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        Tempur-Pedic Reviews

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        Rated with 1 star
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        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: July 9, 2019

        Tempur-Pedic's most expensive mattress and foundation (plus pillows, etc.) were purchased years ago at a price point well above the now-crowded foam market's. However, a few years into the purchase & enjoyment, the foam dented deeply without recovery. It has changed our lives by depriving us of adequate REM sleep, aggravating neuropathy, plus frustrating us with no customer service satisfaction! I'd broken my neck & suffered additional physical trauma. Unfortunately, Tempur-Pedic has failed to stand by its own warranty, offering instead an obstacle course of bureaucratic impediments without fulfillment or closure! Don't trust them, folks...

        Here's how it plays out: You return to the place of purchase to find that they've changed ownership because it's a mattress franchise. The Tempur product purchased a few years ago has either changed or no longer exists. The new owners provide a national customer service contact for Tempur-Pedic & you call, trusting a reputable brand & enterprise to satisfy its side of the contract in good faith. Instead, they ask for verification of purchase & the actual tags from the
        mattress. You photo those and/or send them in, but they then tell you that you need another set of tags after having failed to specify originally which ones

        they needed.

        After receiving the proper identification, verifying your qualification for warranty coverage, they next REQUIRE ACTUAL MEASUREMENTS OF THE INDENTATIONS!!! Your discomfort isn't adequate for coverage; no, they need to validate that your expensive purchase of their top product failed

        to certain parameters! So, you retrieve a yardstick and a level, measure the failed density of Tempur-Pedic's premiere product & send those in. They then respond with an "inadequate method of measurement" correspondence, requiring a repeat to specific parameters of THEIR process--ALL WHILE YOU ARE QUITE LITERALLY LOSING SLEEP BECAUSE OF THEIR FAILED PRODUCT!!

        Next, they may affirm that you've qualified for a refund, but Tempur-Pedic takes no initiative in reaching out to inform you of a protocol for finally receiving compensatory costs recuperation or bringing closure to your claim. You're left with a failed product needing disposal & compensation. DON'T DO IT, FOLKS!!! If you fail to heed this warning, keep your documents (proofs of purchase, mattress tags (perhaps even your own proof of humanity--lol) & have some scientific tools available to prove that their products have failed as poorly as their promises to stand responsibly behind them. Dr. H. **

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: June 12, 2019

        I have a Grand Tempur-Pedic (over $6,000) because I have a bad back. It came with a lifetime warranty. After several years of use the mattress wears out. I sink so far down in the mattress at night. It is like crawling out of a hole to turn over. Forget back support. The reason I was willing to spend that kind of money was for back support. I tried to file a claim under my lifetime warranty. After several days of back and forth runaround, they declined the claim. They say it is "normal". So, if you want to spend a bunch of money on a mattress for your back only to have it hurt your back several years in with no warranty, Tempur-Pedic is for you.

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        Rated with 2 stars
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        Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
        Original review: June 12, 2019

        Tempurpedic mattresses have a reputation as high quality for a very high price. Yes, the mattress is indeed a very high quality -- I have never experienced as great a sleep in my life! I had purchased the Ergo adjustable bed with a mattress that stays cool; clearly, everything about the mattress and bed have been well thought through.

        With the adjustable bed, I was advised correctly that one needs extra-long fitted sheets (this allows room for the mattress to "bend)." So I called Tempurpedic to order two sets of sheets and paid $25 for express shipping so I could have them before the bed arrived. This is where it gets interesting, as Tempurpedic proved multiple times that it not only deserves its reputation for high prices, but it does what it can to charge the customer as much as it can. And I have total confidence that should an opportunity arise where the company can make an extra buck out of the customer, even if the customer has a reasonable request, Tempurpedic will do everything in its power to do so.

        First, Tempurpedic did not divulge anywhere that the sheets are commonly available sheets by DreamFit. The reason they don't mention that is that they (on their website) make them sound specially formulated for Tempurpedic, and then they charge significantly more than DreamFit sheets that can be found elsewhere. Second, if you get the sheets, don't open the package (because you see they are DreamFit) and want to return them, Tempurpedic will not take them back, treating them the same as if they had been opened and used (we all know used bedding cannot be returned, but not unopened bedding!)

        Third, when the bed arrives a few days after you ordered it, you will find a coupon in the bed that says, "Register, and then buy one set of sheets from Tempurpedic and get a second one for free!" Since I had no idea I would be getting this coupon and since I had wanted my sheets to be there when the bed arrived, I had ordered them in advance. When I called Tempurpedic Customer Service to get them to apply the coupon, they said I had to do that before I ordered the sheets, not after.

