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About Abtronic

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Abtronic makes fitness equipment that the company claims uses electrical muscle stimulation technology to burn calories, reduce abdominal girth, tone and shape muscles and tighten the skin. You can shop for products online for your abs, core, arms, legs, butt, thighs and face. Abtronic has been in the fitness business since 2000, according to its website.

Pros & Cons


  • Results in two to four weeks
  • Can be used at all ages
  • Options for other body parts


  • Lack of scientific evidence
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Long shipping time

Bottom Line

Abtronic offers fitness equipment that uses electrical muscle stimulation to burn calories and tone muscles. The company says products are safe and effective, and it guarantees the quality. You can buy from Abtronic online.

What is Abtronic?

Abtronic makes devices that use electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate muscles with over 1,000 contractions per minute, according to the company. With its products, users can burn extra calories and tone and strengthen muscles, Abtronic says.

Abtronic has been in the fitness solutions industry since 2000, and its website states over 10 million people have used its devices. Products are designed and developed in Germany and built in China. The company says clinical studies have shown its products to be effective, but no details are readily available on the website.

How to use Abtronic

Most Abtronic products work by using EMS, which contracts your muscles more quickly than happens during regular exercise. Abtronic products are “easy to use” and require “minimum effort,” the company says. You can see product manuals on the website.

Some Abtronic products also use ultrasound technology to release noradrenaline into the body. This signals cells to release stored fat. The fat is released into the bloodstream as free fatty acids. You can then burn the energy with light exercises or EMS.

Abtronic products

Abtronic sells a number of products for different parts of the body, as well as accessories. Some of these products include:

Abtronic Core: The device targets your abdominal muscles using EMS technology. It has six stimulation modes and eight intensity levels. It’s battery-operated and has a detachable controller.

Abtronic NARL: The NARL ultrasound slimming system, designed for the abs and core, works to release stored fat into the bloodstream, then uses EMS to burn calories. It has four modes and nine intensity levels. The control unit is rechargeable and has an LCD.

Abtronic X8S: The X8S is for toning your leg and arm muscles with EMS. It's a two-piece set with six stimulation modes and eight intensity levels.

Abtronic BeSlim: The BeSlim helps you lift, tone, firm and tighten your thighs, butt, legs and arms. It uses EMS and is made in Japan.

Abtronic Ageless Wonder: Ageless Wonder targets fine lines and wrinkles in the face, including the cheeks, forehead, jawline, chin and under the eyes. It has six modes and 30 intensity levels and comes in three colors.

You can also buy accessories online from Abtronic, such as replacement gel pads, belts, wands, controllers and silicone pads.

Abtronic price

Abtronic prices vary by product. EMS and NARL machines cost between $114 and $309. The prices for the listed Abtronic products at the time of publishing are:

  • Abtronic Core: $114
  • Abtronic NARL: $309
  • Abtronic X8S: $120
  • Abtronic BeSlim: $282
  • Abtronic Ageless Wonder: $123

You can buy Abtronic devices and accessories on the company’s website using a major credit card or PayPal. Be sure to check for special offers, like sale prices. Shipping charges are extra. You can expect shipping to take 17 to 18 business days, according to Abtronic.

Abtronic FAQ

Does Abtronic work?

Abtronic says on its website that clinical studies have shown its products to burn calories, tone and shape the abs and reduce abdominal girth. But the FDA, which regulates the sale of electrical muscle stimulators, states that no EMS machine is approved for weight loss, girth reduction or stronger abs. “Stimulating muscles repeatedly with electricity may eventually result in muscles that are strengthened and toned to some extent but will not, based on currently available data, create a major change in your appearance without the addition of diet and regular exercise,” the FDA says.

When will I see results from Abtronic?

Depending on how often you use the EMS device and your amount of body fat, the company says you should notice increased abdominal strength in two to four weeks and visible muscle tone in approximately four weeks.

Does Abtronic hurt?

There shouldn’t be any discomfort as long as the gel sheets aren’t worn or dirty. The machine shouldn’t cause more than a tingling sensation.

What areas does Abtronic target?

Abtronic has products that target the abdominal muscles, core, arms, legs, thighs, butt and face.

Is Abtronic legit?

Abtronic claims that it has over 10 million satisfied customers around the world and that 100% of users have burned additional calories, 96% have reduced waist size and 89% have visibly toned their ab muscles. It also uses phrases such as “medically tested” and “clinically proven.”

However, we did not see any studies to back these claims, and the FDA says most EMS devices it’s reviewed are intended for use in physical therapy and rehabilitation. These facts, combined with an apparent lack of a money-back guarantee, lead us to recommend caution before you purchase from Abtronic.

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Reviewed June 27, 2023

The original Abtronic, marketed as Abtronic the future of fitness I believe came out in the 1990's. I have used dozens of these belts. Avoid the cheap knock offs from overseas. They don't last. The original Abtronic Did what it was advertised. It spot toned areas where you put the device. The batteries were cheap I bought them at dollar store or ebay. So I have used this over 20 years on and off. The actual ab belt that stimulates you came in three types grey plastic, aluminum, rubber.

