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I had the displeasure of dealing with Bobby. I have never had such a bad experience in my life. I was robbed. How is it legal for them to keep money for furniture you never received? On top of that, the day we were supposed to get the furniture, we threw out our 20-year old bed thinking that our bed was coming. So now, we are still paying on a rent to own bed that is killing my back and daily productivity. I'm always tired. This has been a nightmare. After all this time, I'm still paying the price. ALL BECAUSE OF SHADY BUSINESS THEY PRIDE THEMSELVES IN DOING.

They promised me furniture that I said I would buy if I could get it immediately. They said it was on the next truck, arriving in 3 days. It didn't. I called week after week and they always said it was on the next truck, due the next week. After 4 weeks of the same, I cancelled, and had to hand deliver my receipt to the store to get a refund. So, I did. Then, I was told I'd have to wait 15 days for a refund and call them on the 15th day. I called 15 days later, and they said they could not process it, only 1 person, Bobby, could handle that and he wasn't available.

I called back 5 more times over the next few weeks and each time was told that Bobby would call me back right away to process the refund, but he never did. I just kept getting the "runaround" where they said Bobby got my messages but he never contacted me or processed my refund, just ignored it. They clearly were never going to refund me, even though I never got the furniture. I finally filed with BBB and finally VFW called me, just to say that because I filed with BBB, they definitely would never refund me the money they owed me. They said they were planning on doing the refund but now won't due to my BBB complaint. They are the absolute worst store I have ever dealt with in terms of customer service!

So my wife and I purchased a bedroom set in early June. We were told we would have it by the 23rd of June. They have been out to my house 5 times and still they can't get the order right. The furniture either comes wrong or broken, damaged or doesn't even come in at all. Very poorly run company. No customer service skill whatsoever and the owner/manager could care less. Do not buy from this company. It is now September and we still do not have our complete set.

I ordered a bedroom set on or about June 10th and was told that the furniture would come in about the 23rd. I did get four pieces, but not the headboard! I was told that the headboard would be in on July 9th and that they would deliver free of charge. Today is the 17th, I called and they said still no headboard. They said to call back in a couple of weeks to see if they got it in. I told them I would need to report to the Better Business Bureau and they said if I did, then my order would be further delayed! That sounded like a threat to me! If you report us, we'll make sure it takes longer to get your headboard! I do not believe that they are capable of providing good customer service. They also said it was the manufacturer's fault. If so, wouldn't that tell you to look for another manufacturer? One that is more competent perhaps? I think that is common sense! Absolutely terrible service. Do not buy here! Save your money!

I ordered furniture with them and was told it would take eight to twelve weeks. It had been six months and still no furniture. Every time we would call after the twelve weeks, we were told "one more week." This happened on several occasions. I was forced to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Bobby, the store owner, promised me a refund on May fifth that could take up to fifteen days. May twentieth came around, still no refund. It is now July 4th and I have had to contact an attorney to get my money back. I would not suggest doing business with Valley Furniture Warehouse.

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I don't understand what the fuss is all about. Valley Furniture Warehouse has been nothing but awesome to me. They delivered everything on time, and Bobby ** has been wonderful, working with me and keeping me updated on everything. He has bent over backwards to make sure I was completely happy. I ordered a bedroom set (which was delivered on time), an entertainment center, and a sofa. The sofa was delayed a little bit, but that was my fault since I changed the move-in date two times. Bobby gave me a loaner sofa that was the same as the one I ordered, except it was a leather sofa.

Bobby even let me hire his movers to help me move from one apartment to another, since I have a bad back, and the movers got everything moved in matter of a few hours. Not one of my stuff was damaged and they also brought my sofa that I ordered. The movers did such an awesome job, that I actually gave them a bonus. I would buy from Valley again, because I know Bobby will make sure that my needs and wants are met. The funny thing I see about this customer affairs website, is that there is not one positive review, but 11 negative reviews? Eleven negative reviews dating from 2008 to 2011? The volume of customers Bobby and Valley receive has to be more than just 11 customers in the last 4-5 years.

I see that people state they had a hard time contacting Bobby, I believe that is simply not true. As a matter of fact, Bobby wanted to make sure that I am satisfied, that he even gave me his personal cell phone number as well as his personal email. What people don't realize is that Valley and Bobby are very busy, and sometimes they can't get to the phone. The amount of customers that come in, is amazing, and every time I come in, I see Bobby doing his best to make sure the customer leaves happy, and that every issue or complaints are met.

I wish I had read these complaints before I bought. On July 2011, we purchased a living room package that was to include 2 sofas, a recliner, 2 end tables, 2 lamps, and a living room table. To date (October, 2011,) we still have not received any of the tables or lamps. We were told 2 months ago that they were on their way from China (apparently, by turtle express), and three weeks ago, they were in California.

