, as if we were hurting enough already!

I had seen the 14 day free trial offer for cellulite cream. I only had to pay $6.95 for shipping and ordered a sample on July 30. I received the product on July 16. After waiting for three weeks, a debit to my account for $55.50 had been withdrawn on July 19th. I only had the product for three days. I gave the cream a week, did not notice any differences, so I returned the item in the original packaging, within the 14 day trial period. I waited three weeks with no refund or response. I have sent three e/mails through their contact site and only received confirmations of receiving the e/mail. I tried calling and waited over 10 minutes with no answer. I am still waiting for some response.

I had elected to receive the VIP Rewards membership for Body Solutions with the understanding that you could cancel your membership at anytime with a written notice to or call 888-478-4792. I have tried calling multiple times to cancel. There is no answer, just rings and rings and rings. The 4th time I called this number, it did pick up, but no connection and no person. It basically disconnected me. I have continued trying this number for 3 days with no answer, nothing. They are continuing to bill me $85 per month for this product that I have no way of cancelling.

Last year, October, I signed up with Body Solutions in Westbury, NY to have Endermologie done. It cost a total of $6,000 for 40 treatments. I've been very consistent with my appointments. I was very recognized in there and made friends with the staff. I started to notice fewer workers and they began to cancel my appointments on a regular basis. I began to get very upset because I started to see no results because they were not consistent with my treatments.

After a few months, they closed down without informing me that they were going out of business. I was so shocked that this had happened because I am still paying for those treatments but with help from a friend who has been in the cosmetic field for years. She will be helping me put these scums away. I also wrote Arnold Diaz from Shame On You who has been on their case. Stay tuned to watch on channel 5 news because Body Solution will be behind bars with the information I have!

I ordered the cellulite system called Body Solutions on June 10, 2009. This was a free trial. I was unhappy with the results, so I mailed the product back in July. I noticed a charge from the company on July 31, 2009, in the amount of $29.95. I have called the company 4 times to have the amount credited back to my credit card. All four times, I have been promised that the amount will be refunded in either 2-5 days, 2 days, 24 hours, or 2 days, respectively. Two of the representatives I spoke with were Daniel and Angel. I did not catch the names of the first two. I have yet to receive the credit for the amount. So far, $29.95 has been charged to my card and not refunded.

The phone number given to cancel the order and stop the billing did not work until today. It was not answered at all, answered with a recording and then automatically cut the customer off with no opportunity to talk to a human being, or canceled. I also tried to cancel online, and it did not work. The charges kept coming. Finally today, someone answered the phone, stopped the orders supposedly, and refused to pay for the return shipping of the product (which will cost me over $40 to return). The bank, Wells Fargo, will not protest the shipping charges that won't be refunded and said Visa says they only can protest the costs of the product if I have proof of cancellation, which was impossible to do since the number didn't work. This company should be forced to return shipping, forced to provide an easier way to cancel the product trial, and not allowed to send more products until authorization received.

I never ordered a product called Body Solutions from them. My credit card was charged $158.80, along with a lot of other charges I didn't make. Now I had to close my credit card account and dispute the charges. They show a UPS slip showing it was delivered to my door to the credit card company and they sent me a lot of paperwork to sign. It has been an unnecessary aggravation.

My credit card was charged twice, once for the shipping and handling and then the other for an amount that I didn't order or agree to pay. I want this charge off my account.

In January 2009, I went to this place called Body Solutions Laser & Skin in Scottsdale, Arizona for laser hair removal, particularly Brazilian. I was given a paper to sign which of course states what it usually should, for me not to have any rights. But I was okay with it because I had other friends that have done that procedure and they had 100% hair reduction after six treatments. What I didn't know is that these people, Scottsdale Cosmetic Laser or Body Solutions Laser & Skin, were using this Soprano XL laser, which is a lot slower working than the ones other places used before. After six paid treatments for $450, I didn't see even 50% reduction, which of course upset me. The owner, Kanna Reilly, decided to give me one free treatment and even after the 7th treatment, I didn't see much of an improvement. What I didn't mention at the beginning is that a friend of mine also had seven treatments with them and she is even worse case than me. I have seen her; she has all her hair growing back. And of course, all this got me upset and I started calling the place trying to resolve the issue with the owners, Kanna and Tim Reilly.

