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I began using Beautycounter last year when a friend of mine became a consultant. My skin has never looked better and I am so grateful to be using safe products. My husband and I struggled with infertility and we had to take a hard look at everything we were using. I switched my products to Beautycounter after researching them on EWG and trying some samples from my friend. My skin has never looked better. We were finally able to get pregnant and I am a customer for life. I had an issue with the rejuvenating eye cream. My eye got itchy and swollen after using it and I contacted Beautycounter customer service and it turns out I am one of only a few people who are allergic to topical caffeine. They replaced my eye cream with the nourishing eye cream and even gave me a bit of money in product credit. They have excellent customer service. I am quite surprised by some of the other people's experiences because that is not what I found at all.

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I had a horrible experience with Beauty Counter, and my situation was escalated to a "regional sales director" and I called her and no return call. I am a well known hair stylist and makeup artist previously using Beauty Counter on numerous front cover magazine shoots. It is in the best interest of the company to keep my business and recognize that I have brought them much business. They in my opinion are extremely unprofessional and I will never use or recommend them ever again. Actually I threw away every bit of the products I had as I am disgusted with their company's horrible treatment. Don't bother using them.

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I started using Beautycounter products as part of my 2016 "Detox" New Year's Resolution. I now use all of the products (make up, skin care, lotions, hair products, oils, etc...) and have had nothing but flawless results. While I still prefer my L'Oreal mascara and sometimes I need a more drying shampoo than what Beautycounter offers, I now search for healthier, toxin-free substitutes instead of running back to the chemical-filled products I was using before. I will say – do your research on the products before testing them. Just because they are natural does not mean your body will not react to them. I let a friend borrow my skin care cleanser, exfoliator, and day/night creams and she had horrible breakouts. It turns out she is allergic to coconut (and has known her whole life) and she asked me test my products AFTER I had already told this particular Beautycounter line used coconut oil as one of its main hydrators.

I felt terrible, but at the same time deeply questioned why someone would try products that contain something they have a known allergy to. Bottom line: research the ingredients. Food allergies absolutely pertain to things you are putting on your skin. I admire what Beautycounter is doing in the beauty industry and how they are taking their concerns right up to Washington, D.C. – and are making things happen! Did you know Congress is addressing the regulations and requirements around beauty product ingredients for the first time in almost 85 years? It's about time we stopped buying products from chemical conglomerates that could care less about what's in their product and instead focus on what celebrity they can pay to endorse their garbage in a flashy ad. Do you think those celebrities put those products on their bodies and children? Think again.

The products are a more pricey than your usual drugstore products, but they are actually less expensive (and last longer) than your department store or "high end" brand names. However, as the company has grown, they have started having great promotions (BOGO, Special Prices on Product, and Free product with Purchase) every few weeks which helps offset the costs. On top of loving the mission of this company, the next best thing about it is that there is no sign-up fee, no auto-ship, and no obligation to reorder. You can order whenever you need to – just like you'd reorder something on Amazon. The company does offer a $29 "Band of Beauty" membership but it gets you free shipping for a year and a free travel kit of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and body wash (worth $60 and essentially 5 free shipments).

For me, it's all about ditching the chemicals that are absorbed into our bloodstream in a matter of seconds and avoiding the residual birth defects, hormone disruptors, and potential harmful chemical reactions. I could go on and on, but I am extremely happy with the results of the products I have been using. It truly opened my eyes to the CRAP I had been putting on my face and I instantaneously feel a difference when I try to revert to any standard beauty product, especially a moisturizer/lotion or foundation. There is just no comparison! Do your research. Your body can be allergic to natural and synthetic ingredients.

Satisfaction Rating

After having several health issues during pregnancy and then a recent breast lump removal, I began on a journey to find safer products for me and my family. Through all the research, I found some organic products lines which were fine, but unfortunately did not perform like all my other "toxic" skincare which I was using. Eventually I searched the site and searched for "anti-aging". Beautycounter was one of the first companies that came up and I decided to try them. I did like the fact that they had a "share basket" try before you buy option so I borrowed a set from my consultant, who just so happened to also live in my neighborhood.

After trying the products for a few days, I fell in love. Not only did they smell beautifully, they performed to my expectations! Best of all, they are SAFE! I love Beautycounter's mission and it really resonated with me. From doing more research on them, I was shocked to learn about all the facts in this industry which are kept secret from us, the consumers. The fact that there hasn't been a major federal law passed to regulate the safety of ingredients in cosmetics since 1938!? It appears that Beautycounter is also making efforts to change that by visiting Washington DC too. I love that they have a NEVER list of more than 1500 ingredients so I know that every ingredient is selected for MY safety! My advice is to try them for yourself and hopefully your skin will love it as much as mine has.

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I went to a Beautycounter event that a friend hosted and I was so excited to hear about natural products. I let the girl running it know I was interested in consulting for them. She provided me with the information and gave me the skincare set for me to try out on my face. I tried it that night and the next morning, and then again in the evening of that day. The next morning I woke up and my skin was on fire. My face has swelled up and was so red. It looked like I was sunburned. I took some Benadryl and it did not help the swelling, redness, burning or itchiness. I took Benadryl and it did nothing to calm the swelling. When I told the Beautycounter consultant about this, she said this sometimes happens which is why they call them "personal care products."