I call every week and still nothing. I called today, and they acted like they didn't know who I was and said they couldn't help me without an invoice number. They have cheap prices, cheap furniture, and a cheap service! Go to Mor or Ashley's. The prices at this store are not worth the headache. Beware.

The worst furniture store ever!

I moved to Albuquerque in late June of 2011 and purchased a bedroom and living room set. The customer service was great and I was told that I would need to wait 8-9 weeks for the bedroom set. My couches were delivered the next day, but my end and coffee tables were on back order.

About 4 weeks later, I received a call that the rest of of my living room set had arrived, but that they wanted to order everything at once and that my bedroom set should arrive soon. Okay, no big deal. So about a month after that, I received a call saying my bedroom set is on its way. After two weeks passed and I didn't hear anything from Valley. I called them and they continue to say it's on its way. This cat and mouse game went on for literally a month and a half.

At this point I am living and frustrated because it is September and according to the verbal agreement and contract, I should've had my furniture. Also, my family was coming to visit and according to the manager, Bobby, I would have my furniture before October. Well, October rolls around and still no furniture. I guess they thought I was ** about my folks coming, but needless to say, words were exchanged between my mother and the manager, Scotty, and we ended up getting a refund. Valley finally decided to deliver the rest of my living room set and kept trying to give us lip service about the furniture being on its way. Oh, at this point, I am at the 15th week mark!

If you are looking for furniture go to Mor Furniture off of Menaul. I received great service and guess what, went there on Friday and had a bedroom and dining room set delivered the next day!

Valley furniture had the nerve to call me on Wednesday letting me know that my bedroom set had arrived, four days after my folks went down there and demanded a refund.

In a nutshell, if you want quality furniture at a decent price with excellent customer service and timely delivery, avoid Valley Furniture!

I ended up getting a refund and furniture the next day from a better furniture store.

Paid for furniture that was to be delivered in Jan. 2010. As of today we have not received the furniture nor received a refund. Public knowledge:

VFW has filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Scott ** has filed bankruptcy. VFW is to be following a 2005 Court Ordered Stipulation through the Attorny's Office. Please see the BBB and the Attorney General Statement. VFW is doing business as usual. The only way to put a stop to the corruption and theft is to not purchase from VFW.

We have lost over $2,000.00 and have no furniture. Master card has refused to reimburse my money as VFW has filed a false form to my credit card company. A form I had never seen, was never told about and a form I never signed.

You are running a complaint from Richard of Albuquerque that is completely libelous. Valley Furniture has never been under a court order by the Attorney General. Nor has a Richard ever filed a complaint with the attorney general. We find it remiss on your part that you do not check the validity of a compliant before putting it on your website. If this complaint is not removed we will instruct a lawsuit be filed against your company. At least the BBB get the facts about a situation. You print lies.

I've read a lot of complaints on Valley Furniture. I too have recently had a horrible encounter with Valley Furniture. I contacted the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and they returned my call and had me call the Attorney General's Office in NM also because Valley Furniture has a lot of complaints. We have to do more than just contact the BBB because Valley Furniture is under a court order by the Attorney General's Office because they have failed to correct the reason behind all the complaints. As consumers, we can make a difference in how business in New Mexico treat us. You can also search Valley Furniture Warehouse on the BBB website and see that 42 complaints have been made against them and also tells you how and why to contact the Attorney General's Office to file a complaint.

On December 28, 2009 we bought a love seat, dining table, day bed, mattresses, 5-piece bedroom set with queen mattress set for $3,925.51. The furniture was to be delivered on January 2, 2010. The furniture was delivered minus the TV stand. It had been double sold and they would have to reorder. The dining set came without parts to put it together. The queen mattress delivered was used, a floor model. We asked that they take it back. They refused stating that they could not take back bedding once it has been delivered. After several attempts to get them to pick up the mattress set, we returned it ourselves. They refused our delivery so we set it up in front of the store and documented the delivery with pictures.

We drove by the next day to see if it were still there. It was, with a sale tag of $250.00. We again took pictures. The bedroom set was back ordered and we were told that it would be in on the manufacturer’s delivery around 1/13/10 and we should have it by 1/18/10. We were then told that it would not be delivered until February. We asked for our money back as we needed the bed. We have been sleeping on the floor. They have refused. Bobby ** offered a floor model which we refused. We have since bought a bedroom set from a reputable dealer.