The rubber ones last by far the longest, I used the rubber one I had at least a few hundred times over a few years it still worked. The Plastic one worked good at first but after dozens of uses would not stimulate properly. The aluminum one gave really good conduction strong stimuation but after dozens and dozens use the aluminum would fall apart and it would not work anymore as it started out smooth and gets slowly wrinkly then falls apart. I'd say a few months max use for the grey plastic or aluminum ones. The rubber lasts and lasts likely years like it did for me as it's just rubber. It don't deteriorated as far as I can tell even when I finally discarded it, it still worked.

The one thing I did notice with all the Abtronic belts is the stimulation was stronger on one side of the belt so often if I did my back or something I'd flip it around the next time around to even out the stimulation. I used it more as a muscle massage than anything, it definitely works out the muscles. Like if my back was a little sore I'd use it. No doubt it works but Get the Rubber one if possible, Aluminum is my 2nd choice, the grey plastic ones seemed to not last as long. You will know when they stop working because it will hurt, be uneven the stimulation or not work at all. I used hair gel for lube for the belt, if you don't have enough or not good contact with your skin it will be uneven and hurt. Really. I think they could start reselling these only with the rubber backing as long as the price wasn't ridiculous as it did work.

The knock offs from overseas the part covering the two rivets in the middle is often just covered i with paste and falls off after a few uses, for sure you need the plastic stick tape over the rivets or else I never would get it. If you can find an old one on ebay it's worth a try. I been buying them for so long, not many around anymore, wish I would have kept that rubber one I had around just to use once in a while. It's easy to keep clean too, as the whole back is no cloth so it's easy to use, easy to keep clean, it never smelled or got moldy. It worked consistently. I have nothing bad to say about it really as long as you get the rubber backing it's 5 stars. The aluminum one drops it to 4 stars, The grey ones 3 stars. The backing makes the unit is great as long as it works. They had a winner with the rubber belt the original. I haven't tried any of the newer ones.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Feb. 5, 2016

I would like to say firstly beware of buying from many of the china distributors. Their products if they turn up do not last long and they stop answering. I have used the Abtronic for over two years. After READING THE INSTRUCTIONS and experimenting, it's fantastic. I can sit and work with it on (except for upper arm). I can cook with it on, watch tv. I had a flat, toned semi muscular abs in 3 months. My back fat was gone, my inner thighs non flabby. My breast much less saggy and my arm fat decreased...

IT'S NOT A MIRACLE MACHINE. Consumers need to put in the time and effort. It take up time. My whole body takes 2 hours to do a night and two in the morning. The tingling is a mild electrocution because the pads haven't enough gel and the red dots are from continuing to use the pads without gel instead of taking it off. You need to clean the pads too. (I know this from it happening to me). However it states that in the instructions, some are you need to build up the tolerance to in the muscles. Have recommended it to friends who love their results.

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    Reviewed May 5, 2015

    Thank you to the other people who have written reviews about this product. Through my own bad experiences like these people, I have now learnt to check reviews in places like 'Consumer Affairs' before purchasing products advertised online and on the television. There is no way I would consider purchasing the Abtronic after reading these reviews. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed Jan. 10, 2015

    I have been using abtronic for a month and while I have had no obvious results in muscle tone... I broke out in something like shingles in all the areas where I used the belt… small intense pink spots like burn marks (I have never ever had shingles before in my entire life.) Not only that I have had intermittent twitches radiating down my legs and feet, I have felt very sharp like stabbings with a knife pains which have prevented me from sleeping for two days and had to go to dr for medication and painkillers, which so far on top of the purchase price has amounted to $90.00.

    I am still in pain and do not know what the outcome of all of this will be but I feel your product has not being thoroughly trialed and tested and should not be on the market particularly being offloaded worldwide... I will demand my money back at least but angry because while I understand I am probably far more sensitive, I still feel product not research properly.

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    Reviewed Nov. 9, 2004

    I didn't get washboard abs but it did give me something. I just had double hernias repaired last year and I am bedridden now. The only exercise I have done is with the belt. The first time I used the belt again it gave me 2 more hernias, that is when I figured out that the belt was doing this.

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    Reviewed Dec. 10, 2003

    This so called Smart Electronic Exercise system advertises body toning, athletic enhancement which will aid in easing sagging muscles back to their firm natural state by administering contractions. The only thing this product did for me was leaving a nagging sharp pain in my right side after using it for a while. I discontinued use because of this. It wasn't worth over the $100.00 amount I paid for. I think this product is false advertisement.

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    Reviewed Aug. 9, 2003

    My Abtronic did absolutely nothing, and I want my money back. There was an ad in the Vancouver Sun saying they were being called back, but no address to send them to????!!???

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    Reviewed Sept. 25, 2002

    I purchased the Abtronic belt and formulas. I did not feel I was getting any results when I saw on the news one day that this was all false advertising. I tried calling Abtonic but receiveno callback. I sent back the belt, the unused formula and two newly-mailed formulas.

    I asked Discover Card to remove the charges from my account. Received the package back saying Abtronic refused to take my return and now Discover Card says they cannot rerserve the charges.

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    Reviewed March 5, 2002

    Ordered abtronic belt from company on 02-04-02, have not seen product, delivery was to be in 7 - 10 days. I paid for this on my credit card. The cost was $304.40.

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