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Best Power Lift Chair Companies

Power lift chairs are a great option for people with limited mobility or who have difficulty sitting and standing. They plug into your wall and lower and lift automatically so you don’t have to strain when sitting and standing. Power lift chairs come in a variety of colors to match your decor and can include various features depending on your mobility and therapeutic needs. So, what do you need to know before buying a power lift chair?

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by Jonathan Trout ConsumerAffairs Research Team

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Compare Reviews for Top Power Lift Chair Companies

Jackson Furniture Industries Read 446 Reviews

Furniture retailer that designs and manufactures comfortable and durable Catnapper recliners, sofa, sectionals, chairs and more. Products are distributed and sold by 2,500 independent dealers in the US.

Pride Mobility Read 59 Reviews

One of the largest designers and manufacturers of mobility solutions in the United States, their products include lift recliners, scooters and electric wheelchairs outfitted with the latest technology. Prices start around $1,699.

AmeriGlide Read 36 Reviews

Ameriglide designs and sells a large variety of accessibility solutions to make getting around easier. Browse their website for things like walk-in tubs, bath lifts, power lift recliners, mobility scooters, stair lifts and more.

Comfort Chair Company Read Expert Review

Comfort Chair Company is based out of Jefferson, Wisconsin. It designs and hand-makes multiple models of power lift chairs that come in your choice of various fabrics and options.

Franklin Furniture Lift Chairs Read Expert Review

Franklin Furniture has been in the reclining furniture business for more than 40 years. In addition to reclining sofas, chairs and sectionals, it makes a line of power lift chairs in various fabrics and colors.

Golden Technologies Lift Chairs Read Expert Review

Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, Golden Technologies makes lift chairs, scooters and powerchairs for the durable medical equipment industry. Its lift chairs come in five different models.

Med-Lift Chairs Read Expert Review

Med-Lift got its start in 1990 and continues to manufacture quality lift chairs. Their chairs come with features like three-position recline, quiet motors, wall-a-way models and more.

Mega Motion Lift Chairs Read Expert Review

Mega Motion, LLC designs and makes two models of power lift chairs. Each model comes in a variety of colors and fabrics and includes a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts.

UltraComfort Lift Chairs Read Expert Review

Based in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, UltraComfort has been making power lift chairs for over 30 years. Each chair comes with a lifetime warranty and your choice of many accessories, fabric options and colors.

Windermere Lift Chairs Read Expert Review

Windermere Motion is headquartered in Exeter, Pennsylvania and is the furniture division of Pride Mobility. They make mobility scooters and over 10 models of lift chairs.

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    What should you consider before choosing a power lift chair?

    Power lift chair sizes

    Power lift chairs come in six sizes to accommodate different heights and weights. Size and weight limits vary for each brand's chair models, but here’s a general breakdown.

    • Petite/Small: For consumers under 5 feet 5 inches tall.
    • Medium: For consumers 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall and under 375 pounds.
    • Large: For consumers 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 2 inches tall and under 375 pounds.
    • Wide/XL: For consumers needing a seat that’s 2 to 4 inches wider than normal seats. These can hold up to 500 pounds.
    • Heavy Duty/XXL: For consumers needing 4 inches of extra seating room. These chairs can hold up to 700 pounds.

    Battery backup

    Most companies include an integrated battery backup in their chairs in the event of a power outage. The battery backup should be powerful enough to raise your chair at least once, should your power go out.

      Heat and massage functions

      You can buy power lift chairs with integrated heat and massage features. You can choose a lift chair with massagers for specific pressure points in your back and legs as well as heat for your lumbar area.

        Fabrics and colors

        Most power lift chairs companies offer a variety of fabrics and colors with their chairs. Breathable fabrics like a polyurethane-based ultraleather or Brisa fabric are temperature resistant and remain cool, making them comfortable in warm weather. Choose a polyester fabric for a durable and stain resistant chair. Ask about fabric options beyond the standard vinyl, leather, suede and cloth. Some companies use fabrics that combine durability and comfort like polyester and that come in various colors to match most decor styles.

          Space limitations

          Will your power lift chair be in a large open room or smaller space close to a wall? Many companies make lift chairs that are designed to be placed within 4-6 inches from a wall. The base on normal chairs stay in one place when reclined. By gliding forward as you recline, these “space saver” chairs require less space behind them.

            Comfort level

            Will you be sleeping in your power lift chair? If so, consider an infinite position chair that will keep you comfortable throughout the night. This lets you adjust the chair into the most comfortable sleeping position. Will you be using your chair mostly for watching TV and relaxing? A two-position recliner can put you into optimal sitting positions for limited use like reading, watching TV and relaxing.

              What are the different types of power lift chairs?

              Two position chairs

              Two position chairs feature a limited reclining backrest and elevating footrest. They’re best for putting you in a comfortable position for reading or watching television.