We have checked with the BBB and found over 40 complaints against Valley Furniture Warehouse. The furniture store has entered into a Stipulation Settlement with the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General for the purpose of avoiding additional litigation costs as a result of a law suit. There are stipulations that Valley Furniture Warehouse must follow, none of which were followed on our contract.

We were lied to, insulted and cheated out of over $2300. It is now 4/6/10 and Valley Furniture Warehouse has not returned the $2350 + tax, nor have we been notified the bedroom set would be delivered. We have made a formal complaint to the Office of the Attorney General's office. Buyers beware. Do your homework and check the BBB and avoid this company at all cost. We have lost $2350 plus tax and no furniture. We no longer need the furniture as we bought elsewhere.

I received the runaround on a couch, a special order, from September 17th 2009 until December 7th 2009. They called me and said they lost the order and that they could not get it. Now, it’s December 8th 2009 and I am being told it takes up to a week for them to even start to refund my monies. I paid with a credit card and it should be refunded the same day, as do all retail stores. I have been without a couch since September 19th 2009. I have called and can get the couch I ordered from another store in town but now I'm looking at another 8 weeks at least, and I can't order one until I get my money from Valley Furniture if and when I do.

On March 21, 2009, I ordered a sofa and loveseat at the Coors NW store through their sales rep **. At that time, I put down a deposit of $100 for the lay-away plan and stipulated that I would not need the furniture until July 1, 2009. Three weeks later, ** called and demanded the balance of $859.68 because my furniture was here. I called my mom to say first of all how rude she was and what did she suggest I do since it was only April and my due date for the furniture was still three months away. My mother called and talked with Bobby Mitchell - the owner - and he stated that he would hold the furniture until July 1, 2009.

On June 1, 2009, I went in and paid the remaining balance of $759.68. At that time, Valley Furniture Warehouse created a "new" invoice for my furniture. I told **, the salesperson who wrote up the new invoice, that my move-in date had changed to July 11, 2009. He said it was no problem because they hold merchandise up to 14 days. He stated that I needed to contact ** and to make sure that my order was received since she was my original salesperson. She contacted me the next day and left a message on my phone stating that she just wanted to touch base and for me to contact her. I called her the next day and told her that I had made the order with ** and again stated that I needed to push my pickup date back from July 1 to the 11. She said no problem. The next day she contacted me back and said that she was touching base with me because she had not heard from me, even though I had talked to her the previous day.

On July 9, 2009, I went to their pick-up warehouse on North 4th Street with my dad to pick up my furniture. The guy in the warehouse stated that they only hold furniture for two weeks and then they release it. He also stated that this was not the first time this has happened and he wished they would do business differently. I told him that this was ** and that I needed a name to contact at the store. He said Bobby Mitchell.

I then went to the Coors store with my husband and sat down and talked with Bobby about the whole thing. He stated that the invoice should have had a customer pick-up date on it, but there was obviously a mistake made. He then tried to give me a sofa and loveseat in a different color off the showroom floor or that I could wait until the end of July or beginning of August for the furniture that I wanted and he would in return loan me the loveseat in my color off the showroom floor until mine arrived. I picked up a loaner loveseat that day and took it home because Valley Furniture Warehouse would be delivering my furniture free of charge and take back the loaner.

On August 8, 2009, I called the store to see why I had not received my furniture. Bobby Mitchell answered the phone and put me on hold for 10 minutes to look for my invoice. I hung up and called back and spoke with a woman who took my information and said someone would call me back. A woman called back and said she found my invoice, but my furniture would not be here until the end of August. I told her that was not acceptable and that I would be there to get a refund and hung up. Bobby Mitchell called back and said that I was in error - he never said the furniture would be in Albuquerque at the end of July and it’s more like the middle close to the end of August. I told him that that was not what they had promised and he claimed that since I did not pick up my furniture on the first of July, there would be no refund to be given.

The refund and cancellation policy on the back of their invoices state that, "You may cancel any order and receive a full refund for merchandise that has not been delivered or made available for pick-up by the promised delivery date." I requested that Bobby Mitchel refund me in full. He said, "You have a love seat, don't you?" I corrected him and stated that I had a loaner loveseat and that I would bring it in and pick up my check. He said that was not going to happen.

On 2-7-09, I purchased a couch paid in full with a credit card and was told that I would receive them in 4 weeks. Well, 4 weeks came and went. Then on March 10th, I went to the store to see where my couch was. I was told that they did not know when it would be in. I then asked, if that was the case, I just wanted my money back. They said okay. The manager working then was Scott. The person helping me took my original invoice, wrote void across, and put refund approved per Scott at the top. He then said it would be credited back to my account in 7-10 days. Well, that came and went.

