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The Betty Ford Center is one of the best-known drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in the United States. It is named for former President Gerald Ford’s wife, who struggled with alcoholism.

  • Several programs for specific groups: Programs are available for young adults and for medical professionals who have addiction issues in addition to general treatment programs.
  • Program for gays and lesbians: Betty Ford is one of the few centers that offers a specific program for non-heterosexual individuals.
  • Comprehensive aftercare options: There are sober living facilities and outpatient treatment programs.
  • Programs are gender specific: Women and men attend separate programs, which may be uncomfortable for people whose gender identity doesn’t match their biological sex.
  • Most therapy is done in groups: Individual counseling sessions are available only if staff refers a patient.
  • Best for Adolescents, young adults, executives and people who want to get sober.

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Betty Ford Center Company Profile

Company Name:
Betty Ford Center
Year Founded:
39000 Bob Hope Dr.
Rancho Mirage
Postal Code:
United States