              Three position chairs

              Three position chairs have an extended reclining backrest that can be put in different reclining angles, as well as an elevating footrest. They typically don’t recline into a full sleeping position.

              Infinite position reclining chairs

              Infinite position chairs offer a full range of reclining positions, including a fully reclining “sleeper” position. Most infinite position chairs can place you in the Trendelenburg position, meaning your feet are higher than your head by around 15-30 degrees. This position is great for circulation and to prevent pulmonary aspiration.

              Who benefits from power lift chairs?

              People with limited mobility

              Power lift chairs make standing and sitting much easier for people with limited mobility. Lift chairs ease the pressure placed on your joints during sitting and standing.

              People with stiff joints

              Power lift chairs help ease the pain of sitting and standing for people who suffer from stiff joints or conditions like arthritis, severe back pain and other related conditions. You can also get a lift chair that provides therapeutic benefits like integrated massage and heat features.


              Power lift chairs are a great, safe option for seniors who need a little extra help getting up and down.

              Expert reviews for power lift chairs

              Comfort Chair Company

              Comfort Chair Company is based in the Midwest and designs and handcrafts power lift chairs. You can choose from three types of lift chairs and four types of fabric. Its chairs come with integrated massage options or built-in heating. You can receive a quick quote online by filling out a form that indicates which chair you're interested in, your email and phone number.

              • 3-Way lift chair: Comfort Chair’s 3 Way lift chair comes in two models. They both feature a biscuit-pillow back, meaning the backrest is sewn into six small pillow sections. They’re made with wood frames, rolled-edge upholstery and removable backs. The three positions include various degrees of forward lift.
              • Zero Wall lift chair: The Zero Wall lift chair can be placed 4 inches from a wall. It glides forward to fully recline, minimizing the amount of space needed to recline the chair. This gliding motion brings the footrest up to your feet before it reclines.
              • Sleeper lift chair: The Sleeper lift chair uses a dual motor system to fully recline in the Trendelenburg position (feet above the heart). It needs to be 18 inches from the wall to fully recline.
              • Options: All Comfort Chair models can include either a heating or massage element, or both. The heating option provides heat to your lumbar area, while the different massage options provide massaging pressure to different parts of your body while in a seated or reclined position.
              • Shipping: Comfort Chair offers a Quick Ship Program on select chair models. Quick Ship Lift Chairs ship within six business days after you place your order.
              • Best for: consumers wanting a power lift chair with heating and massage options.
              Franklin Furniture Lift Chairs

              Franklin Furniture has been making reclining furniture for over 40 years. Aside from reclining sofas, chairs and sectionals, it makes 18 different power lift chairs. All of its lift chairs come standard with a battery backup and can lift up to 350 pounds.

              • Wow Seating System: Franklin Furniture uses their patented Wow Seating System in most of their chairs. It’s a combination of high-quality springs and gel-injected seating foam that provides a comfortable but supportive sitting area.
              • Leather lift chair: Franklin Furniture sells one model of the leather lift chair. It features three lift positions to make sitting and standing easier. It has a backup battery, lumbar massage and a soft-touch remote, making operation simple.
              • Fabric lift chairs: Franklin sells 18 models of fabric lift chairs. Each model uses the Wow Seating System and a two- or three-way lift and recline motion. Each fabric model comes in different colors.
              • Find a retailer: Franklin Furniture has a page on their website that lets you type in your zip code to find the nearest retailer. Franklin Furniture is sold in the United States and Canada.
              • Customer care: Franklin Furniture’s Customer Care web page offers warranty and safety information, FAQs and ways to get in touch with a customer care representative.
              • Best for: consumers wanting a fabric power lift chair.
              Golden Technologies Lift Chairs

              Golden Technologies has been making durable medical equipment since 1985. Today it designs and manufactures lift chairs, scooters and powerchairs. Its lift chairs come in five series: MaxiComfort, Signature, Traditional, Comforter and Value.

              • MaxiComfort series: The MaxiComfort series includes seven models in a variety of fabric and color options. MaxiComfort lift chairs can put you in multiple positions for maximum comfort. The most common positions are TV Watching, Sleep, Zero-Gravity and Trendelenburg (feet elevated above your heart).
              • Signature series: The Signature series include two models available in three sizes. The Regal model comes with open-arm storage, a foldable tray and a cup holder. It can be placed in a standing, seated or fully reclined position.
              • Traditional series: Lift chairs in the Traditional series feature traditional styles and designs. They can be made to fit short and tall people. The small/medium chairs fit people 5 feet 1 inch to 5 feet 6 inches, and the medium/large chairs can fit someone up to 6 feet 4 inches.
              • Comfort series: Lift chairs in the Comfort series come in 10 different sizes to fit people from 5 feet to 6 feet 8 inches tall. They can be positioned in the seated, standing or reclining position and they all have lumbar support.
              • Value series: The Value series includes two lift chair models that are budget-friendly while still offering great features, such as the three standard lift and recline positions.
              • Best for: consumers wanting multiple comfort features in their power lift chair.
              Med-Lift Chairs

              Med-Lift has 25 years of experience designing lift chairs, adjustable beds and accessories. It has lift chairs in over 20 different series, all with varying features. Its website lists all its chairs and the features that come with each one.

