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Find the Best Air Ambulance Companies

Air ambulances are aircraft that are specifically outfitted to transport people in need to a medical facility. Read our guide to help you choose the best air ambulance service for your needs. These aircraft have the same intensive care tools as an ambulance, including a flight stretcher, medical equipment, medication and a full team of professionally trained medical care professionals.Air ambulances are used to reach locations that are inaccessible by ground transport or to take patients distances of more than 250 miles quickly. They can also bring patients who are elderly or who cannot travel commercially to rehabilitation centers, medical facilities or home.

Compare Reviews for Top Air Ambulance Companies

Angel MedFlight Read 6 Reviews

Angel MedFlight is an air ambulance company that was formed in 2007. The company serves patients worldwide, and it helps customers handle the entire air ambulance process -- from medical care to dealing with insurance claims.

Acadian Air Medical Transports Read 5 Reviews

Acadian Air Medical Transports is an air ambulance company that serves the Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico area. Headquartered in Lafayette, LA, the company has been providing air ambulance services since 1981.

Advanced Air Ambulance Read Author Review

Advanced Air Ambulance is an air ambulance company that was founded in Miami, FL, in 1990. The company is known for serving private patients and for offering air ambulance services during times of crisis.

AeroCare Read Author Review

AeroCare is an air ambulance company based in Sugar Grove, IL. The company has been in operation for nearly 20 years, and it provides both international air ambulance services and medical escort services.

Air Ambulance Worldwide Read Author Review

Headquartered in Palm Harbor, FL, Air Ambulance Worldwide provides global air ambulance services. The company uses fixed wing airplanes to transport patients to facilities like nursing homes and hospitals.

AirCARE1 International Read Author Review

AirCARE1 is an air ambulance service that is focused on a holistic treatment experience, including stress-reducing treatments to make patients' flights more comfortable. The company is headquartered in Albuquerque, NM.

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance Read Author Review

Jet Rescue Air is an air ambulance company that serves the entire United States. It is the most popular air ambulance service used in Central America and South America.

Travel Care International Read Author Review

Founded in 1980, Travel Care Air offers air ambulance services around the clock. The company offers three sizes of medical aircraft to serve patients in need across the world.

What features to consider when choosing an air ambulance company?

Customer service

Air ambulance companies must interact with customers in high-stress or emotional situations, and they have developed systems by which they conduct their customer service practices, including incoming calls from passengers.

  • Call center: Air ambulance companies that utilize a call center have passengers call a large call center to arrange their medical flight, and a representative at the call center handles communication directly with medical representatives.
  • Case managers: Some air ambulance companies have customers speak directly to a case manager, who can help arrange the air ambulance flight.
  • Medical professionals: Nurses and other medical professionals handle the calls directly at some companies, so they can give customers medical advice and instruction from the first call.

Flight staff

Companies that fly air ambulances have different staff members onboard, including medical staff and flight staff.

  • Contracted staff: Companies with contracted staff hire outside pilots and medical staff for their air ambulances.
  • Company medical staff: Some air ambulance companies have their own medical and flight staff who fly air ambulances and are present on every flight.
  • Mixed contracted and company staff: Some companies use a mix of company staff and contracted staff, like company medical practitioners paired with a contracted pilot.

Aircraft types

The type of aircraft used by air ambulance companies ranges from company to company, and it can affect a passenger's experience.

  • Non-pressurized aircraft: Some air ambulance companies use non-pressurized aircraft to transport medical patients from one place to another.
  • Large pressurized aircraft: Large pressurized aircraft, like jets, are bigger and have more solid construction, and they are often considered safer and better for long distances than non-pressurized aircraft.
  • Small pressurized aircraft: Some air ambulance companies use smaller pressurized aircraft, like twin turboprops.


There are many kinds of certifications that air ambulance companies can get, and a customer can verify certain aspects of a company's service and quality by evaluating its accreditations and certifications.

  • CAMTS accredited: CAMTS, or the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems, certifies air ambulance companies that meet a certain standard of competency and safety.
  • FAA certification: Most air ambulance companies have an FAA Part 135 Certificate, which certifies that the FAA has allowed them to fly an air ambulance.
  • ARGUS rating: ARGUS rates and certifies chartered aircraft providers that demonstrate a certain level of safety and knowledge.

