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I purchased a leather livingroom set along with the service agreement and then the comapny closed. When I needed to use my service agreement is when I found out I was out of my money. My leather couch was vandilized in several places.


I purchased my living room and dinning room set from them. The merchandise was damaged upon delivery and they told me they would replaced it its been almost 4years. They also told me I had to pay for insurance in question was not disclosed to me, I do admit I should have read before listing to the salesman and just sign. I paid them in full however, i was not aware that there was any late charges since one of there customer service rep. told me it will be reversed. now after almost a year a collection agency said i owe them $304.27 This is unjust and seamans are riping off customers. I need help I am trying to contact them but this is futile because they went out of business in this area. I cant fine a number online either. Please assist me in fixing this since it is affecting my credit, in todays economy this is vital. Thank you

I cannot afford to pay this and its not something thats my fault, from my understanding this amount is all late fees that accumulate on something that was paid for. they said by thursday november 13 2008 they will forward it to an attorney in which it will cost me $1700.00 this is absurd.


I bought a sectional black leather cough from Seamens about 3 years ago, 1 1/2 years into having the sectional I called the store to find out they went out of business, I tried to get help to replaced or have someone to come and take a look at the sectional and got no where. I have been trying to get phone number to contact the manufactor and still till today have gotten no where can you help get a new sectional of something PLEASE

The back of the reclinger have pulled away from the back of the cough. The leather has cracked the legs have broken of I have the couch on BRICKS


I bought a bedroom in 2003, don't recall the exact date but anyway the same week that they delivered they bedroom set the drawers from the chest were coming off the rails, we called them up to schedule a repair. They came and fixed it two few months later they bed broke and they would not come out to fix, now it's been five we still sleeping on a broken bed.


In the summer of 2004 i had purchased a full size bed for my two year old son to sleep in . In october (shortly after we received it) the bed had a crack . I called the company and they sent someone out to repair this. In late january the bed had cracked (i have documents showing this) and i was told that they would send someone out right away. They did and shortly after i was told that they could not repair this and they would send someone out to take the bed back. - my son still has pains in his leg ....
AFter a million of unreturned calls to them all i have is bill collector letters and nothing resolved. I have gone out an purchased another bed from another store and i have a dozen of letters written , etc. What do i do????

My son has pain in his leg often and i have had to purchase another bed(844.14). I am also have problems with credit companies - bill collectors regarding this .

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My mother in law and my brother in seperate occasions purchased furniture at Seamans. My mother in law's purchase was for a little over $700.00 and my brother's for $1500. After making their first payment of four hundred dollars each, they then never heard from Seamans again. The store has closed and they have received no kind of billing. They contacted the company but yet nothing came in the mail until recently.

For a purchase of $700, my mother in law receives a court judgement for $2600 and my brother for $4500. These are not the only two cases. I have heard a lot of other people complaining about this company. My family is being forced into paying thousands of dollars which we find ridiculous and unethical. The matters are now in the hands of Seamans debt collection company.

We are told that unless we pay the amount charged, it will be deducted out of bank accounts and pay checks automatically. We do not have that kind of money and certainly do not owe as much neither. We are willing to pay waht we owe but not what is being claimed.


We purchased the Kenmore Elite Calypso Washer and matching dryer Fall 2003. Yet, after installation, the 10 second test run of the installers when they of course were gone, and I put in my first load, the machine came after me. It wasn't walking, it was running. It took one week for a tech to be in my area. Next month, I now have water coming from under it. Over the phone, they try to convince me that it wasn't the machine. That I had a broken water pipe in the wall behind the machine, and I should call a plumber.

Pictures fell from the mantel when it was in spin mode. The machines were brand new. I was willing to trade for a less expensive, non-chasing model. Another Tech came last year when the face of the control panel shook off, cracking. Another time, my white blouse came out with oily lines.


I bought over $2000.00 worth of furniture and used a Seaman's credit card. I was told that I would be charged interest on the unpaid balance if I didn't pay off the balance within the designated period of time. I had 2 payments left at the end of the 2 years and I received a bill for another $2000.00 for interest on the original balance! I told them I would send them the remainder of the original payments/balance without the interest. They refused and proceeded to send me statements for interest.

How can they charge interest on something I no longer owe them? I was willing to pay interest on the unpaid balance but I should not have to pay interest on money I have already paid to them.


I purchased a living room set, two piece-sofa and loveseat, coffee table, two end tables, recliner and lamps. The furniture was a suede type material that started peeling. The furniture was delivered 7/04. I have tried since then, relentlessly for almost a year to contact someone to send me replacement fabric. I cannot get through to anyone, the phone just rings and rings. They do not respond to emails not regular mail. I had a service technician come and see the furniture in 2/05 and the technician said my furniture was defective and replacement fabric would be ordered. One piece came in 8/05 but the other never came. Needless to say-they are no longer around!