        Most stores would have simply credited me -- I mean, why let a customer who purchased a bed for around $10K walk away upset about $100 for a set of sheets when the customer did the most important things Tempurpedic wanted: Buy the bed and mattress, buy the sheets, and register the bed, all within a few days of one another. I have no doubt that should something happen to the bed just one day after the warranty expires, Tempurpedic would be the rare company to say, "Too bad, the warranty had expired!" Bottom-line for a Tempur-pedic product:

        - Great bed
        - Very highly priced

        - Company that you never want to do business with

        Now, you need to decide what to do.

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: May 30, 2019

        Bought the Tempur-Pedic mattress about 6 months ago. The guy in the store pushed one of the brand new ones that just came out. Said it was the best (Sorry I'm so frustrated I cannot remember which mattress it was). We kept that mattress about 2 months and could not deal with it. It was like sleeping on a concrete floor. So we returned that mattress and received another one, the Contour Elite Medium, at a cost of $170. Ridiculous.

        We now have had the new mattress about 5-6 months and it is AWFUL. My husband now has chronic neck and back pain. I have not had a good night sleep in months. The mattress already sags in on the sides where you would normally sit to get into bed. We are not heavy people. This is a $4000 mattress that I am stuck with now. We have to sleep on our air mattress if we need a good night sleep.

        Oh, also I would like to add, when the guys came to deliver my first mattress, they were not big enough to get the mattress up the stairs to our bedroom nor could they lift the adjustable bed frame. They returned the following day. Upon trying to get the frame upstairs they tore our walls up, dug the box into the drywall and tore up the door frame. Totally uncalled for. Bottom line is.... DO NOT BUY A TEMPUR-PEDIC MATTRESS.

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        38 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: May 28, 2019

        I purchased a $5000 model Contour Elite Breeze in 2015. After 3 years the mattress became uncomfortable. The warranty department denied my claim because the impressions in the mattress weren't deep enough. They did however allow me to replace the mattress as a one time courtesy (I had to pay $175 shipping.) So I got a new replacement mattress (same model, different year) and after having it 6 months the mattress has already become uncomfortable. If you lie on it, you sink to the bottom. When you get out the mattress looks new, but it is not right. I thought I was crazy, and had my wife sleep on my side of the bed and she couldn't believe how uncomfortable it was.

        So after going through the 2nd warranty process I've had my claim denied. This company won't budge, because my mattress doesn't meet their criteria. They even claim to not warrant the "comfort" of the mattress. This is crazy to me. Mattresses are all about comfort, how can they not warrant that? Bottom line is I'm now sleeping on a $100 Walmart mattress in the guest room which has kept up better over the years than my Tempur-Pedic. I'll never buy a Tempur-Pedic mattress again and highly suggest against purchasing from this company. You would think that spending $5000 on a mattress would get a mattress that would last at least 10 years. Caveat emptor.

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        39 people found this review helpful
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        Rated with 1 star
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        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: May 21, 2019

        We bought our mattress and base in 2014. Spent nearly $9,000 for it. This mattress was very hard to get use to. Fast forward, in 2016 had back surgery. This mattress has caused increase in pain. It is impossible to turn over with my back limitations. No other mattress causes this type of pain. Often, I can barely stand in the morning. I need to purchase a new mattress but find it difficult because of the cost of this mattress being retired and on a fixed income. Would definitely not purchase again and do not recommend it as a long-term mattress.

        37 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
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        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: May 18, 2019

        I purchased a "top of the line" Tempur-Pedic mattress in 2013. It is called the Cloud Luxe king mattress. I spent $5,400 to buy a bed and 6 years into ownership, the bed has a noticeable sag & loss of support directly in the center of the bed. There is no comfortable way to lay on this mattress anymore and I toss and turn all night, then awaken with back pain because the mattress no longer performs as it did when I purchased it.

        I'm disappointed to the extreme because when I contacted Tempur-Pedic to honor their 10 year warranty, they denied my claim, in spite of providing them tremendous detail and photos of the defect. They do not seem to stand by their product or their warranty and IMMEDIATELY denied my claim the very day I submitted it with all the required information to show the defect. I do not respect their practice of claim DENIAL after making the customer jump through hoops to take half a dozen photos to prove the claim is valid, and demonstrate the defect. I would not waste my time submitting a claim with multiple photos showing sagging and loss of support if the defect did not exist. What would be the point?

        It is disappointing when a company that sells "top of the line" mattresses for over $5,000 has a product fail 6 years into the 10 year warranty and refuses to work with me to repair or replace the defective mattress. I would not recommend anyone waste their time or money on a company who treats customers like this. It feels very unfair and makes the mattress seem way over priced if it only lasts such a short period of time. I feel as though I was taken advantage of by their deceptive warranty protection and was defrauded of a lot of money that I would have otherwise spent with a company who produces better quality products or honors their warranty!

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        33 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
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        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: May 14, 2019

        I have rheumatoid arthritis and recently replaced a 10+ year old coil spring mattress with this model mattress. I purchased the box springs and the mattress, but not the adjustable base. I paid $4,500 for this mattress begrudgingly because it was endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation and GUARANTEED for customer satisfaction. Keep this in mind as you read.