Passenger capacity

Air ambulance companies that transport patients fly planes of different sizes, and they have different rules about how many passengers can fly on a plane.

  • One medical professional: Some air ambulance companies only fly planes that have the capacity to take one patient and one health care provider on a flight.
  • Multiple medical professionals: Many air ambulance companies have the capacity to take multiple healthcare professionals on a flight to provide care for the patient en route.
  • Medical professionals and a passenger: Air ambulance companies with large planes can often take a medical team, a patient, and a loved one of the patient to fly as well.


Air ambulances require healthcare professionals to fly and tend to patients, and the training of these professionals and the pilots that fly the planes can affect a patient's flight experience.

  • Specialized air emergency training: Some air ambulance companies use medical professionals with special emergency training for air ambulances, like advanced life support and neonatal care.
  • Standard training: There are companies that simply use staff with standard training--like nursing degrees--to care for patients during a flight.
  • EMT training: Air ambulance companies often utilize professionals with EMT training, who have been a paramedic or had experience transporting people in an on-ground ambulance.

What are different types of air ambulance companies?

Military air ambulance companies

The military commonly uses air ambulances to airlift injured soldiers out of dangerous territory. There are air ambulances that cater solely to military situations.

Non-profit air ambulance companies

Non-profit air ambulance companies operate ambulances to serve as a charity and service for those patients who are in need, rather than a company that operates ambulances to make a profit.

For-profit air ambulance companies

Some companies that offer air ambulance services operate as standard, for-profit businesses offering individuals the ability to charter a medical emergency flight.

Trauma transport companies

Trauma transport companies only exist to serve patients with traumatic injuries. They are often equipped with special medical equipment for life-threatening situations.

Medical escort companies

There are air ambulance companies that do not operate their own aircraft. Instead, the company sends medical professionals and equipment on a standard commercial flight with a patient in need.

Who are air ambulance companies for?

Patients who need to reach medical care that is far away

Patients who need to reach a medical facility that is many miles away can use an air ambulance to reach that destination more quickly.

Elderly patients

Elderly patients who are not strong enough or well enough to travel by car or traditional airplanes can utilize air ambulance services.

Patients who need medical help in remote or hard-to-access terrain

People who become injured or ill somewhere that is hard-to-reach or inaccessible by road often rely on air ambulances to remove them from the situation and get them to medical help.

People who are ill or injured abroad

People who need medical care and are outside of their country are often transported by air ambulance back to their country for medical care or rehabilitation.

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    Author reviews for air ambulance and medical transport companies

    Acadian Air Medical Transports

    Acadian Air Medical Transports are known for flying first-response medical flights. The air service launched in 1981 in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Read more about Acadian Air Medical Transports
    Angel MedFlight

    (Date Published: 4/23/2015) Angel Medflight offers air ambulance services across the world. The company was founded in 2007 and offers patients in emergency situations bedside-to-bedside service.

    Read more about Angel MedFlight
    Air Ambulance Worldwide

    Air Ambulance Worldwide is a small, privately owned air ambulance company. It's headquartered in Palm Harbor, FL.

    • Room for family: In almost all cases, Air Ambulance has room for patients to bring along a family member of someone who is sick at no additional charge.
    • Discounted flights: Air Ambulance works hard to find ways to make flights more affordable for patients and their families, including looking for back hauls to pay for a leg of the trip, connecting flights, and using strategically located partners.
    • Insurance assistance: The company offers patients assistance with handling their insurance claims, advocating for the rights and needs of the patient to the insurance company.
    • Global: Air Ambulance Worldwide has the capacity to fly anywhere in the world, which makes it a convenient option globally.
    • No hidden costs: The company guarantees that the all-inclusive price quoted will cover all costs and there will be no hidden fees or unexpected charges.
    Jet Rescue Air Ambulance

    Jet Rescue provides worldwide air ambulance services, particularly in Mexico and Central and South America. The company has been in operation since 1994 and is based in Boca Raton, FL.

