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Do NOT buy anything from Tiffany Furniture located at 1641 Broad Hollow Rd, Farmingdale, NY 11735 (they are Persian). I bought a mattress from them that started to sink after a years use. After trying to contact them numerous times and getting a hold of them, they give me a story that it's not their fault and never call me back!!! Seems they sell 2nd hand merchandise and represent that it is new with full warranty. Bunch of liars and thieves!!!

My wife and I have furnished many homes over the past 20 years including our vacation home in Pennsylvania. I have never in my life dealt with a company and their staff as with Tiffany Furniture of Farmingdale New York. Not only is the service incompetent in every way, they promised times and date that are never met. When calling them they became very arrogant. When I said I will post on social media their incompetence, they informed me not only will I not get my money back, I would not receive the furniture as well. This is NOT the company to do business with. ** the manager is by far the worst salesman I have ever dealt with, and now, it's time to let the people of Long Island know this.

Read the reviews before you give these people your business! I wish I had!! I purchased a dining room table set, a bedroom set, and a few other items. I placed my order in September and did not receive my items until December; 2 months later! Upon delivery, my fiance (who was the only one home at the time), noticed that the chest from the bedroom set's top drawer was not closing properly. About two weeks later, as life got in the way and I was not able to call right away, I called the company to explain that something was wrong with the chest; they agreed to send someone to look at it. When the person arrived to look at the chest, they explained that it would need to be exchanged & simply could not be fixed. He said it would arrive in about 2 weeks! "This is perfect," I thought, until over 2 weeks later I still had the damaged furniture in my bedroom.

After calling the company, they admitted they sent a driver to look at my chest, rather than a technician so they were unsure of whether the item was damaged or if we broke it. WHY WOULD YOU SEND A DRIVER TO FIGURE OUT IF THE MERCHANDISE WAS DAMAGED IF THAT IS NOT THE PROPER PROTOCOL?! After many weeks of calling & speaking with the managers, I was told that the manufacturer will not exchange the chest, so the company said they will purchase a new one for us. Again, I thought to myself "Perfect! I will finally get my chest," after over 4 months since the order date. Fast forward to a month later and have I received my furniture? Nope. I called today and was told that the shipment in fact did arrive, but that all the merchandise was damaged.

It has taken about 6 months, but I can see that I am just getting the run around; I will be there in store on Monday, demanding my money back or the proper furniture I ordered. Please, do yourself a favor and spare the frustration, DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM HERE! After spending about $4,200, you'd think they would do the honorable thing and replace my damaged merchandise, but I won't hold my breath.

I ordered Ashley bar stools from a salesperson that seemed that he should have been retired. Not only was it cheaper than Ashley Furniture, but the delivery was less as well. They were delivered about 10 days later with the middle rungs snapped in half. I was offered either money to keep them or new ones in another week. I received a new pair about 11 days.

We bought a white leather sofa and loveseat and was extremely content with the way the transaction took place.The salesman. Mickey, was professional and helpful with influencing our decision. During delivery, we noticed a small smudge on the white binding near the top of the sofa and showed it to the delivery man. A photo of the area was taken, Josette was notified, and the problem was rectified in a matter of 1 week. Thanks.

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My husband and I purchased a dining room table, 6 matching chairs and a matching credenza from Tiffany Furniture. The set matched our newly renovated dining room perfectly. The sales people were nice and sale was easy. Unfortunately, at the time of delivery, we noticed a number of nicks, dings and scratches throughout the table and five out of the six chairs. There was also a large dent at the bottom of the table. We pointed everything out to the delivery men, took photos and made notes of the damage on the receipt. When we spoke to our salesman about the damage, they first offered to fix everything. That's just not acceptable to me with regard to a purchase of a new item. Then they offered to order a new table and 5 new chairs. This made me happy.

Two months later... waiting for furniture on yet another Saturday, we receive furniture that didn't match... so we sent it back. Now the salesman and Owner wanted to order us a new credenza and one more new chair, which would not match our new dining room... "the reason why we made the purchase to begin with". When my husband spoke to the owner over the situation, he was unaccommodating, unreasonable and extremely rude! Then he began screaming at my husband and cursing at him. I wish I would have read some of the other reviews regarding this store prior to making my purchase, and then I would have never even considered buying from them. If it wasn't for how perfect this set matched my floor and dining room, we would have just returned it. It was just an unfortunate situation. The owner, Joseph Chadi, is a horrible businessman and clearly a misguided individual. He lacks civility and social skills. Stay away from this place.