They obviously didn't want to speak to me and told their front desk employee to let me know what their email is and I should write them a letter. My point here is that they know their laser doesn't work as fast as the older ones, that's why Body Solutions Laser & Skin sell these packages of six treatments, so their clients will come back to them for more treatments. What are the odds of two different people (me and my friend) to start treat themselves the same area Brazilian and these two people have different body chemistry, different skins, different hair, and both of them don't have much of an improvement after 6-7 treatments? So ladies and gentlemen, don’t fool yourselves and don't go to this place called Body Solutions Laser & Skin in Scottsdale, Arizona because the only thing that will happen is that they will take your money and will not offer you anything in exchange!

Body Solution just charged me twice on my credit accounts. I had already complained about one of them and then they gave me full money back. But the second one, it was ordered even before the one that I received full money back and I didn't notice it. When I called my credit company to dispute this charge this afternoon, they acted like they had already sent me the product. (In fact, I hadn't received anything from them.) They had the exact tracking numbers of the product that was sent to my house by USPS on July 20 and then they told me to write the tracking numbers on the back of the packet and send it back to them so that I would have my money back. However, I didn't receive the product, so how could I send it back and receive my full money back? They told me they would just return half of my money back to me if I didn't send their product back. But I have nothing to send back to them.

I ordered free trial lotion and never received anything for 45 days, and I really didn't remember requesting it. However, two payments were made on my credit card in the month of June with no products having been received. Since then, in July, I received three lotions at once, $29.99 and $49.90. I called twice and they acted liked I had never called and the started bargaining with me.

I signed up for a trial session for the cellulite treatments. I paid the shipping and the additional $29.95 was taken out of my checking account. Then another unauthorized transaction from Body Solutions charged my bank account $49.90. Unaware of the transaction, I want to know why the $49.90 was taken out of my account.

On June 6, 2009, I ordered the trial of the Body Solution. I had until June 17, 2009 to cancel before I was to get charged. On June 11, 2009, I called and spoke with someone with a very strange name (it was a guy). I informed him that I wanted to cancel my trial period even though I didn't do the whole trial period. I gave him the information that he asked from me. He told me that I would not be charged. He gave me a confirmation, but at the time I am doing this complaint today, because I just received my credit card statement and I was charged anyway after being told that there would not be a charge. So once I get to work on Monday, 7/13/2009, I will resubmit my complain with all the necessary information. But in the meantime, I am going to call them again and request my refund. If not, then major steps are going to be taken. I have not seen any results in the time that I have used the product, so this is just a scam and we have been had.

I ordered this system on 6/11/09 and was charged for a three-month supply, which was what I ordered. They said i would be charged when it shipped. I was charged $112.00 on 6/15/09. When I did not receive the product, I called the 888-478-479 number and was told by someone I could barely understand that my order had been shipped on 6/28/09.

It is now 2 weeks later, and I still have not seen the product. And I never received an email with a tracking number, like I was supposed to according to the ordering page. I then tried to call them again today at that same number, and it is now busy all the time. I checked my bank account to make sure I have not been charged anything else and saw there was a number listed next to the transaction.

So I called that number 424-672-6470 and got nothing but a computer asking for an extension. I pressed 0 for the operator, but she was busy. So I left a message. My concern is that they have already gotten $112.90 out of me and that I cannot get a hold of them to cancel my membership that will be charged every three months till I cancel, which I am unable to do so because the number is busy. I have a transaction ID number, and this was from the e-mail I got when I placed the order outlining my order, price, and transaction ID and how I paid and my address with their customer service number and e-mail at the bottom. Also, I did send an e-mail to their support department with no response back.

