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On 10/9/99 I purchased, paid in full, a display unit with understanding that it would be delivered on 12/4/99 (which it stated on my receipt).

On 12/3/99 I called to verify the approx. time of delivery to which I was told that I was not on the delivery schedule. The salesman on the phone (Peter who was my original salesman) had asked if I wanted to reschedule for another day which I had replied that even if I did there was no guarantee that I wouldn't get "bumped" again. He agreed with me on that point and started getting nasty with me because I expressed my unhappiness that no one had called me to tell me that I was not getting my furniture on the day promised. I didn't reschedule but I did call another WFO to try and get some answers.

That salesman was Scott who told me that he couldn't help me at that point but would call me on the following Monday 12/6/99 which he in fact did. Scott then proceeded to tell me that my original salesman did not place the order with the company who makes the unit and to make matters worse he( the original salesman lied to me about the day of the week in which the unit could be delivered. The company that makes this particular unit only delivers to my area on Wed or Fri NOT SAT.

He and I worked out another delivery date of 1/5/00 he called the company and verified that that was a good day for them and he told me to call him a few days before to double check. SO on 1/3/00 I called and I was told at that point by Scott that the unit was yet again not ordered but I could have it on 1/12/00.By that point I had had it and cancelled the order. I was told by Scott that it would take 2 wks to get my refund on my Credit Card. I called the main head quarters of WFO on 12/6/99, 1/3/00, 1/4/00,1/5/00,1/6/00 and left messages on their machine. to this day I have not received any phone calls back other then from Scott when I call him directly at the store.

On 1/16/00 I called the main headquarters again but this time the number was disconnected. So on 1/18/00 I called Scott again and told him that I had already reported them to the Better Buisness Bureau and that the 2 wks had passed for me to get my credit back. He gave me a whole song and dance and called me back on 1/19/00 leaving a message on my machine saying that the best they could do would be the end of next week (which would be today Friday 1/28/00) for my credit and I still do not have any credits on my credit card. I call the bank everyday and nothing. I left a message at the store today telling them that my next step is small claims court. I am out $429.21 and the aggrevation is getting out of control. Jennifer is on the right track and should hurry to Small Claims Court without further delay.

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