    • Certifications: Jet Rescue Air Ambulance has many certifications, including those for medical training, flight crew, and captains, ensuring that the company meets the highest standards of safety.
    • Discounted slights: There are discounted flights for multiple patients who need an air ambulance, and the company will try to combine two medical transport flights into one at a patient's request.
    • Fastest service for Latin, Central, and South America: Jet Rescue has been proven to be the fastest responder to Mexico, Latin America, and South America, so it's a great option for any patient in those locales.
    • Quality assurance program: The company keeps close tabs on the quality of each experience, reviewing notes and going over improvements after every flight, which allows for constant improvement.
    • Pre-flight medical consultations: Jet Rescue Air Ambulance has a doctor on staff to provide pre-flight medical consultations to ensure patients receive appropriate in-flight care and that the patient and family are adequately informed.
    Travel Care International

    Travel Care is an FAA-licensed provider of air ambulance services internationally. The Charleston-based company began operating in 1980.

    • Always accessible: Travel Care International operates 24-hours a day, 365-days per year, so it can be relied on no matter when an emergency is happening.
    • Family involvement: The company has taken many steps to ensure that a patient's family is included in the flight process, including regular communications with family members and in-depth descriptions of what is going on with a patient at any given time and any procedures that are being done.
    • Perfect safety record: Travel Care meets all FAA standards; it has a perfect safety record serving clients and patients.
    • Aircraft options: Travel Care Air operates three aircrafts - a Cessna 240 RAM VI, a Jet-Prop Aircraft, and a LearJet 35 - and they can handle a range of medical situations and passenger numbers.
    • Many accreditations: The company has a number of accreditations to prove its quality and reputation, including those from the FAA, the Department of Health, and the National Air Transportation Association.
    Advanced Air Ambulance

    Advanced Air Ambulance was established in 1990, and it's become a leading air ambulance company in the U.S. The company is headquartered in Miami, FL.

    • Always accessible: Advanced Air Ambulance has been open 24-hours per day since inception, so it is always reachable by a patient in need.
    • Commercial medical stretcher option: The company is able to take patients on a stretcher in a commercial flight, which is a cost-saving option for many people.
    • Neonatal care available: Advanced Air Ambulance has the ability to provide neonatal care, so it's a good company for any infant or newborn in need of emergency care.
    • Humanitarian efforts: The company is well-known for being focused on humanitarian rescue efforts and missions, including operating in war zones and after Hurricane Katrina.
    • No safety incidents: The company has been in operation for more than 25 years has never had a safety incident.
    AirCARE1 International

    AirCARE1 is a 100% woman-owned air ambulance company started by RN Denise Waye.The company is known for also providing holistic care, in addition to simple emergency attention.

    • Seasoned medical director: AirCARE1 has a seasoned medical director on its staff to coordinate all care, and the director of the company has more than 20 years of experience in an emergency room.
    • Holistic experience: To make the travel experience as low-stress as possible for the patient, the company provides noise-canceling headsets, therapeutic music, hand massages, and in-flight movies to help make the experience the best it can possibly be.
    • Airborne Critical Care Units: AirCARE1's aircraft use Airborne Critical Care Units that are meant to increase patient comfort; they incorporate a 4-inch mattress pad, an adjustable knee lift, and other advanced features.
    • Experienced pilots: All pilots that fly for AirCARE1 have more than 3,000 hours of flying experience before joining the company.
    • Dual accreditation: AirCARE1 International has dual accreditations from both CAMTS and EURAMI, the European Air Ambulance company.

    AeroCare is a medical transportation company that has been proving air ambulance services since 1989. The company was first started in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and now has three satellite bases of operation.

    • Experience level: The company has been in business for 16 years, so it has a longstanding reputation for delivering good quality air ambulance services.
    • Domestic and international options: AeroCare has the capacity to handle patients located in both the U.S. and internationally.
    • Two person crews: The air ambulance flights operated by AeroCare fly with two medical personnel on the flight, so there are multiple hands to tend to a patient.
    • Certification: The company is accredited by the CAMTS, ensuring it meets the highest levels of safety and competence possible.
    • Bilingual staff: AeroCare has many people on staff who speak two languages, so they can navigate language differences when dealing with officials from different countries or families of patients who do not speak English.
    by ConsumerAffairs Research Team

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