        30 days after we purchased the mattress, we were not happy with it. It was too firm, so we went through where we purchased it for a replacement to a softer mattress. We originally purchased the firm and asked the reseller to exchange it for a medium. The reseller gladly exchanged it. No issues yet. Another 30 days and we agreed that it was still too firm and decided we wanted the soft mattress instead. I only weigh 120 lbs but my arthritis is so bad I cannot walk without assistance and I really need a good night's rest. Because we had already done 1 exchange, the reseller told us we would have to go through Tempur-Pedic. So the next day I called and found out the process from a GREAT rep on their customer service line. He was so helpful and nice. I immediately went online and filed a claim, specifically stating that this was not a DEFECT, included pictures and my receipt.

        Within a couple of hours I had a response that my WARRANTY defect claim had been reviewed and denied. Obviously they didn't READ my request stating there wasn't anything wrong with it, we just were not satisfied with the purchase and only wanted an exchange to a soft level mattress. I even told them that I was considering buying the adjustable base, hoping that would make it better as well. I was fine with the $175 delivery and set up charge, which technically I shouldn't have to pay but I completely understand this and don't have an issue paying. So, I wrote back to claims and told them that I don't have a WARRANTY claim, but a satisfaction claim and to please have the right dept call or email me.

        No word within a 2 week time period, so I wrote to them again. Again, I received a response apologizing for the issue and they would have the proper department contact me. Again, nothing from them so I wrote again. This has been going on for 2 MONTHS! I have REPEATEDLY asked for a manager to contact me but no one ever has. I told them they were going to be sorry because I will hire an attorney and I will sue for the $4,500 mattress, plus all the pain and suffering this is causing me and the time I've had to invest in writing to them and writing this and many other posts that I will be writing.

        What happened to the complete CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE they tout? There is no satisfaction guarantee. After they have your money, they don't seem to care that you are not satisfied. How much would they really be out if they just exchanged my mattress? Recall, I was still willing to invest in the adjustable base and pay the delivery fee. They would be out nothing and they would then have a very happy customer, who sleeps comfortably (hopefully with the softer model) and who would tell everyone what a great company. Instead, they cannot seem to get their act together.

        I am very, very, very disappointed and will be calling my lawyer and the local news channel to report this to them as well. I will also be posting this everywhere I can think to post on social media. This is just totally unacceptable in my opinion. In the long run, they are going to be sorry they didn't just simply exchange my mattress. I've worked for attorneys for years, my brother-in-law is a US Attorney in Wichita and so is my sister-in-law. Good luck Tempur-Pedic, your NOT HAPPY AND NEVER AGAIN CUSTOMER.

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        51 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: May 10, 2019

        We were unhappy with the products as it was too hot to sleep in and too firm and wanted to return them within 90 days. But the company kept ignoring us. We called their 800 number several times and had to leave messages as nobody answers the phones. Also called the store we bought the mattresses at numerous times. Each time we were told that Tempur-Pedic will call us to arrange for a pick up. Six weeks later, after being repeatedly ignored, we had to use our credit card’s purchase protection plan to get our money back. We still have the mattresses. The company continues to ignore us Hoping that 90 days will pass and we will be stuck with the bad mattresses. Very, very dishonest.

        37 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        profile pic of the author
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: May 2, 2019

        If I could give them 0 stars I would. I originally purchased a mattress & foundation set from them in 2007. After 7 years of use the mattress developed a severe, permanent sag on one side. I started a warranty claim & they sent me a new mattress set of comparable make. 4 years later and the foundation has become so ridiculously squeaky that it wakes you up if you even roll over in bed at night! Started ANOTHER warranty claim & after getting the runaround for 2 weeks I am finally set to receive a new foundation next week.

        Today as I was changing my bedding I noticed the mattress itself has again developed sags! Mind you, this set is only 4 years old as it was switched out in 2015 due to that original mattress sagging as well! I contacted Tempur-Pedic about doing another warranty claim & was informed that, even though my current set is only 4 years old, they would only offer me a 50% discount on the purchase of another set to replace it. The CSR was incredibly rude, and even though the executive manager I spoke with conceded that it sounded like I had been sent a defective mattress set in the warranty exchange 4 years ago, they were under no obligation to have to replace it.

        Tempur-Pedic's warranty is a sham! Sure, they might replace a defective mattress within the first 10 years, but apparently they replace them with defective ones as a ploy to try to get even more $ out of their customers. I will NEVER purchase anything from this company again & I DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM to anyone! These days you can get a mattress set of equal or better value for a lot less money from other reputable companies. Shame on Tempur-Pedic for their shady business practices, for NOT standing behind their products with integrity, and for trying to rip customers off!

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        25 people found this review helpful
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