My face was swollen the next morning when I woke up and still burned. I took a different antihistamine and it helped the swelling go down. Now, 6 days later, my face is just extremely dry, red, burns, and is itchy. I bought Cetaphil to help with this. I let the consultant know about my allergic reaction and she told me that it may be part of the "detox" process. I'm pretty sure I reacted to a chemical that was put in the beauty care product. She was very aggressive throughout trying to get me to become a consultant for Beautycounter even after I told her I was no longer interested. She also kept defending the product even after I let her know how badly I reacted to it. I will never use their products on my skin again.

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I started using BeautyCounter's products because I wanted to use something natural and get glowing skin. I constantly had a pimple or two, sometimes even three, and I want to have baby skin. I started using the Routine Clean, Exfoliator, Everyday Moisturizer, and occasionally the Night Moisturizer, Tinted Moisturizer, and Foundation by recommendation from my consultant. After immediate use I started to develop tiny white bumps covering my entire face. I spoke with my consultant who suggested it was my skin "detoxifying" and just to give it time. She had me stop using the moisturizer and instead purchase Number 3 oil to use day and night. We followed up regularly and the condition only slowly worsened. She checked my hair products and other makeup products suggesting some outside chemical was the bad actor causing these white bumps.

I endured it, hoping for some breakthrough. But the entire surface of my skin slowly changed. Fast forward two months later when I decided to stop using the products, and overnight I was completely COVERED in HUGE, RED bumps. MY ENTIRE FACE. Apparently I was allergic to the products, and then developed a SEVERE bacteria infection from it. I have never EVER had more than maybe 5 pimples on my face at a time? I am now completely covered in them, I have been for a month now, and I wake up to at least 5 new ones per day. My consultant realized her mistake - TWO MONTHS TWO LATE - and booked me an appointment for a dermatologist.

That was one month ago. I am on an oral antibiotic, prednisone (a steroid), and using a facial antibiotic to try to clear up this ridiculous horrific looking infection. I have been to an allergist, nutritionist that I regularly work with, and a dermatologist twice to try and fix this. I am on my third type of antibiotics - this one is called Levoflaxacin - and is used to combat staph, among other severe infections!!

BeautyCounter has reimbursed me for all of my orders... but really they should be paying my medical bills at this point. I am telling you - the products RUINED my skin and is taking now over a month for me heal!! I can't leave the house. I cannot even try to cover it with makeup. And I have NEVER had an issue like this before. STAY FAR, FAR away from these products if you have sensitive skin. They use a pyramid scheme to sell their products, and consultants have no idea what they are talking about. My customer service agent also made it clear that this was not the first case they had in which the products destroyed a clients skin. Three of the photos are BEFORE using the product, four of the photos are AFTER.

UPDATED ON 03/10/2016: The horror continues. I am crying my eyes out as I write this. Last I wrote was in January while I was on antibiotics for a SERIOUS acne problem that these products caused me. During the first week of February I found new doctors at Harvard Health Services. They too determined that a serious allergic reaction coupled with a rare bacteria very uncommon to the US caused my severe acne breakout - and both of these problems were faulted to Beautycounter products.

It is now MARCH. I am off antibiotics and steroids (Thank God). I use benzoyl peroxide twice per day. The breakouts are to a minimum... Now I have a few blemishes on my cheeks, maybe one on my forehead occasionally. I am set to start Accutane at the end of this week. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Six months of the strongest acne medication available because of Beautycounter? Required monthly bloodwork and birth control because of Beautycounter.

Wait it gets worse. Please look at my scarring. Please look at my BEFORE photos in the previous post where you can so I have no red dots. Now I am covered, COVERED in red dots all over my face. It makes me cry just thinking about it. RUN FROM THESE PRODUCTS. The founders of this company deserve to be bankrupt. NOBODY deserves to have their time wasted like this, hundreds of dollars at the doctors office, on medication... Let alone their complexion, face, appearance (confidence, social life, need I go on) RUINED because of some poor business management. Run from these products.

Expert Review

Jessica Assaf & Alexis Krauss Organic Skincare Contributing Editors

Jessica Assaf & Alexis Krauss are co-founders of Beauty Lies Truth, a website dedicated to educating consumers about the ingredients in personal care products. Alexis is a singer, songwriter and front-woman of the band Sleigh Bells and uses her public platform to transform the beauty industry. Jessica is an award-winning activist and entrepreneur who has spent the past ten years spreading awareness about product safety and working with the most conscious companies on the market.    More about Jessica Assaf & Alexis Krauss→

Founder Gregg Renfrew started Beautycounter after she learned about the beauty industry’s lack of regulations. Beautycounter empowers consumers by offering them to join the company as a Consultant.

  • Beautycounter safety promise: Beautycounter is one of the few companies in the world to actually test their products for safety before they go on the market.
  • Mission-driven: The company’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone.
  • The Never List: Beautycounter has banned more than 1,500 ingredients from their products and is setting a new health and safety standard for consumers.
  • Best for Women and mothers looking for safe and effective cosmetics and skincare products.

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