I bought a bed from Tiffany's Furniture, The headboard was crushed at the top and the leather was also ripped in another spot. They first told me that is was my fault if I didn't inspect it upon delivery, but the delivery company THEY HIRED informed us that the driver does not wait for you to inspect and that if there is something wrong that we had 14 days to inspect and report it to Tiffany's. Tiffany's after practically begging them finally put in a claim against the delivery company, this has been over a month I still have a broken headboard.

I have been waiting 6 months for Tiffany Furniture on 110 in Farmingdale to resolve a damage issue with a piece of furniture I purchased from them. Not only have they not resolved the issue to date, but the owner, Joe Chadi, and a man identified as the delivery supervisor, Fred, have been extremely rude to me in the process.

First, I was told when I ordered the furniture that it was being made in North Carolina. Not that I had asked, but since the salesman volunteered that

information, I was happy to hear that. I was told 6 - 8 weeks for delivery. It took a bit longer, but I was okay with that. When I noticed the damage, I called them. They sent a service man to my home who told me what I needed and that the store would call me when it was in. I waited 4 weeks and called them to follow-up. I was told they had no record of that claim, and Lois told me it must have fallen through the cracks.

Since then, I have been strung along being told, 4 weeks, two weeks, next week. I have been lied to continually, and remained calm and polite, yet firm in my request for the repair or replacement. I was offered a bit of money off to just keep the damaged furniture, by Joe Chadi, the owner. When I told him I'd prefer to have the piece fixed, he told me it would take 6 months to get the replacement because it was coming on a slow boat from China. I stopped him and told him I was told the furniture was made in North Carolina. He claimed no one ever told me that. I explained to him that I wanted it repaired, or the furniture removed from my home. He hung up and called me back, only to yell at me that he was on it and I would have it in four weeks (That was 8 weeks ago now). I offered to come down to the store so he could note our agreement on the invoice. He refused to put anything, but my original order in writing.

The customer service representative named Josett has been forthright and believable when I reach her. I have been calling for 6 months and every time I get Lois, the other customer service rep who claims to be the senior rep, she acts like she has no idea who I am, or why I am calling. When I give her my invoice number, she always answers, "oh, I have your paperwork right here," (then how come she has no idea who I am? ) and continues to hand me some other excuse. In March, I finally asked to speak with the owner. I was told to call next week. When I called back, I was told he was in China - I joked that I sure hoped he was there getting my replacement piece. When I did get Joe on the phone, he was extremely rude and disrespectful to me - his paid customer.

So far, I have been lied to, told I was lying, hung up on, told to shut my mouth - that I talk too much, yelled at, insulted, disrespected, and verbally abused. The servicemen have taken the piece for repair and returned it three days later in the same exact condition as when they took it in. Nothing had been done. When the delivery of the so-called repaired part was refused, the delivery man said to call the office and ran out of my home. My husband went to the store to try and talk to them. They threatened to call the police. My husband welcomed them to do just that. They did not, but he didn't get any resolution either.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Tiffany Furniture in Farmingdale on 110 has been issued 7 separate complaints and responded to none! They have an F rating. Wish I had checked here and the BBB before purchasing anything from them. I am at a loss, do not know where else to turn or what else to do. I could really use your help, please! Thank you!

On Sunday, September 19, I went furniture shopping for a bedroom set. I looked into many stores, but was having trouble finding a bed appropriate to the size I needed. When I walked into Tiffany Furniture, with whom I have previously done business with, I expected the same excellence and outstanding service. My sales associate, Frank, seemed helpful in answering all of my questions regarding the bedroom set I was interested in. My biggest concern about choosing a bedroom set was making sure that it would fit through the door and the narrow staircase to the second floor and into the bedroom. So, I made sure to ask how the item would be delivered. With this said, my son and daughter can also attest to the fact that Frank said that the bed came in two pieces. The associate was well aware at this point that my son did not want the headboard, just the bed. So, in indicating that the bed came in two pieces, he was confirming that the bed itself (without headboard) came in two pieces. Especially after hearing our concerns regarding this issue, the size, Frank assured my grown children and I that the bed (no headboard) would be delivered in two pieces. I have had bedroom sets that have previously been delivered in many pieces and then assembled at site. So, I did not think there would be a problem. Again, Frank did not state that the bed came in one piece and already assembled. And neither did he offer the option of assembly at delivery. We believed the sales associate was trustworthy and took his word for it.