I have an unsightly couch that I have not even finished paying for yet.

Seaman's delivered faulty furniture and by the time I was compensated they sold to Levitz. Levitz gave me a credit merchandise that I am having difficulty using because they are going out of business. The phone number the Liquidators gave is frustrating. You go through a list of prompts and a long wait, if you get a human they can't tell you what to do before your credit expires.

When they first delivered the furniture they came without the screws and couldn't put my bed together. My guests and I had to sleep on the floor for Christmas week. Next they put my dresser drawers on backorder for six months and never said it was dicontinued until I kept calling to find out the delay. When my replacement drawers arrived they had no handles. Now I am frustrated because I have messed-up furniture and can't use my merchadise certificate.

I purchased a couch and dining set from Seamans Furniture to be delivered to my home on 8/26/04. Seamans called on 8/25/04 to tell me the couch was damaged and they would need to reschedule delivery for that item. I explained that the furniture was for my son and that we would be leaving on 8/28/04 to take him and his new furniture to college; therefore, rescheduling was unacceptable.

The dining set was delivered on time and we loaded it into the U-Haul truck in the original packaging. When we arrived at my son's apartment in Florida, we opened the boxes and found that the table was damaged and had been poorly repaired with wood filler. I contacted Seamans when I returned to New York to ask for a refund or a replacement. They say they can only refund $30 on a $928.71 table because the table was moved from its original delivery location.


We bought a bedroom set for my son from Seamans Furniture during the Memorial Day sale. It was supposed to be delivered today but they called to say that one of the pieces is not available. My mom went to the store and was told that she could take the floor sample at a 25% discount; however, the discount would be taken off the inflated price - not the sale price - and would amount to less than $40.


When I visited Seamans Furniture, I intended to use my bank credit card to make my purchase; however, the salesman advised me to apply for a Seamans card because it offered a longer period of interest free payment deferral. He never mentioned that interest would be charged to my account from the date of purchase. The bill from the store states deferred payment price in the amount of $3,199.99. I was deceived by the salesman into applying for and using a Seamans card.

I purchased a loveseat and a leather Natuzzi sofa from Seamans Furniture on 3/12/02. The foam underneath the sofa cushions is attached to a half-board. Approximately one year ago, I noticed that the cushions were drooping because this foam-board combination was drooping. When I contacted the store, they informed me that my warranty had expired and there was nothing they could do to help me.

I contacted a private company and they glued the foam onto the board which did little to help the situation. This company stated that the sofa must be defective because it is in brand new condition. I find it unfair that Seamans does not stand by its product and offers no customer support.


I purchased furniture with a credit card that I applied for at the time of purchase; however, I was not told that the promotional - no finance charges for a year - would mean that I would accrue interest charges from the date of delivery. The sales person denied that these charges would accrue when asked on several occasions.


I purchased two loveseats, one recliner, an end table and a coffee table from Seamans Furniture in 2002. The loveseat has been broken and repaired several times and the wheels keep falling off the coffee table. Customer Service advises that my extended 5 year warranty covers none of this and they will not replace or repair anything because full warranty has expired. I will lose approximately $3,000 if I am forced to pay for this furniture.

I purchased a dining room set from Seamans Furniture on 12/13/03 and the set was delivered to my home on 12/18/03. While the delivery men were putting together the set, I noticed damage on a few of the pieces. The delivery men assured me they would file a report and that I could call Customer Service after the holidays to make an appointment with a service technician to come to my home to view the damaged furniture.
I spoke with Natile Lindsey - Customer Service - on 12/29/03 and a tech was scheduled to come to my home on 1/07/04. The tech showed me the form on which he signed his name, noted the damage and requested a new dining set. I called Customer Service one week later to inquire about the status of this report at which time I was transferred to a supervisor - Martha ID #KSRIHA - who was very rude and told me that there was nothing she could do since I did not call to report the damage within 48 hours of delivery. She became very loud and told me not to pay for the set if I didn't want it.

I had already had trouble with a living room set delivered to me in April 2003 and finally received an undamaged set after 3 tries. I have spoken with a store manager - Max - and the Presidential Problem Center who did not wish to hear my complaint. I love the dining set, but I refuse to pay $1,158.57 for the damaged set I received

On 12/17/03 I took possession of a bed from which had been paid in full using my credit card as required by Seamans. The truck driver put the bed together and found the slats missing. He left the mattress and boxspring in the frame sitting on the floor and told me to call Customer Service to have them deal with the problem. When I spoke with a woman at Customer Service, she informed me that she called the store and there were no slats for the bed I ordered. Upon further inspection of the bed, I found there were notches for slats and the bed could not sit on the frame without them.
I contacted the same woman in Customer Service and was told the same thing again. I explained to her that the person for whom this bed had been ordered was using a breathing machine which cannot be below bed level and this person was being forced to sleep on the sofa until this problem could be resolved. She advised that a driver would come on 12/19/03 to reassemble the bed. The driver arrived, handed me the slats and left without looking at the bed. The slats did not fit the bed, so I called Customer Service again and spoke with a supervisor who told me that another driver would arrive on 12/24/03 to inspect the bed and replace the slats.