Ordered the product, never received it and they refuse to give me a refund!

I ordered a trial sample of Striation and only after I was through checkout did it tell me I had been entered into a monthly membership club where they would automatically charge my credit card every month. I am usually very careful about ordering online and I read everywhere on the site before ordering and nowhere did it say I would be entered into a membership if I ordered the trial version of Striation.

On my receipt, it said I could cancel the membership if I called within 15 days. I called 5 days later and waited 20 minutes to get through to someone. I asked to be removed from the membership and the guy told me I had to send back the trial to be removed. I told him that I paid for the trial and did not voluntarily join a membership and if he would refund me for the trial I paid for then I would send it back. He said they do not refund any money for the trial version and could not remove me from the membership unless I sent it back. He told me he would extend the trial for another 15 days and then if I wanted to cancel the membership I could call back. I told him I did not want to call back again because I was on hold for 20 minutes to get through and was disconnected 3 times and had to call back and wait through the 20 minutes each time.

Now they have charged my card for $59.00 this month. I called them again and told them to refund that back to my account or I will file charges for fraud and file a complaint with the authorities. The guy's name I talked to this time was Max. He finally checked with his supervisor and said they would refund my money and cancel me from the membership. I asked for a confirmation number for that and he seemed confused then said hold on a minute then he disconnected me.

I called back again and got a different guy and asked to speak to Max. He said no one was there by that name but he could help me. So again, I had to go through it all and argue with him over it. I explained that the other guy had already checked with his supervisor and all I needed was a confirmation number. After about 10 minutes of arguing, he finally gave me a number and said it will take 3 to 4 business days to get the money back into my account. That was 3 days ago, so I will see if it happens.

Okay, I got into this one day while feeling down. I have purchased this body solution cream. It was a trial so I only had to to pay shipping and handling fee. That was on June 8th 2009. It's the 17th today and I haven't received anything yet. My free trial ends on 6/29, after which I will be billed $30 unless I'm not satisfied with the cream. Well, I can't really try it until I get it. So that is a scam already. I decided to go on the website and when I typed in Body Solutions, it brought me to this site. I read all the complaints and it hit me right there. It is a scam and I feel ** for doing this. I haven't called the company yet, but I already can see that I won't be successful reaching them. So I want to file this complaint and hopefully stop that company from scamming other people.

On June 12th, I ordered a trial of this product. I entered my debit card information three times and was advised each time that my card was declined. Therefore, I received no order confirmation number. My bank account was charged all three times. Now I have no order ID number to cancel my trial so I won't be charged for the actual product when my trial is over. When I called their toll free number, there is a fast busy and no way to reach them by phone. I have already emailed them several times with no response. Let’s see if I get the product. But now I have no way to be refunded for the extra charges. I am very worried now if I will be able to reach them to cancel my trial.

I ordered the product on May 27, 2009. The draft was made from my account on the same day. I have still not received my product. I have called everyday since June 3, 2009, when they stated that my product would be delivered. No one ever answers when I call. I stay on hold for the next available representative. I have sent 2 emails and have had no response.

I purchased the Cellulite cream, body scrub, etc. in March 2009. I returned the unused portion with the RMA requested. It was delivered to them on April 27, 2009. Today, I have a charge on my checking account from them (June 2, 2009) and now the number to call is no longer in service, no way to contact anyone on their website. Please help me stop this draft. I need some way to contact them to get it stopped. I followed all instructions to stop it and now another charge, their phone is not in service! I need help! My job is not very secure right now, 440 people were laid off in March. I live week to week and can't always get everything paid. I thought this was a cheap way to better my appearance and now this!

I went to Body Solution in 3/21/08 for some laser treatment and other services for which i never received, they put me in contact with a loan company which i signed for a amount of 19,000 thousand dollars for service that i did not recieve, i'm having finance problems and can't afford to continue to pay 700 to 800 hundred dollars for something i did not receive, i would appericate if someone can contact me regarding this matter. i'm going though a depress over this situation.

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