Again, on 3-29-09, I went back to the store and spoke with yet another so-called manager and was told that there would be a full refund on the account. Well yet again, nothing went through, of course, and I was back in the store on 4-6-09. That was the day the assistant manager threw a business card at me when I asked to talk with his boss. I then proceeded to call the first number on the card that was thrown at me and it rang there in the store. The assistant manager that threw the card at me picked up the phone and hung it up right in front of me. I then called the second number on the card and it rang. This male who claimed to be the owner said he would be right there. The owner arrived and after 30 minutes of discussion, I was told that I would be refunded my money with a 10% restocking fee (even though there was no product to restock). The owner stated that the refund would be in 7-10 days. Well, what can I say now? That time has come and gone, and I still do not have my money.

My boyfriend and I bought a house together and closed on Sept. 30. Since we didnt have much furniture individually we were ready to shop for new stuff together. After looking around Valley Furniture had the best prices, since we just closed on the house we really needed to save money so (we thought) it was a good deal. We went in that same day and found what we wanted. Before placing the order we asked about time frame for delivery, we were told that they have some of the items in stock so they should be delivered right away but the others they would have to be order- but we were assured that it wouldnt be longer then 3-4 weeks.

The time frame was ok because we still wanted to do stuff around the house. I had not heard anything from our sales associate so I called; he informed me that all the items were still not in at their main warehouse, but they did have a few of our things (couches and kitchen table and swivel) so we set up a date and two of the three items were delivered. Those were delivered that weekend, and I was informed that the other item should come with our other stuff. He gave me a date of another week before the rest of the items would be in.

So our first date of delivery, Oct. 18th was not going to happen. Another week passed by and after not hearing from him I called again, I was informed AGAIN that they were still waiting on another piece that had not arrived with the rest of the items and they could not ship out furniture without the whole order. By now we were frustrated that we were going to have to wait longer then the projected time frame and that they could not come through with a date when our stuff would be delivered.

So I asked when he expects it to be in, he checked his 'system' and told us by the Oct. 30th, which is past the 4 weeks that we were once told, so we said ok. The 30th was approaching and I still had not heard anything- image my surprise when our sales guy indicated that our stuff was still not in- but that it was on order and should be in by Nov. 8th. I thought to myself, what do you mean it was ordered!! -as I thought this I kept remembering the sales associate state when we bought the items that there were no refunds or exchanges, and how they knew from the beginning we would be stuck with them...At this time I asked if we should even set another date since it doesnt seem to happen or if we need to keep calling to check and make sure something was happening, I was assured that he understood my frustration and is working on getting our items but they had to rely on another company to ship them. He said he would check the system again to see what they have listed for our stuff; when he got back on the phone with me he stated that it should be in by Nov. 8th. Once again I am doing the calling to figure out if our stuff has arrived and once again it was delayed; at this point I was filled with anger and complained to our sales guy about how I dont understand the delay and the excesses we were getting about the status of our stuff.

He stated again that he didnt know what was taking so long and that he would take to his managers and call me back as soon as he could to let me know what was going on- can you guess if I got a call back- no! I called a few days later since I was still pretty heated about it all and asked what was going on and when we could expect out stuff. I was informed that they just received the final piece to our bed (a bed bar to the frame) so all the items were in they were just trying to find a driver from California to drive the items down to their location. I was again told that he would call me back to give me more information, which did not happen again. So I actually decided to call about 10 minutes ago before writing this complaint to see if I would get another answer and I was informed that he (our sales guy who we've dealt with since we placed the order) 'actually doesnt know what is going on with it' and that 'his managers were in a meeting so he couldnt ask them to find out. I asked what was the last status he had, he indicted that the last thing he heard was that it had all arrived and ready to be loaded, which was about two weeks ago when we last talked--but assured me that he would call me back after he talked to his managers...why didnt he check his 'system' to see what was shipped..! So we originally placed our order Sept. 30 and it is now Nov. 19th and we do not have all our furniture that we were promised several weeks ago.

In between these calls there were several other calls asking for dates, status and other complaints but to try and cut down on space I wrote the occasions that dates were told to us when we were actually able to get a hold of someone at the store.

I purchased a dinnette set from this furniture store. It turned out to be defective. I spoke with the owner 1 week after I received the merchandise and requested an exchange at first he said no problem, "we'll take care of you". I was persistent and followed up diligently. 8 weeks later I still did not receive a replacement, I was told they did not know when the manufacturer was going to send my replacement. They would not refund me my money on a defective product. I agreed to exchange for another dinnette. Now they want to charge me $50 for a delivery charge so they can pick up their defective merchandise and deliver my new merchandise. After dealing with the owner directly, he did not provide any customer service to my issue.

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