The men arrived today and brought different slats which still do not fit the frame. They inspected the bed and stated that the bed does require slats but that I would have to call Customer Service again. Customer Service is still insisting that the company does not make slats for this bed and will not take the bed back until January; however this is unacceptable as the person on the breathing machine still needs a place to sleep. This bed has cost me $390 plus 3 lost days from work.


I bought a sectional from Seamans Furniture in May 2003. I did not notice that one of the recliner's small flat legs was missing until I vacuumed and moved the chair at which time the chair dug into and damaged 6 new vinyl floor tiles. Customer Service has sent me the wrong part twice and now my calls are not being returned. I have contacted the BBB for help and was told to contact Deborah Selgrad. I have left several voice messages for her but have received no return calls.


I bought a dining table set from your Woodbridge, NJ, (Rt 1 south) store last February. Since then the table has been replaced three times and chairs have been replaced one time. In December I found three nails coming out of the table base. I was told they will replace the table base again.

The date was given as Jan 25; due to snow storm they did not make it. Then they called and set up for Feb 1, they did not make it and did not call again. I spent two days off from my work, only in last month for your delivery and they don't make it.

I have been trying to call your customer services, but it's too long waiting. I am very upset with this situation. I need to return this whole set, because it is defective no matter how many times you change it. After spending this much money, all I have been doing is getting the set replaced all the time and keep calling your customer services and making appointments. I need someone to get back to me at this matter.

A leather couch, chair and table were delivered on 9/21/02 per sale slip #08232AL0042. Upon inspection, Seamans was notified that the chair's arm leather was scratched and an appointment was made for a tech to inspect the chair. The tech stated that a new arm would have to be ordered; however, no one ever contacted us to complete the work. The leather sofa has also shown excessive sagging and an appointment was made for a tech to view and address both problems.
Upon inspection, I was told that the couch's foam inserts would have to be replaced and the technician tried to repair the chair's arm. I objected to the method of repair and requested that the entire leather section be replaced. The tech stated that he would file a report and someone would get back to me. Subsequently I received two letters - one for each complaint - which agreed to replace the foam cushions on the couch but denied service on the chair due to abuse. I contacted Customer Service today to dispute the denial and was told that the letter was sent in error and a replacement leather arm would be ordered and replaced.

My concern about the sofa is that the company may be repairing the foam inserts, but they are not addressing the defective sofa design. Once these inserts start to sag, the problem will reappear. Since the defect has been brought to the company's attention within the warranty period, Seamans should be responsible for future recurrence of the same failure.

We purchased a bedroom set and had it delivered on December 10, 1999. Three men came to deliver the furniture. They brought all the boxes upstairs and began assembling the furniture. Between the boxes and the men I was unable to stay in the room with them but did remain right outside the door.
Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the one man go into my walk-in closet and take my husbands Tag Heuer watch and cologne that was on his dresser in the closet. On Christmas Eve my husband went to put his watch on, since he only wore it on special occasions and found it missing.
After searching for the watch and trying to recall if anyone had been in our house we concluded that the delivery men had taken his things. We contacted the police who started an investigation.
When the police contacted Seamans they stated that because they contract delivery out to independent companies they are not responsible for any damage or theft that may occur. The police contacted the deilvery company and they said that they were aware that one of their employees had stolen the watch and that they would be willing to reimburse us but then retracted the statement and the offer.

My feeling is that if a company, such as Seamans, hires a contractor they are resposible for that contractor's actions. Aftr the police were finshed I contacted Seamans customer service who had absolutley no interest in helping me and said it wasn't their problem. This average furniture that was onsale for $799.99 has now cost me close to $3000.00. My husband and I went to Amsterdam to purchase my engagement ring and as an engagement present for him we bought him this watch, so although the watch may be replaceable, which he refuse to do, the time and opportunity to relive that experience is not.

I purchased leather sofas from the Fairfield, NJ, store in the beginning of November. What I had ordered was not delivered to me, they delivered the wrong color of the couch. I was disappointed in the service and wanted to exchange the couch for something different.

When I called Seamans, they were rude and not willing to cooperate with me. No one has told me or made me aware in any such way about their policy. They told me that I had no choice but to keep the merchandise that I had purchased. On top of that they told me that I would have to break up the couch and do all kinds of stuff in order to get it exchanged. I thought that Seamans was a good company and that is why I went to them. I refuse to pay for merchandise that I am not satisfied with. All I want now is my money back.

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