              • Support features: Some of Med-Lift power chairs’ support features include gel-infused memory foam, standard memory foam and snap-on pillows. You can also get eight-gauge, no-sag springs to ensure your seat won’t wear down over time.
              • Luxury features: Luxury features include heat and vibration options, lumbar support and interior massagers. Check out which luxury features are included in each chair model online.
              • Multiple positions: Many chair lift models can be either two- or three-position chairs, meaning they put you in a standing, seated or reclining position. Some models include a sleeper position, which is optimized for napping and sleeping overnight.
              • Entertainment series: The Entertainment series consists of luxurious, leather-bound lift chairs that can be placed on either side of the Med-Lift Wedge. The Wedge is a center-console that includes two cupholders, storage and USB charging ports.
              • Dealer locator: Find the closest Med-Lift dealer to your location by filling out an online form with your basic information.
              • Best for: consumers looking for a variety of options and features in a power lift chair.
              Mega Motion Lift Chairs

              Mega Motion, LLC designs and makes two models of power lift chairs. Its chairs are made to be quiet, smooth and easily operated.

              • LC-100: The LC-100 features three positions for lifting and reclining. It has a heavy duty steel lift mechanism that can lift up to 325 pounds. You can choose one of six fabric colors or brown vinyl.
              • LC-200: The LC-200 is a slightly bigger chair than the 100. It has the same features as the LC-100, including an integrated emergency battery backup.
              • Warranties: Both chairs come with a lifetime warranty on the heavy-duty steel lifting mechanism and a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts.
              • Download documents: Mega Motion lets you download each chair’s brochure, owner's manual and warranty information from their website.
              • Best for: consumers needing a simple power lift chair.
              UltraComfort Lift Chairs

              UltraComfort designs and makes power lift chairs in five collections. Each collection has multiple models with various features, fabrics and colors. Find the nearest retailer to your location for pricing in any model you’re interested in.

              • Stellar Comfort collection: Chairs in the Stellar Comfort collection can put you in multiple positions, including a personalized TV watching and a zero gravity position. Each chair lets you adjust the amount of filling in the cushions to your personal comfort level by adding or removing the filling as you see fit.
              • AutoLounger collection: The AutoLounger collection has three models: Large, Medium and Junior. You can choose from four colors and fabrics and customize the amount of filling in the pillows.
              • Montage collection: The Montage collection has four chair models designed to fit people of all sizes. You can choose from six colors and fabrics. The chair has three positions, including a “napper” position when the footrest raises. Each chair comes with a 9-volt battery backup that will raise the chair one time in the event of a power outage.
              • Tranquility collection: Chairs in the Tranquility collection use Space Saver technology to glide forward as it reclines. This allows you to place the chair as close as 6 inches to the wall. Tranquility chairs come with plush cushioning and massage accessories to help you relax.
              • Leisure collection: The Leisure collection chair models are designed in a traditional style to match most decors. You can choose between a medium or large model and six different fabrics.
              • Best for: consumers of all sizes who want multiple options in a power lift chair.
              Windermere Lift Chairs

              Windermere Motion makes and sells mobility scooters and over 10 models of power lift chairs. All power lift chairs are three-position chairs that help you stand, sit and recline.

              • Storage: Windermere Motion makes some chairs with storage pockets on each side. These pockets are great for newspapers, magazines, books and remote controls.
              • Battery backup: Windermere Motion lift chairs come with an integrated backup battery. If your power goes out, the battery will raise your chair once so you can get out.
              • Crypton Super Fabric: Windermere chairs come with Crypton Super Fabric. It’s durable and comes with an integrated moisture barrier making it stain, moisture and odor resistant.
              • Fabric cleaning codes: When shopping for a Windermere lift chair, look for the fabric cleaning codes to know how to clean the fabric on your chair. “W” refers to man-made fabric and spot cleaning is recommended. “S” refers to organic fabric and dry cleaning is recommended. “W/S” is a combination of the two previous fabrics and spot cleaning is recommended. “X” means water based cleaners should not be used.
              • Sales: If you’re interested in a Windermere power lift chair, you can call their toll free sales number to speak with a representative.
              • Best for: consumers wanting multiple fabric options to choose from for their power lift chair.
              by Jonathan Trout ConsumerAffairs Research Team

              As a member of the ConsumerAffairs Research Team, Jonathan Trout believes having access to free, comprehensive information on products and businesses is vital to making smart purchasing decisions. He focuses his efforts on researching and reviewing multiple brands across a variety of industries, with the goal of writing unbiased buyers guides to help inform consumers on impending purchases.

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