Before I purchased the bedroom set, I decided to make sure the measurements of the bed would fit in the bedroom. I even called him to double-check. I intended to purchase a couch/sofa too. I also wanted to make sure that the piece would fit through the door and into the house. Size became my major priority and I therefore asked so many questions, so that I wouldn't have a problem at delivery. I came in later that week and paid for all of my furniture. It was at this point that I decided to also take the bed with the headboard. But this should not affect the amount of pieces it was to be delivered in. Frank had stated that the bed came in two pieces when it was clear that I did not want the headboard. However, when the delivery men came on October 25, contrary to what the sales associate said, the bed was delivered in one piece. I was quite shocked since Frank had confirmed that it came in two pieces. I had asked Frank how the bed was to be delivered. I believed it was the duty of the associate to be honest with the customer. But he was more concerned about getting the commission from his sale.

I placed an order for a dining room and three separate chairs on August 9th, 2010. I was told that it would take five weeks. I called them after six weeks asking for the status of the order. The person I spoke with told me that I should not take more than 10 days and they will call the manufacturer to check. I got a call back about three or four days later, it's going to take another three weeks. I asked for some sort of compensation for the delay at which point I was offered $100 off my bill. When I spoke with a person higher up in the chain who gave me the credit, she told me that I should call all the time to check on my order. I told her that I am not one to nag and they should have the professionalism to call me and inform me when an order is going to be late. She seemed to disagree with me.

So after speaking with her, I figured I'll call once a week to check on the date. I called on November 1, after their three weeks were up, and guess what, it's going to take another two weeks. They keep saying it's an import, it's an import. That's great, but if they can't guarantee a delivery date, why give a 5 week estimate? The best part is that when they informed me of the first delay, the three weeks, I was told that I will get the order in the beginning of November. Now, I was told by Lois that "they" will be getting the order in two weeks. That means that most likely, I will not get the order until mid to late November. This is outrageous. A five week order turned into a 15 to 16 week order. Someone should do something about this.

Ordered furniture on 4/25/2010. Delivered damaged on 5/20/2010. Had furniture looked at on 5/29/2010 and new pieces were ordered. I was told it would take 2-3 weeks for it to be remade. It is now seven weeks later and after numerous calls and conversations, they finally scheduled a delivery date for 7/14/2010. I got a call on 7/11/2010 that it cant be delivered that day due to over scheduling and rescheduled for 7/15/2010 between 8am and noon.

Today, I received a call stating they cannot deliver it in the morning and it has to be delivered during the afternoon. I am unable to be at the house in the afternoon. I spoke to a lady at the store multiple times during that past seven weeks. Her name is Lois. She was the one who gave me the times. I told her that I am really unhappy with everything that is going on and if it anything else changes, that I do not want the furniture anymore. I called the store today to complain about the delivery situation and Joe, who says he is the owner of the store, got on the phone. He was very nasty and obnoxious to me stating that I needed to give a little. He had an attitude with me as though I was the one who had been delaying the deliveries and rescheduling the times. He told me that the times for delivery are only between 8am and 6pm. I told him I would not be available tomorrow afternoon for the delivery due to the times I was stated by Lois.

He then went on to say that I'm home now so why can't I be home tomorrow for the delivery. I based my schedule on what I was told for the deliveries. He stated to me that there will be no returns on the furniture and that I needed to make the adjustment about the times of delivery. I have had enough dealing with this place. I do not want the furniture nor do I want to have any dealings with this place. I am the customer and they have had me waiting for seven weeks on something I that should have been done with in 2-3 weeks then I'm the one who is wrong by not being able to adjust my schedule. I don't know what to do at this time. I am to call to schedule a delivery date but I do not want this anymore. Please do call me because I am stuck as to what I can do.

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